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26 May 2011

Impulsive travels and Sweet Valley!

Today I booked a flight to go somewhere very hot and sunny - and I leave tomorrow lunchtime. I absolutely love impulsive weekends away!

So here is what I am taking...keeping it minimal: it's only three days after all!

And no I don't have a packing technique other than "Throw it all in there. Zip. Lock. Go" I should probably meticulously roll everything shouldn't I?

With a plane ride to look forward to, I need to download some good books on my Kindle. The world of torrenting means that I will have almost certainly seen everything on the plane so reading will be essential...and sometimes there is nothing like the escapism of a book is there?

Do give me your recommendations on can't-put-down titles. I love everything from David Sedaris to Haruki Murakami to the bloody Pretty Little Liars books.

Talking of books....smart link there don't you think? :)....I just finished this:

Oh yes! I did see it in Waterstones but quite honestly I would have been mortified to read it so publicly - cover facing the audience on the Tube/Train. This is why Kindles are great...you can read total shit (no offence Francine Pascal) and nobody will ever know :)


I found this book vaguely comical. I felt like Francine was in a bad phase when she wrote it, resentful of The Twins and so concocting the most ridiculous storyline that would serve only to shatter the nostalgia we have towards wholesome Sweet Valley. Maybe she was lumbered with a big tax bill from the IRS and so hotfooted it to her publisher with this pitch? Or did she just want to cash in on the forthcoming movie?

Whatever her motivations, the output from this book is a load of inconsistencies and a complete destruction of the characters. She achieved the impossible. I now semi-hate Elizabeth and Jessica!

We all knew Jessica was 50% selfish bitch - but come on...really? Having an affair with Todd in college (so hot they couldn't keep their hands off each other apparently!) and then rekindling their passion under Elizabeth's nose so she flees?

And Elizabeth...just so wet...lolloping around New York with no friends, a mediocre job and although she does get it together (eventually) I spent half the book caring neither about her nor Jessica.

One of the things that made me laugh the most though was the frequent use of swear words. Sweet Valley moves with the times goddammit and so they do bloody well insert the odd f*** and sh*t whenever they bloody like it. I was almost shocked...those SoCal folk have definitely moved on :)

Let's play spot the f***!

Despite my criticisms, I don't regret the download. It was sort of fun.

On literary merit?

2 out of 5.

For the die-hard Sweet Valley fans that devoured these books in their early teens?

3.5 out of 5.

Have a great Friday all!


  1. God its being so long since I thought about Sweet Valley high. Don't think I will be asking for that in the local library..morto I would be!! Glad to see you back blogging :-)

  2. I couldn't agree with your review more! I read the book in January as my friend works in a book shop and had an early copy. Unfortunately I didn't have a kindle so had to read in it the comfort of my own home. My fiancé thought it was even worse than my twilight obsession!

  3. Whaaaat? I suppose next you're going to tell me there's a Baby-sitter's Club reunion book? Oh my 12 year old self would just die. :)

  4. I was a died hard fan of SVH. I think I'm going to grab myself a copy despite the criticisms. It will be my summer fun read *lol*

  5. Ive heard the SVH confidential is quite terrible. Everyone had the same complaints, bad writing! Now i dont think i want to buy it, i might just be a bit peeved about how one of my fav book series is now in the hole. But, i shall see the movie!

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