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15 Aug 2011

What I wore to work

I wasn't going to post this outfit today. It's dull, dull, dull....but I was a little bit inspired by a tweet I saw earlier today promoting this site:


It's basically a collation of outfit posts from inside the offices of Ogilvy. If you don't know who Ogilvy is well...it's pretty much one of the biggest international advertising, marketing and public relations agencies...ever.

You will see the office wear is quite casual and having worked on a few projects for Ogilvy I can attest that this is how it is "in real life" :)

I have to say I love my industry for this very fact - there is no need to have two separate styles - one for work and one for play - as is often the case if you work in a more traditional environment. In digital and advertising you just wear what represents you. I think that's very nice. And I think you will have to agree, this is pretty me :)

Yes, I felt like a tit moving into this position....

Blazer: River Island
White tee: Splendid
Jeans: Cheap Monday
Bag: Miu Miu
Shoes: Pour La Victoire

Other stuff

Here comes the random ramble...

* I finished Matched by Allie Condie at the weekend. It's a young adult book, set in a Utopian/Dystopian world. If you liked the concept of the Truman Show or The Island - of a controlled society where everything is strictly orchestrated - then this sort of plays on that theme with a young girl as the main character. I think it will make a good film/mini series as there are going to be three parts to it. Now I am reading The Help and LOVING it.
* Lancome Doll Eyes? No mascara blows me away on first application so it is too early to tell. I love the brush though - tapered and separates nicely....we'll see.
* MAC Coppering - LOVE this although I do think it's one of those colours that if I am tired will look absolutely awful on. I noticed it doesn't flatter under the eyes - maybe I was tired this morning? Wore it with Constructivist paintpot as a base and Urban Decay's Buck in the crease.
* I bought a maxi skirt today and must tell you about it tomorrow....I am very fond already :)

Okay, it's True Blood time...but before I go...

What do you wear to work? 


  1. wish u could show some pics of coppering and the mascara!love the outfit!its also very much my own style and you could even pull it off in the more uptight maritime business that I work in..

  2. SInce I work in marketing and we have a young edgy tattooed female CEO, we can wear pretty much what we want, unless we need to meet with a client or there's a vice president from the HQ in the company... Which means I wear what I want 99% of the time. Jeans, maxi dresses, shorts and leggings... I've done it all, it really depends on my mood.
    I think I'd die if I had to follow a formal dress code at work!

    By the way, this Miu Miu bag is gorgeous!

  3. My mission for next year is to start wearing nicer things to work, am starting to lose weight so don't want to buy too many clothes now, it'll be nice to make an effort on clothes as well as my make up! Heart les shoes big time. Enjoy True Blood, I've just started watching it over the weekend, just finished episode 4, I think I was hesitant because I love Vampire Diaries so much and didn't think it'd live up to that, it's so much more rudie patootie than VD!

  4. I love your blazer, I seen one on ebay but it got to much for my budget hehe.

    I don't really wear anything exciting to work, just black trouser's and various tops, run of the mill I guess hehe.

  5. I work in an agency so pretty much exactly what you wear - relaxed but smart/casual i.e. jeans but with a blazer! How did I not know about Ogilvy Outfitters before now? Love it! x

  6. @evie - i need to take some good ones :)

    @Musing on Beauty - yay for us :) i do smarten up for presentations and things but this is me 99% of the time :) Sometimes I wear converse one too many times during the week and feel like student so whip the heels out and put a bit more effort in :)

    @Karen - oh i couldn't watch Vampire Diaries...i know it's good but once you have seen True Blood anything else seems too kiddie :) haha

    @Redz2486 - ooh which brand was it? was it the same river island one? i do love it. so glad i got it...i was umming and aaahing a bit as i have a few blazers (heehee) but this is a fav :) x

  7. i adore those flats!
    and im curious to see the maxi skirt!

  8. Awe man. I am in love. With your bag *swoon* xo


  9. When I worked in Digital Marketing, jeans were my uniform! Now as a freelance make-up artist, it's still pretty much the same for shoots but I feel like I should have smarter options for private clients and brides. Doesn't feel right turning up on someone's wedding day in faded skinny jeans!

  10. I'm so jealous of your casual dress code!

    I'm a medical student and I start full time hospital placements in a few weeks, meaning I'll have to be in smart clothes for the rest of my life. :( This is made extra difficult by hygiene requirements - no clothing or jewellery below the elbow so I'm on the hunt for short sleeve blouses. It's also so difficult to find skirts with pockets!

