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24 May 2011

My Chanel Face..and ramble

I have been getting into Chanel makeup lately. This is odd as I have previously eschewed these types of "fashion" department store brands - YSL and their lipsticks excluded.

I just always thought it was expensive prices and average products and to some extent I still think that....but I am impressed by Chanel.

What changed everything was discovering Mat Lumiere. It completely surprised me - it's a soft-matte finish that looks relatively natural (I say relatively), is easy to blend and lasts all day. The latter is my top requirement for a work day foundation. Heck, I can cope with a fake face look if it means that my slap lasts the distance...Mat Lumiere thankfully just makes you look "finished" rather than fake.

So at 7am I decided to take my Face of the Day. It's a pretty typical look for me at the moment and features 4 Chanel products, 2 of which were purchased this weekend...

Soleil Tan de Chanel ( a glowy liquid bronzing highlighter) and Le Blanc de Chanel (apparently lots of things including a liquid highlighter and a primer).

It's too early to say if they are must haves.....actually I lie. Neither is a must have (the original bronze universal is however) but if you were going to splurge go for the Soleil Tan de Chanel.

I haven't quite worked out if Le Blanc de Chanel (wow, how many times do I have to type "de Chanel" in this post?) does anything at all.

So here it is!

Primer: Le Blanc DE CHANEL
Foundation: Mat Lumiere in 30 Cendre (probably THE best colour match ever. Another reason to love it)
Blush/bronzing product: Soleil Tan DE CHANEL Sheer Illuminating Fluid
Eyes: You can barely see but MAC Mythology shadow, Shu Uemura painting line in black and L'oreal Double Extension (great if you like clumpy lashes and buying a product that feels like it's drying out after 1 week)
Lips: Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Boy with Tom Ford Vanilla Suede over the top (FINALLY I have found a use for my Tom Ford lipstick!)

I have to say I do like the way the Soleil Tan looks on the cheeks. It's obviously not unique - Becca Opal, Armani Fluid Sheer or even NARS Laguna liquid highlighter would all work extremely well.

We love glowy cheeks! :)

In other news...

A couple of other things to share. I went tweezer happy on Sunday night and over-plucked the brows. One moment I was removing strays and the next I am creating an anorexic eyebrow.  Clearly not intentional but it means I resorted to a novel way of covering the damage - I call it The Hair Curtain...:)

I quite like the extreme part. A bit of a hazard when trying to see what you are doing I will admit but I am liking the look all the same.

Other things I am liking...wheeling out my old Balenciaga handbag that is so worn and loved and wearing my Acne wedges. They are weird, they are comfortable and I am currently looking at another pair right this moment!

Wow what a ramble! Apologies for that...what started out as a quiet FOTD post has morphed into something quite different.

Happy Tuesday! :) 


  1. Loved this post! Currently have a wishlist as long as my arm for Chanel goodness. *sigh* You know my mutual love for the Balenciaga. xx

  2. You skin looks amazing, Soleil Tan looks super pretty. Glowy cheeks ftw!
    My Balenciaga is starting to look a bit worn now too, but I think it shows that it's well loves/used and they only get better with age. The leather is even softer now than when I bought it :) xx

  3. Hi Laura, your hair looks amazing! Which Phyto tablets are you taking? I've not long had the chop and literally craving my long hair back! :(
    Glad to see your blogging again! I've missed you! xx

  4. @Joy - its the Mat Lumiere! Love it! I really want a peachy coloured Balenciaga...maybe one for a birthday :)

    @lulabella - thank you for your comment and yes it's good to be blogging again :) I just like writing! I am going to do a post on the Phyto v. soon. I used to shed a lot and now its pretty much stopped and skin and nails are much healthier and stronger. Bar far the best supplement!

  5. Thankyou Laura, i will be keeping an eye out for that! Can't wait to try them out as i have naturally fine hair, which does tend to shed alot! Sometimes i think my hairbrush has more hair than my head! xx

  6. i need boy but i can't justify another lippie, i'm *this* close to getting it though :D

  7. @Patricia - I think its a really nice lippie but honestly if you are splurging - YSL Rouge Couture!!!

  8. Gorgeous face shot. Makes me want to run out and buy the Chanel illuminator!



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