Hello wall...

…we meet again. This is my new favourite OOTD spot mainly because it’s at my house, does not require any photographer and is seconds away from air conditioning. All I have to do is move the sun loungers, prop the camera up and hug the wall. Voila!

I cannot get away from my power shoulder Zara blazer so that of course features once more, but I decided to mix it up by wearing my new Topshop shirt sale bargain - shame tucked of course. 

I love the mushroom shade and the white spots that alternate in size throughout. I spied this when it was at full price but was reluctant to splurge because it’s one of those “fun” shirts that I am unlikely to reach for on a regular basis. Getting it for the equivalent of £8 though is highly acceptable! J

Jeans: Zara (old)
Blazer: Zara (old)
Shirt: Topshop – Link!
Shoes: Dune (old)
Bag: Givenchy Antigona – Link!

Sunglasses: Ray-Ban aviators – Link!

I wore both of them last night and it was the cosmetic equivalent of coming home – a nostalgic return to the face. Tempting really is a classic – a bronzed brown, laced with gold. It defines and adds shine to the eyes.

Blankety is a nude for grown ups. It’s a little mauve-brown in the undertone – no white undertones here.

I piled both of them on, along with lashings of foundation (By Terry Densiliss), Charlotte Tilbury “Bronze and Glow” and Lancome Hypnose Star mascara.

Long live “shopping the stash” – it’s really is one of my favourite hobbies J

See you soon!

Shame Tuck

The shame tuck: When only half your shirt is tucked in. A favourite look of fashion bloggers painfully trying to create casual nonchalance.

Welcome to Sunday and another working week. I have only a few days before I pop back to the UK for the weekend (cannot wait: a) my sister is getting married and b) I get to go to Superdrug J so I am counting the “sleeps”.

I had one meeting today and then it was a lot of PowerPoint so I went with something a little bit together but also a little bit sloppy and relaxed. It was hard to get a good picture of this outfit. I think it’s the silky joggers – they are super comfortable but perhaps not the most flattering of items in my wardrobe.

Everything else that I wore is a favourite: the GAP denim shirt (perfect tone and fit) shame-tucked into my joggers, the Zara blazer, the silver flats (go with everything), the blue Ray-Bans and the pink handbag. I also broke out the Bobbi Brown “Razzberry” Creamy Matte Lip Color to add a bit of “something” to my face. I love that product – great shade and great lasting power.

Shirt: GAP – Link!
Silky trousers: Zara (old)
Blazer: Zara (old)
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban – Link!
Bag: Givenchy Antigona – Link!
Shoes: ASOS – Link!
Lipstick: Bobbi Brown – Link!

Right, so back to my UK trip. There are a couple of dead certs that I want to add to my basket: Barry M Coconut nail polish and Dove Summer Glow gradual tanner. After that, I am open to ideas so let me know if there are any major new releases that I need to be alert for!

See you tomorrow!

China Glaze: the struggle is real

I got two new nail polishes this week - both old China Glaze releases and both absolute bitches to apply.

L-R: Spring in My Step and Flip Flop Fantasy...NB no filter has been applied here but the light has diluted Spring in my Step a little bit. 

Yes, even Essie “Fiji” seems relatively straightforward in comparison.

The China Glaze brush is too long, the formula too streaky and the multiple layers needed means there is a high propensity for major chipping within 48 hours of application. It’s a bloomin’ nightmare and I would typically be inclined to think “sod this” and toss them out. But, and there’s a big but, the colours are amazing.

You all know that Flip Flop Fantasy has been on my radar for some time. China Glaze is hard to find over here (there is a small, slightly manky looking selection in Woojoh/Faces) and whenever I have gone back to the UK I have forgotten to pick it up. FINALLY, it’s mine.

It’s a neon coral tone and the ideal toe colour for summer. I have attempted applying it on my fingernails but I did a rushed, botched job that was immediately removed. I’ll wait until I feel particularly zen one day and then re-try or more realistically, take it to my nail place the next time I get a manicure and put it into the hands of someone who will know how to handle it!

I am happy to wait a while until I see that on me though because I am absolutely obsessed with Spring in My Step and I will be wearing this for at least the next week. Complete with a little smudge on one finger ;) 

How do I describe this? Well, if Mod About You had a pretty peach sister, it would be Spring in My Step. It’s that perfect hybrid of pink/peach with an undertone so bright that it lifts and warms your skin. 

