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28 Aug 2011

Presence Through Absence

You what?

Yeah, I am not exactly sure what this means either. Well, actually I could surmise, go all deep and reference lots of articles/videos but that would be:

a) Boring and
b) Unnecessary.

You see the reasons for getting this tee in the first place are as follows...

* It was £10 in the Urban Outfitters sale
* It hits the hips at exactly the right spot
* It is made of the softest fabric imaginable
* I liked the typeface and it reminded me of an old Sass & Bide tee I used to have which said something similiarly illogical about "a sense of melancholy..."; and
* It's by Cheap Monday

So that's that.


Jeans: Earnest Sewn
Top: Cheap Monday (the clearly visible bra is by La Mystere who make the best bras in the world...)
Bag: Miu Miu
Jacket: Topshop

PS. On my feet I wore my trust Converse All Stars. I had a question about these from Kelly Louise and I have to say Kelly, BEST INVESTMENT YOU WILL EVER MAKE. I have had some Converse for about 10 years and they truly get better with age.

I have included a picture of said converse - partly for illustrative purposes and partly because the angle of my foot is quite extraordinary :)

I have white, cream, black, pink, purple - and think I also need the Charcoal and Lemonade versions :)

Here's a link to the model I am wearing and it's the best £40 you will spend:


PPS. A few things of note:

a) I am still reading The Help. I haven't stuck to my "one book a week" mantra recently so this is still in progress. I am, according to the Kindle, about 70% of the way through. It's a fantastic book but I find myself getting increasingly upset the more I read it. I didn't think it would be a fairytale - it's about racial segregation - but as the book goes on you get more and more involved with the characters, and increasingly despise others - i.e, Hilly! This is probably a clear sign of a good book.
b) I wore NARS Sheer Glow today and buffed that stuff in like crazy with a kabuki. I loved the results. Maybe this is the key to all skin/base products....blend blend and blend some more - NOT the Laura preferred "slap that shizz on" method.
c)  I am still loving my brows and honestly feel - in my humble opinion - that I did a good job of styling them today. I think this is the same feeling I get when I have a haircut - it never quite feels like your own until you get your own hands on it - or in this case, them.

Hope you all had a good (and safe) weekend! 


  1. love the shirt and the more i see your shoes i'm getting tempted! the Help movie was good too, it's a reminder of a time that really was bad but what can i say i'd be the one to make a "special pie" so there you have it:)

  2. @Crystal - Converse are a fantatstic investment that will last years..and they go with everything. I didn't realise the film was out already - must download!

  3. Love this outfit. I am a big supporter of the Converse shoe. I do have those charcoal high tops...also light grey, navy blue, black and white ones. It's my personal addiction.

    UO do some of my favourite tees. I bought a lovely jacket/blazer type thing from there, i am sure you'd have liked (knowing your style from your blogs). Reduced from £130 to £45....real bargain too :)


  4. Converse are my fail safe shoe. Think like you I'm building an impressive collection :)

  5. I cannot stop saying this over and over in my head and trying to figure it out!!! presence through absence........ wha!!? Haha! Your reasoning points are suitable though!! :)

  6. cute cute cute cute
    I am a size 7 so I have this phobia that converse would look boat-like on my feet. A try on wouldnt go a miss though...! I do however have a big love for Toms. Will be deeply associated with my memories of summer 2011 *que big and woeful sigh*


  7. I WANT THAT TSHIRT!! I love converse too, I haven't worn either of mine for at least 5 years now, from when it was 'in' to draw all over them. Ah they tell a very immature story!!! xxx

  8. I tried Converse on before and felt like I had big clown feet, I could hear the circus music in my head! Love the t-shirt too :)

  9. Presence through absence......truer words were never spoken.
    Yay for Converse.

  10. @Sarah - oh wow! that's a huge bargain. jealous :)

    @If it was a tag - i think we need to acquire all the colours :) haha

    @FitznBlitz - I see people looking at my chest and trying to work it out :) haha it makes me look v. deep muahaha!

    @Aspirationsofglam - I am a 5 and I initially though the same. they take some getting used to if you are always wearing slightly more tailored shoes but once you get used to them? Love! I never ventured into Toms - although I LOVE them on other people. I also love the ethos of that brand.

    @Sarah - haha and it was the best bargain ever! :) get them out - stud over that stuff and wear them proudly :)

    @Karen - ah noooo. that's too bad because they are fab. :)

  11. That was your plan all along wasn't it!! Muwahahahaha!!! Ha!

  12. This tshirt look so nice. I really like the words. You look great!

  13. I love the shirt. I dont know what it is about cheap monday, but their fabric is so so so soft. and they somehow just do everything right!
    Also, i think you did a really good job in the eyebrow department. They look so different to before you had them done!

