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2 Jun 2011

The Cheap Monday draped dress

This dress is amazing. Simples.

I bought it in Weekday in Stockholm in April and it cost me about £40.

Honestly? Probably the best money spent this year. Although I can make this type of statement a lot.

It's simple yet interesting. Casual yet elegant. Day yet easily transformed to evening. And very very flattering.

Made of viscose - which admittedly doesn't sound very luxurious - it skims the body and has a pretty daring crossover styling at the front...which can get a little "Liz Hurley-revealing-a-whole-thigh-in-Versace" if you are not careful.

I just love it though. And it's so perfect for hot climates. It is the dress that can take you anywhere....although it only really took me to the mall....

...and for lunch at the Lime Tree Cafe.

Dress: Cheap Monday
Belt: American Apparel
Shoes: New Look
Bag: Balenciaga
Cuff: Forever 21
Necklace: Tiffany&Co
Scarf: Weekday (Stockholm)

FYI: The dress is for sale on ASOS and is in the sale! Link!


  1. I hate that I can't do strapless dresses :( It looks beautiful on you, great buy!

  2. I've just (impulsed) bought this dress! I can't wait to wear it! x

  3. i don't really like long skirts or dresses on me but it looks super chic on you :) i specially love the 4th pic (and the food ones lol) x

  4. Sometimes simple clothes are the best ones. That dress suits you perfectly!

  5. @Musing on Beauty - ah really? I LOVE strapless stuff but then I have no boobs....its about the only benefit. :)

    @lulabella - i hope you love it! excited that you impulsed purchased. good job :) haha

    @Patricia - see neither did i. didn't think they would suit me etc...but now i am pretty much converted :) need to add more maxi dresses :) how is the Dukan?

    @Nina from Paris - i am all about simple :) Thanks so much for the comment x

  6. dukan is going well, lost another kilo this week, woohoo! must try on a couple of long dresses then, not sure the bf will approve though, he likes me showing a bit more flesh lol x

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. You look like a goddess in this dress..seriously :) it's wow. I am so happy to discover you are blogging again!

  9. What a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon, cup of tea in hand and catching up with all your recent posts, thanks to the heads up from Kelanjo that you're blogging again. Everything is written so well and an absolute pleasure to read, not sure my bank balance will like it though as my wishlist is getting longer the more I read, lol x

  10. Hey Laura I didn't realise you were blogging again until now! I love the dress - looks perfect on you!

  11. i want this cheap monday dress so much, its gorgeous!!!!

  12. you seriously look amazing, glad you're back!

  13. You look so much better than the ASOS model!

  14. love the dress on you. SO perfect

  15. Laura, the dress looks gorgeous on you. Can I ask in what size is it ' coz I want to buy it, but not sure about sizing,I am approximately ur size.


  16. beautiful yet simple dress! i love it!!!!!!! thanks for sharing, and loving your blog!


  17. Hey Laura, I was also wondering if you could tell us what size you bought? I really want this dress but its sold out in XS so I'm tempted to get the S even though its normally a little big on me.. Thanks!

  18. @Steppebreathe and @Rachel - I am a UK 8 and I got the small. you will always wear it belted so even if it feels a little bit big it still works! hope you like!

  19. love the dress! just looked it up on asos, and I was wondering (if you dont mind) telling me how tall you are? the dress seems almost to touch the ground when you wear it. whereas its above the ankle for the model?! I am about 5'10 so I was just wondering if I was too tall to wear it.

    Also fashion help: I just bought these: http://jackwills.com/Store/ProductDetails.aspx?ProductRef=010831&Option=010831099. They are a burnt red. What can wear with them?


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