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31 Oct 2011

Get running!

Trainee's on? Check

Croydon facelift ponytail? Check

I am ready to run!

I love running and I used to do a lot of it. In recent years I have blamed lack of time for my laziness - it's such a good excuse.

But I miss that buzz that you get with exercise and so I have dipped in and out of various programmes:
  • 30 days shred? I tried Jillian, I tried but I dropped out at level 2.
  • Bikram yoga? Try getting on a Tube and looking normal after a 1.5 hour sauna session. 
  • Pilates? Too expensive in central London and not enough of a buzz. 
  • Ashtanga yoga? A good gymnastic workout - and I do love that 15 minute rest at the end - but hard to find classes near me...

Excuses, excuses...

Thank goodness then for apps like Get Running - they make me feel like it's possible to get my fitness back and as much as I enjoy the likes of yoga and pilates, there is nothing like running.

I have actually completed this app already this year - it takes you from unfit to fit (ie, able to run a 5k) in 6 weeks and I am starting it again after what feels like months of "rest". :)

I like the structure of these running apps and there are a few around that are also great (i.e, Nike+). This is however what I recommend to beginners/those looking to get back in the game:

1) It starts slow and feels achievable - you run for 30 seconds then walk for a 1.5 minutes 8 times...a really easy way to break you in and then each week (after 3 runs) it increases the running time.
2) It has a nice way of encouraging you during the run - not too much, not too little. You know exactly where you are.
3) It interacts well with music being played - some apps abruptly stop your music to give you instructions...I hate that. This fades in and out and is a lot more respectful :)
4) £1.99 well spent!

In terms of what I wear for running? A whole lot of Nike, mascara, eyeliner, lip balm and slapped back hair :)

This is the before - no after will ever be provided :) ...

My trainers/sneakers! Old Nike's...

Apologies if this was a bit of random post but I guess it is technically appropriate - the app is something I bought after all, even if it was about 12 months ago :)

Now I just have to get round to actually reading the Tone It Up plan - also bought about a year ago. Oops! I have such good intentions...I really do! :)

PS. The app is here! Link!

PPS. If you have any other fitness app recommendations please let me know! We all have pretty similar taste I think so I am all ears! :)



  1. I'm going to check that App out, I have been on the treadmill a lot more lately and I need some new scenery so I think its time to go outside!

  2. I recently joined a fitness center but I have to admit, I only go there for the steam room, sauna,jacuzzi and pool hahah. I try and exercise but that lasts for about 20 mins and then I get bored ! I will try and check this out too :)xx

    P.s: You look lovely in this attire too.

  3. This just made me feel rather guilty as I used to run 10k twice a week a few months ago, but now due to my " lack of time" I dont haha. I may just dig out my nikes now :) xx

  4. Hi, Laura! Love this post. Have you ever tried any of the Tracy Anderson routines? I really like the moves and the results, but it is difficult to cope with the lack of instructions, announcing the changes, etc... So have you tried any of her DVDs or is it just something that never sparked your interest?

  5. @Crystal - i used to be a treadmill bunny but it's sooo much better running outside!

    @Nida - i don't blame you! i might join one soon to do aerobic weights -- and then retire to the steam room :) haha

    @Jen Umm - you're welcome! i got this app after lots of people recommending it via twitter!

  6. @Ina - my problem with Tracy's DVD's are that she looks so bored going through the motions which in turn makes me feel bored. I like the Billy Blanks, Jillian Anderson approach to exercise - I need someone to look enthused to kick my arse! haha

    @Charlotte - get out there Charlotte! :)

  7. You're a lovely runner, Laura, love the looks! I think I'll do that next Spring. For now I'm hooked on Tracy Anderson (which I can do in my comfy home with nobody seeing me sweat), you should give it a try! Her 'post pregnancy workout' (believe it or not) is a killer for the abs and I like her dance cardio as well - dancing always feel less of a burden than sports :) Plus she gives excellent instructions on this one (not always the case).

  8. Thanks Laura was looking for something like this, i'm downloading it right now :) Need to get motivated. X

  9. Gotta luv the laziness excuse I've used it for the last 30 years of my life hahahaha!!

  10. ive used this app before and loved it! really helpful. i too am someone who starts doing something and never finishes! wish i had the confidence to run outsid!
    Lily @ llymlrs // etcllymlrs

  11. I was looking for assistance in starting to go running and I now downloaded the app. Thanks so much :)
    Really excited about getting started!

  12. Hi Laura...thanks for the nudge...I'm going to run tonight after work!!

  13. I love that you run and are getting back into it! It's one of my greatest passions. Plus, it's a great stress reliever. My dr. was amazed at my resting heart rate after just six weeks!

