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10 Nov 2011

The Sequinned T-Shirt

I am excited about this post for a few reasons:

a) It features sequins
b) The top is not expensive - and we all like bargains; and
c) It gives me an opportunity to introduce a YouTuber I really enjoy watching - and from whom I saw feature this top.

So let's start in reverse order.

I saw this top featured in the background of Ally's videos. It loitered on a hanger and with every video she posted I would admire it....well I would admire that and her handbag collection (watch this and you will be filled with envy and awe - Link!)

In one video she answered a question - posed by another sequin fan - and revealed that the top was from Zara and was not expensive at all.

Well clearly upon this news I scheduled a visit to Zara and a couple of weeks later was meandering through the store and spied it on one of those racks outside the changing rooms.

Nabbed it. Purchased it. Loved it.

It's absolutely gorgeous and for £20 is a fantastic bargain. Sometimes I balk at Zara price tags but this was one time that I was pleasantly surprised - almost shocked. Without wishing to sound like a daytime TV fashion spot, I do also think its season appropriate - a perfect party season piece.

So here we have it...a heavily sequined short sleeve top, with matte finish silver disks layered over a gauze material. The length hit's mid-hip and can therefore worn out...

 Or tucked in....

On it's own for a statement...

 Or shrouded within a blazer...

Whatever you fancy :)

Now it would be remiss of me to not warn you that this scratches if worn without a body or vest top underneath. If you're into self-flagellation then knock yourself out  but for me there is no way this can be worn comfortably without a body acting as a barrier between skin and gauze. I suppose this is where the price tag comes into consideration - if it was double the price then it might be a little softer.

Hey, I am such a sucker for a bargain that I will take it as is! :)

Top: Zara - Link!
Blazer: H&M
Accessories: Necklace from Tiffany, watch from Rolex and bracelet from Accessorize.

You may also be pleased to hear that my beauty hauling mojo hit me recently. I was in MAC and I had this urge to spend oodles of cash and buy loads of products. I didn't of course and it has honestly been a long time since I blew money on makeup. I sort of miss that giddy thrill that comes with it :)

I did however, stumble across the best lipgloss of recent releases: Good Times. This coupled with Hue (a steady favourite for the last 6 years) is a lip combination I am very excited about right now!

Have a great Thursday all and don't forget to subscribe to Ally!


  1. i really like the top tucked into your jeans :-)
    and that lipgloss looks like the perfect every day colour. but i blow way too much money on makeup, so im giving a shot at project "10 pan".

  2. Really nice top and at a great price - I've been meaning to buy something with sequins for the Xmas party season. Im off to Westfield tonight - will make a stop at Zara. ps love your jewellery taste btw :) x

  3. Love the t-shirt, perfect for jeans and blazer kind of day.
    I'm obsessed with hue, been my fave for a while now, definitely going to try the gloss.

  4. I love versatile items like this top. Just went onto the website but its out of stock in silver ANd black :-( boooo.
    You look fab in it!

    Holli x

  5. Love this top and definitely going to try the Hue/Good Times combo :)


  6. Gorgeous top, especially love it under the blazer xoxo

  7. Great shirt! Thanks for putting the link to her channel. I loved watching the purse collection! xo~C

  8. I love sequins (anything that glitters really). This top is so pretty and I love it paired with a blazer.

  9. @nana - ah project 10 pan :) those were the days ;) Good luck!

    @Parveen - thankyou! yes, scope out the random racks as that is where i found mine ;)

    @Kelly - this is seriously my 5th Hue - maybe even more than that. It never gets old :)

    @Dragon Mummy - oh boo!!! check out your local store and it might turn up :)

    @Boscy - it's a creamy, pale mauve look that I love ;) Hope you do too!

    @Adele - thank you Adele!

    @Crystal - yes i know...it will leave you drooling!

  10. I am going through a bit of a sequin phase at the moment and therefore love this post... :)

  11. Ohh I love the hair flip action in the 3rd photo - haha :) I think this time of the year definitely calls for sequins.
    I was just thinking about that metallic kimono top you wore a while back - wish I had snagged that. Wonder if I'll feel the same way about this top!

  12. LOVE the top especially paired with a white blazer! looking gorgeous!


    Fashion Fractions

  13. What Tiffany's necklace is that? x

  14. Ooh love these tee - they have a similar style in H&M but I loved and left it...may have to give Zara a go!

  15. LOVE!! Will hunt for this at Zara when I go to Toronto next week. The fact that Zara don't ship to Canada/take Canadian credit cards and the closest store is 4 hours away is really getting to me. ho hum. you look amazing as always and love all the ways you put it together.

  16. Gorgeous top! :)
    P.S Loving your hair xx

  17. LOVE the top!!! I think I need it now ha ;)

  18. Fab top Laura! will defo check it out in zara this weekend!I am at the hairdressers tomorrow and I really love your cut at the moment, have u been snipping yourself of did you brave the scissors where you got your colour done?
    I was wondering what to ask for to achieve your kind of look, my hair is a similar length to yours :)
    Also....when will the new 'new look' shirt be revealed??? :)

  19. I've just clicked the link to buy this online and it's already sold out! Definitely going to head to Zara this weekend and try and get my hands on it! x

  20. such a cute top!perfect for the holiday season:)


  21. Thank you sooo much Laura for mentioning me in your post..you have amazing taste and I have been a subscriber/follower for so long that i am honestly a little star struck! :)

    Thank you once again for taking the time to write about my channel..


