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14 May 2011

...and so it begins

Every new beginning heralds the purchase of a new bag. Or something.

I decided to start this blog by boasting posting about my gorgeous new Zara tote bag. 

I spied this about 3 weeks ago and it was one of those "absolutely must have" retail moments. I was thinking of it in terms of a stylish laptop bag that could also be an accommodating dumping ground for all the rubbish I seem to lug around with me every day. Most importantly though it met the happy medium for me between Valentino studding and Celine quality-structured leather - both bags I have been craving. The good news with this one is that it was less than a tenth of the price at £119.

Add to basket.

It arrived today - I won't go into the whole delivery debacle as I know we have all been there with couriers, but if you pay for Saturday delivery you expect it on that forthcoming Saturday don't you? Not 2 weeks later.

Anyway, "in with anger, out with love" and all that and so I am delighted to introduce this bag to you :) 

The leather is much thicker than I expected. It feels durable, extremely well made and the colour is a gorgeous dark butter/light tan. I sort of love the fact that there is no external branding as well. I don't generally like bags with big logos or obvious statements about where they came from. There is a subtle anonymity about this one - it's just a nice design and it's everything I wanted.

So here is the front...

 The inside...

This is going to hold ALOT.

And of course, some action shots courtesy of Photobooth

Pose, pose, pose...

(PS. Shirt worn from Whistles current season)

Cannot wait to debut this. Surely, I cannot be the only person out there that gets overexcited about handbags?

Anyway, you can get the bag here...

Have a great weekend all and thank you for reading this post! :)


  1. wow your hair is getting longer! SUCCESS!!! :D congrats hehe ;) x

    ps. love the bag!

  2. @Patricia - heehee thanks! I swear it's these Phyto tablets I have been taking for the last 7 weeks. I just reordered last night. I also have hardly any shedding anymore...so happy about that :)

  3. oh how I wish Zara had North America online shopping! great bag

  4. @Sandra - so lovely to see your comment. I ADORE Zara...its probably a good thing you cant spend so easily there :)

  5. omg similar to my michael kors bag, on my blog.
    very nice :)

  6. I'm so happy to be reading a blog of yours again. But very jealous of your bag as I would love to have one but living in the US its not that easy..look forward to reading more from you :)

  7. Aaaahhhhh!!!! So glad you're back..the PERFECT way to kick off summer..tho I must say that my cosmetic bill has dramatically plummeted since your vids stopped...oh well you're well worth the extra expense!


  8. Your hair has got so long laura :O, I think it's safe to say it's not in 'stage blah' any more! Lovely bag, I've never bought anything from Zara before but it looks a very classy shop (:,xx

  9. aaaaaaawwww i'm SO glad you are back! I watched you on YT and read your blog since the very beggining <3

    love the purse! its so gorgeous!

    lots of love from Argentina (:


  10. I just got done reading/looking through all of your posts... and like everyone else... I'm so glad you are back! haha

    I'm loving all of your outfit posts! It's so nice to see your recent finds "in action" =) Such inspiration!

  11. Just bought a bag myself. Was looking for a laptop bag that doesn't suck and look like an obvious laptop bag. Have to say I succeeded and it was on sale 30% ... Yes. Bagsac never heard of them but I’m 'giddy with joy' to use the 50's phrase.

    TG that your back in blogger land I had some serious withdraw symptoms for the rest of the year ;-)

    Welcome back

  12. aaahhhh, I missed your blogs! I am glad to find you again, love reading what your write :)

  13. *sigh of relief*

    Sheeeeeesssss baaaaaaaacccccckkk!

  14. I can't express my deep pleasure at finding your new blog. I do hope so much to see some blogs on Space NK and Sarah Chapman products! Hooray for the new blog!

  15. OMG!!!!!! I found you again!!!! You were the few people I used to follow on youtube and its amazing to finally see you again! Love your reviews and taste in clothes/makeup/accessories!!! Once I saw your blog I had to go back to the oldest post because I want to read up whatever I have missed in all these months!!! :) Hope you are doing good!

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