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5 Jun 2011

You're so 2000 and late

I always like to catch a trend two years later than everyone else...or so it seems because this week I ombre'd my hair.

Well in truth I call this a trial run.

I bought a box of bleach in Superdrug....insert picture of said bleach:

...slapped it on and became curious as to what the final result would be.

I knew I didn't want it to go really light...I just wanted the tips of my hair to be a little lighter and I wasn't afraid of a little bit of "apricot" (read: ginger) action either. Fearless, that's me.

So here goes. This was my process.

1) Grab towel and slap on the Jerome Russell bleach onto the very ends of my hair. I really liked this kit. It comes with the bleach powder, 30 developer and a little tray to mix it with.

(Note: I did do a test section beforehand)

Leave for 20 minutes

2) Then grab tinting brush and do two things - place more beach further up from the tips - and seemingly haphazardly paint on product up the hair shaft...miles away from the roots but the idea is that we get a few highlights.

Leave this on for 15 minutes for a gentle and graduated lift.

(Note: I think by this point I was blatantly taking the p*** and really going for it)

3) Wash, condition and blast dry...

This is what it looked like straight after - no product....I was just gagging to see what it had turned out like.

Now after hair has been straightened...

And after the trip to the hairdressers - who complimented colour job but made it clear that this sort of thing can't be done regularly :)


I am really happy with the result. I like lighter hair but I don't suit it all over - it drains. I think the great thing about ombre is that it achieves that sunkissed/sunlifted look without taking over your entire hair colour. You also never have to deal with roots - because roots are kind of the point :)

The other thing I am pleased about is that apart from looking pretty blended and natural, it only cost me about £5. I was considering paying £160 at Neville salon for this and whilst I am sure they could have done an exceptional - and much improved job - this was just what I was looking for.

I haven't finished though....

In hindsight I should have used a toner - and I still might do that as I went to Sally's yesterday - but I am going colour free for a month (with lots of Shu Uemura oil on the ends) to give it some time to recover. I perhaps could have also stood to leave the bleach on for longer and aimed for a more dramatic lift but this was the first attempt - it's better to do this kind of thing in stages perhaps?

I have to say that there is one video on YouTube that is outstandingly comprehensive. It's 27 minutes long which is a bit of a commitment but she gives so much information about the RIGHT way to do it. I wish I had watched it before I took the plunge but for anyone seriously wanting to ombre - and particularly if you have really dark hair - this is invaluable!

So who out there has ombre'd? Give us some tips and tricks if you have :) 


  1. You look beautiful, Laura, what's that lipstick you're wearing?

    Back to the ombred hair, no I haven't tried that. I've wanted to, but I kind of wanted to go with more extreme ends (red?) that aren't office appropriate. I'm considering getting extensions and ombreing them like Gemsmaquillage did, so that it wouldn't be a commitment.
    Also i got layers cut in my hair on an impulse a month ago and the shorter ones are really short, which makes my hair harder to style and bleaching the ends of the longer ones only would probably look weird.

    Enough ranting : I love your ombred hair!

  2. @Musing on Beauty - ah thanks so much! And it's Revlon Cherries in the Snow with a random bright pink gloss on top. Still loving the Cherries :)

    I say go for it! :) Alexa Chung ombre'd with sort hair and it looked good. Although I think the extensions idea is also a good one - mainly because it also means no damage :)

  3. I am really impressed by how courageous you can be when experimenting new things/colors on your hair. I have to admit I am not that courageous.
    When I was younger I wasn't allowed to have long hair as my mom was convinced that my hair would be healthier if she was cutting them on a regular basis...
    When I turned 15, I finally experienced having long hair... I was so happy...:)
    Since I have tried to go lighter but I am too much of a brunette to go lighter.

    Darker colors suit me better.
    Right now I am considering trying chocolate color or even black...

