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15 Jul 2011

The White Focco!

We have the photographic evidence to prove that the black Focco - faux Alexander Wang Rocco bag - has been my close companion recently.

I love it. It's durable. It seems to accommodate everything I need and whilst I was hesitant about the shape of the bag (which is why I never laid down the cash for the original), I actually find it works with everything.

So I convinced myself that a white version would be a jolly good idea!

Off to the eBay shop I went - Link! - and here we are....

First impressions? 

I ripped open the packaging and didn't perhaps warm to it as quickly as I did with the black.

I just thought it's so.......so.......white? That brightness takes some getting used to.

I have never had a white bag...I was worried it might look a bit cheap - I mean it was cheap but you know what I mean - but on the plus side it looks so much better filled out with my stuff inside and the gold hardware? Love!

So today was the first outing.

I just popped out this morning for coffee and before I left snapped some photos...now keep in mind that it's sunny in England at the moment so the brightness is down to the light levels...

It will hit you like "woah"!

The first three pictures are a little deceiving for that reason...

I wore it with:

Jeans: Hollister
Tshirt: Cheap Monday
Shoes: Tory Burch (out of shot...)
Sunglasses: RayBan Wayfarers
Jacket/mac: Topshop (2 years old)

A little word about the mac. Cropped sleeves with a dipped back and a bow detail. I haven't worn this for a year but wanted to take it out today. 

The dipped back definitely makes it for me and was the reason I asked a random girl on a bus where she had got hers...and yes I feel like a big kid when I twirl :) 

PS. I have also cut my fringe/bangs. It was one of those things that felt like a good idea at the time...and then immediately caused a twinge of regret. So difficult to style around my face...I just washed and went: CBA!

So back to the bag...would I recommend?

I would say yes...it's a summery little number and I have got over my initial disappointment. 

However, having said all that, the black remains the King for me! It's just so nice to pay relatively little for a great bag. I feel like it's the smartest purchase I have ever made.

Let's agree that if we see each other on the high street, toting our Focco's, we shall give a little nod of acknowledgement and approval. It was a wise investment after all :) 


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  2. The bag looks lovely! Goes very well with the jacket/mac!
    The quality looks pretty good too! I love the look of soft, fake leather!

  3. @Karoline - Thank you! I am actually pretty pleased with it now. It makes me feel light and summery :)

  4. I can do the cursory nod, let's just hope we don't do it to anyone toting the authentic version!

  5. I love all the studs at the bottom of the bag! And that trench with a bow is too adorable :)

    A Journey to Style

  6. I love that outfit so chic! and that bag is actually perfect for the summer I wouldn't say it looks cheap at all :) xx

  7. @Phoebe - haha i know :) always going to be a risk :)

    @Tamuna - The studs definitely make it for me :)

  8. @Nagmeh - I was a bit worried about the cheapness but in the end it worked out :) Thank you!

  9. wow that bag! i don't own any white bag but this one makes me want to get it, too! i also love the black one but.. i don't know..should i buy both of them at the same time? i'm shameless..!

  10. love the bag and the jacket! such a cute look:)

  11. The white focco looks as lovely as your black focco from the photos. :) But the jacket is what really caught my eye! The bow at the back is an interesting detail. But really I'm just a sucker for bows... Haha.

  12. Wow this is bright but I like it!


  13. awwww that mac is so lovely, definitely the star of this post. great pics :)

  14. Its so beautiful!!! I want one!
    I've decided i'll get it in black first but if I fall in love then a white one is definitely on the cards - great post xx

  15. Oh my gosh, I think I'm in love with those bags lol! I must get myself one!!! hahaha xxx

  16. Both colors are very pretty, I think. Love the studs! Great choice, to try a white bag:) I think it's perfect for summer!And the mac, l-o-v-e-l-y !! Who is your photographer, by the way?! lol.. the pics are getting better and better :) xxx

  17. I really love it in white - it's perfect for summer :)
    I definitely think it's a bag I need in my life!

  18. i need to stop clicking the 'links' u give in ur posts..seriously...:))

  19. I just bought the black version, I was so tempted by the grey! This could be my next purchase. Such a great find! :)

  20. I've just ordered the nude, can't wait to receive it! I love that mac by the way :) xx

  21. Mmm this is defo danderous territory and so easy to get it wrong.
    I guess you should never ever pair it with white shoes or coats? You will look so wrong. :$
    Love the coat.

