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4 Dec 2011

The routine rut

Some people change their make up routine daily - with me it's more like monthly. I get very happily absorbed into a rotation rut, relying on standout products to deliver a simple and quick look. And this heavily warm-color-centric "look" below is what I wear practically every single day.

It takes me about five minutes to apply and achieves all the things that I think make up should:

a) Covering up the "imperfections" whilst still feeling light and natural; and therefore
b) Making me feel prettier than I actually am.

Of course there are the odd variances - a false eyelash here, a slight change in generic pink lip there...but this is the standard right now and I don't mind admitting it :)

The Routine
NB: I notice this is written as a tutorial. I don't expect anyone to take application advice from me. That's what Pixiwoo and Lisa Eldridge are for. 

1) Apply La Roche Posay's Effaclar K all over face and let it sink in for 2 minutes whilst inspecting your eye bags and generally jaded, tired face.

2) Apply Chantecaille's Just Skin in Wheat with a MAC 181 - if you are investing in this product PLEASE apply it with a kabuki. The coverage and finish will make you fall in love. Wait a couple of minutes and dance in your knickers to some music.

3) Then apply NARS Casino with a big fat brush from MAC (number rubbed off). Casino lasts years and is my top tip over Laguna. It looks very dark in the pan but has lovely deep, olive/tan tones.

4) Apply a generous amount of MAC's Well Dressed blush (3rd pan in my makeup lifetime!) over cheeks/cheekbones with some freebie brush you got from Sigma. Highlight if you like with MAC's Grand Entrance (LE) shadow for more of a "cheekbone pop". Cos we like that 24/7.

5) Apply Urban Decay's Primer Potion over the lids. God love this stuff - even if I own the version with the ridiculously over-engineered packaging.

6) Sweep ALOT (technical term) of MAC's Mythology all over the lid and on the lower lashline - brushes used include a fat Sonia Kashuk one (or MAC 227) and a mini MAC brush that I got a long time ago.

7) Now take MAC's Sable and apply along the crease and outer corner with the same Sonia Kashuk brush. Slap it on the lower lashline if that's what you want. The aim is for subtle definition and a gradual deepening of the Mythology colour so light hand required.

8) Take a Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage brush and apply some MAC Grand Entrance (LE) in the inner corners of both eyes. NB: All Laura Mercier brushes are amazing.

9) Use L'oreal Superliner to create a tiny little flick at the outer corner of your eyes. You don't need to take the liner any further than that...I am always amazed by how much that teeny flick will "almond-ize" your eyes, whilst still making them look bright and wide awake.

10) Take some MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack and some random nail art brush and apply the product along your waterline. In fact don't do that. Maybe with the Shu one but not MAC's. It's not safe and I am a fool.

11) Use some LE MAC brow set called Mink and sweep it through your brows whilst cursing the fact that they do not seem to be sprouting new hairs at the very points you need them to and then resigning yourself to a life of pencilling them in - when you can be bothered.

12) Mascara time. This calls for Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill that whilst on it's last legs still gives good, soft lashes. Then contemplate next mascara purchase - MUFE Smokey Lash or stick with Armani?

13) Berate yourself for requiring a minimum of 13 steps to apply a supposed casual and simple look and then slick on the lipstick that you will remain loyal to for the rest of your life - MAC's Hue. You chose this because it's the exact shade of your lip colour.


Over to you...

I used to think a rut was a bad thing. It often translates as stale, boring...but I am starting to think that when applied to the world of makeup, it can be turned on it's head. It's positive. Let's face it the continual reaching and repurchasing of something is a very good sign of a very good product that you both use and recommend.

See where I am going with this? :)

So with that in mind I want to know what your stalwart products are...what are the items or routines that you just cannot tear yourself away from - those fail-safes that make you feel good.

I have to admit...I am quite excited to see the comments :)

Okay, okay...as much as I love this rut, I always like the thought of getting into a new one and even more than that, I fancy the thought of doing some serious make up shopping. It's been a while so some temptation from you is needed :)


  1. Beautiful photos of you!....well,if I had your eyes,I'd need no make up....

  2. I don't think there is anything wrong with having a 'rut'. I agree that it isn't always a bad thing - it can mean that you have a wealth of products that actually satisfy your needs :)


  3. Chantecaille's Just Skin, huh...? I think I need to investigate further.

    My rut has been a BB cream (or MAC Pro Longwear when I'm feeling fancy), a MAC paint pot for some sparkle, whatever mascara I've got that's running out, and a lip balm. Usually Malin + Goetz. The only way I'll perk it up is with a bright pink blush... But that's rare hahaha.

  4. I love ruts! As stupid as that sounds, it's just so much quicker and easier which is good especially when I oversleep before college.

    I always sweep Mystery by MAC on the bottom of my lashline and blend it out. Then to make my eyes look like they're set deeper I use a coffee coloured eyeshadow by MAC (forget the name) through the crease. and that is my rut.



  5. Well your "rut" obviously works for you as you are very beautiful and youthful looking - no point changing if this is what enhances your best features.
    Haha I always make a mess with mac's fluidline but I much prefer it to any eye pencil!


  6. Agree about rut, think it's good to stick with something that makes you feel good.

    Current 'rut' products;

    Benefit Coralista
    Bourjois Smoky Trio in Brown
    Clarins Wonder Perfect Mascara

    Also, have you tried Bourjois Flower Perfection yet? Its out in the ME since last month. Similar to Studio Fix except smells nicer, looks better and cheaper.


  7. I realize more and more that I keep getting new products because I like trying them and knowing what they are about, but then 4 days out of 6 I go back to my own makeup rut and use the same old stuff. And the "older" I get, the more I gravitate around the same shades even if I own them in 345 brands and 6.456 barely noticeably different versions. (Meaning: warm bronze, warm gold and warm browns with a few blues for when I'm feeling edgy)
    My boring favorites are Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation, Bobbi Brown concealer, some japanese drugstore brow liner to fill in the huge gaps in said brows and an Illamasqua blush (I hardly ever use other brands anymore), mostly Lover, Ambition and Unrequited. That's face done. Eyes are Nars primer, YSL Faux Cil Mascara and either very neutral eyeshadows with a big cat eye flick drawn with Bobbi Brown gel liner, or a darker look (UD or Mac shadows) with Chanel waterproof liner pencil to add intensity along the lashes. For lips, a red or fuchsia one with the cat eye look, or a more toned down one with the heavier eyes.