  14. that shirt is so cute! i absolutely love it.

    love, rach.

  15. @FitznBlitz - well now that i think about it ..... heehee

    @AngelaQ - thank you :)

    @nana - it really is. and it seems to last a long time as well. probably my favourite brand of late. :)

    @rach - thank you :) it feels really good to wear as well - super soft!

  16. Love the t-shirt.


  17. Love wordy tees, total steal at that price too from Urban Outfitters and super cute converse I want to invest in some in the hope I pull them off as well. x

  18. wondering what you are using to 'style' your brows? the color is identical to your hair color!!! my problem is what i use is either to light and warm or to dark.

  19. @Cynamin - thanks :) It's actually a new pencil I got from the HD Brow line and weirdly is in black... I say weirdly as normally this would mean a far too heavy finish...but it works because it's a very soft colour. It's an amazing pencil - must take a pic. I know what you mean about colour though...if you are any kind of brunette/ash tone I recommend Christian Dior's pencil in Universal brown. Foolproof!

  20. I really like your "smart" casual looks (whatever that means!). Looks put together but comfortable. :)

  21. ok that's it... converse and something cute from cheap monday are on my fall wishlist.... I need!! you look beautiful as always, I wish we had HD brows where I live because I have been trying to grow mine out and I'm dying for a proper grooming :(

  22. you're outfits with converse make me really want the black ones (i only own cream and white), the brows look really nice
    ps: your hair ha grown a lot! is this due to a amazing hair secret we need to know?

  23. Only you could make converses look so chic, love it!

  24. I seriously adore your style. I love how you can take a simple tee and make it look chic but comfortable. I'm so glad you are back to blogging now :)

  25. "slap that shizz on" is also my mantra..
    in fact "slap that shizz on with me fingers" more like it.

    i imagine yoda when i read that shirt

    "presence through absence, wear it...you must"


  26. you look amazing! i've been studying for my grad school exam all summer. it's in 10 days! once i'm a free girl, i'll go shopping bananas. def will check out urban :)

  27. you prob. get this a lot but I just love your miu miu bag. what's the name/style of the bag.

    thx in advance.

  28. Ooh really lovely outfit! I wish I could live in your closet Laura ;-)

  29. Fun outfit! I like casual comfortable outfit for the weekend and it's nice to see a variety of ways to utilize a good ole white tee. And I love Converse shoes! They make chic and comfortable okay to combine in a sentence =)

  30. Oh I loved The Help. I'm going to see the movie on the weekend.

    One book a week though - wow! How?! :)

  31. great post :D


  32. That top is really cute, I like how you've styled it xx

  33. What a gorgeous tee! I missed the UO sale, I rarely get the chance to go in there!! :(

    Jules @ A Bit of Jules

  34. ooooh very nice :D xox


  35. Dropping by to let you know I tagged you in the 'Top 10' blog award :) Please check my blog for all the information! you were my inspiration to start blogging from your original blog & YouTube videos :)You rock & I'm so glad your back!


  36. Hi Laura, love the top and whole look all together :) I am reading the help too and I know what you mean :( it is a great book though..me love converse and I think they are the most comfortable shoes ever... my current one is a blue but I think it's time to add a yellow one to the family too :) have a great week xoxo

  37. I have a love for boat shoes! Currently I am wearing some plaid blue and red ones to work...jazzing them up with some pencil skirts and such...however you have me intrigued on the converses. I think I might try them... maybe not for work ... but you never know...I might be able to pull them off with the right outfit! =)

  38. I adore those kind of tops---loose but not baggy. I have a pair of navy Converse and they go with everything, loooove!!!! I wish I had a pair in every color!!! Pink Converse?!?! I wanna see!!! Are they easy to match?

  39. I'm so on the fence about Converse. Everyone seems to adore them, but I haven't worn trainers anywhere other than the gym for at least five years.

    Sorcha x
    Bonfire Brunette

  40. i love your style sooo much! and you've inspired me to get my eyebrows threaded, I'm just scared about the process of letting them grow out! x

  41. Your post make me smile so much! MONTAGE!
    Burn the Blonde X

  42. This top is so cute - I gave my red converse away because I never wore them but these make me regret it! I think this colour would be a lot more wearable though x

  43. Looking fab as per usual Laura.


  44. You look so wonderful, I adore what you're wearing! xxx

  45. Great pick with that shirt, it looks so good :)


  46. I've wanted some converse for ages and everytime I see them on here it makes me want to buy them a little more!

    Eleanor, x

  47. i love tees like this. cute look :)

  48. loving this outfit. and the phrase on the tee has a yoga-feel to it, which i adore : )

    cool blog - i'm your newest follower!

  49. Love the tee...what a bargain! :)


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