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11 Aug 2011

Keeping it safe and cosy

It's been a bit bizarre over here for the last few days. The whole riots business has left me - and probably everyone else - extremely unsettled. Terrible things happen all over the world, every day, but when this started to unfold close to home it was....well, really unnerving. A selfish, yet true, perspective.

I don't truly understand where it came from - I think a lot of it was blatant opportunism and stupidity - but I do think it is symptomatic of a much bigger issue, which will probably be swept under the carpet by feckless politicians....

Anyhow...I am not sure how I am going to link from that topic to lipgloss and jackets....but here I go.

Sleek stuff

I popped into Superdrug the other night after hearing about the Sleek Pout Paint's. I have always been interested in the OCC Lip Tars but never enough to order sight unseen. Sleek have filled the market with obtainable and fabulous products.

I also seemed to miraculously add another item to basket - the Pout Polish in Peach Perfection.

First things first, I wasn't impressed by the Lanolips. It might be thick - and it might work for some - but it didn't work for me. It coats your lips but I almost felt like it didn't penetrate or absorb...it just sort of hangs around as a residue. As a result my lips were still a bit dry. Thankfully a bit of Pout Polish and they are sorted. Seriously, this is amazing and the colour? LOVE! Just such a pretty pale balm that I will no doubt  use up in no time. 

Moving on to the Pout Paint. I got Minx. It looked a bit brown in the tube but it is incredible when applied. Light enough to make the pink nude brigade happy and comfortable but with a bit of a punch - there is enough colour to brighten your complexion and avoid the corpse look finish.

It doesn't last hours...but it does last a while and leaves a delicate stain on the lips. I would like to try the other colours but honestly, this is the one for me.

H&M stuff

It's been raining for two days straight - yes, I am still in bonnie Scotland.

The only way to get through this is to make myself feel cosy - and so I have donned this oversized blazer/coat from H&M.

I love this. It's like something you would find in your Grandad's wardrobe. Of course Grandad's actual version might not come with pink lining....but you get the idea.

This was £24.99 and is one of those hybrid season items - not heavy enough to be a bona fide winter coat, but yet has enough weight to make it unsuitable for blazing summer days.

For those interested, there are two versions of this in H&M...which I found really confusing. One is £19.99 and is a little shorter, more tailored and of a lighter fabric. But they are very very similar.

Jacket/blazer: H&M
Shirt: J Crew
Jeans: Hollister (NB. I have 4 pairs of the same jeans. :)
Lips: Sleek Minx!

A word on blue shirts: Magazines etc...always vouch for the need to have a white shirt in your wardrobe. Yes, it might be a staple. And I have a few. But I am flying the flag for the baby blue shirt. It's much more flattering....try it and I promise you will love it! :) 

As you will see in the photos I am having short hair thoughts. This started about a month ago. I shall cast aside these thoughts again. I love long hair...but I also think short hair brings a bit of modernity and freshness. There are ways to get the best of both worlds I suppose...bring me the bobby pins and lets create a faux bob! :)

Have a safe Thursday/Friday all!


  1. I have to look for those sleek items! I think they were missing those shades in the range :) I'm partial to a faux bob myself... perfect way to play it safe ;)

  2. @Catherine - they are super pretty so I recommend both but you HAVE to get the Minx :) haha

  3. Ooooo I LOVE this coat. :( I'm on a total clothes/make up spending ban till my wedding. In Feb! Xx



  4. @Lyndsey - woah! good luck and of course, HUGE congrats! x

  5. Love the pout polishes! When the rain eventually stops I shall get down to superdrug and sort something out with them ;)

  6. Ha! The faux bob :D I do the faux heavy side-fringe pinned behind the ear. Just for on the spot mirror experimentation purposes though, or a day of style change when i'm bored with my hair :)

  7. You haven't half gauged a hole in that pout polish! hehe
    I really want to try some pout paints - and also feel your pain about the current scottish weather - boo!!

  8. @Rachel - you must :) Gorgeousnes!

    @Sophie Rose - I have done that one as well :) I am permanently bored with my hair but must be grateful for what I have :) It's taken yearssss

    @ajb - i am proud of that dip! haha

  9. that jacket looks so comfy and warm:) and its just the right length! i love sleek, if only they'd come to cvs or walgreens in the states!

