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20 Apr 2016

TAG: My Husband Explains the Purpose of Make-Up

Full credit for this tag goes to Kirsty at Life in Excess.

I read her post and felt compelled to quiz my other half.

The premise is simple - list out a series of beauty products and then sit back and listen to the perception of their purpose.

I did think that having been together for over a decade he would have absorbed a degree of understanding about makeup. Prepare yourselves for construction analogies and lots of talk about layering of slap, something he has no doubt observed from yours truly.
19 Apr 2016

Carrying off culottes

A thought that repeats itself in my mind when wearing culottes: do I look like a spanner or am I carrying this off? 

Culottes are deeply confusing.
17 Apr 2016

Christening Sephora

If you have ever been to Battuta mall in Dubai you will know that there is not a lot going on down there. Sure there's a supermarket that keeps me stocked in eyelashes and a Forever 21 that offers a consistently decent stock but there's no Zara and no Sephora. From a retail perspective, this makes it pretty much dead to me.

This weekend though something momentous happened. Sephora opened. If that's not a cause for celebration I don't know what is. I christened the store with a mini haul and secured three hard to find things.

I was elated with this when I got home and I duly uploaded a pretty Instagram before I got stuck in and starting playing with the items. One day later and my feelings have decidedly cooled, with 2 of the 3 items currently sitting on very shaky ground. Here then are some very mixed first impressions...
14 Apr 2016

The holy grail jeans

Once again I am channelling my inner Liz Hurley and wearing my white jeans on a pretty constant basis.

This time however I am in a pair that I am going to bravely declare as being of holy grail status. Perfectly cropped, full of stretch and a competent disguiser of knickers. They are the full package.
13 Apr 2016

Instagram. I love you but you drive me crazy.

EDIT: I wrote this blogpost a couple of days ago but refrained from posting because I worried it make me appear...wait for it....shallow. 


Look I know I am a bit but this is also an opportunity to take the michael out of myself so I'm hoping that is how it comes across....Here's hoping.

Over the last couple of days I have been struggling to come up with a witty and pithy bio for my Instagram page. How do you summarise your aesthetic in just a few carefully words so that your potential audience will understand your feed offering and find you appealing. How about:

Lipstick hoarding, eggs benedict loving dog hugger who posts on a sporadic basis. Welcome into my highly contrived visual life. 

I can't come up with anything that ticks the box and through this self-inflicted angst I realise just how far my Instagram obsession has come.

When did it all get so bloody pretentious?