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27 Jun 2011


...I am not even sure what this post is really about so I don't have a suitable title for it...here's what is currently in my head:

Airport purchases

I am currently on a business trip for work which means a lot of schmoozing and a teeny bit of work. Tied into that equals a plane ride and a perusal round duty free at Gatwick.

So I picked up Underage lipgloss. Totally not necessary but I just like doing Underage okay?

Sounds wrong. As a colour, so right....

Then I remembered, pre-checkout that my beloved Liz Earle was resting in my bathroom - bloody hell/FFS I cursed to myself (and perhaps out-loud) but every oversight has a silver lining and in this case at least I can now say that I have tried Dermalogica Pre-Cleanse.

Pre-Cleanse is an oil make up remover that markets itself as being extremely thorough and non-irritating. I can't say how different it is from so many others out there except that it smells nice and is really expensive - 150ml for £24 odd quid? Ouch! After an initial outing on my face last night I have to say it works well....I don't begrudge the cost to be honest if it proves to work effectively. Fingers crossed!


Not dressy but it was a casual dinner with one colleague and when you work in digital/design you can wear whatever the hell you like. Thank god.

This is a crap OOTN BTW but hey I had the DSLR and I wasn't afraid to use it :)

Jeans: Cheap Monday
Top: BikBok
Shoes: Acne
Jacket: Topshop leather jacket (one of my most cherished items evarrr)

In other news

My hair has decided to turn slightly mmm how do we say this? Warm toned?  I can't say I hate it.

I will confess however that I embarked on a wee bleach bath a few weeks back - mixing shampoo and a little bleach powder/developer and placing on head for a few minutes - and this seems to be the result.

PS. Max Factor Masterpiece Max Mascara is the sh*t.

Roger that! :) 
26 Jun 2011

T by Alexander Wang...and ramblings

It was hot today so in order to celebrate the fact I donned my new T by Alexander Wang dress.

I make this sound like a big deal but truthfully this is one of those clothing items that requires zero thought or effort. Slip it on and you're good to go. And you get to say "it's Wang"...which always amuses me.

I bought this recently from Shopbop.com...and bought it because it was in their sale.


It's just a jersey dress but with the simple twist of an aysmmetrical hem. Nice and easy. The quality feels good (although so do my H&M maxi tank dresses - if I am completely honest:p), it's soft and heck....I was feeling lazy.

Dress: T by Alexander Wang
Bracelet: Cheap Monday
Sunglasses: Gucci (this season)
Necklace: taken off after these photos but for the purposes of completeness from H&M
Shoes: TRF at Zara (this season)
Bag: Russell & Bromley studded bag (as featured in my very first YouTube video)

Talking of the bag....

I am on a little bit of a DIY mission and have ordered some studs from Ebay to resurrect my bag....over time those little things have fallen off to reveal the blue bases.

I can't be doing with that.

And I still love this bag as much as I did when I first laid eyes on it.

As far as I am concerned any leather + hardware combination has me "in there like swimwear" (to quote Geordie Shore).

So wish me luck....and if there are any studs left over, the Converse will be the next victim!

Have any of you tried a DIY studding project? 
23 Jun 2011

Guess wedges

I have to admit I am semi-gutted.

I bought these Guess "L Gilena B" wedges at Gatwick Airport and with the duty free discount they were about £75.

I was thrilled.

* I loved the colour of the leather - a flattering butter that really does suit every skintone...even skin on feet that have lived in opaque tights all winter.
* The heel was "just enough"....it gives you a bit of a lift but not too much making them the perfect everyday wedge/shoe.
* The neutrality of the leather design and colour means that you can really wear them with everything.
* Further to that, the overall simplicity of the shoe really stood out in the shop...I haven't looked at Guess for over a decade (at least!) but as soon as I saw these on the shelf it made me think of shoes by Chloe and Celine. Nothing flashy or overdone - just gorgeous leather and a simple design.

But in writing this post and sourcing a link to plonk on the end of the blurb I saw that they have now been massively reduced in the sale to a mere £54.


