Some summer cravings...

Lemmings 1

Seven For All Mankind low rise short
205 GBP -

Chloé tan shoes
435 GBP -

Balenciaga lambskin handbag
$1,445 -

Sydney Evan yellow gold necklace
$750 -

Chloé plastic shade
$351 -

Kiehls Superbly Restorative Argan Dry Oil
38 GBP -

There is absolutely no chance that I could ever get my hands on all these items - I think the Kiehl's is just about within reach :)

Aren't those Chloe shoes amazing? The perfect summer sandal for highly highly pedicured feet....

Ah, it's nice to fantasy shop isn't it? :)

What are you lemming?


  1. THe Chloe flats and the Balenciaga ... <3 <3
    I'm definitely craving too !!!!

  2. I know....divine! I wish I had a spare £1000+ :)

  3. Hand me a spare €1000 too, please! I´m loving the necklace...

  4. i spend most of my time fantasy shopping and not real shopping... usually it involves handbags :D

  5. This Sydney Evan chain look divine, must check out if thia is also available in silver!

  6. Hi, Laura!! I think this Balenciaga is pretty much the same as the original one
    I dont like to buy fake bags.. but Balenciaga is too expensive for my pockets! :)
    Btw.. Luv your blog!


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