  11. lovely outfit, classy as always! love the bag so much :)


  12. I am in love with this outfit, seriously. I loooove the blazer, the accessories & the bag. Perfect combination :)

  13. that purse and blazer are amaze. Love the outfit girl


  14. This doesn't seem 'boring' at all. Love it. Such a cute, sophisticated yet casual look.


  15. I love love love the purse & flats!

  16. @Nana - thank you definitely tomorrow.. :)

    @September sparkle - heehee thanks :) thank goodness miu miu pull these out every year: i have my eye on the pink :) one day....

    @Laura Harrison - haha i completely understand. i wouldn't mind but i bet some mothers of the bride out there would be pissy :)

    @Catriona - well i guess there is another way to look at it: you can really enjoy the process of dressing for when you are not at work: you get to appreciate it more, you know? Hope all goes well for you!

    @EVELYN - thank you! love the bag too: was a massive splurge over a year ago.

    @Alyssa - thank you so much :) x

    @MaviDenz - thanks so much! LOVE both of them :)

    @Boscy - thank you ;) it's my standard :)

  17. loving my new work, when it was raining i went in in a hoody & it was my bfs! but i do make an effort so far as converse skinny jeans/jeggings vest top & then floaty chiffon top over the top! so easy & nothing that creases i get dressed in 2 minutes!!

  18. so jealous of those shoes - very pretty :)

  19. i love this outfit. it's relatable to something that i would wear. i recently bought coppering and it is gorgeous! totally a shadow to be careful with. it can be a bit harsh and tiring, especially because i am quite pale, haha. i'll have to try it with buck!

  20. I'm studying advertising at uni, love ogilvy! I've worked at BBH and CHI, love wearing fashionable clothes to work! Love your outfit!

  21. I don't think I've ever not loved one of your outfits.. love the blazer! xx

  22. Oh I absolutely love this Outfit!! Very great dressy/casual look!

  23. Love the outfit.
    I was wondering what course you did at uni and which one you went to? :)

  24. omg..i love your pour la victoire flats! i've been eying a pair for myself :) and yes, i love working in the online advertising industry too...love the fun culture :)

  25. I love your outfit specially flats :) our office is basically in the same category as yours, today I am wearing a green army skirt , with a very bright yellow mustrady color which my skin looks very very tan. I wore the same kinda outfit on Friday :)
    have a great day xoxox
    P.S. I started The help last night , how did you find the one day book is it good ?!?

  26. those flats are so pretty!

  27. Love the outfit, have you read the Hunger Games? It is amazing and its movie is coming out later this year, it's set in a dystopia too

  28. Love love the miu miu bag!
    Work in it dept of investment bank so go between
    Power dressing and smart casual :) can get away with it in
    Technology. Love dresses from Zara or mango and
    Very high shoes! You're teasing me with all your true blood updates!
    Am a huge fan but yet to see season 4, have read all the books Inc latest release which was bit disappointing :(

  29. The blazer is pretty but how you made this outfit is so gorgeous! I love how your style is very casual but chic at the same time. xx


  30. This outfit is so so so nice! And definitely is very you!! :))) I work in a clothes shop whilst at uni so I have to wear their clothes which isn't so bad, mainly tailored stuff :) xox


  31. I think the outfit is classy and chic! And covet the Miu Miu bag.


  32. I have to wear a very unflattering, ugly, boring, uniform to work - suckish! I REALLY envy that you can dress as yourself, and, love seeing a full face picture here - you are too pretty to keep cutting your head off ;)

  33. I'm an engineer and our dress code is fairly similar to yours. I don't tend to wear jeans to work except on 'dressed-down fridays'- apart from the jeans my outfits are pretty much the same throughout the week! I live in 7/8ths black zara trousers, blazers & shirts... love!
    ps. love your blazer!!

  34. I just finished The Help and it was really one of those books that I couldn't put down until I finished. I'm interested to hear about what you think of the southern language used in the book. I'm from a southern state so it was easy for me to pick up on, but wonder if people from other parts of the US/world have a hard time understanding it.

    I'm hoping the movie is as good as the book, but usually movie adaptations of books can be disappointing.

  35. I have work clothes and regular clothes. There are some pieces that I wear to both. Absolutely no jeans though :( I love that you can wear what represent you.

  36. First of all; i am loving that you are blogging again! Makes me smile :) I am a nurse, so i wear scrubs to work! Boring, but comfy ;)

  37. The shoes, the blazer and the Miu Miu bag! <3 Oh my gosh, so lovely!!!

    I need to start watching this seasons True Blood again, I've watched the first few episodes but I always forget to watch it unless my boyfriend reminds me, whoops!

    Gem x

  38. Love, the Miu Miu handbag, I have the same one in black but I do find the leather seems to wear down quite quickly which is a shame.

