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22 Jul 2016

Test shoot

I'm feeling pretty inspired to do lots of outfit photos lately. It's a shame then that it's 40 degrees outside. I consistently avoid venturing beyond air conditioning, a statement that my indoor tanned legs would have given away before you even read that last sentence.
10 Jul 2016


I was reading Anna's recent post about Where to Spend and Where to Save when it comes to beauty treatments and I realised:

I do nothing myself.

Zip. Zero.

Its borderline embarrassing and very much a result of the fact that I am a) cackhanded in attempting to do these things myself and b) a Dubai resident that has been spoiled by the rich availability of cheap beauty salons.

Here then is the ugly truth laid bare - where I spend and where I save when it comes to treatments. Strap in for a high maintenance take on what I deem "essential".
25 Jun 2016

A few of my favourite things

As the title suggests I am about to get all Julie Andrews on your arse and talk about all things frivolous. I feel like it will be the perfect tonic following yesterday's political developments (#brexited).

Here then is a positively wonderful light and giddy post about all the lovely-wuvly bonny things I am bursting to share with all my chums.
19 Jun 2016

Dulling my hate fire

I have a little hate fire burning for Dubai's H&M's. The merchandising is depressing and the stock selection is poor. I can't ditch it though. Every now and then, in a dusty dark corner, hidden by piles of polyester, rests a total gem that temporarily dulls the hate fire. This straight cut t-shirt dress is one such item.
18 Jun 2016

Beauty tips for the old and lazy

Ignore the slightly provocative blog title, I just want to chat to you about three "techniques" that I have been relying on lately to a) look less old and b) save time. If I didn't despise the term so much I would call these "hacks"...*shivers* - let's stick with techniques shall we? Onto the detail!