It has a lot in common with Essie’s Van D’Go and Model’s Own Beach Bag – both require a lot of counting to 10 when applying and a fair few coats to get streak free. I would perhaps tentatively suggest that Spring in My Step is a little brighter, a little more light pink, and to coin a phrase my mum would say, a little more “out there”. I really feel like this is the colour I have been waiting for.

Sidenote: my nails are in pretty good nick at the moment and I think this is down to a few things:
  • I haven’t been getting gel manicures.
  • I have been religiously applying a nourishing base coat every day – NailTek Hydration Therapy; and
  • I have been taking pre-natal vitamins. I am not actually pregnant (although it would be lovely if I was) but the side effect has definitely been a dramatic strengthen of the nails.

So this would be my current nail polish obsession. I think the next time I apply this I am going to try it with a different brush – at least that will give me a little more control in getting it on my stumpy nails.

I am a little mad to put up with this palava really but it’s all for the colour…it can’t be beaten. Having said that if you have a shade similar that you think I would like then let me know!


My weekends have become so boring during Ramadan. As very few/no places (at all) are open to eat/drink/chew anything of any kind in the day, I have become a hermit, waiting indoors until the sun goes down and everything finally starts up.

If that sounds like a whinge, it isn’t. I actually really like Dubai this time of year. I like the fact that it’s relatively quiet. It’s meant to be a time to reflect and so with lots of time on my hands during the day, I am happily pottering around the house, binge-watching Catfish, making copious lists, and rummaging around in the makeup drawers.

Today I made a trip down memory lane and eked out the very last drops of my Chantecaille Just Skin. I have tried to get over this and have successfully moved on to pastures new (Laura Mercier Silk Crème/Clarins Extra Comfort) but still, when I applied it with my ragged little MAC kabuki, I had “a moment”. I have said it all before but my God, it’s such a lovely base and it’s one of those tinted moisturisers that gives an instant self-esteem boost.

After applying this I was in such a good mood that I opted for a special selection of products that would give me that same old/same old look of taupey eyes and pink lips. I’ll never move on.

The rest of my face therefore went something like this:

Face: After whacking on the Chantecaille Just Skin I followed up with some Make Up For Ever concealer in angry red areas. If you have never tried this concealer then I urge you to purchase. Intensely pigmented, creamy, long lasting, full coverage, and value for money considering how long a tube lasts.

Cheeks: A teeny bit of Tarte’s Natural Beauty with a dusting of MAC Vanilla pigment. This is another throwback product – out of all the pigments that MAC do this is probably the one I would push into the hands of my friends because of it’s versatility…and the fact it looks great on the skin.

Eyes: MAC Beguile on the brows and then a layer of Maybelline’s On and On Bronze Color Tattoo and a layer of Tom Ford’s Crème Color in Illicit on the lids. I love the blend of these two – a warm, glossy taupe, that defines and shines.

However, I think the Crème Color formula is a bit dodgy - and for the price it's a little unacceptable. I have two of these and both are the same - almost too creamy in consistency which leads to mega creasing (hence the need for the Maybeline base). The upside is that it is amazingly reflective and glossy which is why I always persevere.

Moving on, I put a teeny wing of L’oreal Super Liner on the outer corners and lashings of Lancome’s Hypnose Star.

Lips: I started with the YSL Kiss & Blush in 9 but I find that these products always fall a bit flat on the lips so pumped it up with a Smashbox lip gloss.


Today was very uninspired on the outfit front but at least I managed to make it out of my pyjamas. I pulled a couple of uber-basics together, added a belt and called it a day. I also whipped out my Coach Legacy Bag. I don't use this enough. I love the chain hardware and I love the colour. It makes me feel ready for a new season :) 

Top: Zara
Skirt: Reiss
Belt: Reiss (old)
Sunglasses: RayBan - Link!
Bag: Coach (I went to the site and they say they no longer sell it. Boo.)

After taking these pictures the sun went down, I put a jumper on for a mall visit/boob cover up, had dinner and I also stumbled into the Topshop in Battuta Mall. I walked out a dress and a shirt for a total of 100 AED - about £16! What a result. I might wear the blouse tomorrow so I'll see you then :) 
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