Ah well, that's always the way isn't it. At least perhaps someone out there will get a fantastic bargain.

I 100% recommend these to anyone looking for a summer shoe. I LOVE nude shoes but that shade of nude can be tricky. I have tried on lots only to think that my feet look like they are incased in my own flesh. And that's not working for me. These however seem to strike the right tone - partly because there is a yellowy butter undertone to them.

I dunno - they are only wedges but they make me so happy :)

PS. Went out for a work dinner last night to good old Brasserie Blanc and had moules mariniere and the most amazing pistachio souffle.

Also - *hang head in shame* - quite a lot of wine...even a glass of syrupy dessert wine which I truly regret.

Today has been difficult :) 
20 Jun 2011

Bourjois Rose Lounge...and a hair fail

You know I love a little nail polish dabble. Case in point some recent acquisitions from Revlon - their summer scented polishes. Excellent quality and bright, fun shocks of colour - well except for the nude which is not that great to apply....

But these are colours I generally plonk on my toes. On my hands - at least on and off for the last few months - it has been Bourjois's Rose Lounge.

This is the colour that Kate Middleton famously wore (paired with Essie Allure) on her wedding day.

I have to admit I was a little bit happy when the Bourjois PR's manically tweeted this fact because I realised that I had this on my bedside table.

*Cue Middleton fangirl squeal*

It's one of those polishes that you have to have. Not only does it flatter every skin-tone, it looks perfect after two coats, dries to a glossy finish and even when sporting natural nails, stays chip free for a good few days. I also love the fact that someone like myself - who cannot apply natural nail polish colour for sh**, still manages to do a pretty decent/acceptable job.

I can't fault it. And I recommend it to every woman I know. :)

Hair fail

I have failed on the outfit front this weekend as I didn't wear anything particularly exciting but I do have a little shopbop.com sale order that came through (in 3 days - incredible service!) so I cannot wait to show you the two dresses I got...

So in the meantime I will leave you with something that made me laugh when I was clearing out my Photobooth.

Clearly I fail at curling hair :)

Take Care!


17 Jun 2011

More kid's stuff...

I spent a day off today supporting a friend on a shopping trip whilst she was searching for the elusive capsule wardrobe...and this process quite obviously ended in a purchase of my own.

And yes it was from the kid's department in Zara....like a dog with a bone I tell ya!

But as with every purchase that I make, there is a boring backstory...so here it is:

I have been looking for a summer blazer. I am/was open with regards to colour but I wanted it to feel light (therefore predominantly a cotton mix) and to also make me feel "lifted". You know what's it's like when you put something on and it immediately flatters your skintone? Yeah, I wanted that to happen. I have seen some lovely Tipex/wipe-out-coloured versions in Zara but even those on the rack are stained, proving that faux tan loving Laura (yes, I just referred to myself in the third person) needs to stay WELL AWAY.

Today, I found the compromise. I spied it from afar and immediately got very excited. Sad, isn't it?

Swiped the aged 13-14 version - thought that there was no way that it would fit - and was shocked when it did. I reckon this is equivalent to a UK size 8.

It was also just £29.99.

But the reason I bought it? The colour just worked. It's a cream/white base with baby blue/mint mini-stripes.  It's light, but not so light I will amass an account at the dry cleaners.

Up close

With flash

Without flash

PS. In rest of outfit:

Jeans: Hollister Oceanside Super Skinny - LOVE these and well-worth braving the darkness of the store to enter. PS. Does anyone else find it hilarious/ridiculous that the employees greet you in an American accent - especially when you are shopping in say, Newcastle, which is where I got these? When I later asked them a question about where the belts were? The answer was provided in pure Geordie :)
Top: H&M nude tee - £4.99 and incredible look and feel. Highly recommend!
Necklace: Accessorize (leaf/feather) and Tiffany key on 18 inch chain.
Face: Sh*tloads of Studio Fix Fluid, Max Factor Mascara, Mythology shadow and oodles of Calm Mode lip balm.... :)

One last thing...

