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6 Dec 2011

The Zara Cowboy Boots

I was so excited about this post for the following reasons:

a) I have been looking for the perfect black cowboy boots for some time
b) They are incredibly comfortable and have been a dream to wear; and
c) The price tag was not an extortionate one

It's a shame then that the photos turned out so dull but what else did I expect if I got them taken in an underground car park? The upside is that it makes me feel all cosy and wintery just looking at the photographic dullness.

Anyway, that aspect aside I absolutely love and recommend these. They were purchased on the same day as the glittery/vicious flats (clearly a major retail binge in Zara went down that day) and whilst the former cut my heels, these have been an absolute dream to wear. The authentic leather is soft and the heel adds an inch or two without crippling or causing discomfort.

I have always been interested in cowboy boots - but only the super plain variety. I just want a simple staple. These are certainly that. They are black. They lack decoration. They are boring. They are therefore perfect.

I cannot wait to wear these again. To me they seem like a good buy. They work in cold and warm weather and I think they will next be paired with a nice jersey skirt/dress - probably in black.

Jeans: Cheap Monday
Boots: Zara - Link!

I have to say that the TRF section of Zara is once again proving a fantastic spot for shopping. I bought a couple of other things from there (will feature later this week). The prices are reasonable and the quality is high. Typically, I seem to forget about checking that part of the store out but I think maybe I should head there first.

Finally, a very quick and genuine thanks to those of you who left comments on my last post. I was pleasantly surprised at how many of us get into a rut - and really don't mind it. I loved reading about other people's routines. Quite a few of you mentioned L'oreal 4D mascara so that's definitely next on my list. I will thank you later.

If I ever try any new products then I will be sure to post a new rut "tutorial" :)

Again, a big thanks x


  1. I remember I had bought a pair of brown plain cowboy boots ages ago- now I have to dig into my "old and foregone" closet and find them! hehe

  2. Gotta love a cowboy boot! I have cowboy boots in black,tan and tan & turquoise..together (!?) I wear them with skirts, dresses, shorts, jeans...they go with anything. I've had them years and just like me (!) they get better with age!!
    I like them plain but with pattern stitching and pointy, upturned toes! (sorry for being so obsessed with cowboy boots but they are my "signature" footwear choice!)
    I love the pair you've found and I'm going to check them out! Yee Haw!! :D xx

  3. Love the boots, I saw them in Zara but wasn't sure about the comfort fact but now I know bc of you , thanks .how is the weather there does it get boot-worthy there at all ? Have a lovely day Laura x

  4. @cbsg5861 - yes! i love these and my ASOS short cowboy boots. they are great staples!

    @The Pampered Sparrow - i think they look lovely with skirts and dresses. cannot wait to take these for an outing :)

    @Mania - definitely the occasional day when you can whip them out. I wore these on Saturday when it was all grey and overcast - perfect :)

  5. I love the TRF section in Zara they they always have amazing stuff! I adore your boots they are so simple and yet so unique!Great post!(:

  6. @nicole(; - thanks Nicole! I love the prices and the pieces :)

  7. I quite like the photo, its got an edge or something and I really do like the boots, I have never been very good at choosing boots. I love the L'Oreal Volume Million, you can't beat the results but it is just a bit of a diva to keep clump and smudge free. Want to try the 4D now!

  8. I've been looking for a pair of cowboy boots for ages now, I'm so picky though! Haha

    - Allie x

    Allie UK Blog

  9. i saw these in zara. i love zara- it's my favourite high street shop. i usually want everything in there, even the stuff i know i would never wear- i still want it!


  10. Love these cowboy boots! Now those boots are something I dare say I believe I could pull off myself. When you tweeted that you were going to wear cowboy boots I had in my mind a boot with pointy toes, a mottled snakeskin print (of course faux), with lots of detail stitching. These I will tell you are quite the opposite of what I was imagining (and gratefully so, lol!) ;) You've styled them brilliantly, Laura! Love!

  11. Love the boots! Will be having a little look next time I'm in Zara! X

  12. These are great. I'm loving Zara at the moment too. I finally got my hands on the sold out Zara gold sequin clutch this weekend, will be blogging about it soon.

    Whilst there though I saw about five other things I "must" have!! Haha!

