The Dior Addict Fluid Stick in Aventure

A little tradition seems to have established itself in my friendship group. It works as follows: if you go away you return with gifts of the makeup variety. I think we can all agree that this is an excellent habit to establish.

Laura kindly gave me one of the new Dior Fluid Stick's after her recent trip to Sri Lanka and as she knows me well, she chose a gorgeous poppy/orange colour called Aventure.

The Fluid Stick's are everywhere at the moment and I am sure you have read many reviews about them. If I had to describe them I would say it's a hybrid lipstick/gloss that glides on to give highly pigmented, shiny lips. This type of formula is everywhere at the moment - YSL, Bourjois, L'oreal (to name but a few) and now Dior.

I played around with it this week and have come to some conclusions:

* The colour is awesome - I am going to say this as a poppy pantone lover but if they are all as pigmented as this then we are in for a treat.

* It leaves a light stain - once the gloss fades away (after an hour or two) you are still left with a shot of colour  that eventually dies down to nothing after 4-5 hours.

* The consistency is incredibly smooth - this was the first thing I loved about it. It's a sort of weird gel/cream, far richer than the YSL. There is a nice slip to them as well - I don't find them sticky.


* It's impossible for me to get an even finish - this type of thing I struggle with. It was a problem with the Bourjois Velvet Matte's and it's a problem with this. I have to pair this with some kind of liner (a Revlon Matte is perfect for this type of thing) otherwise it's a disaster.

* It gets on my teeth when I first apply it. #chic

* If the wind blows and my hair makes contact, Aventure ends up being splattered on my face. The perils of glossy lips!

* Stacey mentioned that she could feel something when you put it on - a light tingle. I know what she means and I think it's the product gently bonding to the lips. I don't find it uncomfortable but it's definitely there...for us at least :)

Those cons aside, I really love the way it looks. Once the application is mastered, the intensity of the colour acts as the reward.

There are a lot of these products around at the moment but I would still look into the Dior colour range to see what other shades I fancy out of the 16 in the range (hello Wonderland!). Sometimes I just fancy that high-maintenance looking glossy, statement lip, you know? :)

Have you tried these? 

Lighter part 2

Taking dark hair to blonde is a commitment. And a time-consuming one at that.

When I last talked to you all about this I had lightened the base and added some balayage and ombre to break it up. The plan was to be sensible and return to the colourist's chair in about a month for more balayage.

Well, you know me, I couldn't wait. So I made the appointment (MUCH) earlier than planned, made an apology to my hair and toddled back to Anthony at Pastels/Ritz Carlton this weekend.

To be blunt, Anthony balayaged the shizz out of it and the end result is a light honey shade that I really really like.

We have decided that more all over balayage will be undertaken in a couple of weeks and then I will probably be as light as I can comfortably go.

I feel like this might be a case of famous last words....can you be addicted to bleach?

I know it's not a dramatic change but I think this is the lightest I have ever been.

You have seen me go down the highlight route before but I always reverted to brunette because I felt that the tone wasn't right. This time round there is no way I'll do that. There's just enough brightness and warmth to keep me happy.

I have to say a big thank you to Anthony for making this happen and if you want to read more about how he did it check out his blogpost :) Link!

PS. If you have any deep conditioning treatments that you swear by do let me know. I feel like this might be the time that I finally try out Joico K-PAK.... :) 

Playtime with Tom Ford Lip Color Sheer

Tom Ford chose a slightly misleading naming convention for these products. I say this for one simple reason: Lip Color Sheer's are not actually that sheer. This just isn't the lip product that gives you a hint of colour - in some cases it's a great big burst of pigment. And I for one, am happy about this.

Who wants to spend $50 a pop on something that can be so easily replicated by a Revlon lip butter? No, these are worthy lipstick contenders and if you chose the right tone you will get something ultra-moisturising, reasonably long wearing, glossy and also super bright.

(L-R: Pink Dune, Sweet Spot, Firecracker, Incorrigible)

I received 4 of these (there are 8 in total) and did a little swoon at the packaging. I made my very first Tom Ford purchase back in the day of a lipstick in white casing (Vanilla Suede which I actually hated but nevermind :) and I love the fact that this has made a reappearance - albeit for a limited edition collection for Spring. This formula is slightly different from the regular line and comes infused with moisture-boosting ingredients like Vitamin C, E and Shea Butter.

I have dabbled with them over the last few days and slapped them on one after the other to show you how they look like on but here's the verdict:

Overall Pros
  • They are moisturising and despite the intensity of colour, they keep the lips in great shape. 
  • The last a fair few hours on - not at full colour obviously - but once the original application starts fading you are left with a lovely tint.
Overall Cons
  • The squoval shape of the lipstick really irks me because I cannot seem to apply the colour with ease. I always end up with a bit of a botched job when it comes to the brighter colours. For those you will need a lip brush. 
  • The price is probably a con - they are at the high end. I remember the days when £20 was a lot of money for a it's double that and increasing. *tut tut*

Onto the swatches...which are taken on a face absolutely covered in makeup. I totally piled it on and loved it :) 

Pink Dune - a glimmering pink-beige

I do like the way this looks on but out of all the ones I tried, this is the one that I would tell you to skip.

It gives a nice dimension to the lips - thanks to the gold that runs through it - but to me it looks very generic. It's the sort of colour that you could dupe with any number of drugstore brands. It's just not that special.