  8. Lovely photos! My current rut involves smudging laura mercier caviar eye stick in khaki all over my eyelid followed by lashings of ysl volume shocking mascara. The MUA in Mac swore blind to me that blacktrack is waterline safe! No? I am a fool too then :) x

  9. Love to see a make-up post from you Laura :) I know lollipop26 is no more but it's nice to have some nostalgia!
    I used to hate falling in to make-up routines but recently I have fallen in to one and I'm in no hurry to get out of it! It means more sleep for me in the mornings haha. Some particular products are: EL Double Wear (no concealer needed = quicker application!), MAC Sable all over the lid with a flick of black eyeliner, MAC MSF in Triple Fusion on the cheeks and Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet lipstick in La Sensuelle.

  10. I loved this!

    My daily routine include:

    1. Foundation that looks intriguing to me that day- be it MUFE Invisible HD something or another, Laura Mercier Mineral powder, or possibly a BB Cream

    2. Having to prime my stupid oily eyelids w/ Nars Eyeshadow primer

    3. Switching off between MAC Woodwinked and Benefit Buckle Bunny eyeshadow

    4. Not having the gorgeously naturally curled lashes you have, I need to apply my Shiseido Nourishing Mascara Base prior to my shared love for Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Mascara. Sigh, the sheer joy that a simple mascara tube can create.

    5. Filling in my eyebrows with the Illamasqua Eyebrow Cake in Motto for my taupey-grayish brows. This one requires a bit of extra work with a brow brush but the staying power is wonderful and I'll deal with the hassle!

    6. A good soft sweep of Nars Casino to contour the face, then warming the cheeks up with the highly pigmented blush from Lorac in Soul, and then dusting a bit of highlighter from Dior Amber Diamond.

    7. Time for the lips, I've really loved using my Nars Love Devotion for most days at the office as it's sheer and moisturizing but if I'm looking for a more pink lovely lip, I'll use my Benefit Skinny Dip lipstick. Love both actually.

    8. Spritz of Fresh Sugar (sweet but for some reason I cannot get enough) and I'm out the door ready for the day! ...well, more like shuffling to work if it's a weekday.

    Love reading everything you share, Laura! Sorry for bombarding your comment box with a gigantic post! <3

  11. Good post! I'm trying to get in to some routines. I'm just fed up of having products all over the place and basically having too much choice. I think I've found a few skincare staples and now have a bit of a routine going on there so next up will be Operation Make Up. Am really missing All That Glitters since I used it up so I think I will have to buy another one and throw that in to the daily mix somewhere. Love Hue!!
    Just reread this, oh dear! I'm even using routines as an excuse to purchase more!

  12. My 'rut products' (lol) are MAC's Angel Lipstick & Estee Lauder Crystal Baby lipstick, I wear either every single day. Also Superdrugs own Strawberries and Cream lip balm... So pretty, so cheap. MAC Teddy eyeliner - I cannot leave the house without it. And I'm with you on the NARS bronzer - though Casino is too dark for me so I stick with Laguna! :D xxxxx

  13. Ever since October I've been using the Kat Von D Candlelabra edition palette and it's usually the same 3 shades, 2 are purple the other is red. If I have to go to a meeting I'll use the same 3 shadows from the Urban Decay Naked palette despite having a million other neutral eyeshadows. I guess if it works and you like it then there's really no reason to find something else. My eyeshadow usually does change every 3 months but there's usually purple in it somewhere.

  14. Stick to Eyes to Kill. MUFE Aqua lash makes a clumpy mess of lashes on most days. If it cooperates, you get some amazing results. Its inconsistency is not worth the purchase especially if you're looking for something that tops Armani. Eyes to Kill is by far my favorite and it's never fussy.

  15. LOVING these comments! As predicted, I am tempted to look into a few new things :) Also quite relieved to see that so many of you are not afraid of The Rut :)

  16. My boring-ass products are: Estee Lauder sheer tint, Cargo oil free foundation (the best and only a little applied on my areas of redness), Nars Exhibit A or Madly blush, Bare Study paint pot, random liquid eyeliner (only the little flick on the end :)), whatever mascara I have lying around and Chanel's Boy or MAC's Viva Glam 5 (the one with the wayy too much glitter).

    Works everytime :)

  17. I think its good to have a look that you can apply quickly and know you look good in!

    - Allie x

    Allie UK Blog

  18. first of all I would like to say that you look very pretty and super cute in your photos! and I love the make up look. Sable and well dressed are my most loved MAC items and I use them all them time so I guess I'm in a rut too? one that has lasted for a year lol I don't mind it though I change it up for a night out but I'm happy with my daily simple make up routine :)

  19. I loved this post Laura! Thanks so much for sharing this with us!
    My tried-and-true products include lancome hypnose mascara (much prefer this over the Drama version), bobbi brown black gel liner, dior hydra life pro-youth skin tint (#1) (wish i had found this years ago- i reach for this over my chanel vitalumiere aqua now), MUFE HD microfinish powder, dior summer powder in aurora to contour (so beautiful but i believe this was LE), and for the most amazing lit-from-within glow ever... dior diorskin shimmer star in amber diamond! If i decide to do a more dramatic eye, I use my Naked palette or do thicker liner in a cat-eye shape. Fav lipsticks are YSL rouge volupte in #1 (nude beige) and #13 (peach passion), and Dior addict lipstick in #586 (L.A.).
    Would you consider doing an updated skincare routine post? I bought the Avene ystheal+ eye contour cream since your last skincare post, I just adore it. Would love to know what you think of it, and if you have made any changes to your routine.

  20. I think its really good trying to find a routine that is easy to do and makes you look gorgeous! Love it! :)xxx

  21. I am embracing 'The Rut' - I seem to leave myself less and less time to do my face in the morning, so it has come down to this: Liz Earle Skin Tint in 02, Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer in 52 under the eyes (sets in a few seconds and doesn't crease!), Tarte Amazonian blush in Tipsy, Inglot brow pencil to fill in any gaps, bit of black eyeshadow thinly along the lashline and Covergirl Lash Blast mascara! I might powder with my Korres Multivitamin powder if I can be bothered too :)

  22. I enjoyed this. Nothing wrong with a rut!
    I keep going back to these products: Mac Matchmaster Foundation w/studiofix concealer, Maybelline Line Stiletto Liquid Black Eyeliner, Maybelline Colossal Mascara, Nars eye primer, and the UD Naked Palette. The new Naked Palette 2 is coming tomorrow by mail woohoo! Oh and Nars Oasis Lipgloss that makes my lips look sexy if I do say so myself!

  23. Lovely makeup post. My rut is NARS Sheer Glow, Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Demolition, NARS Ondine e/s, Clarins Wonder Perfect mascara, Smashbox Blush Rush in Chiffon, and MAC Creme D Nude.

