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6 Aug 2011

August in Scotland

In Scotland, summer is a sporadic thing. It may be August but that doesn't mean that the sun always shines - as I am learning.

I am here for a few weeks and getting quite distraught by the amount of rain that seems to fall. Of course, the plus point of this is that I get to wear a lot of black and some of my favourite jackets. Every cloud really does have a silver lining.

Today I wore Cheap Monday top and bottom - with a little Topshop leather thrown in. These are some of my favourite things. The top is like a long transparent sheath (although the photos don't reveal it to be so see-through - a good thing we can all agree). It's a great staple and quite forgiving - especially after a big lunch.

Jacket: Topshop (old but one of my favourite purchases of all time!)
Top: Cheap Monday (last season)
Jeans: Cheap Monday (bought in April)
Shoes: out of shot but Acne wedges.
Bag: Grey Focco from good ole ebay
Jewels: Sideways cross necklace and Tiffany & Co black onyx bracelet

So yes, very dull. Yes somehow very comforting and cosy.

To liven things up I am going to paint my nails....grey. :) !

To be specific, it is Elle Grey which comes free this month. Smelly (AKA Kelanjo19) texted me to say I would probably love it - and she was right because I do.

I am also secretly partial to a bit of Kirsten Dunst - this month's cover star. She's not my favourite actress of all time but I liked her a whole lot more after seeing Crazy/Beautiful. It was released years ago but still a film I think of occasionally.

Let's leave each other on a high! 

You just cannot hate on a cupcake.

 I got these yesterday and can report that the pink one - Pimms and Champagne flavour - was delicious :) 

Happy Saturday all :) 

PS. Thank you for all the book recommendations on my last post. I have downloaded The Help after so many of you suggested - can't wait to read it!


  1. just wanted to let you know i went to Jo Malone in Selfridges Birmingham and whereas i was not very impressed with your beloved Rose Water & Vanilla
    Cologne i did lovelovelove the Oud & Bergamot one :)

    ps. love your outfit as always, have a great time in Scotland :) x

  2. @Patricia - that's the one that's always out of stock. really want to try it!

  3. it's jus soooo nice and elegant and intense! i couldn't stop smelling my wrist afterwards, too bad it's 80 quid and i have enough perfumes to last me a a couple of years... it's on my wishlist though ;)

  4. I'd hardly call this dull. Casual but very chic! :)

  5. I must thank you (or indeed blame you) for my new cheap monday addiction! :p

    Those cupcakes look beautiful! If you are ever in Brighton then visit a bakery called Angel Food. The best cupcakes in the South East. Seriously. X

  6. Oh man, I've been in London for just over two years now and I'm only JUST beginning not to carry an umbrella in my handbag every day. In Scotland it can and probably will rain almost every single day at some point!

    Sorcha x
    Bonfire Brunette

  7. Scotland essentials - sunglasses & an umbrella... at all times! Hope you enjoy your time here!x

  8. Lovvvve that leather jacket. That is all. :) Enjoy Scotland, we're getting lotsa rain in Ireland too so I feel your pain

  9. @whatemilydidnext - thank you :) i love it all the same

    @Glitterish Allsorts - such a fab brand! they do really unique silhouettes and i love the price point :) Thanks for the cupcake recommendation - always welcome :)

    @Sorcha - haha i mean South East weather is not great either but I feel that things are a lot wetter up here :)

    @LionLovingTiger - yes! I have learned this already :)

    @Karen - its my favourite of all time :)

  10. Love love love the jacket! I always mean to take lovely little photos of pretty food like that, when I come by it but end up smushing them into my mouth before the camera comes out. Fair play! Enjoy scotland :)

  11. Looking happy and healthy (and those cakes look delicious!) xx

  12. Hope you enjoy Scotland besides the weather! :)
    Where are you visiting?x

  13. Where are the cupcakes from? I've never seen cucakes as pretty as that in Glasgow!! Lol!
    Much Live
    Roisin Elizabeth

  14. Oh my god that jacket is perfect. I literally gasped when I saw it. You always make me want to run out and shop for clothes. I love it!
    The Help is fantastic! I hope you like it.

  15. Wow I wish that leather jacket wasn't old because it's just what I'm looking for! The search continues... x

  16. Wow those muffins look delicious!!! I love that Topshop leather jacket and of course your Focco! :)

    Gem x

  17. gorgeous, as always! I love your tiffany's bracelet!

