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3 Aug 2011

New jacket + ramble? Standard.

I am a broken record but is it me or is Topshop getting more expensive?

I still love it of course and it can be the cause of many exciting retail moments, but the prices?? They are definitely on the rise.

A recent-ish purchase from there is a wee cropped collarless tuxedo jacket with three quarter length sleeves and silky lapels....oooh.

It was £58 and I think it's probably £10 more than it needs to be. Having said that it's one of those MUST HAVE pieces for anyone who works in a smart-casual office environment. 

Those words often leave people confused but I think smart casual simply translates to: "make some semblance of an effort". This does the trick. I think the key is the mini padding at the shoulders. It's not Dallas-esque - it's just enough to create an elegant line.

Jacket: Topshop (Link!)
Top: H&M (love the little sparkles - this was about £7.99: that's more like it pricewise :))
Belt: American Apparel
Skirt: sort of out of shot but sheer cream/pink long skirt from H&M

Other stuff I like at the moment

I took this photo this other day and it represents all my little recommendations of the day/week/moment 9 excluding the makeup ones of course:

* Sparkling water with cucumber - sadly not as refreshing as Hendricks gin and tonic (DIVINE people DIVINE) but it helps make drinking water just that little more interesting. Plus you also get to effectively eat a salad. Win-win.

* Ray-ban Aviators - for years I though I wouldn't suit aviators and then last year the assistant in Sunglasses Hut at Heathrow encouraged me to try these. Changed for life! Gold frame, pinky lenses...if I could read mini-teeny-tiny writing I would give you the code. These are lovely....I do love Ray-bans: they are an affordable superbrand: classless and timeless.

* One Day by David Nicholls - Warning: Tangent: I love reading and I normally read on my Kindle. But I was at the airport and realised I forgot it on Saturday...so I had to actually buy a physical book! Retro! It made me realise that although the Kindle is a fantastic invention, and reading on it is wonderful, the process of shopping for a book is just not the same. I miss that buying experience because I enjoy provisionally flipping through a title, checking out the artwork, reading the description - it's a comforting act that's just not the same when you have a downloadable device. Back on track: This book is one of those ones you see in the bookshop for months, ignore, then when you do buy it devour in 2 days. I recommend this to women and men alike. Read it before the film comes out if you haven't already (I know alot of people have).

* Stella McCartney perfume in the Fashion Edition range - I was sent this - I think because of my Stella Sheer review. I also think the Sheer has adjusted my palette in favour of a stronger rose (well that and my beloved Jo Malone) because now I like the original version. There are two strong notes - rose and amber. It's simple and summery. I wore it all weekend.

However, the reason why I wanted to include it here is for one reason and one reason only: the packaging!

It almost feels antique to me - yes I am nodding to myself as I write this. It looks like a special treasure from a different era.

These are little 30ml bottles - there are three to collect - and they come in the most beautiful prints. This by the way is look 3.

What are some of your favourite things of the moment? :)

Any book recommendations very much welcome! 


  1. have you read a miliion little pieces by james frey? i couldn't put it down..
    interior design has swallowed me whole and taken me away from fashion for now heehee, so that is my current fsvourite thing; decorating my new home :)

  2. @*rachelwears - ah please tell me you have also read Dear Leonard! I remember crying over that book. Fantastic :) I think i am on the cusp on interior design immersion :)

  3. I adore the original Stella! It's one of my favorites along with Daisy, Delices de Cartier, and Black Orchid.

  4. Hi Lolli!
    I need to try the water with cucumber thingy, I can't make myself drink enough water these days! Plus I am in need of some veggies for sure!
    Love the Stella bottle design.. wow

  5. @Nahida - three absolutely lovely perfume :) good taste!

    @Catanya - i recommend...this or squeeze some strawberries in...make it fun :) haha

  6. What a pretty perfume bottle and a nice handbag size. I don't know if it's just me but I couldn't get past chapter one of that book. Maybe I should give it another go x

  7. @tracymccartney - i think i like it because the way they speak reminds me of me and my friends..i normally HATE books set in the UK (sad but true) but this I really liked for some reason. maybe i was feeling soppy :) haha

  8. I was thinking the exact same thing about Topshop, I brought a very basic black jersey dress, nothing special and it was £38, slightly resent shopping there when H&M had just as nice pieces.
    Is this top fairly recent? I love it :)

  9. I agree about Topshop. Give me h&m any day!! That perfume is GORGEOUS, the print is just stunning xxx

  10. One of my favourite reads lately has been the girl with the dragon tattoo, and then the two books after it. I know a lot of people have read it and all the hype put me off at first but I ended up really liking it. It's not a light read as some of the topics in there are a bit serious but I thought they were really entertaining and I loved the characters. Ramble over!