  24. I love my rut! I love the idea of having a "signature look" even if it's a little boring!

    1) MAC Pro-longwear (I actually just tried this for the first time and I LOVE!)
    1.5) YSL pressed powder if I need it
    2) NARS Laguna to contour and warm up my terribly pale complexion (on my 4th pan of this)
    3) MAC Omega for my brows
    4) NARS eyeshadow base
    5) MAC Carefree (highlight), All That Glitters (lid), Satin Taupe/Brun (crease), NARS Coconut Grove (liner)
    6) MAC Feline to tightline upper lashline
    7) GA Eyes to Kill
    8) MAC Soft and Gentle
    9) Dior Addict High Shine #214 (discontinued :( ... so sad)

    With the exception of my foundation, Carefree eyeshadow and ETK I have used these products religiously for over a year now! I like having things that I know work well, even if I am tempted by something new and shiny once in a while!

  25. Oops I forgot my favorite concealer! Lancome MAQUICOMPLET complete coverage concealer in light buff. it's $30 in the states but i would honestly pay triple for it. No more having one concealer for spots and one for under eyes- this works magic everywhere. In fact, it works better under my eyes than any under-eye concealers i have tried, including my previous favorite Laura Mercier secret concealer.

  26. Exactly the same for me with a make up rut. Here is my list:

    Moisturiser: Hydreane Riche by La Roche Posay
    Foundation: Hello Flawless! by Benefit in Honey(only one I've found that doesn't make me break out, its more of a day time foundation though)
    Concealer: Boi-ing by Benefit
    Blush: Sugar rush by Benefit (favourite blush ever, repurchased so many times!)
    Bronzer: Egypt Wonder
    Eyebrows: Fill them in with Buck in the Naked Palette
    Eyes: Primer potion, mac satin taupe all over, sin(UD naked palette) in the corner, mac brown down in the crease, naked palette virgin on the brow bone
    Eyelashes: I'm in between mascaras at the moment as I'm trying to use the many I have bought on a whim so don't have a staple!
    Lips: Either summer angel by rimmel or Mac Viva Glam Cyndi

    Wow how boring but gonna stick with my rut!

  27. My rut:

    Step 1- Urban Decay primer potion

    Step 2- Urban Decay Virgin in inner corner of eye

    Step 3- UD Sin over rest of the lid or MAC warming trend (depends on my mood)

    Step 4- UD Toasted in outer corner and crease, and occasionally UD Smog or MAC Mulch as well to deepen if I want a more 'dramatic' look, or if I used MAC Warming Trend in step 3, then I usually skip toasted and just use MAC Mulch.

    Step 5- wipe off any eyeshadow fallout

    Step 6- Usually No7 Intense Volume mascara as I love how natural it is (ie, the name is a lie as it's not volumising, but just enhances lashes very naturally), but some days I want more volume and definition, so I switch to L'Oreal Lash Architect 4D

    Step 7-Stila smudge stick waterproof eyeliner along top lash line.

    Step 8 -Light coating of Garnier Roll On in no2 under the eyes

    Step 9- Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Ultimate Longwear Concealer.

    Step 10- Maybelline Dream Touch blush in erm not sure of the colour as can't find it on the pot- but its basically pinky peach

    Step 11 - a slight dab of MeMeME Cheek E blusher pot- 'peach' (it's actually very much pink!) on the apples of my cheeks to add a rosy tint- not a huge fan of the consistency- too dry for a creme blush but with the maybelline one on first, it blends easier on the apples.

    Step 12- MAC Mineralised Skin Finish Natural in light medium all over face.

    Step 13- UD Sellout or Natural Collection 'Coral Shimmer' or Cherry chapstick on it's own.

    I only really wear foundation for nights out or going out for dinner etc, and that goes between steps 7 and 8. I use Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hr foundation in 100 Ivory.

  28. I'm the same, just sticking to one routine for a while... it saves time in the morning so I can have an extra 20 minutes in bed :P

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  29. I'd love to have a daily makeup routine that I can rely on, but I'm so OCD with such things- I want everything to match perfectly with each other, so it does take me a while to come up with a pleasing combination :( Although Hue paired with a baby pink blush looks so nice!

  30. Im in a rut too and I dont mind admitting it!! Xx

  31. My style rut products have been bourjois healthy mix foundation, bourjois bronzer, an avon supershock gel liner in a greeny/goldy colour smudged under my lash line, then any mascara and I'm good to go. So quick but I like it :)

  32. That's one pretty rut you have going, you look stunning! I usually switch up my routine fairly often but lately I am enjoying a few things more than others, them being..Kett creme foundation (or Nars sheer glow), Laura Mercier universal powder,Mac pink swoon blush with a variation of a gold/brown smokey eye Mac Hue and Nars Turkish delight lipgloss. Phew that was almost a blog post right there maybe I'll copy and paste it lol :)xxx

  33. I loved this post and live for the rut!

    My items are (prepare for a list and a half:

    *Bobbi Brown Corrector and Concealer (as a uni student who stupidly can't work unless it's 3am i find this the best de-zombifying make-up in the world)

    *Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation (love love love love love)

    *Dior (slightly shimmery) Bronzer in 002

    *Sleek Suede Blush

    *Dior Copper Diamond 003(I believe superior to amber 002)

    *MAC Woodwinked and Sumptuous Olive Eyeshadows or Clinique "Daybreak" Super Shimmer e/s (best inner corner highlight everrr)

    *Mascara- used to love Diorshow Blackout but I'm too poor at the moment boo!

    *Korres Natural Pink Mango Butter Lipstick (lovely and neutral but pretty and glossy) though with bronzey eyes I use Estee Lauder Peach Sizzle gloss instead.

    *Estee Lauder Pleasures Delight EDP (because I know you're a perfume obsessive ;)

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. What a gorgeous rut to be stuck in! I can highly recommend YSL Faux Cils Shocking, it has an an amazing voluminous finish and I was mistaken for wearing falsies this week, I was really chuffed! My general face make up always stays the same, the only thing I change daily is my lipstick!

  36. Hi Laura

    Sorry for earlier deleted comment, balls up on my part.

    I love seeing what items you use as I used to love watching your tube videos and beauty products, so more of these posts please.

    My regular go to's are in the November listing of my blog, I currently use Revlon Photo Ready foundation but I must admit I've been wanting to try the Chantecaille for ages.

    Although its £40 more than my Revlon number, I may have to upgrade for the winter season, it keeps cropping up as a good one to use.

    Esther xxox


  37. I've been dying to try NARS CASINO & MAC HUE! Good to know they work! I might add them to my wish list.

    PS: gorgeous picture of you! Always so beautiful!

  38. I got myself a new rut primer that I'm in love with (so boring. really? in love with a primer?). It's the Lime Crime Candy Eyed Eyeshadow helper. Works way better for me than the Urban Decay primer. Plus the packaging is cute teal with metallic ribbons all over it. I have pretty oily lids and this primer works FAB.