  22. i was almost having an heart attack on Ally's handbag collection :) i love the top, kinda reminds me of your (and mine lol) j crew sequin top, need to visit zara (i only do that on their sale)

  23. Ohhh wow that looks so nice with those jeans, must go and have a look at it!. Bargain!

  24. Ally is one of my fellow You Tube friends! ;) I love her vids xx

  25. Love sequin tops and this one is amazing and such a bargain, I've seen a gold one I like in topshop but a lot more expensive! x

  26. OMG I want! Absolutely stunning top! I also love your hair like that, the waves and volume really suit you! xxx

  27. Hi Laura, Your Skin is glowing and is so even toned. Do you still use Clarisonic? Is it the magic of that?


  28. Ah! I was looking for something nice enough to go out to this event I'm going too but they are sold out- boo! hopefully find another one! xxx

  29. @melissa - no snipping - i am growing out layers at the moment though so it's much longer at the back and shorter at the front. i always ask for long layers and a sweeping fringe (long layers again). :) I really should go to the hairdressers but don't think i actually will until next year. Naughty me :)

    @Phoebe - hope you find it! i found it in a random spot in store. I know they have a more expensive version of this so maybe that's better to get? Warning though if you do buy this it's not majorly comfortable to wear - definitely need a body underneath :)

    @Sd - exactly! I feel quite festive with it on :) haha

    @MissAllyV - you are very very welcome! thank you for your fabulous videos!

    @m i s s a r c h - i will say that the J Crew version is 100 times more comfortable and it's much better quality but then price wise it was a lot more. But then this is silver so thats my reason for having it :) haha

    @Makeup Meoww - really hope you find it in store. Such a good bargain!

    @Claire - i think i have seen your comments on her videos before :) It's so exciting to find new and great people on YT!

    @StyleFrost - yes, I was majorly shocked at the price stag.

    @Charlotte's Collection - thank you! trying to keep it up :) feels nice to get away from my naturally straight hair :)

    @Sabitra Limbu - i am actually one of the ones that didn't like the clarisonic at all. I hate the idea of travelling with that thing and honestly a muslin cloth and a good cleanser does a great job. I just keep it simple with Dermalogical Dermal Clay Cleanser, Effaclar K by La Roche Posay and Bioderma/face oil to remove makeup....oh yeah and tons of Studio Fix Fluid :) haha

    @Confessions of a makeuplover - it's that time of year so I bet lots of shops have this kind of thing in stock!

  30. Thanks very much for your response Laura, I will try asking for that.
    It looks really lovely to say you've not had it cut for a while! Your colour looks great too, I like the blonde flashes you've had done :)

  31. @Shortiee31 - haha! i always love to see your comments :) we have been on the scene for a long time :)

    @Amy Roto - yay for hair flips! haha. I thought it looked like I had my own personal wind machine and that I enjoyed very much :) I tell you what - you need the kimono. I have worn it so much and slip it on over pretty much anything. It's a fantastic piece that is well worth it. Hope you find it if you decide to look for it :)

    @Principesa Constanze and @Neris - thank you so much girls!

    @Sarah - it's called Diamond by the Yard by Elsa Peretti and is the .5 carat version :) It's super tiny and Tiffany diamonds are notoriously rubbish quality BUT I like the design!

    @Jen - ooh I didn't see this kind of thing in my local H&M. Must look harder :)

    @Zoe - thanks Zoe!

    @Sandra - I recommend it but as I mentioned in the post: be prepared to itch a bit :) Still for the price its a fab piece! :) Hope you find it and look forward to the Toronto Haul vid ;) heehee

    @glamour rouge and @aracely - thank you :)

  32. SO gorgeous! I found a lovely gold one from H&M: http://www.hm.com/gb/product/97000?article=97000-B

    ;) gotta share the sequin love! xx

  33. @Shabna - thank you! have just tweeted that. I wouldn't be surprised if it's made in exactly the same place!

  34. Omgg I love ittt!! Its so versatile! Ugh I wish I could pull off the throw on a t-shirts and jeans and go look!
    You look so pretty and I'm really loving your hair! Gonna have to check out Phyto!!

  35. looks very similar to a dress i have!!

  36. oh dear.... i need this top and its not available online.... fingers crossed my store has it in and in my size! :) PANIC!

  37. That T-shirt is great! I love it :) and you can wear it in some many ways! :)

  38. That top is so glam. I really love it with the blazer.

    Kindness is the best accessory,

  39. you look incredible in the top laura! i think it looks great anyway you wear it which is always a plus :) X

  40. I love this top. It is great and I love the way you have styled it.



  41. really love the top, you look lovely as always :D


  42. so glad that you've made me aware of this wonderful bargain, such a great xmas top. Love a bit of sparkle, you look lovely!


  43. my all time favorite blogger, always love reading your posts

  44. i've been looking for something like this...but in a vest form.


  45. Gorgeous top! I am loving sequins at the moment :D


  46. Wow! Love that sequined t-shirt!!
    I have been oogling over clustered sequined shirts, dresses, blazers-you name it, I have been lusting after it...but like you said, the price tag is always scoffable!
    I just hope Zara in Canada has the same t-shirt!
    Great post as per usual!


  47. It's interesting...this looks so much nicer in your pics than on the site. Just lovely!

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