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22 Nov 2011

Mooching around Samui

I escaped the gates of my resort for a drive round Koh Samui yesterday. It was good to get out and play serious tourist for the day, snapping pictures and visiting the Golden Buddha, the Butterfly Garden, Fisherman's Village etc...

I have included some random pictures below for another crazily picture heavy post. I am sorry about this - I will get it out of my system once I get back to Dubai (FYI - fly back tomorrow!)

I wore my trusty H&M shorts, New Look blouse and couldn't resist the compulsion to add a recent purchase - a cream/taupe pashmina/scarf that I picked up in MBK. This is probably the best £3 ever spent - ombre finish and super handy.

NB: My hair is transitioning into full on frizz attack in the picture which is probably why I look like a sulky moo.

On my feet I sported Tory Burch flats coupled with the gnarliest - yes I am using that word - bruise on my foot.

Thanks to a metal rod sticking out of a wall at Bangkok airport I managed to pick up this little "souvenir" on my way to the departure gate and it has come out looking like an aurora. Ouch.

Shorts: H&M
Shirt: New Look - Link!
Shoes: Tory Burch
Scarf: MBK
Bag: Miu Miu

Before I go I have to share with you some fantastic lip product purchases made in Bangkok. I was looking round a store called Loft - which by the way sells amazing stationary...cute little page post-its and bookmarks anyone?

...and noticed that they had a small selection of Canmake cosmetics. A Japanese (I think!) brand, they have a lipstick range called...Melty Nude Lip.

Cue an internal swoon as I make my way over to place products into basket

I got two - each cost under the £5 mark. The quality is more than just a passing nod to YSL - yep, they are that good. Soft, pigmented and with a metallic rose packaging - I love almost everything about them and would say that if you can get hold of them, go for it!

I got 01 Baby Beige (left - and clearly already attacked and used by myself) and 03 Baby Pink (my absolute favourite - reminds me of a slightly creamier MAC Hue).

These two beauties have renewed my interest in Japanese cosmetics. I used to be somewhat obsessed with the likes of Kate, Majolica Majorca and Canmake but it can be tricky keeping up with the trends. I really must get my finger on the pulse of these kind of product releases - lipsticks can be life-changing after all :)

PS. Thank you to all of you for your support on my blog - I am nearly at 5000 followers already and I really appreciate you taking the time to follow. x


  1. Wow, looks like your having a fab time and seeing some great stuff. I envy you, Samui is so nice, wish I was there again now!

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING x
    Enter my HANDBAG GIVEAWAY if you like...

  2. Meant to say 'gnarliest' made me laugh, great word. You've dressed that blouse down so nicely too! Looking great! :)

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING x

  3. @Ugly Duckling - haha there was no other word to describe it. it's sort of amazing to look at but bloody ugly. hope it fades soon! :)

  4. Amazing pictures, I'm now getting pretty desperate for a DSLR!! Samui looks very peaceful compared to Bangkok. Glad you're enjoying your holiday, it is very good of you to take time out and share it with us all!

  5. The lipsticks look amazing! As does your holiday. Well deserved, I think, you always seem to be working so hard, so it's a good thing you had some time to relax.
    Did I mention the fact that those lipsticks look ah-may-zing?! Great, now I have to go to Bangkok... :)

  6. @essjay23x - i would say save up/beg for xmas whatever you have to do...DSLR's are worth every penny. I took all these photos with the same cheapy 50mm lens too...frigging love my Canon :) I just can't get away without blogging - feel bad if I leave it too long :) x

    @Ina - They are so fab. Ebay them - especially for the baby pink :) Thanks so much!

  7. Wow, those are pretty!

    I was scrolling down, thinking: 'this is all getting a bit deep and cultured'. Sigh f relief at the OOTD and lippy pics. :D

  8. i can't wait to see those lipstick on you!
    are you on holiday all the time? ahah, lucky you!



  9. Thank YOU for blogging! I was devasted when you were on that break! I will always refer to you as lollipop26 ;)!

    Visit my new blog if you like!

  10. @Saf - you always need a balance of deep and shallow :)

    @Mila - ahhh i wish. working in Dubai now so whilst it is a holiday-type place I am holed up in an office most of the time. boo!

    @Oohlala - haha thankyou :) some of my friends take the piss and refer to me as that too...or rather lollipop31 :)

  11. Hi doll thanks for sharing abit of your trip! Hope that bruise goes away quick smart and safe return ;).

  12. Sawadee ka !!!
    the pashmina doesn't look 3 pounds when you are the one wearing it Laura. I like your whole attire and so happy that we own the same Reva TB flats :)

    I will be going to the nearest store tom. and check out the Canmake lippies you mentioned. The colors are very wearable. Thank you for sharing those :) Have a wonderful vacay. I love Thai too !!

  13. Koh Samui looks beautiful, brings back memories of my holiday to Thailand. and ouch! that bruise looks nasty. Enjoy the rest of your hols xoxo

  14. Beautiful!


  15. Great that you've played being a tourist for the mean time in Bangkok! :)

    I see that you're getting some dibs on Laneige lipsticks if I've seen that right. Can't wait what you'd tell about those lippies. :D

    That bruise on your foot is--- OUCH! Oh well, bruises are the best reminder after all... for whatever reason we've acquired such bruise. :P Hehe.

    Great pictures, btw! I love Buddha statues. :)


  16. WHOOPS! I read that lippies wrong, it's Canmake!!! :) Anyways, still can't wait what you'd say about them. :P

  17. your photography skills are now beyond amazing! i especially love the woman with umbrella and the lil froggy one!