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING x


  13. i have been always so 'chicken' to wear cowboy boots, i am so sure if i combined them, it would be distressed jeans and leather jacket and most probably a cowboy hat which is called 'what am i mum?' look :) love how it looks on you, you always know how to pull 'bold' pieces in a very stylish way! xxx

  14. i have fond memories of Trafaluc (or TRF like they style it now) i bougth my first "grown-up" clothes there :) it's usually a bit hit and miss for me, same as the Divided section of H&M but you can find good stuff sometimes :)

  15. i recently found your blog and spent ages reading through your old posts. totally jealous of your bag collection, ya lucky bugger!
    when i hear cowboy boots, i think of hideous-ness. but then when i saw your pics, they look really nice!

  16. Ahhh love them! I'm always looking for what I envisage to be perfect shoes and I wish I could just make them myself!:p always a lovely feeling if you find them though- and these are fab!

    Michelle xo

  17. @what the shoe - same :) its super tempting so i tend to limit my visits :) haha

    @hugs - your BFF - now come on now! you should know that i wouldn't go that far :) haha i love these.

    @Katie - thanks Katie!

    @Ugly Duckling - ooh i would love to see that!

    @m i s s a r c h - haha i know what you mean. it's so easy to style them cliche so i keep it simple and boring and comfy :)

    @Patricia - agreed. i remember looking a couple of months ago and it was crap but they are on fire at the moment :)

    @GEMBEAR - thank you for reading and glad you found me :)

    @Michelle x - i think i have a shoe buying addiction. and i like it :) haha

  18. I love these boots!!! You have fantastic style! Zara is always hit or miss for me, but you have me rediscovering my love for it!

  19. love those boots, it looks great on you! I would totally go out and get them but for some reason boots make my legs look stubby :S


  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. love those boots! whole outfit is adorable!

  22. These are so nice :) I asked my boyfriend for some boots for Christmas, but I couldn't find any that I liked so he bought me a new jacket instead, and now I keep finding gorgeous pairs of boots! D:

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  23. I have these! I coloured the heel in black though - and have just DIY'd the heel in glitter too - great shoes xxx


  24. I agree! There's so much in TRF that I love right now xoxo

  25. They look awesome! Glad you finally found them lol:)
    Bella xo

  26. woohoo Laura making cowboy boots officially cool again! Am off to dig mine out... x x x

  27. I actually really like the photos, that first one is pretty cool with the brighness in the middle! x x

  28. ooo these are beautiful!



  29. Love it! Great pick Laura!

  30. Love those boots! I'm just a big fan of boots in general. Can't get enough of them, really. ;)


  31. is that a new bag??


  32. Nice boots, Laura! I have a pair of Frye leather boots, and are sort of vaguely cowboy-inspired. I think that's as close as I can pull off -- I bought a pair of Sam Edelman cowboy boots about a year ago, but they were promptly returned. Couldn't get away with it :)

  33. Super cute boots! And I actually like the photos, especially the first one. Its really cool looking

  34. Very tasteful as far as cowboy boots go. If you're looking for a slightly more high-end pair, you have to get a pair of Frye boots.

  35. Nice boots! And thrilled you're hopping on the 4D train. Another product I forgot to mention the other day, the Jemma Kidd Complexion Enhancer. The BEST liquid highlighter ever. Proper 'lit from within' (I hate that term) results. x

  36. Sorry, ANOTHER thing for you. Not a make up product this time though. L'Agent by Agent Provocateur perfume. *I die* x

  37. i don't know how i lasted without your posts about all the great things you find! i'm exactly like you about cowboy boots but always struggle to find ones that suit me/fit me as i have quite wide feet so i'm hoping that when i'm next able to venture into a zara store, i'll try these on and see how they go. thanks for the heads up though! X

  38. I have to agree with your statement about cowboy boots. Bring on the plain ones any time, but embellished cowboy boots will have me running for the hills.


  39. The boots look great!I got a great jacket from the TRF section of Zara not long ago.Sometimes the stuff in that bit can be hit or miss but lately they have pleasantly surprised me :)

  40. Owhhh I love them, such an ideal footwear dream! Looking forward to seeing what else you bought in zara


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    Have a lovely Christmas and ever sparkling New Year. Love your blog btw =)

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