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7 Jun 2011

May Favourites

It may be well into June but why not honour the month of May with a post about my favourite beauty products used incessantly over the course of those 31 days...here goes!

Left to right, top to bottom!

1) Strawberries & Milkshake body butter - okay I got this in The Co-op...but it smells like Nesquik and is not a bad moisturiser for the grand sum of £2. Did I mention that it smells like Nesquik?

2) Fresh Cannabis Santal Eau de Parfum - I alway feel like a bit of a druggie skank recommending this but it really is the most incredible unisex scent (unlike anything I have in my crazy collection). It opens with a hit of sweetness and then settles down to a soft incense. It's sexy. I am not sure I would repurchase but it's definitely fun using it up.

3) Chanel Mat Lumiere - ah, the HG foundation search...now I am not saying that the search is over but this line seems to offer the best colour matches for me and the product itself is easy to blend, lasts all day and despite it's name isn't too matt. It's a soft, satin finish - very flattering, not cakey and not stinky (unlike Revlon Colorstay and MAC Studio Fix Fluid...which I also love btw). I currently wear 40 - Beige.

4) FACE Stockholm bronzer - what a fantastic brand! Bought three things from the FACE store in Normalm, Stockholm on a minibreak and pretty much love them all...this is however, one of the best bronzers I have ever tried. I have the shade Capri - I would show you the colour but you know what....it's a golden brown with not a hint of sparkle...not that interesting to share. I would definitely recommend for those of you that find Hoola too muddy, Casino too dark and Laguna too orange. If you can find it, check it out!

5) Phyto Phytophanere fortifying capsules - this would win May's 1st prize. I think this product is amazing and you know I have tried many different hair pill brands. The reason why this stands out is because it has put a stop to my shedding. I used to run my fingers through my hair and would be able to get multiple strands in my hand as a result. No pulling, it would just fall. I found it upsetting but tried not to worry about it. I tried other companies products - HairSublim was pretty good - but it didn't work like Phyto. Within 3 weeks I noticed a difference. No endless vacuuming and my hair and nails felt stronger. I have seen blogposts where people claim a huge hair growth spurt. I think it's helped in that department - perhaps - but for me the fortifying aspect is well worth the £30 something every 2 months and the 2 pills I pop every morning. Best thing I have committed to this year.

Bottom row

6) MAC Mythology - this is pan numero deux. It's an addiction. I don't want to get over it (although I have been trying to think about mixing it up...big steps) but there is something about this colour with my skintone and eye colour. It just works. All you need is a bit of Era in the crease, liner and about 12 coats of mascara and you are set. Mythology is the new Sable people!

7) Benefit Sippin' n Dippin' - now I bought alot of MAC paint pots in December from that icy collection (yep, I cannot remember the name but you know the one I mean....beautiful visuals...crappy lustre quad) ...and whilst they looked great in the pot I hate them on my eyes. They all possess a glitter that overpowers my shadows and falls under my eyes. Disco bags are not a good look for me. I started reaching for this and haven't looked back. It's a light peach - more subtle than Rubenesque - and a fantastic base. I have now reached the conclusion that Benefit offers the best version of this paint/shadow pot concept.

8) MAC Calm Mode tinted lip conditioner - how cruel that MAC bring out THE PERFECT LIP PRODUCT and then make it limited edition. For goodness sake! This is the same colour as my lip tone, smells of lavender, is extremely moisturising and I love it so much that you are looking at pot number three. I need to source some more...but I am also conscious that every year MAC brings out this kind of product (and tone). I will try and restrain myself from reckless overspending on allcosmeticswholesale etc...

9) Nivea Caregloss & Shine - this is their brightest colour: a faint cherry red which actually isn't very bright at all. What it is however is pretty. Forget the weird floral scent - it leaves lips soft and glossy.  I will never be without at least one of these in my collection/handbag.

So thats the end of the beauty run down but I should also mention that there are a couple of other favourites that come to mind...