  18. love the jacket it is amazing, plus the cupcakes look delicious :D


  19. you just missed the sunshine! it was 20 degrees here in Edinburgh yesterday :)

  20. Have a brilliant time in Scotland! Yes it mostly rains here! Are you working at the festival?

    Sophie the Scot


  21. hi laura! i agree on the leather jacket!.. one of your best purchases! :)
    i was dreaming of redvelvet cupcake all day yesterday..the beauty of ramadhan!

    ps. hope sun shines in scotland while you're there :)

  22. love your jacket! happy sunday!xooo.stella

  23. I completely understand why you love that jacket, i want it too!
    along with that, those cupcakes look like theyd be very very yummy. and i think this is possibly one of my favourite outfits youv posted :-)

  24. i love the fall here in the US because you get to wear all kinds of long flowy comfortable clothes!

  25. I can see why that jacket is one of your all-time favourite purchases- it looks really good on you, and it looks like the type of jacket that you could wear with pretty much anything.

    By the way, I totally agree with you about Kirsten Dunst in Crazy/Beautiful- she was amazing in that film! Plus, Jay Hernandez was pretty good too, but I enjoy his performance for a totally different reason- pure eye candy!

    Nat x

  26. Love your outfit as usual :) casual but chic! Those cupcakes look amazing! Hope you have a lovely time in scotland :) xox

  27. Don't you just love cupcakes! I have a Sprinkles close by to me, and I don't think I have ever driven by a not stopped for one. They are small so you don't have to feel so bad about eating it :)

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. It seems you just missed the nice weather Scotland had - we've actually had a summer this year! Good time to be in Edinburgh, with the festival. Hope you have fun!

    I've still yet to go to the Edinburgh festival despite living in Glasgow for 4 years (I'm a student so I usually return home to Norn Iron in August.)

  30. you made me curious and i'm watching crazy beautiful right now *lol*


  31. Ahh I remember Crazy/Beautiful! I still think about that film every now and then, there was just something about it. I read The Help just last month, it is amazing, you will love it!

  32. I go to uni in Scotland - you're telling me :( it monsoons over there...no joke.

  33. i was trying to buy the help at the airport on my way to denver but they were sold out... ur so luck lately ive been fantasizing about hot scottish men!

  34. Those cupcakes looks really delish and will definitely brighten up any gloomy days of mine. :D

  35. i was in scotland early july and i wish it would have rained more and been cooler, it was pretty hot for my taste but so beautiful I could have happily stayed forever!

  36. Wow so glad I´ve "rediscovered" you post lollipop era. I definitely recommend The Help, apparently the movie has come out as well ? take care xx

  37. Where did you download The Help for your Kindle from? I don't see it in the Amazon Kindle store...

  38. I love the jacket and bag, great outfit all together dear :) hope the raining finishes soon and you could enjoy the true summer weather :) I need a jacket like that in wardrobe, have a great weekend Laura xoxo

  39. omgomgomg saw the ring on your hand, did you get ENGAGED? :)

  40. Pimms and Champagne cupcakes! YUM!!! :) x

  41. Ahh no way, I'm buying the book The Help after adding the film to my Blockbuster rental list, even though the film isn't out till the end of the year lol.

    Reckon I will be hunting down Elle as well haha. xx

  42. I absolutely love your style Laura - you always look classy and put together! I need to get my hands on that polish too - looks right up my street! xx

  43. August in Scotland, September in Scotland - heck, pick any month in Scotland and it will be raining.

    My father's family are Scottish - and it's such a beautiful country - but it would be so much lovelier if the poor buggers could get some sunshine.

    Love the outfit... :0)

    Sarah x

    P.S: Laura, have you ever tried anything by Pai? I'm tempted to buy their cleanser but worry about using so many different oils on my skin.

  44. I think your outfit is adorable! We´re having lots of rain over here in Germany too, summer ended in May, it´s like fall since June. I´m trying to roll with it...sigh.

    xo Doro from www.2onplateaus.blogspot.com

    ps: I´m also rocking grey nails right now :)

  45. i think i saw you in Edinburgh 10 days ago or so, you were entering topshop :-)

  46. You have no idea how happy I was to find this :) you were one of the first youtube people I ever watched and every time I see something you talked about I feel the need to buy it haha. I picked up Impassioned the other day and remembered your post about it. The cupcakes look amazing. Hope you have a great summer!

  47. Gorgeous!!!Following your blog :)

  48. whereabouts in Scotland are you????


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