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19 Sep 2011


I was working from home today. It's a curious thing working from home. It sounds so restful and relaxing - the ultimate freedom....but then you end up working 12 hours a day - rather than 8.

Nevermind. The upside of course is wearing whatever you damn well want to. Today I pulled on my very favourite lazy pieces and to make it interesting I wore some obnoxiously bright shoes :)

See I told you they were obnoxious, didn't I? :)

Tee: American Eagle
Cardigan: American Apparel
Shorts: H&M (my favourite denim shorts everrr...although I must share some studded ones that I got for my birthday from Topshop :)
Shoes: Tory Burch (from theoutnet.com as always: I think these were less than £60, reduced from a crazy £180)
Bag: Miu Miu
Sunglasses: yes they are permanently on my face - Gucci :)
Big volume hair recovering from yesterday's blowdry: Model's Own


On a perfume note I am NOT impressed by my beloved Jo Malone Vanilla and Rose Cologne. A few weeks ago I noticed it had most definitely turned and I have only had it a few months. Is this normal for this brand? Let me know!

It's not all bad though...I am absolutely loving Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture. It's fruity, summery goodness that feels right here. It doesn't last all that long but it remind me of Marc Jacobs Daisy - not in scent of course but because as soon as you spray it you feel fresh and clean.

I noticed recently that Escada's Taj Sunset is Viva La Juicy's "cracked out cousin" equivalent - ie, an overdose of fruity notes. Can't deny - I have been tempted to purchase that one in duty free...but it's not part of my collection....yet :p

Hope you are all doing well!



  1. I just have to say how much I admire you and your style. I love that when you say you are wearing your favorite denim shorts your arse cheeks aren't hanging out and you look sophisticated. It's much appreciated to see such a classy act, yet with such a wonderful humor and a best friend attribute. Thanks Laura :)

  2. It's not normal at all for Jo Malone fragrances to turn that quickly! I've never had that happen, perhaps it was a bad batch?! Is there any way you could return it?

  3. @shannybanny - haha nobody needs to see my arse. I see too many girls/women with shorts like that and no matter how good your cheeks are, it's never a good look :)

    @tabita sheridan - mmm i don't think so :( stuck with a manky smelling scent.

  4. i love tory burch flats... you're looking lovely as usual, when i work at home i wer hoodie and jeans hehe :D


  5. I know exactly what you mean about working from home! The problem I always have is "friends/family" who seem to forget that, Yes, I'm at home, but I'm WORKING! I really like the framing on these latest pics :) xx

  6. That pink tory burch is definitely obnoxious but ultimately the right pair to slip on the feet to give the casual look a head-turner. It's one of those things that people will look at 'coz it's bright and YES cute! :D Overall, I love this laidback look. Just perfect for lazy days.

    I have been lemming for weeks with Daisy Marc Jacobs! Is the Juicy Couture cheaper?


  7. @MissMathful - i do that sometimes too but its nice to get a bit dressed to head out - even if just to the supermarket or coffee shop. otherwise i feel sooo lazy :)

    @The Pampered Sparrow - thank you! i got a new lens and am loving it!

    @Myrted - exactly! they are definitely loud :) I think they are probably around the same price. Both last about the same time - ie, not that long on me - so it's all about what scent you prefer.

  8. Thanks lovely Laura! I think i'll get some time to stop by at perfume shop and see which i'd like better. :D

  9. gorgeous shoes and you got a pretty good deal for it here they don't go on sale that much :( about Jo Malone, they do change pretty fast for some reason , it's better to keep them in cool dark area !!! and I didn't have that problem with any other perfume. have you tried love peace juicy !? that one is also good
    have a great 12 hour work day xoxo

  10. I love Viva La Juicy! It almost makes it seem like summer even when it's getting colder outside :)

  11. I LOVE working from home... but only because I can lazily snuggle in my pyjamas for the entire day. :0)

    Sarah x

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  12. Oh boy are you talking about the limited edition one thats like $130? I've had my eye on that one. I got a small Bluebell and wasn't that happy with it and wanted the Vanilla Rose scent next!

  13. I'm loving your "obnoxious" shoes! I have the JC Couture Couture and always wanted to get the Viva. I'd love to see a post on your favorite perfumes! :)

  14. Gorgeous outfit as always! Looking forward to a post featuring the studded shorts, I'm intrigued! xx


  15. Working from home would be impossible for me:) Love the shorts and the cardigan xx


  16. Gorgeous outfit, those INCREDIBLE shoes are the perfect contrast!
    I love this bag so much arghhh so jealous, you're a lucky owner aha!
    Faye xo

  17. @Kasia M - these are my fav :)

    @Faye H - I love it so much :) Was sooo worth saving up for :)

  18. your hair looks amazing! I am always trying to desperately grow mine out, after a huge chop 4 months ago and I always found your posts as inspiration!