10) Cheap Monday grey/black skinny jeans - I have literally lived in these over the past few weeks. So comfortable and flattering. I wear them paired with anything...a shirt, tee, blouse...you name it! They wash well and make me happy...clearly :p

11) My Balenciaga handbag - I don't have dozens of handbags but what I do have I like to use again and again and again. This is a staple. I will always reach for it and May has seen me fall in love with it all over again. I love the hardness of the design...mixed with the softness of the leather. I can certainly see why people collect them in a range of colours.

(Must stop fantasy shopping and dreaming of buying up 10 colours)

12) Blogging - yes, I had to add that in there. I have been really enjoying blogging again. I missed writing so much...and having pictures to remember good times by. I want to thank you for taking the time to take a look. 

As always, thank you for reading! 



  1. I must ask, that ain't no placeholder is it? Anyway, I'm such as glad as you are that you're back to blogging. I was missing your posts like crazy.

  2. a few things...
    1. I need mythology! I don't have the beautiful light eyes you have but we are the same colour in foundations most of the time so maybe it will work for me :)
    2. balenciaga city will be my next bag purchase if I don't get distracted by a pair of louboutin pigalles
    3. estee lauder's double wear cream eyeshadows are also really good in terms of paint pot -ish products. easier to blend and lasts a tad bit longer... nonetheless will check out that benefit one you mention since I've been dying for a more subtle Rubenesque! rubenesque is just TOO peachy sometimes.
    4. cosign on that man lip conditioner. I didn't buy calm mode but i bought Feelin' Good from the year prior and it's just perfect... always on heavy rotation mid winter and mid summer!

    aaand finally, no one is happier to see you back than me!! :)

  3. (by man lip conditioner i mean MAC.. haha)

  4. @skaff038 - thanks for coming over :) haha

    @Sandra - yes do try Mythology and let me know what you think. The colour can look a bit sharp sometimes but I love it blended with era in the crease and antiqued in the outer corner. Have seen pictures of the Estee Lauder cream shadows and they look beautiful...I like some of the MAC ones but Benefit definitely have better colours IMHO! :)

    Missed out on Feelin' Good which is why I probably went Calm Mode crazy and got 3. They better not let us down and forget about re-releasing it!!!! x

  5. woohoo, yay for favourites, this is the closest to a video from you :D

    my sephora started carrying nars TODAY! (and i have a 20% discount to use!) :) anything i absolutely need? i only have penny lane cream blush and ashes to ashes eyeshadow... i'm thinking a powder blush but which one?? madly? deep throat? decisions...

  6. "Mythology is the new Sable" wow! :-)
    But I'll admit I like it :)
    Those jeans look very nice and so versatile, what brand are they?

  7. Love your favourites! i use that exact foundation and love it too :)

  8. Very interesting post Laura!

    1/ Regarding body lotion I am considering buying and trying Shiseido products. Have you tried them ?

    2/ Perfumes : Lately I have been buying a lot of different perfumes : Jimmy Choo, By Fendi, Paco Rabanne Million dollar.

    3/ I have the pro lumiere. Never tried the mat. Maybe I should...

    4/ Bronzer, I am currently testing the smashbox one and will be purchasing the too faced

    5/ Convinced. I will definitely buy them.

    Blogging : Glad you are back!!! ;)
    You can follow me on twitter if you want. I often post Manicure of the day and FOTD.

  9. @Patricia - yep the closest you are ever going to get ;) haha. I would try a few on your skin...they are all fantastic (except maybe the uber glittery ones..) I started with Orgasm...it's pretty much a rite of passage to get that one. Deep Throat is probably my favourite though and the one I have used the most. Enjoy :)

    @Musing on Beauty - yes a big claim!! :) I like sable - of course - but it doesnt do the same thing on my eyes as it used to....I think maybe i need to dye my hair dark for it to impress me again :) PS> Jeans are Cheap Monday!

    @Sarah - thanks for the comment! I used it today and whilst I have lots of foundations its a fantastic work day one!

