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1 Jun 2011

Chanel Mimosa...no ta.

* It was sunny outside
* The sales lady in John Lewis was very nice
* The department store lighting revealed it's golden sparkles/shimmer
* I admire the look on others and thought it could work for me.

Excuses, excuses, excuses....yep I bought The Yellow Polish. Chanel Mimosa.

Oh in the bottle it looks so pretty...so lemony and light...surely it will be flattering?

No, it really isn't.

I put it on my fingers whilst I was attempting to ombre my hair - yes I really like to jump on the bandwagon years after it's rolled through town - and whilst in theory I am down with yellow polish, in reality I am not.

It just doesn't suit my skintone and I am not cool enough to carry it off. I like it on other people but I detest it on myself. It has photographed quite pastel above - it's a shame that in reality it's more Colman's (mustard).

The way I feel about it mirrors the way I feel about green polish...unless it's an Emerald colour it's doing nothing for me.

Mimosa has just been given away on Twitter...some trends are meant to pass us by and this I need to remember!

What do you think about Mimosa?


  1. Did you use bleach or dye to achieve the ombre look?

  2. Hi Laura!
    You may not like it but I cannot wait to put my hands on it! Haha, the truth is that I would have preferred a pastel yellow instead of such a bright yellow but... nevertheless, I cannot find it in any store here and... I am hyperventilating!

  3. not a huge fan of yellow polish on me at least, i think it can look good on some people though. pics of the ombré results please! x

  4. It looks so pretty in the bottle, it's a shame it looked mustardy on the nails :( Aww, that was generous of you to give it away on Twitter. I don't like green nail varnish either (bar minty green or dark, dark green), I just think it looks weird on the nails... xx

  5. @EAT - bleach all the way baby! :) My hair is too dark naturally to do it any other way. I need to buy a toner this weekend....was really fun doing it actually :)

    @Catanya - ah damn. I gave it away on twitter. Wish I had posted this first! Barry M do a lovely yellow...prettier IMHO

    @Patricia - going to get hair chopped this weekend so hopefully the really damaged ends will disappear and then it will be photo worthy :)

    @Joy - glad I am not the only green hater...Remember that OPI Suzy Loves Feng Shui? Everyone loved it...except me (and maybe you :) haha

  6. I want it still but it's sold out here. I settled on an Orly yellow. Not sure if it will look good but I'm always up for experimenting!


  7. so happy to see that you're back blogging!!

    I never liked any green polishes either until I picked up Essie - Absolutely Shore...it's like a muted pale pastel green with grey undertones. LOVE.

  8. Wow I just stumbled across your blog & was very happy to do so:) I'll be keeping my eye on this one;) You were a big part of my inspiration to start making beauty vids on YT. Thanks & can't wait to hear more from you:) Love, Claire.xx

  9. just discovered your blog & i bloody love it :) I think you can pull it off! x