  39. I got UD in the new packaging and it's so much easier to use! And love ur description!

  40. I love ruts!

    Mine is Bourjois Healthy Mix Foudation applied with a MAC 187, then MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer applied with a MAC 239 eyeshadow brush. Powder is Maybelline Dream Matte (which is fabulous). Blush is either MAC Well Dressed or Clinique Iced Lotus, applied with a MAC 168. No eyeshadow, just lashings of Max Factor Masterpiece Max, and MAC Omega shadow to fill in my brows. lastly, a quick application of NARS Greek Holiday lipgloss and I am good to go!

  41. L'Oreal 4D Lash Architect mascara.

    You can thank me later.

    Kathrine x

  42. Here's my rut !
    I start with a nice thick layer of Nuxe lipbalm for my dry lips
    Nars illuminating foundation (Sheer Glow)then a go of the Clinique clickety click concealer pen (I'm quite freckly and blue veined)
    I'm hooked on Coralista blusher too so usually reach out for that, or sometimes switch to Une cream blusher in a lovely baby pink ( Une is an organic brand with slightly clinicl packaging you get in town supermarkets like Monoprix here in France fyi :-) ). But cream blushers on really bleary mornings can get a Bozoey, so only to be used if I'm already properly caffeinated. 
    A bit of Une beigey whitey pencil in the corner of the eyes and cheekbones, or a random twinkly cream if I'm feeling a bit more sparkly,
    Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin allover the lid (really easy and practical base I find, I also keep one in my hand bag for all sorts of touchups),
    A bit of one of the three brown pencils in the pot along the lashlines smudged with Mac Brun and a Chanel eyeliner brush on top and a teeny-tiny ancient brush on bottom lash line,
    My ancient fave discontinued (sigh) Menard eyeshadow in taupey-brown to smoke out the brown and go into the crease a bit,
    Then a little pat of Urban Decay Virgin as a highlighter with a fluffy brush,
    Check my lash extension (wicked, wicked...) and slap on Make Up Forever Smoky Lash (I'm a big lash junkie too and really like it. I keep buying it over and over, but I've got thin straight lashes naturally, so it might not suit you...) all over. 
    Wipe off the lipbalm and stick on Nars Blonde Venus lipstick (second tube this year : François if you're listening, could you make them a bit bigger, please ?), can never be bothered with lipliner in the daytime...
    A couple of spritzes of Serge Lutens (either citrus blossom, the white musk and iris variation -real old favorite- or the "clean" water, Eau de Lutens) and voilà !

    After that appallingly long rant, I'm realising I have a similar routine to yours ! Love reading your blog Laura, you seem such a nice person. Best wishes, choochy

  43. I am in a complete routine rut just now - it's lasted a fortnight already and think I am too lazy to change it up anytime soon:

    Rimmel lasting perfection foundation (tried it on the off chance and ended up loving it! lasts ALL day) ; Nars Laguna bronzer, Mac Grand Duo blush worn Aunt Sally stylee; Mac dervish lipliner with Mac Angel lippie and Clinique fireberry gloss on top ... some blacktrack flicks on the eyes and YSL Shocking mascara.

    I just feel fresh with this look but covers all the imperfections and only takes 5 minutes. I like the easy life ;) xx

  44. I love experimenting with make-up, but as soon as I find a look I love I'll be wearing it for weeks, if not months. I think I may have gone about a year wearing a greyish daytime smoky eye.
    Reading this post made me realise that I haven't used anything other than my Stila smudge stick and black mascara on my eyes for weeks again, though I have tried different lip products when I felt brave.
    There's nothing wrong with a "rut" if it looks good and makes you feel good about yourself, though.


  45. I love the entire 'vibe' and style of this post especially Step 13!
    My fail safe is MAC's Satin Taupe and when I'm in doubt/a rush/feeling lazy (and one of the above applies to most days) I fall back on that. So standard but so great.

  46. I don't think there is anything wrong with make up ruts!
    If you know what works for you, what looks good and have the routine perfected, then why not allow yourself to be stuck in a rut? There are worse things in life!

    Great post,


  47. Gorgeous pictures Laura. You should definitely smile in all your posts.

  48. My go to eye colours are All That Glitters, Sable (from your recommendation!), Satin Taupe and Patina, I usually use some combination of those, with Carbon as a liner and Max Factor False Lash Effect Fusion. Pinch O Peach blush. And lips are whatever I feel like that day.
    Great post xx

  49. i use a nail art brush for my blacktrack fluidline too :) x

  50. Great so see a makeup post from you - takes me back to good ol' days ;) Will be trying out that eyeshadow combo tomorrow! You are really making me want to try the Chantecaille base! Damn it's £50 price tag! There is nothing wrong with a makeup rut - in fact I highly recommend the Jemma Kidd Light As Air foundation if you haven't already tried it, pretty cheap, feels extremely light on the skin and gives a nice natural, kinda dewy finish - LOVE! :)

  51. As I'm on a no-buy/use it up kick at the moment, I'm using the same products till they go and at the moment it consists of:

    Missha perfect cover BB cream
    Mac Studio Careblend Powder
    UD Score Blush
    Mac all that glitters
    UD Toasted
    Mac Twinks
    L'Oreal liquid liner
    Revlon grow luscious mascara
    Some korean brow thing
    Boots 17 mirror shine lipstick in Belle

    Takes about 10 minutes and I'm good to go!

  52. I'm just like you, I get a makeup routine I like and I stick to it! No need to change yours anyway, it's lovely, very pretty and natural.


  53. Thanks for the post Laura! beauty ruts are a great thing. When I have little time to get ready, I like to know what i'm doing is going to be cute! Ruts are reasuring!

  54. As an acne sufferer with acne scarring i'm loyal to Vichy Dermablend as it covers everything (& I mean everything) whilst leaving a natural dewy finish that looks flawless and more like skin than any other foundation i've used. The shade choice is abysmal but I mix two shades to get my skin colour. Love it! Also benefit Hoola and Thrrrob, I can apply as much thrrrob as I want and it still looks good x

  55. laura i'm so happy to see a "non" make up tutorial from you again! my fool proof permanent repurchase items include: sheseido's natural eyebrow pencil (i think i'm on like pencil # 8 at least), dior natural glow liquid foundation (bottle # 4), clinque gel liner (3rd one), and benefit hoola (box # 2 - bc they last bloody forever!). hope to see more posts like this!

  56. This look is lovely, i have been in a make up rut for ages now, but i thought if it works for me and makes me feel good what is the point in changing it! x

  57. I'm always in an eye makeup rut! But I know what I like, I suppose.

    I alternate between these two:

    Eyeshadow Option 1: MAC All that Glitters on lid, Sable in Crease, Shroom on inner corner.

