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31 May 2011


I spotted these on the H&M website:


...and immediately felt the urge to head to my nearest store and pick them up.

* Wide crepe? Check
* Pretty, delicate embroidery? Check
* Gorgeously flattering light colour? Check

And just £19.

So head out and buy them I did...

I paired them with my Whistles shirt (BORING but very very nice) and my new Guess wedges.

Photo does not include head as I have no idea what is going on with my hair....it's got that sea salt wild look about it which can sometimes look lovely and sometimes look hideous. Here? Abso-friggin-hideous.

I think these are a definite holiday purchase/wear type item. I cannot see myself navigating the tube in these. I think they work best with something fairly structured - like a shirt - as they are so whimsical and drapey: you need that juxtaposition.

BTW semi-detest what the stylists at H&M paired them with on the site. What do you think?

Flying back today - not in these of course - but not looking forward to rain and work. C'est la vie!


  1. i miss my good h&m so much, since i moved i haven't been able to go cos my local one is a mess, it looks more like a primark! is that key from tiffany's? x

  2. @Patricia - mine is sometimes like that too...and it often stinks of polyester but its worth hanging in there :) And yes, its from Tiffany's....I went off it for a while as everyone seemed to have one but what the hell, I love it!

  3. i still love tiffany's keys too but didn't wanna get one back when everyone was wearing them, plus tiffany's is not as popular here in spain so i think now's the time :D i thought you had the heart one too? i don't know which one to chose...

  4. i love these! they look rather comfy and great for summer!

    Stefy x

  5. These look gorgeous! Love the detailing - makes a very simple pair of shorts look stunning! So glad to see you back :-) xxx

  6. You look great! Love your fashion sense. Question though, how tall are you? I always find shorts look great on mid-height to short people, I'm 173cm and always find they look awkward on me.

    Thanks! And Great you're back! :)

  7. So I'm sitting here reading your blog back to front cos I have nothing else to do in life... Loooove the shorts!! Wish I could pull them off! xx


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