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6 Nov 2011

Mint shorts and Get Running winners...

I am a big fan of coloured denim. I haven't really dabbled enough in that trend and I do consider a bright indigo or red pair every now and then.

A recent-ish concession to colour came in this little mint short - little being the operative word: I think these officially count as the shortest shorts I have worn outside my front door. 

I initially saw a pair of shorts I loved - same shade - on the American Apparel website but at £40ish for something that would be classified as "novelty" rather than "staple", I just couldn't do it. This pair is the Forever 21 rip-off and I got them back in July. Now of course I wish I had got them in more colours because they are so comfortable and I love a little blast of colour.

I wore them to pop to Waitrose at Marina Mall for my lunch....well to clarify, Waitrose and a sneaky side trip to New Look where I found another gorgeous blouse for next to nothing :) Can't wait to show and tell later this week!

Shorts: Forever 21 
Shirt: Whistles
Blazer: ASOS - Link!
Shoes: Tory Burch
Bag: MiuMiu
Sunglasses: Raybans
Perfume: (I keep forgetting to record this - Sephora Monoi spray which is a bit weird if I am honest but makes me feel quite summery and beachy)

NOTE: No face shots. My face clearly wasn't feeling it today. We all get days like that - especially at that time of the month!

On the makeup tiff....I am quite pleased that the stuff that I now reach for everyday fits into a little linen bag:

I look at this condensed collection everyday and think: "I'm normal!!!"

Of course we don't mention nor think about the little stash that I have left in a cupboard - one day at a time :)

Re: The Get Running app competition

Thank you to everyone who has entered the competition! I used our good old friend random.org to generate the 10 numbers which then married up to the timestamps in which the comments were received.

I have included the winners names below and all they have to do is email me at:


I can then return the email with the link you need to download the app. And that's it!  :)

So the winners are...

1.) Sian-Tastic
2.) Zud (no blogger profile to link to)
3.) Sylvia
4.) Jessica
5.) Emma
6.) Nanna
7.) KatyaPokrovskaya
8.) Judes
9.) Tina
10.) Lisabolsen


  1. oooh, loving these mint shorts. I don't have the weather or legs for these but if I did I'd totally be hunting a pair down.

    I did my nails this color just a few days ago! Love mint at the moment.

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING <3 xxx

    GIVEAWAY on my blog at the moment, feel free to enter if you like :)


  2. Those mint shorts look awesome! It goes really well with the weather in Dubai. WELL JEL.

    What I would do to be in Dubai right now. SIGH.


  3. Hi Laura, my name is Ellie, what is your favourite shop and what shop would you reccomend for winter clothing. -x-. <3

  4. If you don't mind, can you have a short simple post with shots on the contents of your make up bag!?? it looks seducing when you keep things out-focus and hidden deep inside ><

    Jacq :)


  5. Ahhhh amazing shorts, i love the colour! Look at your killer pins too!

    Victoria - VIPXO - http://www.vipxo.co.uk

  6. These are amazing! Such a good colour, wish I'd picked up a pair like this over the summer.


  7. I love how these shorts give your outfit an instant pop of colour! Might go buy a bright pair :) xxxx

  8. So lovely, not sure if i could pull them off like you do though!


  9. Hi Laura,

    Can you show us what's in that makeup bag?

  10. i've never seen a pair of shorts in this colour before and i have to say that they're absolutely lovely! i think next summer i'm definitely going to invest in a few pairs of denim shorts (shocking that i don't own a pair, i know) with some being in lovely bright colours :) X

  11. Oooh love those shorts! <3


  12. wow. i love those shorts! xoxo

  13. I love those shorts, such a gorgeous colour!


  14. Eeeeee I love those shorts! I agree, little pops of colour now and then is good, but I to similarly to you, live in my neutrals.


