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25 May 2011

An ode to the one that got away!

Here's the problem with being deeply materialistic, you are always wanting and longing for "things". Most of the time I get over it, and move onto the next item - but there are exceptional occasions when I just can't seem to let it go.

The prime exception in recent times was a blouse. Just a friggin blouse! And yet I think about it alot...tragic, isn't it?

In my defence it wasn't just any blouse. It was by Acne. 

At the time I saw it I only vaguely knew who Acne were...I just knew that I loved the print and the design: a perfect blend of classic and urban. Exposed shoulders, drape-neck and long sleeves.

I first spotted it on Caroline and I loved the way she wore it, with denim cutoffs and a Balenciaga - such a perfect combination. 

Once I saw that image I was stalking said item on my-wardrobe.com and net-a-porter.com. The only reason I didn't buy it? A very practical reason of price - £260 left me gulping.

Now of course I wish I had just said "sod it" and clicked "Add to basket". 

I guess this will always be "the one that got away". And I don't think I am quite okay with that yet but as a wise woman once told me: "there will always be nice things" so I will repeat that mantra until I am.

Tell me I am not alone! Is there anything that you wish you had bought when you had the opportunity?


  1. Good morning, Laura!
    Let me tell you: Of course you are not alone. I still remember going to Zara with my mum when I was a teenager and seeing the most perfect summer dress, a beige, tight one, with navy details... My mum wouldn't buy it to me. I think she did not like it... Years and years after that, I can perfectly recall that dress and I silently and secretely search for it from time to time-
    This is but to name just one!
    Have an awesome Thursday.

  2. Ah yes, I remember this one v. well, it was the blogged item du jour a little while back and was used on many polyvore and looklet sets..!

    Recently I missed out on Chanel Espiegle blush...lovely shade! If only I acted sooner..!


  3. there was a pink bebe blouse that i saw a few years ago...almost bought it but didnt (dont remember why) i still think about it...

  4. It's silly, but I can't seem to get over these adorable green peeptoe heels they had at Zara years ago. I didn't buy them because I was young and stupid and thought: Who ever wears green heels? Now I know better - I can't count the occassions I would have wanted to wear them and pimp a plain outfit with the perfect vivid grass green heel. *big sigh* Every once in a while, I even check ebay for them...

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