  18. Those lipsticks look so nice! Really want some now haha

    Looks like you are having an amazing time. Very jealous

    - Allie x

    Allie UK Blog

  19. I think your hair looks fantastic, i love the waves. I wonder how you can walk in these Tory Burch flats! The gold metal hardware gets stuck into my foot every 2 steps and it hurts :-(

  20. lovely photography and you look FANTASTIC lady!!! :) xx

  21. So amazing. x hivenn p.s enter my $200 shopbop giveaway?

  22. Lovely pictures! And it looks warm there, that's a bonus. Try if you can find some "My Beauty Diary" sheet masks. I love the Black Pearl one and the Birds Nest one!

  23. Hey....LOVE lots of pictures!

    Have fun....enjoying all your posts

  24. i loveee the canmake shading powder, it is awesome.

    Thailand looks amazing! hope you're having a lovely time xx

  25. @Ellysmakeupbag - oh that's rubbish! I have never had any problems with the TB Reva's - slightly pinchy on a metallic pink pair but they got nicely worn in quickly. I would consider taking yours back as that doesn't sound right at all!

    @fashion written with a lipstick and @Jazzy E - thank you ladies!

    @Tine_77 - my last stop tomorrow is Bangkok airport so shall keep fingers crossed that it comes up with some goodies. Thank you for the recommendation.

    @Diana - thank you for looking!

  26. Don't apologize for these posts! I love looking at vacation pictures like these. :) Those lipsticks sound amazing! Pretty colors too.

  27. I love these posts! Your photos are so good! Hope your foot clears up. I won't lie, I did a little Nutty Professor 'Sherman' clap when I found out you had another blog! haha xx Please stay with us this time Laura xx

  28. I will be on the lookout for these little beauties when I get to Hong Kong next week. Literally drooling with anticipation over Asian cosmetics binge! Your lip recommendations never disappoint, Larua.

  29. ps. I second @Tine_77 My Beauty Diary sheet mask recommendations. Black pearl is my favorite too!

  30. Amazing pictures! And you deserve more than 5000 followers!

  31. gosh, these photos are so brill and sounds like such an amazing time, truly inspired to travel after uni is done with! great purchases, so interesting!

  32. Ouch! sorry about your bruise! Love the pictures though. I felt like I transported over there. Love the OOTD btw.

  33. Those lipsticks look amazing :) I hope your foot gets better soon :| that bruise looks so bad! Well done for reaching 5000 followers! Your one of my favourite bloggers :)xxx

  34. Amazing photos. Love the look of the lipsticks!
    Hope you foot gets better too, sounds painful!


  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. Wow! Laura, I love Canmake products and I'm completely obsessed with their products. They are higly pigmented, longlasting and can easily give any high end products run for their money. I use their lipliner with highlights in #03 and the melty nide lip # 04 Peach beige. It is the only nude lipstick that covers my pigemented lips and gives it even tone without completely making me looked washed out on my tan skin. I have used MAC, LOREAL nude lipsticks but this is the best of all. I also use their cream blush, nail polishes. I highly recommend it and the price is so cheap and costs only half of what MAC costs.


  37. Hey Laura!...I hear you on the obsession with Japanese cosmetics;-)) I Just discovered them a few years ago and was blown away! As you mentioned, some of their "drugstore" products rival the high end stuff. If you get a chance you should try Lavshuca Moist Melting Bars. I was a "gloss only" gal for the past decade but as soon as I tried one of these lippies I knew I could never do without! They single handedly changed my mind about wearing lipstick again! Don't know if you've tried the Cover Girl Lip Perfection lipsticks but they too are pretty "obsession" worthy! Definitely beat out most of my Chanel and YSL lippies ;-D

  38. thank YOU for comming back with a blog!! Been enjoying it very muchas!! <3

    ps. secrety still hoping for a video though.. :p

  39. love love love your blog. i usually dont comment because it is just not my thing. but i have been thinking about getting a pair of tory burch flats, and i see you have several pairs,so im just wodering how well do they fit? do they starch after several wears? please reply this. Thank you thank you thank you.

  40. Congrats on the 5000+ followers! I love following your blog so that is no surprise to me :) Can't wait for the rest of your pictures. I love colorful travel pics and you always give a really nice mix with interesting words to it!
    xxx Liesbeth

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  42. I LOVE Japanese makeup and will start reviewing a lot of it soon!

    I want that scarf! such a steal!


  43. The photo of the butterfly is amazing. I'm quite jealous of your photography skills. I'd love to visit Thailand, I'll need to add that to my already long "places to visit" list.

  44. Amazing photos - apart from the bruised foot, looks extremely painful!! I remembered you saying a few posts back you were reading the book Before I go to sleep (hmm that sounds a bit stalkery - I only remember cos it's one of my faves, ha!) and I read in Grazia they're about too make it into a film. Pretty exciting stuff! xx


  45. Wonderful pictures! I loooovvee the Tory Burch shoes!! <3


  46. woderful phots as was a wonderful place!
    And you look perfect in these outfit :)
    like your style..
    pass in my space if you want.. bye for now :)

    xoxo FF

  47. Wow the pictures are awesome, I have been wanting to go to Thailand for a long time but back then i worked as a dental hygienist and i didn't make enough for it. Now I work from home selling import export goods, and sure enough in a short time I saved enough! In a few months I will be going with my friends to Bangkok! Hangover style.

  48. I have been loving your blog! I have been searching through past ones to find out which type of Balenciaga bag you have - I am in love! If you get a chance, I'd really love to know.

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  52. I dont want to tell you how to run your blog, but what if you added something to maybe get peoples attention? Just like a video or animation to get people excited about the pics. In my opinion, some tips for putting Koh Samui land for sale would make your blog come to life a little bit.


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