  10. If only i could get my hands on some Sleek!!!... Loved the outfit, really chilled out in a way.


  11. look great, as the 1st I though you cut your hair and said to myself oh it looks really good then came down and saw what you wrote,I am on the same page with you on short hair,it is fresh and a nice change it will grow long again ;) I cut my hair short few months ago and honestly didn't miss my long hair yet. on sleek subject did you use any of their eyeshadows!? I have the same jacket but from zara, I only wore it with white underneath, but yours give me new ideas looks great with blue too;thanks :) have a great day hope the riot in london finishes soon it is very sad xoxo

  12. The riots are making me feel so uneasy about moving to london in a few days time. i hope things calm down.
    as for the makeup, i really need to get my hands on both the sleek products. Especially the Pout Polishes. I love a good lip conditioner :-)

  13. ooh might have to try the sleek pout paints now :P the riots are so saddening :( its ruining so many innocent communities and lives! Stay safe to everyone at the moment! And go for short hair! You can always put extensions in if you reconsider :) xox


  14. Love the boyfriend blazer! H&M have some great blazers in at the moment.


  15. I actually bought exactly the same as you yesterday when I went shopping! The minx is amazing, such a lovely colour, and it does leave a really nice stain even after the gloss has worn off.

    I love that jacket... so perfect for our non-existent Summer!

    Enjoy Scotland xx

  16. Love the blue shirt...I'm thinking of cutting my hair too, ever since I watched Bridesmaids! I love the main characters wavy bob!


  17. That jacket looks amazing on you. I have one similar in a charcoal color, but I may need this one as well :).



  18. Right, given this review, and all of the others, I am going to have to clear some space on my credit card and order a boatload of Sleek products. They don't sell them in shops in Canada (Yet... I hope), but I have heard they ship internationally. Works for me! I'm glad you're keeping safe, Laura. xo

  19. really want to try the sleek pout paints! on my to-buy list!



  20. I have been seeing/reading so many blog posts featuring Sleek. Unfortunately we don't carry it here in Canada :(
    I love the hint of pink poking out at the cuffs on the jacket. Such a cute detail!

    xx Jessica

  21. I love a good nicely tinted balm. I'm saving my Nars Sabrina and wondering why they stopped producing it.

  22. Ahh, Im definitely keeping my eyes peeled for that Sleek duo! x

  23. I really like the Sleek Pout Polish too- very moisturising and handy post gym when I need something but not full lipstick. I got mine in 'powder pink' which is very nice but does have a tendancy to hold firm so when reapplied can turn a little 'flamingo pink'-still love it though! PS Love the blazer.

  24. @Mania - tbh i don't like the eyeshadows. i have the storm palette and it's good...i would recommend but i have never got on with them like other bloggers....can't work out why. :)

    @nana - they are already calmer so you will be fine but it has been absolutely shocking and really sad :(

    @Confessions of a makeup lover - this is very true :) i think i am going to grow it down to nipple level and then see how i feel hahaha....after all that effort and time i will probably just bloody cut it!

    @Victoria'sProcrastinationProject - yes and the price point is soooo good. i love H&M prices :)

    @Mulberry, Please! - first of all: fantastic user name. second of all, i was wowed! i didn't expect to like it as much as i did as it did look very brown in the tube....but it's amazing! no regrets :)

    @glamour rouge - ah i know! it looks so chic! short hair takes a lot of work though: this is the thing holding me back so faux bob it is :) haha

    @Kelsey - Rosie - i did see the same style in black. such a good bargain piece and great for awkward weather days :)

    @Ally - haha sorry :) i don't love their eyeshadow palettes (other than the storm one) but i do think these two products are amazing. :) it's worth a treat!

    @tiffany - definitely worth getting your hands on! they have two other colours i liked as well: Peachykeen and Milkshake :)

    @Jessica - these are great products so definitely worth a swap :)

    @D... gah i know. i LOVED sabrina and must have gone through 5. I wonder if their tinted lip product in Lara would be a good dupe. One to investigate :)

  25. So true about the blue shirt! You've also actually inspired me to look up the H&M jacket too... I don't think I'd ever have considered this on hanger but it looks great on!

    I've a couple of the pout polishes, they're fab. SPF15 too, bonus!


  26. Love the new sleek paints :)


  27. i love your sense of style, it's so classic!

    blog sale at

    trying to spread the word! it's hard to have a successful blog sale when your blog is so very unknown :P

  28. The sleek pout paint looks great, definitely going to check it out.

    Love your style. I picked up the faux tweed blazer from the new collection, still not sure tbh, but at only £19.99 I guess it's worth it if only for a few wears. Did you see the blazer? Thoughts?

    Rebecca xx


  29. Awesome blazer, I'm only 5'4" though and i'm scared I actually WILL look like I stole it from my grandpa! Also i'm meant to be going back to london for uni in about a month, my parents are crazy arabs and are telling me to take a gap year because its "too dangerous", how ironic haha! xx

  30. i have one of the pout polishes and absolutely love it xx

  31. I love the look of the Sleek Pout Polish you got, such a gorgeous colour! And I love the blazer! I think you'd look amazing with a bob and very classy! Go for it Laura!!!

