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24 Jul 2011

MAC Smoked Ruby

I was told this was THE shadow to buy in the Semi-Precious collection.

So I went to a counter one day, had a look and a little swipe and walked away. It didn't seem that special and it didn't intrigue me.

But then I was near a MAC counter for the second time. Again, had a look and could see why people like it. A rustic red and black swirled together to make an intriguing combination. But I resisted.

Finally, upon my third visit, I just bloody well got it.

And I am SO glad I did. It's transformative.

When swatched dry it's "nice" but when used wet it's sensational. It becomes a completely different product - a deep, warm metallic that is unlike anything else I own.

I actually semi-hate it when bloggers swatch eye and lip products on hands (especially lip products - what's the ruddy point of that?!) but hey ho, I can't beat 'em so I join them :)

(Dry on the left, wet on the right :)

So far I have used it on it's own, with Urban Decay's Buck in the crease....and as an eyeliner which was recommended by @Tine_77. I would love to hear how you use it though :) 

Sunday's OOTD

I use this heading with jest as this would definitely count as an OOTD fail. 

For most of today I wore trackie bottoms and a loose top. Neither of which co-ordinate together but they are wickedly comfy and perfect for slobbing about in. 

Top: Weekday
Lurid tracksuit bottoms: Victoria Secret

Keepin' it real :)

Here's to a good week ahead of us all!


  1. Hahaha I'm in pretty much the exact same pair of VS pants right now! So comfy though.

    Smoked Ruby looks gorgeous wet!

  2. Wow, you are right, it really does turn gorgeous when it's wet! It's really lovely xxx

  3. It looks amazing wet :) Now I am feeling the urge to stop at a MAC counter.

  4. I saw different swatches of it until yours and assumed it was way to similar to cranberry.

  5. @Saz -exactly :) can't beat them for a Sunday!

    @Amy - when dry it's a bit blah but love it when wet :) haha

    @AllThingsGirly - yes, definitely worth a trip :)

    @Love Always, Me - i think its the good/bad side of mineralize shadows. everyone is a little bit different. sort of annoying really! but it's not like cranberry - similar but it's much more brown toned and dirty :) haha

  6. wow, i'd never thought/heard of doing this. i guess i've been living under a rock?!

  7. Oooooohhhh....I would do a smokey eye, I would start with a lighter shade, maybe Sable or Wedge, up to the crease and blended out. Then I would layer dry Smoked Ruby on the lid with a 239 and bring down to underneath the eye with a 219. Then I would wet Smoked Ruby and line the eye and maybe smudge a thin bit of Feline into the the lash line. I think that would be my first instinct.

  8. @D - wow i love that recommendation. thank you! you know, i definitely have sable :)

  9. Ok, firstly, it's 1am in the UK and this post has only just appreared on my reading list....why?!? Grr! Lol!

    Anyway...this looks UH-mazing! I'm not a *huge* MAC fab but this looks like a good purchase! Esp the wet use! Will deffo give it a swipe when I'm next in MAC.

    Also, I've goy bloody flu!! In summer! Yes! Annoying! So I've been lounging around today in my baggiest, comfiest jammies! Bliss! :) xoxo


  10. wow, what a beautiful color! I can see why you couldn't forget about it ;)

    Gotta love VS bottoms..I'm in my lounge wear right now too..Juicy velor tracksuit bottoms and an old baggy tshirt that says "COLLEGE" on the front..classy!

  11. That smoke ruby when wet, rocks!

    Like the pajamas. Comfy and lazy. Love! Pajamas are great for lounging inside the house specially now that it's always raining here in the Philippines. :)


  12. What did you use to wet your brush? fix+ ? The only tutorials ive found that uses fix+ to wet the brush looks just like the dry swatch, not metallic like your swatch.

  13. That eyeshadow looks gorgeous!!! And its a Sunday, lazing around in comfy clothes is what Sundays are all about :)

    Gem x

  14. I just got MAC smoked ruby yesterday and I love it. I wasn't going to get it either until the salesperson swatched it wet for me. She tried to talk me into getting fix + but I find water works just as well with this shadow. I don't usually buy MAC shadows but this was something totally unique that I haven't seen anywhere so I highly recommend if anyone hasn't tried it yet you should before its gone.

