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30 May 2011

The Summer Staples

There are always a few items of clothing that define a look for a holiday. For me this is often borne out of pure laziness and comfort: what do I feel most comfortable in and shall therefore wear 99% of the time?

This weekend it has been shorts - and a blue light linen shirt from Whistles I got a month ago in Edinburgh.  I love both. A little bit casual, a little bit preppy and very very comfortable.

This is the rut I am currently stuck in and I am quite happy about it :)

So here are some lazy ensembles I put together:

For the mall

A quick trip to IBN Battuta mall for essential visits to Bath & Body Works and H&M. Outside the Blazer feels like craziness but inside an air-conditioned arctic zone it's a very good idea!

Shorts: J Crew (bought last year from Net-a-porter.com
Shirts: Whistles
Blazer: GAP
Bag: Balenciaga

PS. I find it difficult NOT to smile doing an OOTD photo.

For evening drinks...

Yep so lazy all I did was change my shorts.

These are new and I have searched H&M's in London and Dubai for these...from their Conscious Collection it is IMPOSSIBLE to get these in an 8 (US 4) so I plumped for a UK 10. Near enough and gives me room to accommodate a dinner baby :)

...and it looks like there is something for me in Forever 21 after all = a new bracelet :)

Shorts: H&M
Shirt: Whistles
Blazer: GAP
Bag: Chanel
Bracelet: Forever21
Shoes: Tory Burch

My next post is about a new pair of shorts I am OBSESSED with. 

Well, lets face it, I am just obsessed with shorts.



  1. Love your outfits, especially the first one. They look comfy and casual, without looking too casual (if that makes sense). Ahh, your Chanel = love!
    Glad you managed to find something in Forever 21! I love the orange against the gold. xx

  2. Thanks Joy! And I found more in Forever21 today. Ah maybe I should edit and remove that prior statement :) haha

  3. @TheDolceGirl - thank you :)

  4. someone is LOVING their whistles shirt. very cute laura

  5. LOVE that first outfit - cutee!

  6. One of my favorite posts you ever did was when you styled the same blazer differently every day for a week. I just love seeing new ways to wear favorites!!!

  7. I love that black blazer, it actually has a shape unlike most!xx

  8. Cute outfit!! I bought these shorts a couple months ago because I thought they were so cute and I searched high and low through many H&M stores in Canada for my size before finally finding one... and yet I have since only worn it once. I think I was struggling with different ways to wear it. Thank you for the inspiration! :)


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