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25 Jun 2016

A few of my favourite things

As the title suggests I am about to get all Julie Andrews on your arse and talk about all things frivolous. I feel like it will be the perfect tonic following yesterday's political developments (#brexited).

Here then is a positively wonderful light and giddy post about all the lovely-wuvly bonny things I am bursting to share with all my chums.
19 Jun 2016

Dulling my hate fire

I have a little hate fire burning for Dubai's H&M's. The merchandising is depressing and the stock selection is poor. I can't ditch it though. Every now and then, in a dusty dark corner, hidden by piles of polyester, rests a total gem that temporarily dulls the hate fire. This straight cut t-shirt dress is one such item.
18 Jun 2016

Beauty tips for the old and lazy

Ignore the slightly provocative blog title, I just want to chat to you about three "techniques" that I have been relying on lately to a) look less old and b) save time. If I didn't despise the term so much I would call these "hacks"...*shivers* - let's stick with techniques shall we? Onto the detail!
8 Jun 2016

Beauty faves feat: Becca, Clarins, NARS and Surratt!

I thought I would kick things off again with a bit of a favourites round up. I have been doing some serious product dabbling so there is much to fill you in on! The prompt to write this ramble is also borne out of the controversy surrounding the Becca Champagne Collection. If you have no idea what I am talking about don't fret, more of that later!
17 May 2016

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Luminous Blush in Camellia

I have been a bad blogger. And no, I'm not just referring to my sporadic posting frequency. You see I was sent the full shebang from Becca Cosmetics - 6 of their Shimmering Skin Perfector Luminous blushes. When they arrived it was a real moment. They sparkle sensationally in the pan and they all have an allure that makes a blush addict's heart race. Yet a few weeks on and whilst I have dabbled in a couple I have become stuck, reusing the same colour day in and day out.

People, say hello to Camellia.