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15 May 2011

New OPI Collection: Pirates of the Carribbean

OPI love their collaborations don't they? We have had Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and now there is a collection, released to coincide with the new Pirates of the Carribbean film.

And I am thrilled.

This is the most beautiful collection I have seen for a long time. I LOVE these kind of pastel shades. They are all creamy finishes and are rumoured to look better on than in the bottle.

So today I hot-fingered(?) it (NOTE TO SELF: never use hot-fingered as an expression again - sounds very wrong) it over to my favourite ebay seller and ordered 5.

The only one I exercised restraint for was Stranger Tides. The swatches online just made it look skippable to me - a sort of pastel sprout and well, I don't like the idea of that.

Check out the colours below:

Image sourced from Google Images although amateur annotations are mine :)

If you are not in the USA/Canada and you want to get your hands on these polishes then go to the link below - I have used this seller for about 3 years with no problems...although be warned, the prices seem to be going up!



  1. stranger tides is the one of the 6 that really appeals to me :s wierd


  2. Stranger tides appealed to me the least, first time I wore it though I immediately ordered the full size bottle! I think you'd love it, if you still like your dirty colours, it's a dirty pastel green :)

  3. I have stranger tides is a nice colour almost kaki, i like it.

  4. HONESTLY Stranger tides on your ring finer with Skull&Glossbones is just kind of...right...try it...PLEASE!x

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