    I also recommend the Runner's World website (.com for US folks) for good beginners tips and training plans if you have a race goal. They have the couch to 5K training plan on there too, which is basically the non-app version of the program you described. Happy Running!

  14. Laura, what kind of sports bra do you wear while running? Or do you just wear a normal bra? I want an iPhone even more now...BlackBerry is slowly losing my devotion!

  15. You look very good with minimum makeup. Which mascara (waterproof?) an do you wear when you run? Thank you in advance!

  16. I'm on the Tone it Up Plan and love it so so so much! x

  17. boo hoo my iphone died, taking all my photos from the past 12 months with it :( must learn to back up.


  18. i have recently rejoined the gym, i really want to tone up... ive been loving pilates, its enough to make me feel like im doing something, the next day i feel like ive worked, my muscles ache but not so bad i cant walk :D


  19. You look adorable with your hair up in a ponytail!
    Exercise is so important and it's good that you're doing something healthy for you body. Keep up the good work!


  20. Any tips on how to take notes in class/ for tests???

  21. @Lily - i tend to run in the dark for that reason. I just get so red faced its embarrassing. :) Have also purchased baseball cap to hide face during morning runs :) haha

    @thelovingcouple - let me know how it goes and whether you like it or not...fingers crossed!

    @iheartsnark - yay! enjoy it :)

    @faith120604 - thanks for the recommendation! :) I used to run a lot back in the day so I am glad to be getting back into it on a more consistent basis...at least that's the idea :)

    @TheFashionMaverick - just one i got at Crunch gym agesss ago. It's not that special - just a bog standard sports bra. The ones that Anna Kournikova fronts look like the best.

    @Citrus News Alley - wow! thank you! i am just wearing the Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Excess: it's not waterproof but it doesn't cause me any problems. I go red more than sweat :)

    @Tiffany - i really like the weight training exercises...think I will follow those when I join the gym. Are you doing the eating part? I love the food they have on that plan - clean.

    @missmathful - i sort of love the muscle ache - not going to lie :)

    @swetmouse24 - thanks :) the nice weather here makes it easy.

  22. This app sounds fab for my husband. Now your 4568th follower! Would love to have you check out my blog xoxo

  23. This is the app that got me running :) Looks like it's got funked up over the years tho!
    I've just signed up for my first marathon eek! xx

  24. I have this app! I get bored for walking so long thats my problem. However I too have had a "rest" and am back in the gym tonight! hurrah!

    "no after will ever me provided" haha you make me chuckle. Fab post. In the nicest way possible its nice you take care of youself as opposed to eat leaves!


  25. I wonder if they have this on Android...will check today!

    I need to get back into running as well. I have been doing pilates and studying -____-

    I love doing Turbo Kick at the gym. Have you heard of Turbo Jam? You can get the DVDs and I LOVE IT!

  26. lovely post, I am not gonna lie here I can't run. I do any other workout but running is not just for me. I go to the gym about 5 days a week I love dancing classes and yoga they are my favorites. about a year ago I decided to take a personal trainer& that was one the best thing I did. I work with here 2 times a week for about an hour and the workout she gives me is basically for building muscles & prevent that jigili feeling ! have you tried lululemon workout cloths they are great & as well as gorgeous I don't know what is with them but they show the body super fit & sexy at same time. I get lots of complements whenever I am wearing them
    have a lovely week xx

  27. Love this! Go girl! Very inspiring! I also suffer from "red face" when I run -- most embarassing when I would do a group boot camp class which is hard to hide! I just think of it as my "exercise glow" -- either that or "my head is about to explode" - HA!
    I was never a runner, thought I could never ever be a runner, but I have proved to myself I can do it - and it feels great! :D

    I exercise for better health & longer life, which consequentially = more time for shopping :D

  28. Twenty minutes shred mode feels a whole lot longer then in real life mode!! I'm more of a cardio person and love running on a steep incline treadmill-wise. I find running outside a whole different ball game and much harder, something to do with the breathing but I know I should really give it yet another shot. You're right, some of these apps can be lifechanging if you stick at it, pretty good value for £1.99!

  29. That is awesome! Thanks so much for letting us know about the app. I hate to run. In my mind I could run for days however, my body rebels. :)

  30. I really liked this post, the app is such a good idea! I'm really rubbish at running, as soon as I get tired I just give up so maybe this would be a good way to ease myself into it. :)

  31. @Adele - will do! hope he likes it :)

    @Arlene - I should probably credit you in this post as I definitely remember you trying it. Best of luck with the marathon - and the training. You will feel so fantastic when you finish it!

    @AspirationsofGlam - well I like leaves too :) haha but yes, you do need a bit of balance and I hate feeling unfit: especially when I have been much fitter before.