  15. the color almost reminds me of twilight lol..idky but we wont mention the saga that just wont end ..this is a pretty color :)

  16. Love the vampy oil slick effect - has a dark sexy rock and roll feel to it somehow. Third time's a charm :)

  17. I wish I picked up that eyeshadow! It looks stunning wet!

  18. i wasn't a fan of the semi precious collection i didn't even swatch any shadows in it but now i'm like umm maybe i should go look again lol this color looks crazy beautiful wet!!

  19. I got Golden Gaze from this collection and it is absolutely gorgeous, black with gold running through it. I've bluey-greeny eyes and it really makes them pop (hate that term) hehe Have been hearing great thinks about Smokey Ruby so might have to have a peruse of the counter and check it out :) Cute trackie bottoms!

  20. Great post, I saw that color this weekend and was all "meh" about it, but I definitely love the effects of it wet. Gorgeous!

  21. Loving the OOTD, that's my usual Sunday evening atire too. If I could get away with not leaving the house all day I'd wear it for the duration but, alas, my children need airing at some point!

    Gorgeous eye-shadow, I can imagine it looking fabulous on you.

    Loveaudrey xXx

  22. its a very strange colour, i really like it wet but i dont like it dry at all, i think it just looks a little dirty :s


  23. Looks gorgeous wet! I'd get it but I probably wouldn't use it being the boring neutrals person I am :)

  24. It looks amazing when used wet and very richly pigmented!

    Hate the fact that we don't have MAC anywhere near me...


  25. Wow, the eyeshadow looks completely different dry and wet! Wet version being gorgeous! I cant wait for this collection to arrive here (the advantages of living in Asia..everything comes later, so I get to see all collections a couple of months before they are actually available for me to buy:) ). Saved on my "wish list". Have a great week, xxx.

  26. Love the color. so deep. absolutely lovely.
    wonder where i will be able to et it, usually it's hard to get the newest mac products around here.

  27. I need to get this eyeshadow! Loveeee you lounging around outfit. :)

  28. This is such an incredible colour, makes me annoyed I'm allergic to MAC eyeshadow!

    Why not check out my new beauty blog, The Glossy Guide?

  29. How did it work out for you as an eyeliner? Just got a voucher for Harvey Nicks with NatWest credit card points, so I might pick up another colour of those as well. Although I might get sidetracked by another Dior lipstick. It pays off to have a mad spending habit, at least you get vouchers;-)

  30. Please feature it in a FOTD, I'm so intrigued by it! :)

  31. I love smoked ruby. I got a few of the shadows from semi precious and thats one of my favorites!

  32. That is a massive difference dry v. wet. Now I am off to swatch ALL of my eyeshadows wet.

  33. smoked ruby looks gorgeous on swatched wet. does it make it any more difficult to blend? i pretty much love your ootd, just sayin'.

  34. That e/s is definitely nothing-y when dry but gorgeous when wet.x

  35. Oh wow! It looks amazing wet. I also swatched it at a mac counter and thought it was nothing special. I'll be shuffling back with my tail between my legs now thats for sure! X

  36. Oooh this looks very good! I didn't realise you could wear them wet either! I nominated you for an award on my blog :)
    thank you!

  37. I got this e/s and I love it. <3

  38. bet this would look so great on blue/green eyes. Definitely feel the need to visit MAC now and check this out! :)
    Thanks Laura!

  39. when im not at work im rarely out of my pjs or tracky bottoms, i need to be comfy and why make washing for yourself right ha ha.x

  40. Hi Hun,
    Loving the blog! I have nominated you for a blog award :-)

  41. The wet swatch looks amazing! I must say I like your outfit, because I mostly wear comfy clothes like that everyday, hahaha.

    - Kimberly

  42. Wet swatch is gawjus! So pretty! But doubt if would suit my colouring bah humbug x

  43. Can you show us a picture of you wearing the mac eyeshadow? It's a beautiful colour I just can't imagine how I would wear it xx


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