  11. You are like the queen of the blazer! I have blazer envy of you.
    Totally agree about Topshop prices, although I seem to spend my life moaning about rising prices.
    Must check out those Stella perfume bottles.

  12. You need to read the help if you haven't read it yet. And def read it before the movie comes out!

  13. @laura yes! ofcourse i have, but remember then being so disappointed with bright shiny morning. subscribe to world of interiors magazine and you will never look back ;)

  14. i loved one day ,looking forward to the film have you read the time travellers wife ??

  15. You need to read Room by Emma Donohue, amaaaazing book and I didn't want to put it down,almost missed my train stop a couple of times eheh You will thank me :)

  16. @Onyx - I do love me blazers :) haha

    @Candice - I haven't! Thank you for the recommendation!

    @*rachelwears - i remember bright shiny morning got me through some tube journey's....it was okay but no Dear Leonard :)

    @sarah - i have indded :) loved it! i think i also cried reading that!

  17. Definitely agree with you on topshop! The prices keep on getting more expensive! Thank god h&m are coming up with affordable great clothing! :) once again your outfit is gorgeous xox

  18. Topshop really is getting expensive. Really annoys me since its such a lovely shop, but its going more 'catwalk' now. Prices really have zoomed though, i hardly ever go in there now :l Get most things i really like of eBay :D x


  19. You are right about Topshop getting daring with their prices

  20. Love topshop but agree prices are def on the rise!
    Is the skirt the midi from the current h&m collection !
    If so have same one was wearing with layered grey and White tank at weekend, love it's do swishy:)

  21. you are not the only broken record it would seem ;) topshop prices are so expensive compared to back in't day!

    im craving a kindle but am holding back a little for the proper book experience you talk about, feel as though reading from a tablet will be more impersonal or something..

    ooh and love reading book recommendations so if you have any more would love to hear! xx

  22. I reaaally enjoy that perfume bottle. Sometimes I want to buy the perfume just for display purposes ;) I love my cheap-o aviators but have been warming up to the idea of splashing out on some RayBans. Watching LisaLisaD1 and now seeing yours..it's becoming difficult to resist! And I feel very much the same about tangible books. I don't own a Kindle but I feel a tug of sadness when I think of actual books going out of style..I love the look and feel of real books. And I love displaying them on a bookshelf! Thanks for the rec, I'm gonna add it to my giant list of books I'm going to read as soon as I graduate college (in 3 weeks)!

    Apologies for the mammoth comment!

  23. Love Stella perfume :) such cute bottles too at the moment! And yes Topshop has got more and more expensive. I remember buying tops for £5 or £6. Smae things are now £15! :(x

  24. OMG! You're back! You're blogging! You have no idea HOW much this just made my day. I love reading your blog, regardless of the topic-- you're so much fun to read! Much love, and all the best for this new adventure I'm following! :D
    -Atifa :D xoxo
    p.s. I want that perfume just for the bottle!

  25. The antique feel is one reason why I enjoyed a perfume by Victoria's Secrety last year--it had an atomizer air-puffer. Felt like I was prepping for a night out in a era passed! Now I'm onto Dior Cherie--love the bow on the bottle top! :)
    Favorites at the moment--books about running. Probably alone in that, but hey, it's true. I'm waiting to hear about a really good piece of fluff before switching back to fiction!

  26. As always, you look beautiful and radiant :)
    I LOVE the Jackie Ohh style Ray-Bans, I have the
    805/13 'III' style and they are just perfect, massively over-sized as so easy to wear!

  27. the stella mccartney perfume bottles are lovely! and the water with cucumber looks delicious.

  28. Laura, please tell me you've read 'Getting Rid Of Matthew', or at least that it's on your reading list?!

    It's also coming out as a film shortly too, I really recommend it :)

    Oh and Topshop prices... shoot me now, I get seriously depressed every time I'm in there! xx

  29. I'm loving how that Stella McCartney perfume is packaged. I'm a sucker for packaging as well! It makes a product more amazing.

    I like you polkadotted top. From where?


  30. the packaging is absolutely lovely!

  31. Love your outfit! I like the Shopaholic book series by Sophie Kinsella. I didn't really like the movie (I read the books before the movie was made), but the books are funny and quick reads.

  32. I agree with your Topshop comment it seams to be getting more expensive. I guess it dosen't help that I live in Chile so we get every thing overpriced. But that jacket seems like a must have

  33. I did wonder what the beautiful flower print thing was in your little collection photo, it is so pretty! :) rachinald.blogspot.com :)

  34. hi laura!
    i have the same view on aviators.. i haven't found the right lense size and probably the right frame colour but i don't think (with my face structure - very high cheekbones) that it will suit me.. and same with books.... i love the smell of new books and i enjoy the whole process of shopping for one.. although i haven't had the time to actually sit and read.. sadness i tell you!!

    ps. for a moment i thought that perfume was a lighter and immediately thought "no laura, don't smoke"

  35. Laura I'm so with you on the kidle taking away from the book buying/browsing experience. I feel the same way. I love my playbook and have tons of books on it but it just isn't the same...

