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7 Oct 2011


Don't tell anyone. But I wore this outfit two days straight.

Don't tell me you haven't done that? Anyone, anyone?

I will also confess that I partly enjoyed wearing it because it features a pair of trousers I purchased last year to "slim into". Yep that's right. They didn't quite do all the way up in the changing rooms despite a sharp intake of breathe and a lot of hope but because they were:

a) Navy
b) Cropped and
c) A style I had been looking for, for a long time...

I bought them in the optimism that one day they would work. So I guess this is the "one day" :)

Trousers: Miss Selfridge
Top: GAP (old)
Cardigan: Forever 21 (I really like this - it's in stores at the moment. It's made of cotton, and has a creased finish to it which makes it look quite cool. Well, for about £15 I am happy with it :)
Bag: Miu Miu
Shoes: Guess
Sunglasses: Raybans

Plans for the day

So Friday is my Saturday...let me explain this.

The UAE weekend is a Friday/Saturday.....making Thursday the new Friday (in the true sense) and Sunday a workday. It screws with your mind a little but it does feel right not to work on a Friday, I have to say :)

I think a trip to the mall beckons....I saw a blogpost this week featuring some new shoes/boots from Steve Madden and it literally burned an imprint in my mind. Fingers crossed for some goodies :)


  1. Very nice! I may have done this once or twice..we won't tell, lol!

    And it's worse in Saudi Arabia, where Saturday = Monday, I never got used to that!

  2. @Jacquie - wow that would definitely take some getting used to :)

  3. Due to humidity over here in HongKong, I don't feel comfy wearing things consecutively more than 1 day :S

    I like your crumbled/creased style light jacket/cardigan :D



  4. Love love love this outift Laura!

    The cropped navy trousers look so chic, I love the cardigan too. Is it online at F21, cant seem to see it and I dont have a F21 near me :(

    M xxx

  5. @Jacq - god bless air conditioning :)

    @Melissa - i did have a quick look on the website and couldn't spot it :( i also got it in a jade green colour :) it's a good'un!

  6. These trousers are amazing. As is the top. Happy weekend!


  7. You look great and there is nothing wrong with wearing the same stuff twice :-)
    Enjoy your weekend!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  8. I love the top. And the cardigan. And the trousers, perfect length IMO. And the bag! Oh em Gee, the bag! Cannot decide whether gray or pink makes me swoon more. Have a lovely weekend and I hope after the shopping trip you will show us the loot.

  9. I have done that too, specially in times when I haven't dropped a sweat on it anyway. Perfumes are your besties in times like this.. Haha! But I won't go farther than 2 consecutive days, eek! Haha...

    I love the ruffled top. Buying something to inspire you to slim down is definitely a nice trick to let you know that you need to kick some ass in dieting/exercising. :D

  10. I must confess that yes, (that was a hideous rhyme) in dire "I need to get out the door pronto but can't find a single thing to wear" moments I have previously worn the same thing out two days in a row. Not that there's anything wrong with it, but it does get a little awkward when you forget that you'll be with the same people all day on both days :/

    I adore the pants too! They'd be a nice and safe alternative to my obsession with black skinny jeans.

    Hope you're having a good day, because I'm super jealous of the hot weather over there!

    xo Ash

  11. When I really love something I will wear it twice...amoung different groups of people and dont tell them haha.
    Free shipping to uk for offers over £50 atm so very tempted to do my first ever forever 21 shop!
    You look lovely, nice ensemble!


  12. im off to a designer outlet this weekend, hoping for some bargains, fingers crossed to the shopping gods all round this weekend :D


  13. Who hasnt worn the same outfit two days in a row? Ha Ha - I think everyone does it, secretly xox

  14. I love the cardigan ahhh and the handbag don't even get me started....I covet your handbags.

  15. I sometimes wear the same outfit two days in a row too, if I particularly loved it I can't bear not to! xx

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  16. Pah! If I REALLY love my outfit I can go 3 days straight! Bahaha! :) I have a dress I bought to slim into.....still waiting...... xx

  17. I've been waiting 2years to slim into a pair of trousers I bought :-(

    Enjoy your friday!! xx

    ps. I wore a new dress from F21 two days in a row ;-)

  18. I definitely have done it... Some days I just love my outfit so much that it makes me want to wear it the next day. But I only do it on the weekend.
    My Mom in law works in Saudi Arabia and her weekends are weird. Friday off though sounds amazing!