  15. These shorts are gorgeous, I love the colour. They are short but not indecent and look great on your pins! xx
    Visit The Other Side Of Cool
    Tweet me! @othersideofcool

  16. Ha, I've just had to empty my 'most used' items out of my makeup bag and back into the drawer. They tend to migrate and then the drawer ends up sparse! Love the shoes! xx

  17. vanilla coconut is my fav too, strangely mine has also turned a dark amber in bottle...

  18. Love those mint shorts! I've been meaning to pick up a nail polish in a minty green. I think it is such a pretty color.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. oh laura, i started getting so jealous of you, i'm literally freezing here in birmingham, seeing you in gorgeous bright colors just make me say..i wish..:) just come back to uk hun, i need some inspiration on my winter wardrobe:)) (as always inspiration=to copy)

  21. cute! you're always rocking the most interesting pieces, I love it!

  22. Big fan of your blog Laura. Please check out mine. www.spasara86.blogspot.com

  23. Those are an amazing colour, so pretty great to brighten up a cold day x

  24. I'm too chicken to wear shorts but I admire them on others! The colour is absolutely lovely. I bought a bright red pair of Skinnies at Topshop which I love at the moment..

  25. I love the color of those shorts!

  26. The shorts look great on you! And congrats to all the contest winners! :)

    xx Veronica

  27. your short is so cute! love this color!
    and I love your miu miu bag^^
    so cute! ♥

  28. those shorts are such a nice colour! everytime I see you with that bag it makes me want to get it even more!


  29. Shorts are in a such perfect color!!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  30. Laura,
    Your mint green shorts are refreshing to see and you sport them well :)
    You definitely have the body to pull this off and although you say they are short, you somehow make the look classy!

  31. Awesome shorts! I love the color :)

  32. GAH! I wish I could wear some shorts right now!! :) Loving your style, never seen someone rock the mint shorts before.


  33. What is in your everyday bag?

  34. Btw Laura
    I am on the search for perfect leggings(by perfect i mean they have good support, not super thin so you can see every ripple haha and easy on the wallet. i do not mind have to purchase a couple pairs each season because a pet pev for myself if fading as well) and blazer. plain simple perfect blazer that will last and last. I am saving now although I really cant afford anything more than 100$ and even that is a stretch. id be thrilled walking out paying anywhere from 50-75$. I live in america too, Dallas TX to be exact so it cant be super heavy as its not ever that cold here. we pretty much have everything but topshop, river island. zara, nordstroms, h&m, etc. One more thingggg, longgg vnecks. white, black, grey, etc and long. Any thoughts or help?

  35. love love your shorts, they look really good on you and I am very jealous that you could wear shorts where you are since it's freaking cold here already
    have a great week xx

  36. You sure have got the legs for it! Cute outfit :)

  37. haha love you. I'm used to wearing obscenely short shorts- those are not too short, they look fine. I like colored denim too but then feel too "hipster" and don't wear it. My favorite is electric blue, I have a couple of pairs of jeans that i really need to wear more. Love the photos on the marina, it looks so pretty. Always so much nicer to see pictures outside x

  38. Slowly getting into Get Running! Just need to push myself more, but it's all through your recommendation!

  39. OMG. Kinda stunned speechless that I won. o.O and on a more related note, I love the shorts! <3 tempted to buy myself a pair ;3

  40. Hiya Laura, I know this is totally unrelated to this post but I watched your youtube video all the time and I remember you wore a sleeping cross necklace. Can you pleas tell me where I can get one as I have been looking for it everywhere!

    Love the blog. xo

  41. I LOVE this outfit and I love your bag even more !

    - alexasbeauty.blogspot.com

  42. I love ASOS and TopShop too! I think I just found my new fav fashion blog! You work it girl!


  43. I love your shorts, you couldn't get away with them in Scotland at the moment - Its freezing!
    I have severe bag envy, you own my dream bag! x

  44. come back summer! i need some mint green shorts! Xx

  45. cute shorts love the colour!


  46. Those shorts are such a pretty colour and I love how you've paired them with the blazer! x

  47. love the colour of these shorts, very summery :D


  48. So jel you can wear shorts in autumn. Lol i was freezing my butt off today in tights!!

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