  36. Love the jacket, topshop is expensive but I'll still shop, although I've stopped buying their bags as awful quality, all have broke! I have a very similar cropped jacket from H&M which I bought years ago, will have to dig it out! I will be buying some ray bans at some point too, classic! x

  37. Topshop are really in danger of alienating their customers with their silly prices! Thank goodness for my student card I say. When I loose it I am going to be at a loss! Lovely post :) xx

  38. I totally agree with the Kindle thing. I had to buy an actual book recently and its so strange carrying a book around. And I've got to read that book. I finished The Hunger Games Series and I'm working my way through the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series and then I'm getting that book!

  39. I'm about 3/4 through One Day (on my Kindle) and am loving it. Sappy but not overtly so!

  40. Hendricks gin and tonic...sigh! the best of summer! and how gorgeous are the stella bottle! just amazingly cute and vintage! :)

  41. one day is an amazing book, i think the film might be abit of a let down though :(


  42. I just read this book which I bought at the airport! It was ok to me but its interesting that its being turned into a movie :)

    Varga Lights blog

  43. Yes, definitely agree re: Topshop. And One Day is amazing! Can't wait for the film

    T x

  44. Sorry but I'm going to completely bypass all content in your (very lovely and engaging) post and go straight in with a book recommendation! My fave book is Love in the Present Tense by Catherine Ryan Hyde, I recommend it to everyone I meet and it's a beautiful story.

    Keep on buying and blogging (although not necessarily from Topshop, it's enough for my bank card to run and hide just at the mention of it). Let us all know how you get on with One Day. xx

  45. you look great as always :) love the jacket I also work in a smart-casual place although some people only do the casual part which I absolutely dislike;)I am reading 2 books actually now: bossypants and one year in merde, which both are hilarious. I am still on the oldfashion book reading wagon, since I enjoy book shopping and the feeling of a actual book:) have a great day Laura xoxo

  46. I got the Stella fragrance as a gift when it first came out. It was a sad moment when I got down to the last spritz. Perhaps it is time for round #2...

  47. Love the sparkly H&M top! I have got One Day on order, I am lazy so waiting for Play to deliver it to my front door. I'll read it once I have finished reading When God Was A Rabbit :)

  48. Totally - the prices are ridiculous but I just can't resist! Made a few savings from the sale yesterday tho!

    Please check out my blog!

  49. Love your blog Laura :)
    For books, I'm a huge fan of Jonathan Franzen. I loved «Freedom» and «The Corrections». Check them out !

  50. eurgh topshop are lame! the quality of their products also seems to go down as their prices rise. i've stopped shopping there.

    i have one day on my bookshelf waiting to be read :)


  51. I absolutely adored one day but I recently saw a screening of the movie and unfortunately it didn't live up. I love Anne Hathaway but a) she's too pretty! and b) aren't there ANY english actresses who could have done it? anyone?? I decided to reread the book afterwards to blot out the memory :P

  52. I LOVE the h&m top, & especially the price of it!


  53. Book suggestion....The Help! Totally ignored it for weeks and can't put it down now!!!

  54. I am obsessed with cucumber water too! I had it during a spa weekend in May, and I went through a phase afterward where it was essentially all I would drink...

    I just finished reading "One Day" on Tuesday. OMG. I could not stop crying!!! I sort of hated the ending yet loved the book!

  55. Love the jacket, I know what you mean about the prices going up. I always used to shop there but now I'm finding that it costs too much..


  56. topshop is way overpriced!

    great book too!



  57. I started "one day" 2 months ago, but also couldnt get past chapter 1. guess i'll try it again, if everybody loves that book.

    what i like right now are the books by stephen clark. reading "a year in the merde" at the moment on my kindle. it is so funny, my second book by that guy!! :)


  58. This is a great little post - the first I've read on your blog. I love this blazer but totally agree about topshop pricing - H&M have very similar pieces at a much more affordable cost. I've got this book too but have never read it - reading this post makes me want to pick it up!

  59. Well I had no idea you were over here blogging. Here I thought you had just vanished from YouTube with nary a note or pic. How wrong am I?? What a lovely blog you have! And are you a writer-because surely you should put your way with words to work.

    Since you're asking - I highly recommend anything by Haruki Murakami. Just read After Dark and it was stunning.


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