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26 Aug 2011

The Custom Purchase

I am rather fond of the custom purchase - or CP, if you will.

Give someone else some cash-ola and a list of demands - and they do the shopping for you. It all sounds like an exceptional deal :) 

This time I asked for one specific thing - more of that in a bit - and perhaps  "a Sephora OPI polish...anyone will do, I just like them". That's about as specific as I got. So I was well and truly shocked then when I received 5 of the things!

The pretties!!!

From L-R:

* Opening Night - a potent dark blue. This is unlike anything else I have
* Caffeine Fix - the darkest dark brown I have ever seen, richer than Essie's Little Brown Dress, and it has to be said, with a much better name.
* Studs & Stilettos - wearing this now and this is Particuliere's darker toned cousin: stunning!
* Eve-y on the Eyes - another rich tone, this time an opaque darkened violet.
* Screen Test - a pinker and brighter version of OPI's I'm Not Really a Waitress.

I have to admit - and this is a bit sad - that I just like looking at them all lined up :)

PS. Someone messaged me to ask what I do with my nails - maintenance wise. Well um....I cut them very short and use a Natural Collection 4-way buffer. Occasionally I apply cuticle oil  - but only if I am feeling very organised and beauty-dedicated. Otherwise? Pretty much naff all :)

The Specific Thing

So the reason for the CP was to bravely get hold of a perfume. I use the word bravely as I have never tried this perfume before.

Yep, it's that Boyfriend perfume - produced by actress Kate Walsh (Confession: Had to Google her...what can I say? I haven't devoted enough time to Grey's Anatomy.)

The promotional copy talks of the "sexual scent of a man" - oo-err - and accords of vanilla, amber and fresh woods. I was utterly convinced I would love it.

So here it is....


It's absolutely nothing special. It's not unpleasant but it's not AT ALL original. I say this because it is almost a dead ringer - in my mind - for Santa Maria Novella's Vanilla Cologne: an arrid vanilla that is not overly feminine but dripping with notes of cloves and amber.

It's therefore neither too sweet nor too woody. It doesn't smell too old nor too young. The balance is all there and on paper it fits, but for me, the fact that it reminds me so much of another scent - and one I tried 10 years ago - leaves me a little disappointed. Couple this with the fact that the longevity is non-existent on my skin and it's a thumbs down.

Yes, the advertising campaign is fun and the concept behind it is very interesting but you want my two cents?

If you really want the sexual scent of a man go straight out and buy Terre d'Hermes. Now that is what you want your boyfriend - and you - to smell like :)

Happy Friday all!



  1. Well... I love Terre d'Hermes. Ha! Gorgeous nail varnishes though.

  2. @wardrobeblock - well i have actually just spritzed some on myself for my evening out. so i am going to smell like a delicious man :) haha

  3. love the collection of colors for the nail polishes

  4. http://www.9to5chic.com/

    This isn't my blog, but I adore it as much as I adore yours and I think you might enjoy it as well. You always give great recommendations, so I thought I would do the same for you!

  5. @Amanda - thanks amanda :) it's a little bit of everything :)

  6. @Elizabeth - i know that one well :) stunning photos!

  7. The nail varnishes are beautiful, all five shades are gorgeous! xxx

  8. oh wow i don't know what it is about blue nail polish that always makes me NEED it. opening night looks fantastic. i don't like Boyfriend either. i really thought i would but you said it perfectly there isn't anything special about it.

  9. Love, love studs & stilettos, not keen on screen test though :(! xoxo

  10. Is the CP a service? Or is it a friend just buying it for you?

    I love the Sephora OPI line, they colors are just so nice. I don't think I have any of those colors, I will have to cart myself to Sephora right now.

    I saw Kate Walsh talking about the perfume on TV and the way she spoke made me think it was just a gimmick. I didn't think much thought would be put into the fragrance. But that was just a feeling, sounds like my hunch was right.