I tried a new product today and it gave me pure Afghan Hound hair and quite honestly, I am delighted. I suffer from Flat Hair Syndrome and spend my life (sort of) mussing it up and trying to make it look fuller....this delivered in three sprays....good old Batiste, in the XXL Volume version.

I saw this in Boots and thought: "how different can it be?"

Well I would say the product is exactly the same but the pressure in the can is the bit that's XXL because this stuff comes at you at a scary speed. Spray with caution but do prepare for crazy big hair....check mine out:

The only downside is that it now feels drier than the Sahara. One for special occasions only but it definitely beats the pants off Umberto Giannini's Backcomb in a Bottle.

Hope you all had a lovely Friday!

16 Jun 2011

Pink Jeans!

I think I found them.

I have been longing for the right tone of pink jeans for about 2 months now. I got a lovely pair in Topshop but they are more dusky rose than in-yer-face pink. And I want in-yer-face.

So today, whilst checking out the TRF part of Zara, which I generally always forget about, I found them!

They are an exact dupe of the J Brand skinnies I longed after...but didn't want to pay near £200 for.

The Zara version? A bargainous £25. Cropped, skinny and a happy shade of pink.

I cannot wait to wear these with sandals/flip flops and slouchy tees/jumpers. They are not for everyone and nor are they for 12 months of the year, but summer is coming and now I feel ready! :)

In other news...

1) I bought the most amazing/ridiculous mid-length ballerina skirt in H&M (will have to photograph).

2) Boots now stock the Sally Hansen polishes which have previously been deprived from British shores. My top tip is Commander in Chic. I tried this last year and if this shade is representative of the line, prepare yourself for great brushes and a creamy, long-lasting finish.

3) I saw some wedges in Zara...and now I keep thinking about them. They look ridiculous from certain angles and the colour reminds me of skin...but something about them appeals to me. Fingers crossed that nobody likes them and they wind up in the sale!

4) After a lovely, if boozy dinner at Cote last night I purchased Rimmel's Lasting Finish foundation - you know, the one that lasts for 25 hours (as if we want to wear it that long)....Used it today and whilst the smell isn't bad, I don't think the coverage is superb. Maybe it stains your skin for a long time with a bit of a tint but it feels like you need multiple pumps to do the job that a more pricey foundation achieves with a minimal amount. Chanel Mat Lumiere I am talking about you!

That's all for now :) 
13 Jun 2011

The Leaf Necklace

I have wanted a little leaf necklace for a long time...well ever since I saw Jennifer Meyer's versions. They are as lovely as they are pricey.

There are lots on etsy - Theresa Mink sells some fab ones - but I got mine last week in Accessorize.

God bless Accessorize. Always waiting for me at a train station when I have 15 minutes to kill before a long journey. I did a little mental happy dance when I saw this...it's just what I have been looking for all these years...and it cost around the £10 mark.

(NB: I have tried to find it on the website but failed....I got mine at the Clapham Junction branch FYI! :)

So here it is...

And on me today...paired with a white Zara top, frizzy-bizzy hair and faded makeup :)

I just love this sort of mini-charm-that-doesn't-mean-anything-particular thing.

After all, remember the sideways cross phase? (which I am sort of still in by the way!).

Supermarket shopping?

Whilst picking up my lunch in Tesco's (ooh the glamour) I also managed to amass a couple of additional hair products for the testing...

1) Vo5 Miracle Concentrate - a £5 bottle of oil riding on the Argan oil craze. I like having something like this in the handbag so the mini size appealed....and part of me thinks an oil is an oil irrespective of how little or great the price tag...so lets see if it performs miracles.

(Disclaimer: I am highly sceptical of any product performing miracles but I say things like this for dramatic effect!)

2) John Frieda Sheer Blonde - Go Blonder - So many people have raved about this. Absolutely not a product you can use every day but the odd squirt over the summer will be a fun experiment to undertake. I should take my before shot before I get spritzing :)

Why is it that you can actually feel the internal groan of a Monday?

Glad that it's over!
12 Jun 2011

*Waves hello*

Damn! There are a lot more of you reading this than there were yesterday!