Sweet Spot - a muted coral

This was the colour that I was introduced to during my Tom Ford makeover and one that I would definitely recommend checking out.

It reminds me a little of MAC's Ravishing - although this is a little deeper. It's just one of those wearable and lifting colours that gives enough brightness to take the edge off a tired face. Realistically this is the shade I will probably use up first because the next two are for the brave!

Firecracker - a vibrant poppy (orange-red)

...and this is supposed to be a sheer colour? Woah!

As you can tell this is statement stuff and as a result is one that I both struggled to apply evenly (I blame the shape of the lipstick rather than my cack handed technique) but once on, really loved.

It's more red than MAC Morange, brighter than Bobbi Brown Sunset Orange and punchier than Revlon Audacious. It's a little bit special and probably the colour that lasted the longest - 3-4 hours of wear with a nice stain left behind.

Incorrigible - a fuschia pink

I think this is my favourite after Sweet Spot. I am a little bias towards these sorts of shades and it's definitely got that MAC Candy Yum Yum vibe to it. The difference here is that it' know...actually wearable! :)

What you see here is just one quick slick of the product and you get something pigmented, glossy and moisturising. The more medium/muted tone also helps make your teeth look white as opposed to issue I have had with other fuschia's.


If I think about it the Lip Color Sheer's are a cross between the TF regular lipsticks and the Colour Shine's. They form that perfect hybrid, offering the best of both lines - great pigmentation (in most cases) coupled with a hydrating formula.

I would definitely recommend them but I would err on the side of the brights. I think here you get more value for money - a great shade, that offers a great finish in packaging that will make you feel like you can justify the splurge :)

Let me know what your favourite is and whether you have tried this formula?

First impressions

It's come to my attention that I cannot write a focused blogpost. I think this stems from the fact that when I imagine someone clicking on my link I don't want them to feel short-changed with a single image/line of text (I friggin' hate blogs that do that..what a waste of effort/time for the reader) so as a result I include just about everything. in long, rambling essays. I will try my best to be less scattergun in the future but sod it, today you get a post that packs it all in :)

The Makeup

Over the last week I have amassed a nice little stash of makeup and all of it makes my palms sweaty with excitement. I have dabbled with it all and while you can expect more detailed posts in the future here are my first impressions so far.

Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet Foundation

I did make a vow not to buy a foundation for a few months but I blame this on peer pressure. See I was out for lunch with Simone and Laura and post-food consumption we made a detour to Sephora "just to look". The Chanel stand came into view and there it was - the new foundation. The counter lady had to step aside as we bulldozed her over to get to the stock and we each walked away with one.

I got 40 Beige and I am glad I got this shade as I have noticed that this seems to dry a teeny bit lighter than it applies. I read Allison's review and she also reiterated that finding - glad I am not the only one!

This has the same texture as Giorgio Armani Maestro - something I hated by the way - but thankfully has a much better coverage and finish. It is light/medium finish and leaves a soft focus. I like it and it seems to last a decent amount of time but I can't seem to come to a firm conclusion. Yesterday I thought it was just okay and today I thought it was miraculous. I'll give it a few more days.

PS. On my eyebrows is MAC Lingering - my new favourite brow product after undergoing another session of balayage on my barnet this weekend. That's me and the bleach done for a month. 

The Smashbox Full Exposure palette

I actually tried to find this in Kuala Lumpur. I went to all the Sephora's on a mission to get it. Admittedly there are only two Sephora's so don't feel too sorry for me but I went back multiple times to each in hope that it was in stock. It wasn't.

I don't care how many neutral palettes hit the shelves, I'll always give them the eye. I do see what some of the reviews have said about the shimmers - there is a lot of sparkle involved - but the bottom row is what I am most excited about. They are gorgeous matte shades in the kind of tones that I will always use. I will definitely be perking up my Sunday by applying this tomorrow morning. No Easter holidays round here :(

Tom Ford Lip Colour Sheer

I attended a Tom Ford makeover this week - more of that later - and as a thank you for taking part I got given this perfect little set of lipsticks.

These form part of the Spring 2014 collection and are intended to be intensely moisturising as well as providing enough pigment to saturate the lips. There are 8 shades in total and I got given Pink Dune, Sweet Spot, Firecracker and Incorrigible.

Initially I assumed that sheer would translate as a wash of colour. I don't like that and I certainly don't like the idea of paying $$$ for it. But phew! I am really happy then that these give a lot more colour than I first thought - the latter two (Firecracker and Incorrigible) are fantastically pigmented. I'll wear them in a FOTD this week and show you what I mean in more detail.

NB: I feel like this post is becoming an actual "to do" list for blogposts this week :) 


Why not close the post with something totally unrelated to the content that sits above? Welcome to yesterday's OOTD!

I got the skirt from ASOS a couple of weeks ago but have only just put it on now. For some reason it feels very "Easter" weekend and this must be why I have justified wearing it two days in a row. The top however was not worn two days straight - on day 1 it suffered the same fate as anything white does in my wardrobe - one day of wear and it's splattered with balsamic vinegar. I cannot eat a salad cleanly.

Top: Zara
Skirt: ASOS - Link!
Sunglasses: Celine
Bag: Celine

Right, I'll see you all tomorrow!

Have you tried any of these makeup goodies? I would love to know what you think - especially of the Chanel foundation!
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