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18 Oct 2011

American Apparel Interlock Pencil Skirt and tan chat...

Working from home again today which means sloppy, easy clothes. I had an informal meeting in the afternoon so I made some semblance of effort. In this case it meant removing denim shorts (you just know I was wearing them :), grabbing a blazer and pulling on my American Apparel pencil skirt.

This is one of those classic American Apparel pieces. You look at it online, you see it in store, you like it, you balk at the price and then you get it home and wear it A LOT. It's form fitting, comes in an array of colours and can be worn slung low or pulled high - you can even wear it as a tube top. Style it smart or wear it sloppy like I have :)

PS. I had henna applied on my hand on Thursday night. It was one of those "ooh-I-have-never-had-that-done-lets-give-it-a-whirl" type of moments, fueled by two glasses of wine (all it takes!)...when I woke up on Friday morning there was an instant pang of regret as it wasn't a good quality job. The fade has thankfully set in :)

Skirt: American Apparel
Tee: Forever 21 (I counted - I have 3 of the same tee :)
Blazer: River Island
Necklace: Tiffany & Co
Watch: Rolex
Sunglasses: Rayban
Bag: Miu Miu

I urge you...

Now there is one more thing I must discuss with you today.

I tried a fake tan recently as although I have some colour, it's patchy in places. It's pretty hard to find a range of fake tan in Dubai - surprise, surprise - so my local Boots just had to do. I picked up Soltan's spray tan - a brand I have seen for years and always ignored. I suppose I didn't think it was anything special and whilst it was probably guaranteed to give "alright" results, I never thought it was capable of producing anything great.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Now everyone is different and some fake tanners do better on me than on others - and vice versa - but I absolutely love this. I can honestly say it is foolproof (bar any residue left on bathroom surface - apply in shower!) Hands, feet and body will be sprayed with a light mist which when lightly buffed in with a mitt will give the most natural and even result I have EVER HAD from a fake tanner.

Other selling points?

* No spots - some fake tanners clog up my skin and the tell tale signs are little spots on my chest. This hasn't done that at all and so I have also liberally sprayed it onto my face.
* It dries quickly - just like the St Tropez mousse, you can wait about a minute and then feel free to dress without staining fears. This is a huge bonus as you don't have to flap around waiting for the clamminess to subside - spray and go!
* No need to wash off - St Trope and Xen-tan are fabulous but their lotions require you to wash off to reveal the true, even tan. I think because this is much lighter in colour, it does not require this step...not really a selling point I suppose but something that reduces the hassle.
* It's £8.99 in the UK - that is all.

Let me know if you have ever tried this...I know the nights are drawing in and the days getting colder in many places around the world but all the more reason why you should give yourself a little bronze boost :)

FYI - links to:

American Apparel Skirt - Link!
Boots Solton self tanner - Link!


  1. You've inspired me to actually get dressed today. I work from home as well, and typically stay in yoga pants and a tshirt, if not my flannel pajamas. ;) I have a similar skirt from Target and the versatility is certainly impressive.

    Re the self-tan, morning jogs have kept me out of the drugstore and more into the natural tan category, which is a nice change for me. But since fall weather is fast approaching, I may check to see if Soltan is available in the U.S.

  2. I love the Clarins autobronzant serie, specially Lisse Minute Autobronzant instant tanner. Easy, good, not irritating me.

  3. Lovely and simple...great skirt. I keep lusting over your bag.....keep leaving hints for the hubby so fingers crossed for christmas pressie lol xx

  4. Love the skirt! And if you want the Henna to fade faster, cut a lemon in half and rub it all over the Henna. The citric acid helps fade the dye much faster!

  5. I have been wondering why these pimples on my chest are appearing - then realised I applied St Moriz this weekend. The soltan sounds promising, anything to avoid a pimply decollete x

  6. Yes, yes, yes - I had exactly the same relationship with my AA pencil skirts. I bought two in the sale and they just looked so tiny when they arrived I threw them to the back of my wardrobe. The day I actually tried one of them on I fell in love. So comfy!

    Sorcha x
    Bonfire Brunette

  7. @Vanessa - hee hee :) i love wearing comfy clothes when at home :) I need to follow you with the morning jogs though - have always aspired to that but never make it out of bed in time :o

    @Gos - ooh sounds fab! :)

    @p e b b z - love it too :)

    @GlitterRain - yes! and i think they are opening a store here soon in Dubai Mall? So no excuses :)

  8. @MarBear - thank you for the tip! :) may just do that as I have client meetings next week and don't want it hanging around :)

    @Georgia - yeah not a good look :) haha it happens with all sorts of brands on me...hate it. end up with weird spots all over. thankfully Soltan is fine :)

    @Sorcha - ooh what colours did you get?

  9. That skirt is so your style, looks great! I must say I do love the henna on you, something everyone has to try! x

  10. I've used the Soltan lotion before but not the spray (I find it difficult to be methodical with a spray!) My favourite is the "cheapy cheap" St. Moritz. It doesn't last long but the colour is just perfect for me :) xx

  11. @StyleFrost - this is what I think: gotta try it at least once :)

  12. @The Pampered Sparrow - it's such a good one - St Moriz. I am sure I have a bottle of it knocking around somewhere :)

  13. I have a lot of American Apparel skirts and dresses and although the prices always make me feel guilty I do get a huge amount of wear out of them. Much more so than a lot of cheaper high street pieces.

    It's funny, being of Asian origin I don't need to use a self tan but I'm so interested by them and secretly would love to be able to use them. If only so I can join in the fun :p

  14. Wait, is it henna that can turn blue green on top of dye, or dye that can turn blue green after you had henna applied???
    Be cautious before doing anything else, Laura!