    Regarding your hair, I think the result looks very good and is very original! We have a famous journalist on French TV that tried it as well.
    I would say that in France is quite trendy.
    Let me send you a picture : http://club.doctissimo.fr/anna-prune/ombre-hair-346562/photo/daphne-burki-14689580.html#photo-14689580-535-4389113-jpg

    You also have other ombre pictures.

    Sorry for the long post!

  4. @Nina from Paris - thanks so much for the comment! And I love the picture that you included: she looks incredible.

    Sometimes it is probably not a good thing to take so many risks with my hair. I am still on my mission to grow it long but I find that the odd colour adventure keeps that process semi-interesting :)

    I LOVE dark hair too though. It can look so good and I am sure that yours looks fabulous :)

  5. @Nina from Paris - ps. tried to see if you have a blog! You must start one :)

  6. Your hair colour looks amazing - and I love the ole faithful Cherries in the Snow, very glamorous!

    I'm the same way I like darker hair overall, but I would want to change up my colour in some way. I've been thinking about the Ombre hair and after reading this you made it look easy, so I think I might take the plunge and go for it!

  7. Hello Laura, indeed I don't have a blog and Miss Mariella from Musing on Beauty has been pushing me to start one...
    The problem is that I don't manage to find the time... And feel like it would not interest anybody! :)
    Between a job in export where I get to travel overseas on a regular basis. BTW, I go to the Middle East (Dubai included) area. And two kids.. and a husband... and a move to a new house... And a walking closet and a make up room to design... Yay...

    Oh I forgot, of course I have some time left... I just have to stop sleeping!!!:)))))))))

    I hope I make you laugh, at least, with my crazy life! ;)

  8. @amynicolax - omg so pleased to see your comment and follow :) you found me :) haha,

    I say go slowly with the ombre/bleach...try it out by just dipping the ends with some bleach, don't leave it on too long and see what you think. I would probably also say its good to go to a professional...but i am a cheapskate and did it myself haha :)

  9. @nina - ah well maybe I shall meet you in Dubai one of these days :) completely understand the time thing...sometimes its nice just to dip in and out of blogs and leave comments when you can. :) have a good night's sleep :) heehee

  10. Ah thanks for this! I have been meaning to ombre my hair for so long, but I probably would have done it all wrong. I was always nervous about how it would come out on my hair because I do have very dark hair, but this helps a lot!

  11. whaaaaa laura just saw this post and thank you SO much for the link to my video!!! I really truly appreciate it! Its so wonderful to hear such comments and your appreciation and I'm now quite glad that I was thorough (as I was worried about the length at first!!). again, thank you so much! And I'm so glad I finally found your blog again! I was looking for it for ages! hopefully you'll miss youtube enough to take another step into the youtube world and make videos again...? ;) haha just thought I'd give it a shot. we're all looking forward to hearing from you again!! <3


  12. http://makeshiftmodel.blogspot.com/2011/02/ombre-mujer.html This is the result I had from my spur of the moment ombre! It lasted about 4 months before I moved to Hong Kong and the humidity turned it sort of straw/greasy mess like!!!! I liked it for a while! I've since colored over it too many times to believe my hair is still mine!
    Much love to you
    Zoey @ makeshiftmodel xxx

  13. your brave to do that to your hair, good for you.x

  14. http://tinypic.com/r/a5gw3m/7 - I love ombre hair! After a long, long, drawn out process to get it perfectly right this is the result i got. I took it up a high since my hair is quite dark and just the tips would have looked a bit strange, and i love it. Its the perfect beachy look, I still can't believe how light my hair is at the ends and as the end of summer is nearing i'll be devastated to dye it back dark.

  15. i was wondering. on the video where she says to remove bleach then add another layer does that mean apply bleach on the wet ends?

  16. The ombre turned out to be great Laura, I admire your courage to try out new things. In terms of hair color, anything would you suit a pretty lady like you.

    Jo | Say Cheesy Cake
    Say Cheesy Cake on Bloglovin

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