  19. Laura I was so excited when I learned you had a new blog! I've missed you since you don't make videos anymore so I will enjoy reading this!

  20. Beautiful trousers!! I would wear them twice in a row! he he
    George | frecklie.blogspot.com

  21. your miu miu bag is beautiful!

  22. I'll keep your secret if you keep mine - I wear the same outfit back to back...all the time.

    Although I try to do it when I know I'll be seeing different people...unfortunately that's not always the case..



  23. lovely outfit, shhh we all done that :) I love your top it is gorgeous ,have a lovely weekend Laura x

  24. Love this outfit your top is really pretty. Have a lovely weekend xx

  25. Love the ruffles on your shirt! Great outfit, I can see why you wore it twice. :)

  26. great outfit, i'll wear it twice too!but honestly, i'm missing your mk gold watch,lol. have a great day.

  27. I can't wait to see what shoes you end up getting! I got my Steve Madden Grettas and I LOVE them, even though they make me fall on city streets =P


  28. I have serious handbag envy! x

  29. I have done that before, especially when you find the perfect fitting trousers, I love those cropped ones! I've just found the perfect skinny cords from topshop, love them! Oh and I've got trousers sitting in my wardrobe, bit too tight...

  30. I think the colour of the shirt looks lovely, i wanted a blazer this colour but this cotton shirt looks just as lovely (if not more!) x

  31. Looks lovely laura


  32. Such a cute classic outfit! :)
    Bella xo

  33. I too am guilty of wearing an outfit two days in a row. (:
    - K



  34. Hi Laura, its so good to see you again:)
    I've just watched gemma's what's in my bag video and heard that you've opened a new blog here. I missed your videos and your lines so much. I will and can stick tightly with your blog again, how amazing it is. And looking forward to see your return to youtube as well. XXXXX

  35. I'm definitely guilty of wearing the same thing twice in a row!

    Good old Middle Eastern weekends. In my youth it was Thursday-Friday and when they decided to switch it up to Friday-Saturday it was utter hell trying to wake up on a Thursday morning for school :P

  36. great look!love the shirt!

  37. Back when I was working and not in school, there would be weeks where I would spend one day at the downtown store, and the next at the West Vancouver store.
    I'd always wear the same outfit twice, and no one was the wiser.

  38. very nice outfit! it deserved to be worn twice :)

  39. love reading your blog!! I do miss watching your youtube videos but understand why you don't do them anymore.
    I've worn the same outfit two days running before so don't worry!!
    Love the outfit!
    Keep up the fab work on your blog. I'm a follower! have a great weekend! :)

  40. yeah i kind of do that... but i tend to mix it with a couple of fresh items to keep it new...
    lollipop26, i miss your vlogs about beauty stuff, bring them back!


  41. Haha I totally LOL'd when I read the post title, don't you love when you have a cute outfit and you just want to wear it again the next day?! Totally done that!


  42. I love your outfit head to toe! U always choose these nice colors....Everything looks so comfy and perfect...no wonder you wore it twice!

  43. I used to live in Iran years ago and so I understand your Friday/Saturday as Sat/Sun! Was weird to have to go to school on Sunday.

  44. Love the outfit! Yay for getting into tight pants. ;)
    I seem to wear the same outfit two days in a row when I'm on vacation. I take everything in my closet but wear 5 things. Go figure. :) xo

  45. i've done it!! hahahaha
    recently went out of town.. and only had one staple item in my luggage :))
    love the bag.. it's calling me "momma"..


  46. Perfect outfit and I love that color for the bag. 100% perfect!