    @Nina from Paris - never tried Shiseido products for body...I haven't tried much from them at all actually. Must get on that :) Much prefer Mat to Pro but it's all personal preference. I LOVE Mat :) And follow request sent :)

  10. Do you have any CCOs near you? I found Mac Calm Mode tinted lip conditioner in the Designer Outlet near York, it was about £5... I only bought one, I should've cleaned them out! x

  11. I know really want those vitamins, did you get them from boots? I want long, lusicous hair!! :D

    Amy @ThenThereWere

  12. @Annabella Pepper - I don't have any that near...I could go to Bicester Village but its about 1.5 hours away and even I am not that insane :) Might try and find it online :)

    @thentherewere.com - i got mine from John Lewis the first time and Amazon the second :)

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. I drove to Kings St in Manchester today to visit the FACE Stockholom store but it was closed! how glittery is the bronzer? i may just order online :)

  15. @Lyndsey Elena - Nooo Lyndsey! That is gutting! Honestly I would try and see it in person...I should probably take a picture of it and add it to the next FOTD...I will do that so you can get a better idea of colour. PS> No glitter!

  16. Thank you - i have high hopeS for this, Laguna is orange on me and Hoola muddy, was debating soleil de tan de chanel but it seems so orangey!

  17. i've just come across your blog (via kelanjo!) and love it, so i'm glad to hear that you're enjoying writing it again! (yes, i back-read, haha!) elle x

  18. Firstly- I am SO pleased to see posts from you again, unbelievably so!
    Secondly- NEED any product that smells like nesquik and as far as unisex scents go if you haven't already have a sniff of d&g no 6 l'amoureux, I call it my power fragrance :)


  19. Am very jealouds of your bag!
    I actually like the smell of Colourstay, it's a bit of a fruity scent for me :)
    Great to see you blogging again Laura,

  20. so pleased you're blogging again - and I really like the layout here - very simple, easy to follow - and full of lots of gorgeous things to buy, aweseome :) ... oh, and the last couple of pictures of you? beautiful, Laura - you look very at ease and happy. x

  21. Hey Laura
    Great to see you back blogging!
    Which balenciaga bag are you using? It is a city? Desperately busy saving up to buy one for my 30th!

  22. Hiya
    I've been using Phyto Phytophanere for around 4 weeks now - haven't stopped shedding yet though must continue as I've heard great things about this supplement.
    Your looking great x

  23. fyi sippin n dippin on sale on cheapsmells.com for about £7 with free del.

    glad your back btw x

  24. Hey. What size is your baleniciaga. Im Thinking about buying one and ur size is perfect. It's the city with the silver hardware right?


  25. I have a small sample of the Fresh perfume and agree it's a really lovely scent, might have to purchase a full size:)

  26. I loooooooooooooooooooooove the Fresh perfume - kind of selfishly love it so much because it's a little more difficult to come by and therefore makes me feel like a real grown up person who wears scents from special places. Weird? Me?

  27. Hi Laura! Just like everyone else, I am very glad you are blogging again :)
    I love your purple shirt, such a nice colour! Where is it from?

  28. I've been using mythology for years and years and can understand the obsession, its just perfect! Love your balenciage bag and those grey skinnies are amazing, love the colour and fit! x

  29. So late but I hope you see - I LOVE your shirt in this pic! Where is it from?

  30. Hi Laura! Please can you tell me where your shirt is from? I love it.

  31. Hi Laura, I'm so glad you're back! I just found out by chance, because I randomly typed lollipop26 into google, hoping that there might be news on your blog and that's how I found you here! Yay!!! :-) Since I have similar hair and complexion I always found your beauty recommendations really helpful (e.g. ELF Warm Bronzer, love it!). So anyway, I am looking forward to your posts!

  32. you are so right about those paint pots, i got one called chilled on ice i think and the glitter looked so patchy and weird i returned it, 1st time i ever had the balls to return a mac product but i was that disappointed i was on a mission. i have sippin and dippin and i agree its great. i must start going to store instead of buying online and ive just purchases mac warmth of coral blusher and theres zero pink veining in it therefore is straight up nasty orange on my cheeks not coral.x