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30 Dec 2011

The Ash Vibration Trainer + outlet shopping success!

It's been a good couple of days.

First of all my parent's Christmas parcel finally arrived - in tact. I now have all my little Christmas presents and some cards that brought a tear to my eye.

Then this morning I made my way to Dubai Outlet Mall. I had such low expectations - I imagined a half hour lap round the place and a promise to never waste my time again. However, the first few shops I went to offered all sorts of tempting stuff - beautiful Celine shoes, Alexander Wang boots, Chloe belts and...jeans. Jeans are the mainstay of outlets the world over and I got two fantastic pairs for a total of 300 AED (AKA £50) - one pair from Acne and one pair from J Brand. Result!

This is what I wore/am wearing today. Same old, same old but with something just slightly new and different...

Jeans: Cheap Monday
Tee: American Eagle
Blazer: River Island
Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Bag: Celine
Shoes: Ash

Yes the shoes are new. There is a backstory so prepare yourselves.

The story

In getting these shoes I broke a rule.

I am anti Converse-looking-shoes-that-are-not-Converse. It irks me.

But, and I am assuming that you do not follow the mundane minutiae of all I tweet, about 2 months ago I linked to a site called danielfootwear.com and these trainers/sneakers.

Made by Ash, grey leather (grey is one of my favourite shades for footwear as it's so neutral and therefore goes with everything) and STUDDING detail that I could not get out of mind. No joke, I thought about these every couple of days, sometimes checking them out online and seeing if they were still there. I basically stalked the hell out of these shoes but the price was the thing that put me off.

However, yesterday they turned up in my Xmas parcel. I could have/might have cried. They are so incredibly comfortable and a fantastic slouchy/weekend shoe that offers something a little extra.

Here is a close-up...

If you have any spare money (sure - we all have spare money! :p) then I would absolutely recommend them, particularly if you felt that plain old Converse were just too...well plain.

They are now in the sale, so although still priced at what I would think of as expensive, slightly more palatable.


PS. I just realised that might be the last post of 2011 - if it is then a safe and happy New Year to you all.

Thank you so much for making blogging fun this year and I look forward to doing it all again in 2012.



  1. @Heels are my drugs - haha great username! thank you!

  2. They are on sale now!
    They are gorgeous shoes i'm quite against converse too but i can see what you mean about these :)

    Hope you have a lovely new years!


  3. I see what you mean about being against converse look-a-like shoes! those shoes are pretty nice tho! still kinda pricey tho!


  4. I love the jeans! The shoes are cute, but I don't do flats, my feet are too big, I look like I have boats at the end of my legs in flats :-p

    Have a safe and great New Year's Eve!

  5. Sweet :)


  6. @TheCosmeticsCrave - thank you! you too!

    @Diana - i know: the price seems v. high but i suppose they would justify it with the leather? I am so pleased to have them :)

    @Musing on Beauty - ah I love flats! they are my post heel recovery shoes :) Have a great NYE too :)

  7. Great jeans, and those shoes are amazing! Wishing you the happy and blessed 2012, thanks for being such an inspiration!


  8. Wow I love your shoes, I much prefer them to converses !

  9. Nice shoes- I would dirty them straight away, but I guess living in Dubai you don't really get rain/mud that much. It's great when people get you something you have been wanting for aaages. There is a slight fear that sed product won't live up to the months of personal 'bigging it up'. Great when product is exactly what you wished for :)

    Happy New year to you too, and thanks for starting (continuing?) this blog this year. Has made the internet more fun (and slightly more harmful to my bank balance!!) xx

  10. I loved them! So casual yet sporty look. I am definitely gonna buy them!

    Tara Hussain

  11. That bag is soooo gorgeous! Argh! For my next bag, it's now either your one or the beloved Prada Classic Tote :)

  12. @Sarah - thank you Sarah - happy new year to you as well!

    @Peaches - thank you! love the leather and studding :)

    @Computergirl - dusty yes. rainy no :) thank you for all your lovely comments during the year :)

    @Pirate on Duty - thanks Tara! enjoy! :)

    @Phoebe - ah the Prada is also lovely :) Really enjoying this bag. Had one compliment from a guy on it today :) haha

  13. Happy New Year. Best of luck for Buy Now Blog Later in 2012. Good to have you back blogging.

  14. Love the trainers, know what you mean about converse, im not a fan either. These are really nice though.

    Glad you had a successful shopping trip!

    Happy New Year!

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING x


  15. I'm completely with you on the Converse thing. I suppose it's just hard to beat the real thing!

    The shoes are gorgeous though :)

    Makeup for Biochemists


  16. Always love your shopping stories! It really amuses me, e-v-e-r-y-t-i-m-e. :D

    I'm really digging the background. Plus you're wearing the Rayban that Carrie Bradshaw also wore in sex in the city 2. Ah it makes you more like Carrie Bradshaw! :D I secretly-now it's not- associate you with her. :D

    <a href="loveskinbest.blogspot.com:>LoveSkinBest</a>

  17. Happy New Year Laura. I love reading you blog, keep it going in 2012 :) xx


  18. i love the bag with this outfit. the mix of really relaxed and a bit more structure is lovely!
    i wish you a happy new year!