    Eyshadown Option 2: Urban Decay Sin on lid, UD Buck in Crease, UD Hustle under eye, UD Virgin inner corner

  58. i love this post! thanks for this. your makeup always looks great. i do miss your videos though; are you planning on coming back to youtube?


  59. only thing i change on my makeup routine is my lipstick, that makes me feel, -well, i'm not that boring- :)..vitalumiere, nars penny lane+chanel pink explosion ( that i love so much), laura mercier brow definer for my psychotic brows, chanel loose powder to set and the balm mary-lou- maniser:) highlighter, eyes all that glitters on the lid, sable on the crease, and max factor false lash effect for the eyelashes..that's what i do pretty much everyday...what i can recommend is lm brow definer and the balm highlighter both are god sent! xxx

  60. Great to see a makeup post from you Laura! You look great, very fresh and glowy :) My makeup rut has been the same for about 7 months now haha. A bit of Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation (or Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser if I have a tan), Clinique Airbrush Concearler, Chanel Powder, MAC Well Dressed blush, Nars Laguna bronzer. On the eyes is MAC Grain e/s over the lid with Patina in the crease, a bit of L'Oreal Carbon Gloss Superliner on the outer corner of my eyes, and Diorshow mascara. Brows I mix a bit of MAC Cork e/s and Espresso e/s and then use a clear brow gel. For lips it is either Korres Jasmine Lip butter or MAC Hue lipstick. Sometimes I try to switch it up but I always go back to my ol' faithfull look. Ha. It takes me about 5-7 minutes. Yep I timed myself. A bit sad haha. xx

  61. This comment has been removed by the author.

  62. i, like you laura, am in a makeup rut

    same routine every morning when i need to look "presentable" ha

    chanel vitalumiere aqua applied with a sigma f80 brush

    mac studio finish concealer nw25 under the eyes with a mac 217

    collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer (because its startlingly good) on any blemishes/redness

    hd brow palette with an angled brush for brows

    quick curl with shu uemuras lash curler

    then chanel inimitable mascara

    burts bees tinted lipbalm in pink blossom



  63. I actually think a makeup rut is just what I need. I rarely wear makeup even though I have more than any girl should because I'm always changing it up. I love playing with colors but in the morning when I'm in a hurry I just don't have the time to think of new things. I'll have to try this out. Thanks so uch for the idea. Rut's aren't always a bad thing ^.^ I also have a silly question (anyone can answer) how do you get the bloglovin thing in your side bar? I tried following their instructions but I couldn't get it to work. Hope all is well

  64. same routine for me.."barely there" makeup and pinkish nude lips.. cant live without my pink blush lipstick from Rimmel!


  65. I'm not totally in a rut but I adore Benefit's Leggy eyeshadow it's the perfect shimmery pink toned champagne and it's so soft and I've used it daily for the last year. That and too faced papa don't peach blush applied lightly with a duo fiber stipling brush it's the perfect warm bronzey peach for my pale skin but it really does need a light touch when applied because it's insanely pigmented

  66. Hi Laura! I loved this post!

    I think that there is nothing wrong with a rut, if you know that certain products give you the look that you like you can keep using them... Not everybody has the time to create a look every morning before going to work (I rather use those minutes to sleep a little bit more for example LOL)

    LOVE your blog! Greetings from Venezuela! :)

  67. Is it weird I knew before reading that you're wearing MAC Hue? ;) you look gorgeous Laura!

  68. 1 - embryolisse all over and eye gel on my puffy bags.

    2- ignore my ever expanding collection of foundations (which i rarely wear except on nights out no matter how light they claim to be - just can't take wearing a base during the day, feel so 'done') and go for a very light TM like ester lauder or liz earle that provides almost no coverage. i use my fingers to apply. as i do with almost all my foundations, because I'm lazy.

    3 - plop one goldy colour - patina or mulch or smog from UD naked feature heavily - all over the lid and underneath. use a 217 to apply and blend, can't be faffing about with all those eyeshadow brushes i spend my money on!

    4- pencil eyeliner - brown or black - worked in to upper lash line. usually its a bourgois offering, lance if i feel like pushing the boat out.

    5 - one of two things on the waterline - powersurge by MAC which defines but doesn't close up my smallish eyes, or a concealer pencil by Laura Mercier to really open them up.

    6 - curl lashes and plenty of mascara - prestige my blackest lashes ATM - top and bottom

    7 - back to the skin. clean up under the eyes, touché éclat mixed with MAC moisture cover on those pesky bags, then smear mac moisture cover on any redness. can rarely be bothered to use my heavy duty Laura Mercier concealers to deal with spots for the daytime.who has the time!

    8- becca shimmering skin perfecter in pearl or hush CCB smeared on cheekbones, temples, centre of nose

    9 - cream bronzer. then proceed to ignore my beautiful powder blushes and go for a max factor cream blush on the cheeks.

    10- powder if i'm looking shiny with MAC prep and prime.

    11- this is the most shameful aspect of my rut but i have always been this way - tend to overlook my enormous lipstick collection and go for a Korres lip butter (usually jasmine or pomegranate) or maybe some eight hour cream on the lips. again i feel like lipstick looks quite 'done' on me during the day. well why do you buy so many then?? i ask myself. who knows.

    loved this post laura!

  69. Love this :) Made me laugh out loud in places.

    My current rut is Witch primer, chanel le blanc, chanel matt lumiere (with kubuki type brush), Aveda inner light concealer (or mac studio sculpt for the scar in my chin :( ), Aveda under eyes, UDPP on lids, Daniel Sandler Peach puff blush (so pigmented!), Mac lingering eyebrows, Mac duck or UR brown eye pencil, Avon supershock mascara, Witch powder to set. If I am feeling adventurous then Naked palette falls into my hand and I use 3 neutrals to frame/highlight eye. Lips- rut is Clinique superbalm in grape me up. I think I need to make more of an effort! xx

  70. such a good tutorial, thank you! xxx

  71. My rut involves:

    Mac studio sculpt foundation-you will NEVER get me to change this! I will not even look at another foundation...EVER!

    UD eyeshadow primer- I always put this on everyday, even if I'm not wearing eyeshadow! I don't know why. Now I've written it down it seems really dumb!

    Mac creme cup lipstick- Everyday this goes on...

    I REALLY need to find the time to get into a NEW make up rut... :D xx

  72. You look lovely Laura...I think it's great to have a signature look!

    Here's some of my favs for the winter:

    Avene Extremely Gentle Cleanser: cleanses so gently and leaves the skin soft and supple

    Dr. Haushkha Facial Toner: love, love, love the scent and so refreshing too

    Embryolisse: best moisturizer (for the winter) I have ever come across. I sometimes mix in a smidge of Dr. Haushcka rose cream if I need extra hydration

    Origins Ginzing Eyecream: great for dark eye circles and depuffing.