  19. Whenever I work from home I just sit in my pyjamas with crumbs all over my face.

    I love those shoes, they can never be too bright.

  20. haha, I just had a little laugh at 'cracked out cousin', oh dear! x

  21. Ha! Wearing yoga pants and hardly no makeup is one of the joys of working from home for me (but just like you I end up doing more hours...)
    I wish I could still wear my jeans short right now but you can imagine what belgian's weather is like these days... :(

  22. Love the lazy outfit :) I am a sucker for denim shorts and white tee.

  23. ahh haha! i totally feel with you on the WFH factor...i always end up working waaay longer than anticipated! LOVE the outfit :)

  24. Loving the surface blur Laura! You love the good old photoshop effects. I love Escada perfume. It really doesnt get the publicity it deserves.

    Loving obnoxious shoes and models own hair.
    I type as I wear my very worn Micheal Kors watch. I am holding you personally responsible. Thank god for the birthday fairy!


  25. @T - it smells so yummy I agree!

    @AspirationsOfGlam - its actually just a 50mm prime lens of my DSLR: it creates amazing depth of field. Plus I don't own photoshop and never want to - far too complicated :)

  26. Those shoes and bag are just gorgeous! I have been wanting that Miu Miu bag for so long in the black version but since you first posted about the bag in this colour I have been swayed towards it even more than the black!
    I agree with viva la juicy i have been using it for a few years and I cant get enough of it.


  27. Loving the outfit and the casual look!

    I agree working from home although it is cool, it has its downsides as you do end up working longer. I suppose it is kind of as long as if you travelled to work and back?


  28. I love that Miu Miu bag, I so want to get it.
    Have you found it stains quite quickly?

  29. Fab outfit! I love those flats!!

    ♥ Shia

  30. Love that pop of colour on your feet ;) .

  31. <3 Looove Viva La Juicy, to me, that's what summer smells like.

    And I understand how you feel about working at home. I'm currently on SWOT VAC (Study With Out Teachers Vacation). It's so much more tiring than studying at school however I get so much more done!

  32. oh dear.. that's no good for the Jo Malone perfume!

    love the lazy outfit.. i share pretty much the same idea of what consist of a lazy outfit.
    and i totally agree on the work from home.

    love the shoes the laura!


  33. Yowza those shoes are adorable! Yay to you working at home but boo to the elongated hours. I felt a slight tinge of pain reading that- lol

  34. When I work from home, I probably just stay in my pajamas the whole day :P

  35. You look great Laura! Love the miu miu bag. The color is gorgeous. I am thinking of purchasing one myself!


  36. wow so cool trendy and stylish accessories . i just liked the bag. its really fantastic .. very nice accessories.

  37. gorgeous outfit ur bag looks amazing xx

  38. Love the Viva La Juicy, but I stopped using mine as I got tired of reapplying. It never last more than an hour on me.

  39. I absolutely LOVE the first pic...it's so natural e you look gorgeous :)



  40. Love the outfit! And that gorgeous bag of yours looks amazing with everything :) That is my favourite parfyme! Bought it in may and have been wearing it since ;)

  41. Perfect lazy outfit, mine wouldn't be so well put together when working from home lol! Love that grey cardigan! x

  42. Taj Sunset smells amazing, so fruity and summery! Love those shoes.. obnoxious is good! xx

  43. Hi,

    Can I plz ask what you do for living if its not too personal?

    Its just that Im thinkn abt career choices &i have no idea.. :o( (kinda wna do everything stage.. but feels the clocks ticking with the recession crisis still on!)

    I wna travel but want security with a job too..

    Been following your blogs (The beauty one and now this 1) and would love to do what you do..

    hop from the UK to Dubai..ah-mazing!

    Could you please kindly do a post on that?
    pros and cons?

    Pretty Please? :o)

    Eagerly awaiting for your reply... X

  44. you look as gorgeous as ever! i love your style - simplicity suits you!
    loving your blog as ever Bex X

  45. your blog is wonderful!


  46. Those shoes, my god, are they ever bright.

    Viva La Juicy is definitely lovely. I just recently finished off my 30ml, and I'll definitely be repurchasing.

  47. I work from home everyday, and you're right... not as amazing as it would seem. I think I am the only one in my company who isn't wearing workout clothes everyday! Thank goodness for skinny jeans and Polo Oxford shirts!

    I do NEED a pair of those flats though!


  48. I'm self employed and spend a lot of time working from home...have to admit I miss having an excuse to get dressed up and meet the outside world!

  49. It was a altogether allowance from david! homeboy's got acceptable taste, huh? it's huge it fits all of my crap.

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