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6 Sep 2011

Cheap Monday Shirt Dress

My favourite dress du jour. (and perhaps Frankie Sandford's too?)

By one of my favourite brands.

Yep, Cheap Monday creeps into my wardrobe once again :)

This is one of my favourite kinds of pieces. It's soft and languid, mixing masculine colouring, androgynous style - with a wickedly short hemline. Soft and easy, wear it with flats or heels, tights or bare legs....this is going to work whatever season.

That sounds like a bloody sales pitch but honestly, I would wear this every day if I could. (Confession: I wore it all weekend)

To be honest I would have preferred to wear it with my black Focco but The Pink Bag was all I could think about... Obsessed I tell you!

Anyway, here is the dress...it's a charcoal colour. In the outside picture it has a navy tone to it - strange as I don't see that in real life. The camera never lies....well, maybe sometimes it does :)

Dress: Cheap Monday
Bag: Miu Miu
Tights: Wolford
Shoes: in outside picture, Christian Louboutin. Also wore it with loafers which worked nicely and allowed me to walk.
Sunglasses: Raybans
Nail polish: Caffeine Fix by Sephora-OPI (LOVE this colour. Thought it would be a flat brown but actually has a purple undertone and reminds me of an old No. 17 number called Dragon's Blood...anyone remember that?)

Don't do as I do

a) I would like to wear this with a baby blue/lilac or grey American Apparel skinny belt. I just wore the tie belt that it came with - next time I am changing it up.
b) I skipped tights one day and nearly gave everyone a full frontal. Big knickers required when wearing outside.
c) I got this in Urban Outfitters for about £75. Don't be a mug and do the same. ASOS have it for £66 and whilst that sounds like a lot I bloomin' love it so I think it's well worth it :)


Next post will probably be a What's In My Bag. I think it's best to do this now before I drown the lining in receipts and pen ink :)

Hope you are all well!



  1. Oh I am one of the most excited reader when I you mentioned What's in my bag ? Yahooo !!! Can you please include your favorite perfume,magazine and lipstick at the moment pretty please..
    I love the color combination of your entire outfit and it matches your new Miu Miu ^-^..So kawaii Laura xoxo

  2. @Luckymirai - always lovely to see a comment from you :) hope to get the post up either tomorrow or Thursday :) x

  3. I see you're carrying your miu miu bag with pride today. :D Great post!

    ❤, K


  4. I love the shirtdress, such a pretty color. And the bag. I NEED the bag. Oh my god its gorgeous. I have been back to the website link you gave us a few times....obsessed.

  5. Beautiful bag - Don't blame you for being obsessed with it :) x

  6. I love the bag, sunglasses and shoes but not a huge fan of the dress itself. Urban Outfitters do love to up their prices!x

  7. Simple yet interesting - love it!

  8. this dress is really nice and definitely worth the money :) and oh wow do i love your bag!! xx

  9. nice dress, they are super comfy so don't blame yourself for wearing it all weekend , they would look good with thicker tights and boots when it gets little bit cool;) I love your bag I know I said it before but I just can't : to see it and say nothing... are you still hugging it have a great week and enjoy Dubai xoxo

  10. i am always excited to read your new blogposts :)

    how does it compare to the grey cheap monday dress sizewise? are you wearing the same size?

  11. I may have this wrong....but did I spy a ring on your wedding finger? Are you engaged? If so CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  12. the bag.the bag.the bag is GORGEOUS.such a shame i can't afford a Miu Miu.right now all i could afford is well nothing.... =D love the dress too.it looks so comfy. can't wait for your what's in my bag post.

  13. Lovely dress. Ive been searching for the perfect shirt dress for a while. This might be it.
    Still love the bag. ahhhh.



  14. Cool!

  15. Gorgeous, gorgeous dress, Laura! (And bag, of course, but that goes without saying!) ;)

    Also very much liking your nails... I picked up a great colour the other day... Revlon 'Stormy' – you might have seen it, but, if not, probably worth a look. It's a grey/taupe mix with the slightest hint of purple, very 'stormy', as the name suggests! Like you, I can't get enough of those 'dirty' nail colours xx

  16. I am a very overweight 49 yr old!!!...I still feel like a young 'un... and I absolutely love reading your blogposts... you write them just to my liking... keep up the good work x

  17. Just going to sit and drool over those Louboutins then head over to Urban Outfitters and drool some more before finally going to Asos and drooling even more...my laptop is going to break from water damage.

  18. I really like the way you are wearing this. I had seen it on ASOS and was put off by the way the model had been styled.


  19. @kimberlycarolyn - i think you are going to see it in nearly every post from now on :)

    @Crystal - this is how I was. for 2 years! i saved tumblr pictures for goodness sake. totally in love and obsessed :)

    @Shortee31 - thank you so much. i absolutely adore this bag.

    @Princesselfy - i know! it made me a bit cross actually. I shall remain loyal to ASOS from now on :)

    @Kasia M - this is exactly why I love it. thanks :)

    @Emily - thank you emily!