    Gem x

  32. You look like you've come straight out of a Zara ad, so very chic :P rachinald.blogspot.com :)

  33. I can vouch with you when it comes to blue shirts as one of the staples. i have a few in my wardrobe :D
    I wish H&M comes to australia :))))))

    stay safe and cozy laura!!


  34. I love that jacket, especially the pink lining. It keeps it from looking old mannish and adds a nice touch of girly; it also looks like a "take me serious because I'm a lecturer" jacket. You'd fit right in here on the Harvard campus in that coat.

  35. The pout polishes are amazing. I own the 4 original colours and 2 of the first LE one and really love them

  36. Rioters look for opportunity; when we had our riot here in Vancouver it became obvious the people coming downtown to watch the hockey game weren't fans, just people excited to take part in a riot. It was like they thought
    "We now have an excuse to steal, loot, destroy and do whatever we want."
    Disgraceful. I'm glad to know you're OK.

    On a fashion note, love the coat.

    I am on a mission to buy jeans for the first time in about four years and it's hard! When find a style I finally like I'm just going to buy three pairs and be done with it.

  37. i want the sleek products, i wish i knew where to get them in the usa!

  38. I really want to try the Sleek Pout Paints, their products are so affordable and some can be brilliant quality! And I completely understand the 'short hair' thing, I used to have really short hair but have since grown it long. Would love to have the guts to cut it, but bobby pins do the same work, without the shock factor!

  39. Dying to try these out! Is the Pout Polish similar in texture and colour payoff to the MAC Tinted Lip Conditioners?

    In an aside, I've recently cut all my long hair off and am in love with the ease and freedom that having short hair brings! I haven't used a hairdryer or any heat stylers in over a month!


  40. i got the sleek pout paint in the shade milkshake, its gorgeous, i pop a bit on when i want to brighten up my nude lipsticks.x

  41. i tried this blazer on last time i was in but it completely swamped me :(


  42. @MissMathful - i definitely wear it as a coat rather than a blazer....wayyyy too big! but it's good for keeping cosy :)

  43. need to get my hands on the sleek pout polish-peach looks pretty!

  44. I got the jacket yesterday and Ive just read your post about it :) I was looking for a boyfriend jacket or a coat for a long time and this is perfect and cheap too :) looks great on you,too :)

  45. great review, i agree, the colour you chose for the lip condisioner looks fab on you! & i'm loving your camel coat :)


  46. i love the colour of that sleek pout polish definitely need to go out and get it. I'm still so pleased you are blogging again its so good to have the excitement back when I see that you have posted :) xx

  47. Re: the riots there was an interesting column on the guardian website entitled the psychology of looting. I can't remember the columnist offhand and m typing on my phone but you should google it. It made me think. Georgie x

  48. Stay safe Laura! Hugs from California :)


  49. Thanks for the shirt tip I am definitely going to try this - I've tried thousands (exagerated) of white shirts and I always end up looking like I'm going to a costume party as a 50 year old woman or an 18 year old going to their first job interview! Fingers crossed the baby blue might work :-)

  50. Thanks to you, I have a new love for blazers. ha! I also started my own blog which is mostly about shopping and other important things. Please check it out. It would mean the world to me.

  51. I guess it would help if I posted my blog site.


  52. I got the SLeek pout polish in the Monaco collection (?)
    I love it! Great quality and cute packaging!
    Can't wait to try these too xxxx

    Love Kim

  53. H and M jacket is fab!

    Always find their site goes into sale way before the store!


    Looking good Laura!

  54. Oh I bought three of the pout tubes...and I love them...also bought a new pallette..cant remember the name - it has the peachy colours in..Superdrug were offering 3 for 2..so of course I ended up HAVING to buy 6 things! I'm really liking the lip paint tho.

    Coat / Blazer looks ultra classy

    Enjoy Scotland ...bit different from Dubai isnt it? :-)


  55. I just bought the H&M jacket! It's quite interesting, and it should be fun to see how it looks with some outfits. It looks really lovely on you.

    I definitely agree on the blue shirt replacing white shirt! I find white shirts so stuffy, and too business-y. I never feel comfortable in them, whereas it's the opposite with blue shirts.

  56. The Sleek Pout Paint in Minx is an amazing colour but it doesn't wear very well on me and I find I have to constantly reapply, I don't get that problem with OCC Lip Tars.
    The Pout Polish is also an amazing shade but the taste makes me wanna gag which is a shame cause it's the perfect peach.

  57. The polish looks awesome. Ha too bad they don't sell at stores in the US. I really hate ordering cosmetics online.


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