  19. Great finds :) And I love your blazer! Happy New Year, Laura xx

  20. Hello ! ( I know that this isn't really relevent~sorry)
    I really the ray-bans that you have ! I wanted to know if they are the MEDIUM arista ?
    Thank you very much !!!

  21. @Chloex - i think you have asked this questions before? Sorry I didn't get back to you! I just checked and most of the code details have rubbed off but they are the large aviator BB3025. HTH!

  22. ahhh...thank you sooo much !
    (off to buy it now :D )
    Hope you have a HAPPY NEW YEARR !!! :)

  23. Happy new year and thank you for sharing :)

  24. there is an outlet in Dubai? I must have missed that when I was there in September!

  25. Happy New Year! I have always been a bit of a sucker for Sketchers but do have plans to try Coverse (or alernatively after reading this, something alike) in 2012. I must also buy some new jeans or trousers of some kind. Every time I go shopping with such good intent, I walk away with bags of tops and dresses instead. Can not resist pretty tops!!!

  26. Thank you so much for all of your blogging this year. Your posts have been fun for me to read and have helped me to venture into some new fashion territory. You have also inspired me to start writing again! I hope you enjoy your New Years festivities. Can't wait for all the posts of next year :)

  27. I am in love with those shoes!! Anything with studs make me smile :) Happy New Year to you too!! So glad you're back to blogging :)

  28. Great comfy yet chic outfit! I have never been to the outlet mall in dubai but now I must remember to check it out next time I am in Dubai. Happy new year!


  29. Love these Laura! Like you, I go crazy for any kind of studded leather. I would love to see some videos from you in the new year...maybe an updated "What's In My Puse?" Have a happy NYE!

  30. Cute details on the sneakers! I had been eyeing (unfortunately they went on sale and no longer have my size) a pair of converse that are covered in black sequins. They are real converse, however, they look a little more rounded than regular converse. Wish I hadn't missed the sale..

  31. Your blazer is so gorgeous! Lovely pictures


  32. love your blog! excited for your posts in the new year, keep up the good work!

  33. when i first saw your post, i thought it said "ash vibrator training" and i was like WHAT!??? LOL oops! love your outfit!

  34. these shoes are lovely! i think if you love them then we'll love them =P thanks for everything this year! and we are all excited for your updates in 2012! happy new years!


  35. cute shoes! and of course LOVE the bag:) Thinking this will be purchased when i am in Paris In june:) i love Vacation splurges!

    happy new year!


  36. Laura-you of all people could get away with those sneakers! :)
    Happy New Year!
    xx Veronica

  37. Ash make my favourite sneakers. I have 3 pairs of their hi-tops.

  38. I’ve got the same no Converse-looking-shoes-that-are-not-Converse principle but, like you, I think I could make an exception for these beauties!

    Have a Happy New Year Laura!


  39. Love this outfit!!


  40. Laura,
    I'm brazilian and I'm always following you... I think you're gorgeous and really miss your youtube videos... So, please, as a new year's resolution, could you talk a little bit more about make up, skincare, perfumes and all those little things you used to share more (I know that you do here too)??
    Still... I always come here, cause I'm also into fashion and love your outfits!

  41. Errr I totally had a stupid moment where I read the title wrong and only saw the word 'Vibrator' :s I was like how on earth is she going to review that? Clearly need to slow down a bit when I read. I like Ash shoes.. I think these ones in particular make up for their god awful 'heel' trainers! AGH!!! xx

  42. Next time I go outlet shopping, jeans it is! Lovely outfit, the trainers are so brill, cannot resist a bit of studding! Happy new year!


  43. just stopping by to wish you a very Happy new year, have enjoyed reading your blog and seeing your awesome photos. All the best for 2012! x

  44. hope you have a very happy new year full of some wonderful people, food, and perhaps an alcoholic beverage or two. cheers.

  45. Nice jeans from the outlet! I'm really liking the shoes too...

  46. Happy new year to one of the best blogger I know!! love the outfit!


  47. been wanting to try jbrand jeans since forever!!! do you think they are worth the money?

  48. I feel the same about knock off chucks... but these shoes cannot be passed up ;)

  49. Cool outfit!!:D I love your sneakers and your bag!!:D

    Happy New Year!!:D


    Mia's Little Corner

  50. I'm anti Converse-looking-shoes-that-are-not-Converse too! But these are super cute :)
    This is my first comment on your blog and I have to tell you that I read the entire thing in one sitting. I'M ADDICTED! You've inspired me to start blogging again, too :)
    Happy NY x

  51. Bargain jeans! Happy new year! x

  52. THat Celine is amazing!
    great jacket too

    Happy new year!!!

  53. great ash converse looking shoes,lol. what are your thoughts on the famous ash trash boots?


  54. Hey Laura,

    I moved to Dubai about 6 mos ago and I'm surpried I havent spotted you yet, we seem to frequent similar places, haha. :)

    Did you see that Rouge Bunny Rouge makeup is 50% off at Bueaty Bay?

    Love your blog!

  55. you look lovely as usual, i am swooning over the bag hehe :D


  56. Those trainers are gorgeous!
    Just checked out the website you mentioned, and they've run out of my size!:( ....shame, as they're on sale as well...best get googling!

  57. I love those trainers, I'm so obsessed with anything with stud detail at the moment X

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