    @Mania - thanks girl :) x

    @melovebutterflies - i always get the small. i would say it's pretty much true to size. have to wear a belt though otherwise its a sack :)

    @Monkeygirl1985 - ;)

    @Diane Joaquin - get the grey Focco! It's near in colour and a truly gorgeous bag :)

    @Olivia - this is fab. if you want a different kind of colour i saw one on The Outnet by By Malene Birger and I have my eye on it....same sort of languidness and I think cheaper than this one.

    @Kate - ooh love the sound of that! will have a look. thanks kate.

    @Carole - well thank you very much for reading and age ain't nothing but a number. this is what i tell myself :)

  20. @Lou - thanks :) i noticed in one of the ASOS pictures she is sort of holding it open at the bottom. WTF is that all about?!?!

  21. You look better than Frankie Safford haha! Such a cute dress :) x

  22. i would love to see the what's in my bag post! and show us your chanel peridot polish! ;) you are the best laura!
    kisses from germany!

  23. you wear it so much better than frankie, you get it right EVERY time Laura, as cringe as this sounds I hope with all my heart I'll manage to dress/look as good as you in a few years time :) xx

  24. @Jen - haha now you are LYING :) she is gorgeous.

    @Katrin - will do :) x

    @sophie - haha now i feel old :)

  25. Its a stunning dress. I wish i was a dress person. but honestly the bag has all of my attention. So so so jealous! Iv been searching for a skinny belt in an aqua colour too, i think it would look great with that dress.

  26. Oh, that looks so comfortable. I love the drapey material and all the giant pockets!

    Sorcha x
    Bonfire Brunette

  27. Love this, it looks so easy to wear.

  28. Hi Laura!
    I know this is kinda "off topic"...
    But could you give me some study organization tips?
    You seem to be so very clever at everything (sugar, sugar), and school must have been a piece of cake for you! Especially with your photographic memory.
    But surely you do have some tips that might be helpful for us ordinary people who wants to get better at school...

    Många hälsningar från ett regnigt Sverige!

  29. I love this dress it has a very trench coat kinda look...it looks so comfy!

  30. Yes yes yes, to a "Whats in my bag"! I used to love those videos, when you still had your youtube-channel!

  31. Cheap Monday rules!!!
    Love a 'What's in my bag' post as we are all sooooo nosey!

    Also, love the Woolfords - my brand of choice.


  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. Oooops spelling mistake- lovely dress shirt :) I think if I ever see a cheap monday store I will deffo pop in :D and yay! can't wait for the what's in my bag tag :D xox


  34. oo, thats lovely! loving your bag you had from you're last post - its gorgeous! your so pretty!x


  35. I can see why you want to wear this all the time, it's lovely! I reckon it's definitely worth £66


  36. you have such an eye for pairing items and making them look effortlessly stylish, love the whole outfit.

  37. I LOVE that shirt dress. I used to have a white shirt dress a few years ago and loved pairing it with leggings. Can't wait for the what's in my bag post- that purse is gorgeous!

  38. Just bought after seeing this post! Excited to see what in your bag!!!

  39. Looking as lovely as always Laura :), the dress looks fab on you.

    Sadie xx

  40. Just found your blog! I love your amazing new Miu Miu bag!!! It's gorgeous!!!


  41. What's your star sign Laura :-)?

  42. I love the dress =) It has the best kind of comfy slouchiness (not to be taken wrong as I do love that look) I always look forward to your posts!

  43. looks great, i am loving the bag, its beautiful, your hair looks amazing at the moment too :D


  44. Laura you look amazin in this ! do u usually rock your Loubies to work?


  45. You look lovely in your shirt dress! Much better than Frankie ;)

  46. I can't wait for your "What's in my handbag?" blog post." Thank you!

  47. @Ivette - thanks Ivette and welcome :)

    @Opheeee - thank so much :) x

    @Missmathful - thank you so much. unbelievably i think this is because i brush it :) haha seriously! my mason pearson brush has made a huge difference!

    @ambra - i am still in training. they are not even that high but my god they are not easy to walk in :)

    @Laiqah - haha i wish :)

    @Michelle - coming tomorrow I think :)

  48. gorgeous dress! but omg i cant stop looking at the bag! droooool! xx

  49. Ah Laura, you have SOLD me, I need this dress in my life, it's perfect! Ps. love your Louboutins, I have the same ones, but you're not alone they are so difficult for me to wear (pain central), so i need to get rid lol!

  50. super cute. i have many pieces that i'd wear everyday. infact, i get a bit anxious while wondering if people will recognize the shirt i wear every other day, haha.

  51. Love it so cute on you. You look so beautiful






  52. The ring on your wedding finger looks so beautiful and H-U-G-E!

    Are you engaged? Or is it a tactic to ward away try-their-luck perverts?

    Sarah x


  53. I just ordered this shirt from ASOS in the 50% off dress sale for £33 - this post stuck in my mind and I literally ran (as fast as you can through clicking a mouse) to the checkout to get it in my size. Literally can't wait for it to arrive! :D xxxx


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