Holy Fan Brush

This is the post that I warned you about – the one where I talk about a make up brush. It’s embarrassing how long I tried to think of an interesting angle to pep things up and entertain myself during the writing process. On this occasion I failed and decided to just lay it all out for you.

The Louise Young LY20 Super Fan Brush is a “must have” in the brush closet for any highlighter addicts out there. Even though I have a pinhead and this fan dwarfs my cheek area I don’t think I have come across a tool that so perfectly deposits the right amount of product – every single time.

The natural hairs are incredibly soft, the handle perfectly tapered for control and the magic post-usage real. I can take a highlighter like the super shimmery "Mary Lou Manizer" by theBalm (fabulous product by the way!) and one sweep places it right where I need it to. 

The sheer size of the brush does require a little angling - it took me a few uses to get it right - and I think for some this might be too big to handle. I can't get enough of it though - there's something luxurious about sweeping this on your face and I have been wielding it every single day since I got it - either as a highlighter brush or as a general face powder sweeper. It's love. 

I may as well whack in a pursed-lips FOTD at this point especially as the product picture below gives you a better sense of the size perspective of the LY20. It's a big'un!

Face: Clarins Extra Comfort foundation with a teeny bit of Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel /Laura Mercier Mineral Powder
Brows: Tom Ford sculptor in Taupe
Blusher: Milani Luminous (yes, I have had this knocking about a long time but I think it makes it into my all-time favourite blusher list!)
Highlighter: theBalm Mary Lou Manizer
Eyes: Maybelline Color Tattoo in On and On Bronze/MAC Melon pigment/MAC Crystal Avalanche in the inner corner/Lancome Star Hypnose mascara
Lips: Barry M Loud Mouth in Tell-Tale (I love these! A bit greasy but I wish I had got the brighter colours!)

FYI: The brush is a splurge-worthy £26 and you can buy the brush via Nordstrom - Link! or Selfridges - Link! 

Thanks for reading as always :) 

Not bad for £15!

I originally saw this dress on Elisabeth’s blog and loved both the print and the collar. I had some concerns – namely whether or not it would cover my arse – and sizing. This dress is from a brand called “Glamorous” and I haven’t had any previous dealings with them. It’s always tricky to guess how a brand will cut their clothes.

After ordering it I would say that my concerns were valid:

1) It does cover my bum but there is absolutely no denying the fact that this is short. And you cannot bend over in it under any circumstances.

2) It does run small. I ordered a 10 and I really should have ordered a 12. I don’t like things that feel too close, particularly when it’s excruciatingly hot outside.

Despite its flaws I really enjoy wearing this. The high neckline goes some way to apologise for the acres of thigh that are on show and there is something really lovely about the print. The fabric itself is much lighter and cooler than I thought it would be. With the current temperatures this is of course a good thing.

As soon as I put this on I thought how amazing it would look with boots, 1000 denier tights and a leather jacket. I have got a fair few months until I can make that a reality but I am looking forward to it!

Dress: ASOS – Link!
Shoes: Zara (old)
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban (62mm) - Link!

Next up is a post about sunglasses and then one beauty related. I am having something of a love affair with more of Louise Young’s brushes. As you know I am not totally convinced that brushes are an interesting topic to cover but I may just put you through it anyway :) 

Mini haul

I have already mumbled on about how the time I spent in the UK was focussed more on family and less on consumerism but even under challenging time-constraints I managed to squeeze in some mini acquisitions. ;)

Target number one: Superdrug. I sped-shopped through here. It was done under pressurised circumstances where your husband and Dad are waiting outside. This requires focus and to GTFO as soon as possible.

So I went for the essentials: polish and tanner...

These three colours from Barry M have been on my hit list after reading your recommendations. Huckleberry (an incredible dupe for Essie's Borrowed and Blue), Coconut and Almond are my newest favourite colours.

If I had to single out one shade for special treatment it would Coconut. It's that perfect soft white that I have been looking for. I admired it on my nails all the way back to Dubai.

Now the tanner, well gradual tanner - Dove Summer Glow.

I have been informed that this is possible to get in Dubai (Lulu's supermarket) but seeing as it was right in front of me and half price I decided to pick up two bottles of the stuff. I like the concept of gradual tanner - a product that does just enough to take the edge of super pale office tans.

I did also get another tube of the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in my frenzied spree but that stuff is not blogworthy - it's just a life essential.

Now onto duty free. I bought a 40mm lens for my camera (AMAZING) and a lipstick. I really tried to find something else worth buying but there was nothing that got me going. The lipstick is a little bit special though - formulation wise. It's from Estee Lauder and is a Pure Color Envy in the shade Rebellious Rose. This is one of those sophisticated hues that makes me feel "together" when I wear it. I slicked it on just now and this is definitely FOTD worthy :)

Now I am back home in Dubai. It's bittersweet - I think this is the first visit back to the UK where I have actually felt a deep longing to relocate back there. The UAE is such a transient place and you can't help but think where your next move will be. Asia, America, the UK? Who knows, maybe in a year or so Superdrug hauls will become a weekly occurrence :)

See you all tomorrow!

There’s a big hole in your jeans…

…yes Dad, I know. It’s meant to be there.

I got these jeans from ASOS on a bit of a whim. I was already online buying shoes and decided that I needed to get some new skinny jeans. I admit, those carefully crafted rips are awfully premeditated, but I like it for a bit more of a casual look.

They are high-waisted, stretchy, ankle length and super comfortable. My only gripe is the fact that only one knee is ripped. I am not sure I fully realized this when I ordered and I am half tempted to rip the other one for a more uniform distressed feel.  Following through with this would be extremely contrived but I might just have to do it. My dad just wouldn’t understand.

I paired them with a blouse that I nabbed from my mum’s wardrobe and some new accessories – flash Ray Ban sunnies and grey satin heels from ASOS.

Jeans: ASOS - Link!
Shirt: H&M (old and my mum's!)
Bag: Givenchy - Link!
Sunglasses: Ray Ban from Sunglasses Shop - Link!
Shoes: ASOS - Link!

The shoes are a new love. ASOS introduced a range called Proposition and it’s similar to Spring Break in terms of comfort. I would say they are slightly more challenging to walk in but the satin-esque fabric is fantastic for weddings/events or, in my case, good for contrasting with tougher texture like denim.

The same time that I ordered these I bought a pair of Carvela sparkly sliders (in the sale) and a pink ASOS pair that are supremely comfortable. It was a good haul J

As you might be able to tell from the back garden location pictures above I am in the UK this weekend. The sun is shining and it’s absolutely glorious. I have spent all my time with my family but today I made a little excursion down the road to Lewes for 1) Superdrug and 2) Bills.

Bills started in Lewes and have now become a formidable chain all over the UK. It sort of makes me sad that it’s no longer a special East Sussex casual dining institution but if you live near one, get yourself down there for the best fish finger sandwich you could ever wish for! I have actually looked forward to this for months :)

Hope you are all having a fantastic weekend!

Thanks to my parents for the outfit photos :D
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