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26 Feb 2015

Dark Side

I can’t quite believe I did this again and more importantly I can’t quite believe that I actually like the result.
24 Feb 2015

Something for the weekend?

Just when I think I have finally matured and grown up, I go and get pastel coloured dots applied to my nails…
21 Feb 2015

Spring Shopping

Spring 2015 Wish List
If I put it out to the universe that I want everything featured above in my wardrobe do you think that it will all one day magically appear? Here's hoping!

Cute or creepy? Moschino Toy

Is it very reactionary of me to say that I find this perfume a little unsettling? I must be a very sensitive flower :)
14 Feb 2015

Out and About #2

So you start a new series on your blog about all the exciting stuff you do during the week and then what happens? You end up doing naff all, that's what. I'll try my very best to make the next edition eventful but for now, let me cobble together a few highlights.