    @shoppingtosaving - need to look into TurboJam :)

    @mania - i think i am going to join the gym for light weight training too. i don't want to bulk but it's important as you get older to build up that part of fitness too. i don't want jiggle! :)

    @hugs - your BFF - exactly! thats a v. motivating reason to exercise :)

    @essjay23x - that's what i thought when i bought it. £1.99? Lets see what it does...and I really like it. :)

    @Crystal - ah you need to try this then! you will really surprise yourself I bet.

    @scarlet empress - thank you for reading!

    @Bridget - thanks Bridget - definitely give something like this a try. As I said to Crystal above, you will really surprise yourself with what you can do.

  32. I really liked this post. I also like the satisfaction after exercising. You should really check out the clothes at Lululemon if you haven't already. Once I got past the sticker shock, I fell in love! It is more fun working out when you have perfectly fitting clothes! Speed shorts and wunder under crops are my fav.

  33. I just downloaded this and can't wait to use it! I love running - especially in winter in the cold air so this will be great for getting me up to speed again. Thanks for the recommendation - I really enjoyed this post! Xx

  34. There really is nothing quite like running. Nothing else gives me that boost you mentioned, and nothing else tones my legs quite so well!

    This isn't an app, but I really like using Dailymile.com to keep track of my runs. It tracks your mileage and pace and you can break it down by day, week, or month. Also, it gives you funny stats like how many donuts you have burned off. :) Also, Livestrong.com has a great mapping tool to figure out exactly how far you went, down to the hundredth of a mile. Plus in some areas it shows you a nice elevation chart of what you did.

    You look so cute in your gear.

  35. Must buy this and give it a go! I used to be really into exercise but yeh.. "lack of time" has stopped me ;) You look 10000 x better than I do for exercising! xxx

  36. Not app related but you should read Born to Run by Christopher McDougall, I like a little dabble in running now and again but this book really makes you look at running in a total different light. Pretty interesting and motivational!

  37. this post has definitely got me motivated to start running! i used to go to the gym but i kept having 'no time' (*cough* laziness *cough*) i will definitely have to purchase this app and the tone it up one you mentioned. thanks so much for the heads up about them! X

  38. I always start exercise plans and then give up. I was determined to get into Zumba this year but my lack of coordination had other plans! I have the 30 day shred on my shelf and that really needs to be dusted off and started with. I love the feeling that exercise gives you, like a clean state of mind! I run a lot at home because I live in the middle of nowhere but here at uni I'm in a city, so a little more self-conscious! Unfortunately I can't get that app on Android but you've inspired me to download C25K instead and hopefully I'll give it a go and stick to it! My issue with running isn't that I get tired quickly I just run out of breath! Trying to convince myself I don't have the lung capacity for it...but let's be honest...I'm just unfit! Thanks for the post :) x

  39. I've just bought this app and can't wait to use it. I used to be an athlete and a reoccuring knee injury has held me back a lot. Hopefully this will be the foundation to getting my fitness back. I'm a sports scientist so I'm used to coaching athletes and clients but not myself so fingers crossed it helps! x

  40. Yep! I am definitely doing the meal eating plan, started the meal eating plan in the beginning of October, did a weight in yesterday and lost 6lbs, which is encouraging. You should definitely try it, I really enjoy the clean eating / no counting calories thing. ! xx

  41. @meganelena - thank you!I would love to get my hands on lululemon - I need to find myself a good online retailer that can ship to me!

    @Sophie Rose - hope you enjoy the app. Let me know how you get on via twitter or something :)

    @Ashley - LOVE the sound of dailymile - thank you so much for the recommendation!

    @Charlotte - laziness really is the best excuse :)

    @Suzi - thank so much for the recommendation. have just looked it up on Amazon and I am downloading it right now!

    @beth sutton - let me know what you think and also if you find any other good'uns.

    @Hannah - omg! this is exactly what i used to tell myself...well i thought that maybe i just had really little lungs. haha :) but yeah...just not using them enough with exercise :)

    @SparklesandLipgloss - yay! enjoy it! super impressed by the fact you are a Sports Scientist too - you will have to give me your professional opinion on it :)

    @Tiffany - ooh that's v. encouraging. Congrats! I wouldn't mind losing a couple of pounds but it's more about eating clean...that appeals to me. Not sure I am that structured when it comes to food though - I need to read it properly and maybe give it a whirl!

  42. **Recommendation! Even thought it isn't app related..

    lululemon! I love their running gear, fits perfectly, is very functional and looks cute too :)

    xx Veronica

  43. I was thinking about starting running just because I want to get fit again (being out of school and not having to do P.E any more has made me become a bit of a sloth) so I'm definitely going to check out this app. Wonder how long I'll last before giving into my laziness and craving for crisps...