Hello peoples and yes this is my new blog :)

I kept it quiet mainly because I wanted to just see how I felt about the routine of blogging. I didn't want to be the annoying bitch who set up a new blog only to turnaround a week later and say..."nah, can't be arsed. Laterz."

So count this as a fresh start and here we are :) There will be no YouTube videos but there will be blogposts abound so welcome!

I should warn you that this blog may also be a little bit different from the old one - if anything more random and less makeup focussed. Because let's face it, I know sweet FA about makeup really. Today for example I just slathered on the Studio Fix Fluid, applied 15 layers of mascara and wore a lip balm....I have a lot to learn and nothing to teach anyone :)

In other news...

Today I wore another one of my "interesting" Cheap Monday tops.

Black is bloody hard to photograph so I gave up...all I will say is that it looks like a conventional vest top but drapes on one side down to ankle length. ASOS have it on their site so this will give you a better idea. Link!

It's semi-amazing like all Cheap Monday things.

Here are some photos that fail to demonstrate it....black blob!

I am tempted to wear this without the leggings when I am back in Dubai....I think I could maybe get away with it if worn with flats...we'll see.

I would rather not wear a jacket/coat with this top...I don't have anything long enough but due to the rain I whipped out my Sonia Rykiel mac.

Another fantastic buy, I got this in the mywardrobe.com sale at the beginning of this year and I am waiting for their summer sale to start....they have the best bargains and there is a Missoni dress I have been revisiting for the last 6 months....fingers crossed.

Talking of Missoni....best San Pellegrino bottle ever?

Hey...I did warn you...this was going to be a random blog! :)

This was me at Dunch in Pizza Express tonight (Dinner/Lunch at about 6pm...) with rain-frizz hair.  Lets all raise a glass to lots of happy blogging. Good to have you here :) x

PS. Outfit details...

Top: Cheap Monday
Belt: Forever 21
Leggings: Topshop
Flats: Tory Burch
Bag: Miu Miu
Mac: Sonia by Sonia Rykiel
11 Jun 2011

See me in the kid's department...

So I was reading The Times last Saturday and a journalist was waxing lyrical about a great new jumper she had got....in Zara kids.

It was a Breton stripe type of affair, fit beautifully, and was extremely well made. And it was just £10.99.

Said journalist also talked about how - until that Zara purchase - she could never understand those women who claimed they lived in nothing but Petit Bateau t-shirts....well I have a lot of Aged 16 Petit Bateau t-shirts (guilty as charged) and her article reminded me to investigate the "Kids" section of the Zara website.

Investigate I did!

As well as getting a beautiful pair of Celine rip off sandals, complete with creamy beige leather and gold detailing, which I have been patiently waiting to come back in stock...

I got the Breton stripe jumper!

I admit that I sort of ordered it on a whim. I have something like this from H&M but I don't think the quality is great so I never wear it.  I was hoping that the Zara kids version would fit and feel good.

I have to say I am majorly impressed. I ordered aged 13-14 and its probably equivalent to an adult size 10. The arms are long and the jumper just ends mid-hip. All in all pretty perfect...except for the creases that is... :)

...paired with Zara (adults) blazer.

This jumper has now vanished from the site but there is a soft looking cardigan that is calling my name...Link!

It's good to find a bit of a bargain, isn't it :)

PS. On my nails I am wearing Butter London No More Waitey Katie...been wearing it all week :)

7 Jun 2011

May Favourites

It may be well into June but why not honour the month of May with a post about my favourite beauty products used incessantly over the course of those 31 days...here goes!

Left to right, top to bottom!

1) Strawberries & Milkshake body butter - okay I got this in The Co-op...but it smells like Nesquik and is not a bad moisturiser for the grand sum of £2. Did I mention that it smells like Nesquik?

2) Fresh Cannabis Santal Eau de Parfum - I alway feel like a bit of a druggie skank recommending this but it really is the most incredible unisex scent (unlike anything I have in my crazy collection). It opens with a hit of sweetness and then settles down to a soft incense. It's sexy. I am not sure I would repurchase but it's definitely fun using it up.

