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21 May 2011

Just one look...

...was all it took.

Yes, so anyway I was commuting home, flicking through Glamour and stumbled across this ad:

It's for Maybelline's new Colorsensational The Shine lipsticks. Supposedly mirror-like and creamy, they come infused with honey nectar.

As soon I scanned the visuals I made a mental note to search for them this weekend. I love anything that promises a glossy finish.

I rocked up to Boots today and there they were - in the promo pride of place. However, the colour range - just like the pigmenation - is a little skimpy and there were really only a couple of shades that I would have gone for. I ended up with Beige Rose (602).

I have just tried it out - this post is literally hot off the presses (very exciting, I am sure ;) - and well....it does make the lips look nice, it smells pretty good (in a sort of uber-sugary fruity way) and it's definitely glossy.

I shouldn't really complain but I do feel a little let down by the lack of pigmentation. What looked quite beigey on the back of the hand just translates to a sheer/clear balm like effect on the lips.

Maybe that's the bloomin' point of them though?

I don't know. It's not bad but it's not brilliant. Put it this way: it's certainly no dupe for a Chanel Rouge Coco Shine.

Have you tried these?


  1. First and foremost, I'm so glad you're back! I just found out through Kelly. I'm making way through all your posts :)
    I bought one of these a few days ago, I found the pigmentation pretty good actually - I had the Rosy Dream shade - but the shine less so. I guess each shade differs. But as you said not comparable to the Rouge Coco Shine.



  2. This is pretty much the lip product I'm on the hunt for...half lipstick/half balm. Currently working my way through the likes of Clinique's Almost Lipstick and Dior's Haute Couler...

    Is the Maybelline particularly moisturising? If it is, it's sold! x

  3. I just discovered that you're back so I'm going though in order :p

    I have one of these in, Mauvilous Shine (820). On me it's a my lips but better shade and I do like it. I'll have to pick up the Beige Rose and give it a try.

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