    CoverFX Skinprep FX Nourishing Foundation Primer & Anti-Aging Serum: Two in one and works beautifully under any foundation.

    Ellis Faas Foundation: For special occasions. The best foundation I have ever tried. It's pricey but worth every.single.penny. I use Bourjois Healthy Mix for just running around. I'm tempted to try the Chantecaille Just Skin!

    BB corrector and concealer: This stuff works wonders on me. Doesn't sink into my teensy fine lines, no cakiness, doesn't slip either. Just perfect.

    MAC painterly paint pot: HG.

    Catrice Gel Eyeliner: Best little drugstore find (besides bourjois). I tightline with it then I do a little flick at the ends (I have round eyes so it helps give a more almond like shape). Performs better than BB, MAC, Clinique ect and cheap, cheap, cheap!

    BB powder pink cream blush: Give me a healthy tinge to my cheeks.

    CoverGirl Lashblast fusion or Clinique High Impact mascara (love both but use CG for daytime)

    Lancome Absolu Nu Beige Tulle: my favorite pink nude lipstick

    I try to go for fresh, pretty and natural. Try is the operative word!

  73. I LOVE your makeup tutorials!!! I enjoyed this one sooooo much.

  74. This comment has been removed by the author.

  75. Love the post Laura! Thank you!

    I dont use a whole lot of make-up on regular basis but I do still have some favourites!

    I love:
    The blue voluminous mascara from Loreal //it's waterproof
    Some random brown eye liner applied with an angled brush for tiny definition
    Creme Blush from Topshop 'Head over Heels' - love that colour, especially on tan skin!
    Barry M bronzer 'natural dazzle' compact

  76. love this post! i tend to be in a MU rut until i completely use up the product (or get tired of it and give it away), but then i rarely repurchase because there's always something new i want to try!
    lately it's been:
    -purminerals correcting primer. i don't really think it makes a difference in staying power or application of foundation so i doubt i'll repurchase after i've used it up, but it feels so nice!
    -slap on some CG natureluxe foundation or lise watier mineral compact powder if i'm not feeling like applying liquid foundation
    -mac blushbaby blush (sometimes i'll mix it up and use well-dressed or a random pink from my crown blush palette)
    -spritz some avene thermal spring water to set face MU
    -l'oreal extra-intense liquid pencil eyeliner on the top lashes, sometimes on the bottom waterline as well
    -if i do use eyeshadow, it's usually just smog from the naked palette all over the lid
    -curl lashes and apply l'oreal mascara (forget the name, it's the one in the bulky black tube with gold lettering)
    -for lips, on a very lazy day i'll just use blistex silk&shine. most days it will be rimmel moisture renew gloss in purple rescue (which isn't purple- it's more of a pinky-red)

    i only use concealer one days it's necessary and i haven't found one i love yet. bronzer i usually use just in the summer (physicians formula bronze booster) to accentuate my "tan", but in the winter i'm so pale i find it just looks ridiculous no matter how light coloured the bronzer is.

    1. this is a weird question but do you know what the lightest shade of the lise watier mineral compact is? been wanting to try it.

  77. Great post! ive always wanted to try armani eyes to kill mascara and mac hue so may have to invest! i have been using chanel vitalumiere aqua foundation, bourjois volumizer mascara, benefit hoola bronzer and chanel rouge coco shine lipstick in evasion this month :)

    which camera do you use? love the photos!

    Hayley x


  78. Great post, Laura. I do miss your video tutorials and was saddened when they were all deleted! But.. here is mine. Something I've been doing for a while:
    1. Apply Garnier AntiDarkCircle eye roller and dab in with fingers.
    2. Use MAC brush(#not sure off top of my head, but a small, completely flat thin brush)to apply MAC Carbon to top lash line. I can't handle liquid or gel liners, so this works perfectly.
    3. Apply mascara (Almay Lengthening)
    4. Fill in brows with a random Eco tools brush using MAC Smut.
    ..eat breakfast, brush teeth, do hair...
    5. Apply Neutrogena healthy skin compact SPF 55 with a foundation brush - chin, nose and cheeks.
    6. Apply Bare Essentuals foundation all over to set.
    7. Apply blush of choice (today was MACs Flower Mist Dew (LE) with a big Sonia Kashuk brush.
    8. Applaud myself for being done in under 13 steps.

  79. Since I got an actual full time job and have to wake up before 10 in the morning, I'm in a rut as well. Not nearly as nice as yours and generally consists of YSL Touche Eclat, MAC mineralized skin finish, Clinique gel liner or MUFE liquid liner and MUFE Smoky Lash. Maybe NARS Orgasm if I'm feeling like I look dead and just maybe lipstick if I can really manage it. Quite different from my years of beautiful eyeshadow every day - I just don't have the energy or the time now :( When I do actually put forth effort, it's generally a mix of all sorts of colors and brushes - I don't even know what I'm using.

    Speaking of MUFE Smoky Lash, I recommend it highly as I am on tube #3 and am still in love. I was a longtime devotee of Lancome Hypnose Drama but have since converted. Never tried Armani though so no idea how it compares.

  80. My 15 minute morning routine for work:

    1) Skincare is so important! I try to keep the products as natural as possible: Wash skin with Caudalie foaming cleanser or Lush aquamarine cleanser. Tone with Dr. Thayers Rose Water Witch Hazel (softens skin, tightens pores, removes excess cleanser). Apply Skinceuticals Phloretin CF serum (broad spectrum antioxidant treatment). Finish with a light eye cream and Dr. Haushka Rose Day Cream (locks in moisture and serum, primes for makeup).

    2) Conceal: apply Bobbi Brown corrector and finish with a swipe of YSL Touche Eclat #1 (salmon/pinky colors are key for undereye area!)

    3) Light Coverage: apply Laura Mercier Mineral Poweder SPF 15 in Tender Rose (about an NC 20) with a medium-density kabuki brush. This is the best powder foundation I have encountered. It doesn't clog pores, provides silky, even, and full coverage, and looks luminous on the skin. Also has tremendous lasting power w/o primer!

    4) Brows: I use a small MAC angled brush with MAC charcoal brown matte eyeshadow (good for medium to dark brunettes) to fill in. Finish with MAC clear brow gel. If i'm feeling lazy, I'll just use my Dior universal brown brow pencil.

    5) Lids: no time for creative looks for work! Usually sweep on MAC soft ochre paint pot or Laura Mercier eye base in Wheat to even out lids. For highlighting, sweep Stila Kitten or MAC Grand Entrance on lids and inner corner. Blend out a pink creamy highlighting pencil under highest point of browbone and inner corner (Trish McEvoy and Benefit make a good one).

    6) Mascara: Laura Mercier full volume, Armani eyes to kill, Lancome doll eyes are the best!

