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14 May 2011

I just can't say no.

Oh the lure of the magazine freebie....it gets me every time.

Oddly I am not a huge magazine consumer and I blame blogs. I think the latter is a much more current and innovative medium which makes conventional print media look a little bloated and dated by the time they hit the shelves.

However, there are some titles I will always thumb through and if a quality free item happens to come with it, then I am definitely buying it.

This month (June 2011) it's Instyle's turn and they are giving away one of three Nails Inc colours. I would never buy a Nails Inc polish full price (about £9 a pop in Boots) but I do think the quality is good and I have always loved the branding and ethos of the company...

Yeah yeah yeah any excuse to get another taupe nail polish.

So here is Fashion Fawn in all it's greige glory.

 And here it is on...

Next month it's apparently the annual Benefit giveaway in Glamour magazine...

Do I buy Glamour every month? No. Will I next month? Yes :) 


  1. Lovely! Have you got engaged?! If so congrats, beautiful ring

    Amy @ThenThereWere

  2. i definitely agree with you, blogs have blown magazines out of the market to me. if the US gave freebies away, that would be the only reason why i'd purchase them too :P

  3. i never buy nails inc full price either but i tend to get them with magazines or when they do the diet coke offer in boots... and i did get the glamour/benefit freebie :D


  4. Congratulations on the engagement! Beautiful ring and beautiful nails! :D

  5. I can´t believe how long and haelts looking your hair has become. I´m lucky you decided to blog again no matter what topic.

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