  11. @D - no you need a willing friend :)

  12. I agree with you about looking at pretty nail polish. I always find a way to convince myself I neeeed another nail polish (I really don't). I get excited to put it in it's color-coordinated spot lined up with the others. :)

  13. I'm going to Florida next week, I know what I will be buying when I go to Sephora lol! Your blog is very dangerous Laura! :) xx

  14. oooh i love those polishes. I've never tried a brown polish ever but caffeine fix has be intrigued. I really want to go out and smell Terre d'Hermes too now!!


  15. @PinkGlitter - yeah, another one like me :)

    @DAnnii - ooh have a fantastic time :) There is so much temptation lurking in an American sephora :)

    @MaviDeniz - i love dark browns. was so sceptical for ages and then tried the Essie one and LOVE. it's warmer than black and quite sophisticated i think? :)

  16. Happy Friday! I have a few Sephore Opi polishes and ove them. I wish we had a sephora int he UK :( Love your blog xx

  17. Oooh gorgeous colours! I wish we had sephora in the uk! xox


  18. Great polishes! Very fun for the fall :)

  19. I love Eve-y on the Eyes a lot. It looks like a rich purple.


  20. Terre d'Hermes is such a gorgeous scent. I LOVE IT.

  21. hmmm.. how interesting.
    too bad its nothing special
    Breezeybee Blog

  22. Studs & Stilettos looks like my kind of polish! x

  23. laura those nail polishes are pretty to look at, I have never tied the sephora ones befor but I have heard an awfull lot about them


  24. aaaah i always look forward to your perfume reviews :)

  25. I've been on a nail polish buying ban. You're ruining me!

  26. aahhhh those nail polish look so neat when they are all lined up like that :)
    I adore the name of the perfume " Boyfriend " but I will trust your review about it. And I think I will pass :)

    Hey btw Laura, I can always be your "willing friend" if you like some stuffs from here. You know I will do it for you :) xxx

  27. The nail polishes look so pretty :) I love a shimmery dark blue! xo

  28. I'm intrigued over that caffeine fix...and I agree a much better name. Thanks for the heads up on the perfume...I hate when a perfume has an unoriginal smell. Have a great weekend!

  29. hehehe i want a boyfriend first then Terre d'Hermes..
    i am curios about that CP services.. i want in! hahaha

  30. Studs & Stilettos looks gorgeous! And Opening Night looks lovely too. Not sure about Caffeine Fix though..looks a little bland?

  31. I absolutely love all your blazers! I've stayed away from jackets because I felt stiff and boxy in them, but you have convinced to give them another try. And I will definitely be stopping by Sephora this afternoon for Studs & Stilettos!

  32. the polishes look amazing... it was lucky that you ended up liking them all, next time im in the US i will be picking some up :D


  33. Hi Laura,
    Absolutely agree with you on ho hum Boyfriend - and coincidentally, the day I smelled it in sephora, I walked away instead with a sample of terre d'hermes! Terre smells as good on me as on my husband. Bvlgari Black (another fave masculine) though, does better on my skin than his. Reminds me that fragrance gender is an arbitrary marketing tool - just like kate walsh's "sexual scent of a man". Eek, btw.

  34. Have you tried Hermes Ambre Narguile? If not, you must. I just love it for fall/winter...smells like sweet tobacco mixed with hints of warm amber, apple strudel, smooth vanilla rum, golden honey & cinnamon raisins. Truly unique.

  35. @flyushkifly - ooh never tried Bvlgari Black - must do now :) So true about the marketing aspect: we are wise to ignore it and just go with what we like and what works for us :)

    @longs4 - you have no idea how much i want to try that :) if i like it that's my xmas present to myself :)

  36. jeez, I just ordered Boyfriend from the other side of the pond a couple of days ago! No I don't even want it! but maybe it'll surprise me in a good way;) Thanks for the review anyways, your blog makes my day!<3

  37. @Ksenia - ah don't be put off. It was disappointing for me because it wasn't new - in terms of notes and as a fragrance. I think if I was fresh to it I may have felt differently. Hope you like it :)

  38. I got a sample of this perfume and loved how it smelled on my friend but on me t doesn't smell great at ll. Other than that I liked it better on my friend. Thanks for sharing your two cents.

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