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29 May 2011

Hello from Dubai!

So yes, this is where I have come for a few days. If you want guaranteed sunshine then this is one of the best destinations to hit.

So far it's gone something like this:

* Buying two pairs of shoes in Dune at the airport (I urge you to check out their summer collection...amazing...and I am delighted that I am becoming a heel convert: flats = feeling frumpy)

* Buying Chanel Chance Rouge Coco Shine. Makes Boy look dull and boring. Chance is the ultimate pretty pink...although I do agree with what a lot of people say with regards to the MAC lippies being better value and perhaps pigmentation. I need to look into those more :)

* Trying to avoid stuffing self with chicken quesadillas. Dubai is a land where even Starbucks will deliver so its very tempting to get carried away and indulge to the max. Lets see how I go :)

* Disappointment in Forever 21. I think I am officially too old for Forever 21. I did the classic: "Is this supposed to be a top?" in reference to one of their dresses....I am too old. It's okay though because H&M had a gorgeous Acne rip off drape dress in mint green that I picked up instead :)

* Getting new sunglasses. They are in the pics below - just black mild cat's eyes with a gold detail running across the breadth of the frames. I tried them on and fell in love. They reminded me of a pair by Dita - incredible sunglasses brand - but these are half the price of those so....score! They are by Gucci. Sunglasses are a definite weakness for me....

* Have noticed how many of my posts are falling into the Ramblings category...I hope this is okay with all of you. I just like to ramble I suppose :)

Some random pictures from yesterday...

The new sunnies and a wee bit of Chanel Chance on the lips!

My favourite shorts EVER. J Crew. Designer holes come as standard.

There is no reason not to be happy about being on a warm beach at sunset...

Hopefully lots of happy updates to come....well maybe just a couple before Tuesdays flight! Hope you have all had a fantastic weekend!


  1. You look amazing Laura! I hope you are going to show us your shoes?! :) x x

  2. @Sarah - its a fab place! :)

    @lulabella - thanks girl! and of course I will be showing the shoes :)

  3. Happy to see yo back,Laura!! You are not too old for Forever, you just very classy! I do somtimes manage to find some cute dresses there, but classic!!
    Are you still in Dubai?? Or you back in London??

  4. @TheDolceGirl - thank you for finding me :) I should give it another go for the odd classic piece - I have found some fab things in there before

  5. really love that pair of sunglasses, so happy that cateyes are back! equally love your ramblings and your OOTDs :)

    i am really enjoying this blog A LOT, maybe it's just me but you seem happier and more relaxed writing here than in lollipop26writes (not sure where i got that from lol) but i'm loving it anyway xx

  6. @Patricia - thanks for the comment Patricia :) I think i sort of agree with you: there are no expectations with this blog. it's just little old me :)

  7. love chance on you! and i dont mind in the slightest that you ramble in your blog...those ramblings are the fun parts to read :)

  8. Delighted you are back blogging Laura, I always enjoy your posts (& looked forward to non-makeup ones on the old blog, so this is great!)

    I think with F21 you have to work pretty hard to find the gems - but I'm happy to do it because the gems are worth it! Though lately it seems to be stripey t-shirts - that might be my own weakness tho! Obsessed!

  9. Oh ure in dubai!!! I'm from dubai!!! How hot is the weather?!?!?

  10. Love Dubai! Do you mind me asking where your blouse is from please? I've been looking for one similar to that forever.
    Thank you :)

  11. yay! so pleased your back! i love your writing style, and loving having more OOTD's and pictures!
    Love the shirt/blouse in these pics! Is it this seasons or an oldie?

  12. the shorts are lovely. are they from this year?

  13. Those shorts perfectly match your Zara bag.

  14. I'm so happy I found this website and that you're blogging again. I've been going to "lollipop26writtes" every now and again to see if you posted anything but always left disappointed. Could you please give us the name/numbering for the Gucci sunglasses, is it these ones http://www.gucci.com/int/styles/261926J16911065# ? I have to get those :=

    Much love from Stockholm, Sweden

  15. So happy to see you back! <3

    What are the sunnies? They are super cute!

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