  44. This app is my saviour! I should really start it up again xx

  45. Thanks for sharing the app, I'll have to d/l it soon. I've been slacking on cardio lately but after this post, I definitely feel motivated again.
    There's also something about fitness clothing that gets me in the zone. Both Lululemon and Under Armour are my favorite choices

  46. Am so going to get this app! Really want to start running. Thanks for the tip!xx

  47. Thanks so much for introducing this app to me! Will deffo get it but it's too cold :( You should try Zumba... helps me loads! xxx

  48. Can i just say that some sporting company needs to snap you up as a model or something because this post and the photos were great!

  49. I really need to get this and get fit! xx

  50. Thanks for the motivation! I've just come back from a run, aiming for 3-4 times a week but it's so difficult when it's all dark and dreary outside!
    More running updates will definitely be encouraging :) Thanks!

    Since my headphones keep falling out, I just run without music now. What headphones are you using?

  51. @Laura yes I will let you know what I think of it :) x

  52. Oh my goodness! I always wanted to get into running, but really wasn't sure where to start. Thanks for the tip. Downloading the app as we speak! :)

  53. thanks for this post! i just downloaded the app :) would love to hear any other app suggestions.

  54. you look so fit in that pic! no need for an after shot. :)

  55. Which place would you recommend for running in central London or just a bit outside :-)? Cheers!

  56. I am not exaggerating when I say that I purchased that app 6 months ago and it changed my life. It is modeled after the program called "Couch to 5K" and it really took me from my couch to running over 5k lol. I actually didn't even finish the program because before I finished the 6 weeks I was running more than 5k. I recommend anyone who does not know where to start to check this out. If you don't want to pay for it you can download the times online from the couch to 5k program and then just take a stopwatch with you when running :-)

  57. Great blog post! Random, but never the less interesting! :)
    I too have just back into running/jogging, and have too tried and tested most diets/exercise plans.. WII FIt, Juice Diet, Pilates, Yoga etc..
    Not heard of that app, may have to search it! I downloaded a calorie counter app,offing all food and exercise throughout the day.. Can't say it helped, but it was an eye opener to calorie content in foods..
    Good luck and well done for what you've achieved so far! :)
    Happy running!


  58. I ran the full marathon this april and thought it was crazy that I had to wear waterproof mascara to run (but can't leave the house without mascara). Good to see there are others that wear makeup to go for a run. =)

  59. Huge fan of your blog Laura. Please check out my new blog :) http://spasara86.blogspot.com/2011/11/skin-care.html

  60. I shall be trying this out !

  61. You should definitely try the Tone it Up plan! The girls are so great and it definitely got me back in shape (after being lazy in college for 4 years). Love it! Going to try the app too, great post!!

  62. i love running too - havent been in a while though x

  63. Wow I never Jog because i am so lazy :(

    Love your blog.

    Love S.

  64. hey this is such a great way to work out! interval training burns the most fat and this is a good way to track your progress.

    Post Idea: Can you do a post about the apps you have on your iphone?? there are so many apps and sometimes people find really fun/interesting ones.

    love your blog!

  65. Got inspired after reading this and decided to give it a try. I finished my first run today, thought I was dying during the run but after a bit of stretching and a shower I feel amazing! I have always wanted to be a runner and now i actually feel like I could do it :) Thank!

  66. Laura, wish I looked as good as you when I go running....also wish I had your confidence to run at Marina hehe. Think i'll stick to my dark streets in Jumeriah. I used the app for my training for Race for life this year and found it useful and really helped me build up to running without stopping every 2seconds haha xx

  67. I've been running too till it gets so cold that my nose is freezing when I left my house :D :(

  68. My advice is to get a new pair of running shoes. After some time they get to worn out and they don't protect your knees and ankle from impact anymore.
    You want to be extra careful with that!

    Mike @TheIronYou

  69. hey! Randomly came across your blog because of missglamorazzi!

    You said to recommend an app...this is free...Nike Training. It has a variety of workouts depending on what your goal is, toning, slimming down, etc. etc. at a variety of difficulty levels! You earn "rewards" as you go along.

    Hope you like!



  70. hi laura! i love your blog. here's a great website i use, its called yogaglo ! over 600 classes to choose from for just 12 euro/month! its really brilliant, has a 2 week free trial if u want to give it a go. hugs -L xoxo

  71. great post, thank you! I used to watch you on youtube and read your old blog and I absolutely love you and am SO glad to be able to read your blog again, it's just so much fun and has great variety! I just downloaded this app because I want to get back into working out / running so we'll see how this works out ;) have a good night! xoxo

  72. Laura, great blog! Have you tried/heard of Callanetics? I've been going it for about 2 years now and can't recommend it enough! Doesn't do anything for stamina but amazing for toning!