  22. That is a purrty purrty bag , I love it, also abit scared of white bags/coats/shoes I bought a cream radley bag in may and I love it !
    Ill be doing a belated birthday haul and wil feature it incase you wanna see it.
    but I wouldnt want to spend too much over a hundred for a white bag in case it gets stained and dirty -that would make me cry !

    Great post as always


  23. The mac is so cute! I prefer the black version, but the studs do look cool! :) rachinald.blogspot.com

  24. I couldn't resist any longer and ordered the black version last night :D, I definitely prefer the look of the black one although the white one looks a lot better than I thought it would!xx

  25. I absolutely love this bag, just my style. I love white and gold together in the summer :)

    Laura xoxo

  26. Laura,
    I'm so happy to see you back!
    Please do outfits of the day again! You have a great style!
    Love the bag!


  27. i like the cute studded detailing on the bottom of the bag that helps prevent it from becoming worn. and i LOVE that topshop jacket. gorgeous!

  28. See now I love these bags but the larger the bag the more totally unneccesary crap I will fill it with. I can already feel a disc slipping... but at least it would be with style. Mmmmm.

    It's great to have you back by the way!


  29. Hi Laura, nice bag, white bag is kinda weird at first and needs tome for getting used to, but the combo of gold & white is so chic and pretty:) love it. and I love the bow on the back of your coat , I wanted to ask you did you notice any discoloration on the gold studs of the black bag !??!
    have a great day xoxo

  30. I think it looks great! It's definitely hard finding a good white bag. I've tried to find a good one this past year but settled for a cream one since everything else looked a bit tacky. Anyways good choice, it looks great!


  31. @Holly - black is the way to go i think. I hope you like it!

    @Laura - it feels sort of glamorous and I love it :)

    @Carabistouille - I will :) Thank you! x

    @Ashleighjoan - thank you :) Love the studs too! They make it!

    @Little Red Hen - I know exactly what you mean! I try to "be good" and not fill it up but it seems I need to carry alot of crap with me :)

    @Mania - exactly. I need to get used to it I think. I haven't noticed any discoloration - they are all a uniform even colour and I hope I don't mess them up too much :)

  32. I gave in when I saw they had a tan option as well. Really looks like an amazing bag! Love the stud detail. And like you, I didn't like the shape of the original- hence why I wouldn't purchase it!

    BTW if you are interested in super cheap items (all under a fiver check out my blog sale! http://hijabme.blogspot.com/2011/07/blog-sale.html)

  33. You should get the grey, which is my fave. Maybe 3 is overkill, but if your going to use them everyday... <3

  34. I can understand your hesitations about the white bag...but I think if you pair it with a fab outfit, such as the one displayed here, you make it look less like a "Focco" :)

    I've never been to England but I can't imagine wearing jackets in the summertime. I feel like I *might* be able to make an exception for the gorgeous one you're wearing ;)

  35. You look adorable! The bag is amazing and I want it!!!



  36. got the brown!

  37. Loves as always... Is it quite cold there (it's mean't to be summer in England} as your wearing jeans? You looked dressed for our winter (New Zealand)

  38. Wow, wow, wow!!! I LOVE your bag, it's stunning!!:D

    Stop by some time:D


  39. i have the black, and my best friend loved it so much i bought her one too. it fits everything, look lovely but i dont get too worried about it. loving that you're back blogging xx

  40. I'm not convinced with the white colour, black is way better like you said. Love your mac with the bow at the back! x

  41. What a great jacket! I would so have asked you on the street where you got it tooo :)

  42. My love of red wine and traipsing London's dirty streets would make this a (big) no-no for me!

    But it looks great on you... :0)

    Sarah x


  43. so i really LOVE that jacket!!! i live for cute jackets and i wish this was still available!!

    the bag is so cute as well.

  44. i LOVE the mac it is amazing :D


  45. Ok I give in...I think I'm going to have to get myself one :P
    Laura, I swear you could sell me anything! Lovely to have my favourite enabler back.x

  46. it was indeed a wise investment.. the white bag looks so pretty too. hmmmmmmm.... what to do what to do :D

  47. I LOVE your coat! :)

  48. Laura, I am desperate for that gorgeous coat you have on in these photos. I'm assuming it was last season and hard to track down- where did you get it? What brand?

    It's just what I'm looking for, its the perfect coat. :)

  49. @caliowin - hi :) it's a great piece but sadly about 2 years old. I got it in Topshop. What I would say however is pay close attention to their macs...every year they bring out one that is fairly similar to this so all is not lost :)