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6 Oct 2015

Estee Lauder Clear Difference Advanced Blemish Serum

Estee Lauder calls them blemishes.

I call them spots.

Whatever label is used to describe them I think we can all agree that they are bastard cretins that rudely continue to afflict my face even though I am well over the hill in my mid-thirties.

I'm not looking for sympathy though because I have found an answer. There is a product that I rely on, without fail, to keep them at bay.
5 Oct 2015

The Henri Bendel Uptown Satchel

It's been weeks since I first got this Henri Bendel Uptown bag but the delay in officially documenting it might just be a good thing because I have been able to road test it properly and deliver a more insightful verdict about it's usability.

So, without any further delay, this is how I feel….
13 Sep 2015

Another MAC moment

Whenever someone asks me what my favourite makeup brand is there is one stalwart reply: MAC.

There is still "something" about MAC that makes me a bit giddy and when an appealing new collection comes out all rational sense disappears, replaced by a grasping desire to own it all.

The other day I was on the way to the supermarket when I spotted the arrival of two new collections at the little MAC in Battuta mall. Approximately 2 minutes later I walked off with three products, all of which I think are a little spectacular.
11 Sep 2015

Let's get ready to ramble

I have a bunch of outfits and a bunch of chat so get ready for post of the ramble variety.
30 Aug 2015

Urban Decay "Riff"

Okay, I will admit it.

I am very motivated by hype. I love it when the blogosphere comes together and enthusiastically buys up an entire brand's stock of a product. And when the hype is instigated by someone's genuine and actual love for the item, then it's all the more powerful.

The most recent example of this is Urban Decay's Riff.