    I have to wear all black at work and no jeans allowed or occasionally I might get a promotional T-Shirt to wear.

  39. Oh I wish to work in an Advert/Marketing Company, but that would then lead me to another world of what I am studying right now. Oh, my interests are really clashing! Anyways, onto your outfits.. Yes that is totally you!!! A simple bomb put altogether is pretty beautiful if you ask me. 'Coz I can't also wear things that are too fashion-y and out there. Lovely Laura!

  40. Hi Laura, I work in Marketing and yes I too love the fact that I can pretty much wear what I like. It's amazing as I get so much more wear out of my clothes than say some of my friends who work in more conservative industries. We should talk Marketing sometime...although shopping talk is a lot more fun! ;) xx


  41. I can't wait to see the Help movie, I'm taking my mom later this week. Have you read the Hunger Games? Love that book too. True Blood was so good this week, can't get enough!

  42. i read matched quite a while ago i loved that book,cant wait til the next one,usually not my kind of read but loveddd it :)..those shoes are gorgeous!!

  43. so simple and sharp looking! i want to be able to dress like this for work and play! it is so easy but still looks finished and polish!

  44. Have you read Divergent by Veronica Roth?
    Have just finished it and really liked it.

    Love the outfit!!! :-)

  45. Although I work as an Assistant Lecturer at one of the local colleges here in Croatia we luckily do not have a specific dress code and I can pretty much wear anything I want as long as I don't show too much skin, which I usually never do.

    This outfit you wore to work is exactly how I like to dress, casual yet elegant.


  46. we dont have a strict work wear policy so some days i am really smart and other days jeans do it... just depends how i feel lol :D


  47. I'm wearing electric blue jeans today and my instinct is that I should go home and get changed. :)

  48. LOVE the shoes..... :) hot! hot! hot! x

  49. My typical work-wear tends to be smart/casual and consists of wide-leg trousers, ballet flats, a shirt, blazer or a jersey cardi. Sometimes I go all out and wear a dress ;) haha! I have serious bag envy! :)

  50. *I envy you!!!!!!!!!! I work in the petrol&energy industry and UNFORTUNATELY the dressing code is extremely traditional. I always make it a point to accessorize and change my makeup look everyday....but there's just so much you can do when your clothes selection is limited!!!

    *I have Matched in my 'to be read' pile of books for months already--- everytime I finish a book I know I should pick it up but there always seem to be some other book I'm drawn towards!!!

    *Happy belated birthday!!!!!!!!! <3

    *I tagged you on my blog :))))))))))))))))))))))

  51. I wore shorts and a shirt........in banking

  52. I'm a high school teacher, but I'm also not that much older than some of my students. There are days when we practically dress in the exact same fashion, which doesn't exactly lend me an air of credibility among my peers, but the kids appreciate nonetheless, lol.

    I love a good wrap dress, though, especially with a blazer.

    Please post some pics of Coppering when you get a chance. I'd love to see how it looks on green eyes!

  53. the miu miu bag and blazer are fabulous..great link to the ogilvy site...havent' seen one like this reporting on work style before!



  54. I'm like you, I can wear anything to work even though it's a very techie environment! My fav look is blazer, skinny jeans and a statement bag, love it! x

  55. I love your outfit. Especially the blazer and the bag. Wish I could wear a jeans to work. I work in marketing as well, at a global consultancy company. Love my job, hate the dress code. :)


  56. I just posted my lazy outfit for today.....
    But I like yours better!!!....I wonder why!


  57. Unfortunately, I work at a Starbucks cafe. Sooo I wear black pants and polos. :( Time for a big girl job where I can wear my sweet blazers!

  58. my outfit to work from Monday to Thursday equates to B.O.R.I.N.G! it's so boring, it's not even post worthy! (in my opinion). one of these days i'll make a post just for the heck of then i'll show you.. hahaha PS. i am an IT professional and everything in my office screams of Nerd and men! but when friday comes, the jeans come out to play and pretty dresses and so as nice shoes..

  59. Love your style Laura, it's so chic. I am also in love with that handbag! xoxo

  60. Love the whole outfit. Love the shoes (I heart studs on shoes and bag:))I work at an office as well but a very, very casual environment- I mean flip-flops/sandals everyday unless it's cold or there's an important meeting. BTW, Happy Belated Birthday! Hope you had a great one!

  61. Ok, just posted.. what i wore to work :))



  62. Love ur Blazer..very elegant xdxd


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  64. You look amazing girl. I have these shoes they quite comfy. But I love your blazer. I want that soon for my work wear collection.


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