  15. I bought Boots No7 tinted self tan lotion a few years ago and literally EVERYONE commented on it....even my dad said it looked "glowing" lol.

    Yet for some reason, I never repurchase it. I think maybe I feel more luxurious buying stuff like xen tan and St Tropez. Anyways, will def check out the soltan at the weekend. x

  16. i've never actually tried any fake tan products but i think this post has definitely convinced me i NEED to give it a go! X

  17. love the outfit


  18. I love this fake tan, I have been a fan for a while and now that the winter months are rolling in (and my holiday tan is fading) I will be using it a lot more, although I always find that I must walk in the tan that is on the bathroom floor and my feet are always REALLY tangoed!! Maybe it's just be moving around too much when spraying, but I'm not sure if anyone else has ever experienced this problem but if they have please let me know and if you have a full proof way to prevent it!


  19. @Kerrie - so pleased you like it too :) I always spray and then rub in with a mitt. i always apply in the shower too and wait a minute before stepping out. i think that helps - if i apply it outside of the bathroom its tango feet and a big mess :)

  20. Gorgeous look and lovely skirt! I always admire the simplicity of your outfits - amazing! :)

  21. Not particularly on topic for this post, but I just can't tell you enough how much I enjoy your writing style. I love your *asides* or *mini inner dialogues*, if you will, lol because I'm usually saying THAT'S WHAT I DO/THINK TOO! In particular this post made me comment because of the "you don't have to flap around waiting for the clamminess to subside" LMAO. That's me.Iin my bathroom. Anytime I apply fake tan. I've loved reading your blog posts from your lollipop26writes days and so glad I stumbled upon this one as well = ]

  22. American Apparel has the best basics ever..I hope they have a good black friday/cyber monday sale...cause I'm gonna go nuts! lol

  23. Lovely outfit!
    I had a henna tattoo once, it wasnt a good job either(although, yours looks quite pretty tbh!) Mine took nearly a month to fully come off! :(


  24. Lovely outfit, unfortunately for me I was in my pharmacy uniform all day. Polyester overload! Haha, I love Soltan products, their suncream is one of the best that I have tried, and it's the only one that I have found that I still don't burn with AND get a tan. I'm as white as a ghost so for me to get a bit of colour it is fantastic. Will need to look out for that fake tan after my St Tropez runs out. Always on the lookout for something new haha. x

  25. Agree with you there on the henna. I love getting it done and doing it on other people. I could have done a better job than that even though I'm no pro. But when it's done well, it can not only look stunning and it makes you feel happy whenever you do something....a little bit like nail polish I guess :]

  26. Does the Soltan have one of those fake tan smells to it? one thing I struggle with is finding a tanning product that doesnt have the obvious fake smell.


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  28. Must get me one of those skirts!

    I got a really bad henna job done once (yours look nice!) and it took weeks to fade, theres was alot of blobs and squiggles going on!


  29. My absolute favourite tanning brand is Make Believe. Again no patches, beautiful colour, quite a pretty fragrance and they even have a product specifically for 'winter glow'. I do like the price of Soltan though and may give it a go, Make Believe is much more expensive!

  30. I've never even looked twice at this self tan but I'm on the hunt for it now, sounds amazing so fingers crossed! xx

  31. Love your blazer!!!


  32. I bought a very similar skirt from Forever 21 ! They only had it in black or navy blue.

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

  34. Super cute outfit! I totally hear yah, working from home usually allows you to resort to "comfy" clothes, but there is nothing like the feeling of wearing something fabulous and looking wonderful!
    Bella xo

  35. Laura, great outfit! i have always wanted to try the henna tattoos...something to put on the must do list!! i also love your necklace :) i really hope to receive one for my upcoming anniversary!!! happy blogging :)

  36. i was thinking in the outfit pics that you looked really brown... at least now i know why, i need to try it :D


  37. so gorgeous ! Love your bleazer and bag


  38. why can I never get a good resuly with fake tan? I exfoliate, moisterise etc...but it never looks good....

    Grest outfit Laura.

    Have you had your October Glossybox. mine has arrived.!!

    Blog has a review


  39. The only bad henna job I've seen, I did myself lol. But that is a pretty dull pattern compared to the intricate designs I've seen. Also, your skin looked great, you don't need the fake tan!


  40. Helloooo... I love your outfit !
    How do you get your white tee not to be see-through !?
    And do you livee in Dubai noww ???
    Thank you ! x

  41. I really love the look- effortlessly chic :) And needless to say your purse is just amazing!

  42. Laura! I had forgotten about you and your blog for the longest while, but had the pleasure of rediscovering it and you again tonight. Suffice it to say that this made me very happy and I have now spent an embarrassing amount of time catching up "with" you :P

  43. Hey, do you hav a link to the tee please?

  44. obsessed with this outfit. so clean and chic. love it. so happy I came across your blog. totally following. I'd love if you'd check out my style and fashion blog and see if you'd like to follow. I'd love to hear what you think of my JewelMint photo shoot. thanks love. xo

    Adventures of a southern girl turned LA stylist.

  45. Love your Tiffany diamonds by the yard necklace--can I ask what carat size you got? I'm considering a purchase and need some kind of gauge as to how the different sizes look on. Thanks in advance!!

  46. I wish i could buy this but sadly I can't! no boots here in Korea!

    Mist spray tanners are the best! Can't get even one type of them here so I use the St tropez mousse instead. It's fairly decent.

    I L.O.V.E your bag by the way. I wanted to buy it but sadly my bank balance wasn't thinking the same. It did NOT want to! :'(

    Following your blog now!

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING


  47. I must admit- after seeing this post I went out and got my own AA pencil skirt- I am wearing it right now and I love it....
    Thanks for the inspiration Laura :)


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