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6 Jun 2011

Wannabe grecian

I am fully aware that this blog is turning dangerously into a homage to H&M but just humour me...

...another new item from my favourite shop of the moment.

A light mint coloured drape dress. It's a copy - of course - of dresses I have seen by the likes of Acne.

I absolutely love the colour, the length (it just hits my knee), the weight (it feels like a great quality, heavy dress...even though we all know its a silk-polyester mix!) but most of all....I love the back.

The only drawback with this dress? Well to be honest there are two...

1) The drapes at the hips may emphasise a trouble area. I kind of like it....it gives me a curve which I appreciate.

2) This dress cannot - I repeat cannot - be worn with any kind of bra. Luckily I have nipples rather than breasts so it works okay for me but for anyone with anything resembling more than a handful, it would be tricky/gratuitous.

Nevertheless this is one of those pieces that H&M are churning out at the moment and which are making it an amazing and exciting place to shop...

Here's to the next shopping visit! :) 


  1. I also do tend to have some phase where I can be obsessed with a brand (MU or clothes). Lately, I am obsessed with the maxi dresses from Boohoo.com.

    Regarding point #1 : You can totally afford it!
    point # 2 : Believe me my dear, the breast area looks nice and not wearing a bra is not an issue for you! :)

    Looking forward to your next shopping visit... Let me guess... H&M ? ;)

  2. :) thanks @Nina. And yes...more H&M. In my defence it is incredible at the moment. Some great simple pieces, in lovely shades...work and play friendly. Can't wait to wear them.

    Must check out boohoo.com - never have and I do love a Maxi dress.... :)

  3. ahhh you are right, the back is absolutely stunning!! haven't seen anything like this in my h&m yet (but then again it's a poor excuse of an h&m)... amazing choice nonetheless! xx

  4. @Sandra - admittedly the draping is a little weird. BUT i love interesting/weird clothes and I think its such a great colour....like all H&M's you have to search through the crap to find the gems...so worth it :) ps. cant wait for your bronze universal review!

  5. love that on you!!! i guess bigger boobed girls could maybe layer something underneath it? but it does look the best on its own x

  6. @Patricia - thanks so much! I keep thinking that there might be a bra out there that would be suitable...maybe those cup things...wish support was built in but hey, can't have it all :)

  7. This is so very very stunning on you Laura, I absolutely love the colour :) It's so great to have you back xx

  8. Lovely to have you back blogging. I think I found your old blog about a week bofre you stopped!

    The dress is gorgeous, love the back detail and being incredibly flat chested myself like being able to go without a bra. Must have a look for it in my local store. H&M is funny as I have some beautiful pieces from them from university days but recently have struggled to find things. Quality seems to vary massively between items but I guess it is worth the search when you find something like this.

    Looking forward to seeing what other gems you find in future shopping trips!
    Jennifer x

  9. Good to have you back Laura! Haha this post made me laugh because I am also among the population of small breasted women. This dress is gorgeous, and not what I expected from H&M.

    I'm so excited to read your new posts =)

    xx Vida

  10. Oh my god, I think I gasped aloud at this dress...beautiful draping! you look so great in it too. Haha "I have nipples and not breasts."

  11. this dress really is very nice.
    did you get a 34 or is there even a 32? or which makes me think, do you guys go by 34 and 32 or rather by 6 and 8?? anyhow...i was just wondering which size you choose...

    xx from germany.