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15 May 2011

Perfume is a religion

Perfume is a religion. Have you ever stalked sites like basenotes and been in awe of the intelligence of the posters? They know EVERYTHING about composition and can methodically break down a scent by the notes with a fervour I can only envy.

Clearly I do not know everything.

But I do like buying perfume :)

Case in point...my current perfume collection.

 I have no shame. (Well maybe just a little bit)

I justify this by thinking that each and every fragrance has a purpose and represents a certain mood or moment in my life. So that's why I hoard so many and rotate them on a regular basis.

Today I went shopping and despite not getting what I wanted (a blazer from Topshop) I consoled self by buying Chloe Rose.

So many people have recommended the original Chloe to me but something about it just smelled wrong - on me. It smelled cloying and a little eau de old lady. 

This version came out in February of this year and is intended to be a little lighter than the original - a little fresher and therefore ideal for Spring and Summer.

I only got a little bottle but I can attest to the fact that my body chemistry likes this alot more.  There's rose at the heart of it, mixed with amber, cedar wood and floral notes like lily.

I feel like whilst the original was intended for a woman, this is for a girl. It's still a pretty grown up fragrance to me - but it is definitely more youthful - and for someone as immature as myself that appreciates Britney Spears Fantasy, this is important!

So for the next few weeks this will be the scent I will be spraying.

But like any perfume fanatic I am already thinking of the next purchase....Laura Mercier Pistachio perhaps? :)

What's the latest perfume you added to your collection!? 


  1. i've always loved chloe, probably cos one of my best friends wears it and i love it on her but if i bought it i would just smell like her and not me. therefore, this one is in my list :) it's just different enough but still resembles the orginal!

  2. i havent smelled any of chloe perfumes. but i recently sprayed burberry the beat on me (it smelled like self tanner oddly enough) and i also spray D&G light blue which smelled wonderful. that will be my next perfume purchase!

  3. wearing Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche!Have also just sprayed the new Lolita Lempica on my wrist and smells all day but not their usual cloying rosey smells..

  4. Mmm on my wishlist is the newish Galliano one Parlez Moi de Amour I think it's called, I just adore it, it's young and sweet but in a tacky or overpowering kind of way, have you tried it? :)

  5. i'am so happy i found you, i can honestly say i've missed you. Need to smell the new chloe, the original was to strong for me.

  6. My latest purchases are Serge Lutens "Jeu de peaux" and "Chergui" ....addicted ;o)

  7. i love the bottle of the Chloe perfume! so simple yet elegant to display and look upon.

  8. My latest purchase is chanel no 5 eau premiere, aimed at younger women who may not appreciate the original.i get comments in work every time i wear it, its really gorgeous as a fresh zesty day scent!

  9. I don't really do fragrances. However, the other day I was watching Nurberxo on youtube and just loved her description of Hermes Amber Narguile. They give MASSIVE samples at the Hermes store. The scent is perhaps just a bit too floral for what I had in mind. I believe narguile means like smokey or something and I was hoping for something a bit smokier or pepper-ier. Nonetheless, it's still worth smelling.

  10. Was the scent lasts for a while? I want to get it as it seems so classy too. :)

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