    7) Contour/Blush/Highlight: Nars Laguna and Dior Aurora are great for winter-time. I prefer a pink, peach, or plum for cheeks. Go to's are: MAC well-dressed, Nars mata hari and sin, and Chanel rose bronze and espielge. For highlighting, Dior amber diamond, MAC pearl cream color base and by candlelight, and Benefit high beam are go to's.

    8) Lips:; lipstick or gloss are impractical for the workday because reapplication would be so tedious. I usually apply Fresh sugar or Jack Black lipbalm. My daytime go-to lippie is Chanel Boy -- perfect "my lips but better with a kick"

    It's 15 minutes, I swear!

  81. My rut is:

    Lancome Genifique
    Moisturizer (not one brand)
    Guerlin: L'OR
    Foundation Estee Lauder double wear
    Bronzer: Hoola from Benefit to define
    Bronzer: to make my pale face feel alive I use one of Clinique
    blushL Corralista or Well dressed
    Highlight: soft and gentle or a Dior one
    Eyes: paintpot MAC bare study, ES all over lid blace type or Vapour, crease patina and to blend it I use Brown script or texture makes your blue eyes pop!
    lips: Mac's Angel or creme the nude or high tea

  82. I adore the Urban Decay primer, I totally bought their genie bottles of foundation for the packaging but it was good so its fine :)

  83. My 'stuck in a rut' routine is Nars Sheer Glow foundation, Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer, MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural, Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer, Bobbi Brown Longwear Cream Shadow in Malted (as a base), mixture of MAC Phloof and Yogurt as highlight, MAC Malt through the socket bone and lid and MAC Tempting through outer part of lid and crease, Revlon Colourstay Brown eyeliner around the eyeline smudged with a pencil brush, HD brow palette to fill brows in, MAC Peaches blusher or NARS Deep Throat, then Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Nude to highlight cheekbones. Phew!

  84. My "rut" routine has been this for about 5 months now, as it fits perfectly into the 10 mins I allow myself in the morning!
    - Illamasqua skin base foundation
    - Some revlon stick concealer
    - Clinique eyebrow pencil
    - UD toasted e/s all over the lid
    - Max Factor false lash effect mascara
    - Chanel bronze universal/ Benefit coralista blusher
    - MAC Hug Me lipstick
    ...my goodness, when you list it all it is rather scary!

  85. I love your make up !!!
    I reallyyyy miss your youtube videoss !
    Also I wanted to ask what model are your ray-bans ... because I really want them for Christmass !!!
    Thank youu !

  86. A rut means quality and product satisfaction! My rut it MAC "all that glitters", "patina", and "woodwinked" for blush is Essence in "adorable" and for lips- Revlon Lip Butter in "pink truffle"

  87. My routine may be the most boring of all:
    -Origins moisturizer, either vita zing or a perfect world
    -Origins vita zing brightening eye cream (sometimes)
    -Origins Brighter by Nature powder foundation
    -Revlon grow luscious mascara
    -Revlon matte blush
    -Cherry chapstick
    If I'm going out i.e. weekends I add black liquid liner
    and/or play around with my Chanel eyeshadow quad
    in Beiges de Chanel.

  88. This comment has been removed by the author.

  89. every morning i use (warning, it's super boring):

    -garnier's BB cream (mixed with illamasqua skin base if i need more coverage)

    - benefit's erase paste in nº1 as my undereye concealer (sometimes i also use origins ginzing eyecream first if i have super tired eyes)

    -painterly paintpot to even out my lids and no shadow cos i'm super lazy

    -about 2 kilograms of mascara (currently using benefit's they're real, which is pants, so i still alternate it with max factor's false lash effect fussion, as recommended by YOU!)

    -nars douceur on my cheeks as it's super natural and lovely with no pink or peach undertones, just a bit darker than my skin

    -tonnes of lipbalm

    and that's it, can't be bothered to do anything else, every minute spent doing my makeup is a minute i'm not sleeping :P

    by the way, i just joined goodreads, you need to join it too!

  90. This comment has been removed by the author.

  91. 1. As much Origins moisturizer as fits on my face
    2. Diorskin Nude foundation in the lightest shade, buffed in with Sonia Kashuk synthetic buffing brush
    3. Throw on some brown shadow (mulch or embark) and blend at edges
    4. Tons of teddy eyeliner smudged slightly
    5. Nars Sex Appeal blush - always looks perfect!
    6. A dab of whichever MSF is on top of the pile
    ...and out the door! Sometimes I add a slash of red lipstick if I'm feeling petulant.

  92. funny, i just blogged about being in a routine rut too! mine is because im on maternity leave! lol...Woodwinked, allthat glitters and brule are my staple :) i've linked the post if you have time:)


  93. Your writing is entertaining! I look forward to seeing what you get on your shopping spree!

    Some of my stalwart products:

    MUFE HD foundation #115 or
    Bare Escentuals in Fair
    RCMA in Ivory for darkness inside corners of eyes
    MAC Carbon
    MAC Shroom
    MAC Myth with NARS Orgasm Lip gloss
    Le Femme Peach Petal or
    NARS Orgasm blush or
    Too Faced Pink Leopard Bronzer on cheeks
    E.L.F. Glow
    Laura Mercier eye crease brush - my fav brush
    MUFE or Rimmel eye-liner in white on waterline
    felt tip eyeliner

  94. You look gorge!
    Must have products...
    Nars sheer glow foundation in Tahoe
    Mac MSF Naturals in medium dark
    Mac blusher (sunbasque)
    Any neutral eyeshadow, usually mac shroom
    Lancome hypnose drama mascara
    Lips depend on my mood!!

    Have wanted to try the Chantecaille just skin but don't think they have my shade, might check out the future skin foundation.

    Love your blog, just came across it this morning and am now following.

    Ekaete xx

  95. Your hair colour is looking stunning Laura! The golden tones through it really suit your skin tone!

    I'm dying to try the Chantecaille tinted moisturiser! Looks gorgeous on everyone who I've seen it on!

    I tend to rely heavily on my Estee Lauder Double Wear, just because it makes me feel better on my crappy skin days!!

  96. Wow I have been trying for years to reduce my "getting done" time which includes my makeup routine and it just seems to get longer everyday, on average I spend 20 minutes applying makeup alone..... =[, I will try to cut corners since I now see the rest of the world takes 10 mins max to do the same

  97. ahhh laura, i'm not even kidding, you look stunning! unfortunately for me, i'm still at school where a full face of make up is definitely not the norm and at weekends i never really try hard with my make up unless i'm going somewhere special so i don't really have a routine. it's just whatever i find easiest at the time and with whatever situation i'm in. i think next year though, i will definitely get into a routine with, hopefully!, some new products! :) X

  98. Mufe mascara is amazing but the tube dries out so fast. I mean literally I had a tube dry out in less than 2 weeks. Not impressive although it is a great mascara. UGH!