3) Chanel Mat Lumiere - ah, the HG foundation search...now I am not saying that the search is over but this line seems to offer the best colour matches for me and the product itself is easy to blend, lasts all day and despite it's name isn't too matt. It's a soft, satin finish - very flattering, not cakey and not stinky (unlike Revlon Colorstay and MAC Studio Fix Fluid...which I also love btw). I currently wear 40 - Beige.

4) FACE Stockholm bronzer - what a fantastic brand! Bought three things from the FACE store in Normalm, Stockholm on a minibreak and pretty much love them all...this is however, one of the best bronzers I have ever tried. I have the shade Capri - I would show you the colour but you know what....it's a golden brown with not a hint of sparkle...not that interesting to share. I would definitely recommend for those of you that find Hoola too muddy, Casino too dark and Laguna too orange. If you can find it, check it out!

5) Phyto Phytophanere fortifying capsules - this would win May's 1st prize. I think this product is amazing and you know I have tried many different hair pill brands. The reason why this stands out is because it has put a stop to my shedding. I used to run my fingers through my hair and would be able to get multiple strands in my hand as a result. No pulling, it would just fall. I found it upsetting but tried not to worry about it. I tried other companies products - HairSublim was pretty good - but it didn't work like Phyto. Within 3 weeks I noticed a difference. No endless vacuuming and my hair and nails felt stronger. I have seen blogposts where people claim a huge hair growth spurt. I think it's helped in that department - perhaps - but for me the fortifying aspect is well worth the £30 something every 2 months and the 2 pills I pop every morning. Best thing I have committed to this year.

Bottom row

6) MAC Mythology - this is pan numero deux. It's an addiction. I don't want to get over it (although I have been trying to think about mixing it up...big steps) but there is something about this colour with my skintone and eye colour. It just works. All you need is a bit of Era in the crease, liner and about 12 coats of mascara and you are set. Mythology is the new Sable people!

7) Benefit Sippin' n Dippin' - now I bought alot of MAC paint pots in December from that icy collection (yep, I cannot remember the name but you know the one I mean....beautiful visuals...crappy lustre quad) ...and whilst they looked great in the pot I hate them on my eyes. They all possess a glitter that overpowers my shadows and falls under my eyes. Disco bags are not a good look for me. I started reaching for this and haven't looked back. It's a light peach - more subtle than Rubenesque - and a fantastic base. I have now reached the conclusion that Benefit offers the best version of this paint/shadow pot concept.

8) MAC Calm Mode tinted lip conditioner - how cruel that MAC bring out THE PERFECT LIP PRODUCT and then make it limited edition. For goodness sake! This is the same colour as my lip tone, smells of lavender, is extremely moisturising and I love it so much that you are looking at pot number three. I need to source some more...but I am also conscious that every year MAC brings out this kind of product (and tone). I will try and restrain myself from reckless overspending on allcosmeticswholesale etc...

9) Nivea Caregloss & Shine - this is their brightest colour: a faint cherry red which actually isn't very bright at all. What it is however is pretty. Forget the weird floral scent - it leaves lips soft and glossy.  I will never be without at least one of these in my collection/handbag.

So thats the end of the beauty run down but I should also mention that there are a couple of other favourites that come to mind...

10) Cheap Monday grey/black skinny jeans - I have literally lived in these over the past few weeks. So comfortable and flattering. I wear them paired with anything...a shirt, tee, blouse...you name it! They wash well and make me happy...clearly :p

11) My Balenciaga handbag - I don't have dozens of handbags but what I do have I like to use again and again and again. This is a staple. I will always reach for it and May has seen me fall in love with it all over again. I love the hardness of the design...mixed with the softness of the leather. I can certainly see why people collect them in a range of colours.

(Must stop fantasy shopping and dreaming of buying up 10 colours)

12) Blogging - yes, I had to add that in there. I have been really enjoying blogging again. I missed writing so much...and having pictures to remember good times by. I want to thank you for taking the time to take a look. 

As always, thank you for reading!