    You look lovely.. <3 the routene!

  99. I'm constantly in a happy rut, which is a little awkward when writing a beauty blog...only so many 'FOTD' posts I can do with the same all-neutral look!

  100. My makeup changes everyday depending on my mood and what I'm wearing but some of my products in heavy rotation: Maybelline Full n'Soft mascara (no flaking), Sephora Advanced Lash Booster mascara, Topshop lipstick in Pillow Talk and Beguiled, Clinique Butter Shine lipsticks in Adore You, Baby Baby and Cranberry Cream and Clinique shadow in Chocolate Chip.

  101. You look gorgeous in the pics...no wonder you hold onto this routine!My daily routine has been the same for a few weeks now.I'm addicted to my Estee Lauder Double Wear, Clarins Mosaique Bronzer, Dior Amber Diamond highlighter, Urban Decay Anniversary eyeshadow palette and now Bourjois Volumiser Mascara. Maybe should change it up soon to avoid the rest of my collection feeling left out! x

  102. This post is great! Wonderful products used, some of my favorites sprinkled here and there....you are the one who got me hooked on Sable! A good laugh too!!

  103. Wow, I was very surprised to see you had hit Pan on your eye shadows. I have only ever hit pan on my neutral 28 warm palette which I will def repurchase. Even My higher end stuff is going unused these days. I think it is great to get a routine going and I have been trying to do the same as it saves so much time in the morning, and you can depend on the end result working out.

  104. Sorry for the late comment, but curious if you still use a lash serum/booster? I remember you mentioning Loreal's awhile back. Thanks!

  105. so sad ur not on youtube anymore :S

    anyhow status quo right now is:

    bourjois healthy mix foundation, estee lauder double wear concealer, laura mercier translucent powder to set

    mac bronzer or mac blush in harmony for contour, mac blush in dainty (although blush is the one thing i switch up the most/every few days), estee lauder powder jellee something in modern mercury as a highlight

    fill in my brows either with mac's lingering or charcoal brown e/s

    on my eyes mostly just a smoked out eyeliner either in dark brown or plum usually from mac or mufe and always curl my lashes (mascara only when going out since i seem to be sensitive about it and my eyes can start to itch and also its a bigger hassle to get off in the evening, i quite like diorshow or benefit's they're real right now)

    my lipcolor i switch up more as well but mostly pinky and coraly shades from all brands under the sun really, just recently bought a treatment lipshine from bobbi brown in papaya which i quite like for dry winter lips

    and i NEVER hit pan on anything! the only thing i ever used up were one or two lip products i think. either its because i have so much different stuff that i try out and go back and forth in between or i feel like i always need so little of the product that it just goes a long way...


  106. See, I love knowing someone's routine out of curiosity, and because it means they must really love the products if they are used constantly. You probably aren't stuck, just prefer a signature go-to look. I always forget about mine and get makeup A.D.D.

  107. I broke out my rut by getting into Japanese cosmetics. I'm currently loving Skin79 Gold BB Cream. I bought bunch of Lavshuka and Coffret D'or eyeshadow palettes that I rotate daily.

  108. Love your blog. We have similar tastes. Check me out.

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  113. بیماری بواسیر با نام علمی هموروئید به صورت تورم و التهاب مویرگ‌های موجود در خروجی دستگاه گوارش یعنی مقعد بروز می‌کند. دیواره‌ها‌ی درونی مقعد چهار سانتی‌متر انتهایی روده‌ی بزرگ به دلیل داشتن خاصیت ارتجاعی و عملکرد دریچه‌ای آن از رگهای بالشتکی با دیواره‌های حساس تشکیل شده است . درمان بواسیر مویرگ‌های بخش ‌انتهایی دستگاه گوارش که موظف به مراقبت از کانال مقعد هستند، در هنگام دفع مدفوع خشک دچار کشش و ملتهب خواهند شد. کشیدگی دیواره‌ی سیاهرگ‌ها با کاهش توان انقباضی مانع پمپاژ خون به سمت نواحی بالاتر و بازگشت آن به قلب می‌شوند. هزینه درمان بواسیر با لیزر را از ما بگیرید. درمان هموروئید یا بواسیر با لیزر هموروئیدکتومی درمان هموروئید یا بواسیر داخلی

  114. هنگامی که درمان های پزشکی در شخصی جواب نداد بایست شخص شروع به کاشت موی سر کند. برای
    کاشت مو در مردان، از موهای پشت سر اشخاص برای کاشت مو بهره می گیرند. موهایی که از پشت سر اشخاص به ناحیه هایی که ریزش مو کامل شده انتقال داده می شود، دیگر گرفتار ریزش نمی گردد.

  115. تجزیه و لیز چربی که معمولاً به عنوان
    لیپولیز شناخته شده یک روش لیپوساکشن غیر تهاجمی برای حذف چربی اضافی به خصوص در ناحیه‌ی پهلو است که بسیار سریع و بدون درد خواهد بود. این روش می‌تواند به طور مؤثر چربی‌های مقاوم در برابر رژیم غذایی یا ورزش را کاهش دهد.

  116. پزشکان از تکنیک‌های جدیدی در درمان واریس با لیزر استفاده می‌کنند تا رگ‌های واریسی و وریدهای عنکبوتی کوچک‌تر را ببندند. گاهی اوقات لیزر به عنوان مکمل اسکلروتراپی به منظور به حداکثر رساندن نتایج استفاده می‌شود. در این روش از هیچ برش یا سوزنی استفاده نخواهد شد.

  117. همچنین در یک حالت بسیار نادر قرار دادن بالون می‌تواند به یک عارضه کشنده منجر شود. احتمال ترکیدن یا حرکت آن درون دستگاه گوارش و ایجاد انسداد روده نیز وجود دارد که یک اورژانس جراحی محسوب می‌شود. نشت یا ترکیدن بالون بسته به نوع مواد درون آن گاهی به رنگ آبی ادرار ظاهر می‌شود. دیگر خطرات و عوارض بالون معده شامل زخم یا سوراخ معده است که گاهی برای ترمیم نیاز به جراحی پیدا می‌کند.

  118. چند روز قبل از ولنتاین که معمولا با خرید کادوی ولنتاین همراه است، همه می پرسند ولنتیان چندمه؟ کادوی ولنتاین ۲۰۱۷ چیه؟ یا در فرهنگ مسیحی روز عشق یا روز عشاق خوانده شده است که به صورت سالانه برگزار می شود. در این روز کسانی که عاشق هم هستند هدیه ها و کادوهایی را برای ابراز عشق خود به یکدیگر خریداری می کنند.