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12 Dec 2011

The Topshop Tee

Okay, not the most scintillating nor inspiring topic, but tank tops are important! They are our layering foundation, look fantastic on their own with jeans, skirts etc. You cannot live without them.

And when I say "you" I of course mean me, me, me...

...because when I find a tank top I like, I wear it until it falls apart. I have done this with tops from Splendid, Petit Bateau, Forever 21, American Apparel and now it seems, Topshop.

I bought the one below last year. It cost just over £5. I love the spaghetti straps that lend a slightly elegant feel and the mid-hip length. The material doesn't blow me away and the colour obviously isn't anything to write home about but it felt - and continues to feel...right.

Every time I put it on I mentally kick myself for not buying more. Topshop is in Dubai but this top never seems to be.

So I will do what I do best in such situations - wear it until it falls apart and then whore-ishly move on to find a new favourite.

My money's on Alexander Wang :)

Top: Topshop - Link!

A sneak preview? 

I know you are all on the edge of your seats (I jest) to know about my recent Illamasqua haul. In short I got lipsticks and I got Skin Base.

I want to review Skin Base NOW but really, it's ill-advised to review so early in the game.

I have only worn it for a few days and it's hardly newsworthy - it's been out for months - but I am pleasantly surprised and pleased with it. I may post about that tomorrow so if you see a big picture of my face in your blog reader, you know what I will be talking about :)

Hope you are all well!


  1. I do this all the time - wear a top till it falls apart and then I mourn and weep the loss of my favourite piece...until the next purchase!

    Looking forward to the Skin Base review! :)

  2. I'm a big fan of New Look's spaghetti strap tops - I have a collection of various ones and theirs are the best value for money at around £3. The colour selection varies seasonally. The popularity of sheer blouses has made them a necessity!

  3. @Binia - coming shortly :) thanks!

    @Catriona - that's a brilliant recommendation actually. will keep good old New Look in mind!

  4. im normally a tank top girl but i should really venture to spaghetti straps top because it doesn't show when i wear something on top of it!

  5. @pinkyliciousvita - i like both but i dunno...the spaghetti adds a little something :) haha

  6. I'm like this too with tank tops. I have one that I bought from Aritzia last summer and have worn sooo often because it's the perfect "base" for outfits. I wish I had bought like 10 of them because I haven't been able to find them since!

    xo, alison*elle

  7. I love tank tops. My all time favourites have to be Petit Bateau ones, but I'm probably biased since I am French... Hahaha! I'll check out the ones from Topshop next time.

    I also cannot wait to read your skin base review!


  8. @Elodie - they are the stuff of legends though :) I still have lots of Petit Bateau tees that I wear - love the navy crew necks! :)

  9. You look gorgeous :). Can't wait to read the Skin Base review, I bought it the other day but the mua matched me to a completely wrong colour :S. X

  10. please i do wanna know what lippies you got from illamasqua :)))) i only have corrupt, and it's such a WOW colour but a bit drying!

  11. I know exactly what you mean about wearing tank tops until they fall apart. When you find the right one, it's devastating when it dies, I still haven't replaced the tank top love of my life


  12. I LIVE in tank tops, I have them in every single colour imaginable!
    Can't wait to read your review of the Skin Base as I'm seriously tempted to try it, and I trust your judgment as always! :) xx

  13. H&M strappy tops are just amazing, I wear them so much you wouldn't believe! xx

  14. Amen sistah, I wear my tanks until they fall apart. Gilly Hicks make good tanks for under tshirts, more sporty-ish. J Crew has good over all tanks, and the perfect length for shirts. I.e. they don't peek under your dressier shirt. I love them!

  15. Laura, Your hair looks amazing these days. More volume and much better quality. What do you take for your hair? Is it the viviscal or something else.
    Can you list out what vitamins you take for your hair.


  16. I wear a piece of clothing to the death aswell! I should really stock up on spaghetti strap vests, I don't think you can have too many!

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  17. i got the skin base just today, such a coincidence :) i think the same about the tank tops, they are definitely 'must' for me, in the summer i wear them with jeans/shorts etc, in winter under the scratchy/itchy jumpers, and when they finally fall apart, they make great dust clothes :) can't wait to see your illamasqua purchases, i have been using fable/brink/obey/encounter constantly for months now...xxx

  18. I wear my favorite spaghetti straps until they fall apart too! My favorite are the ones from Express


  19. yup! sounds like me! I wear any kind of basic layering top to death before getting another. But even if I have another I just keep wearing the same one until I can't anymore lol...now I sound weird.
    alright I'll stop there.
    ps. love the nail polish in the last post, it's such a gorgeous colour.

  20. back to basics! best way to go

    Rosie Anna

  21. i always get excited to see you have a new blog post!


  22. Over the years I have concluded if I find a 'staple' piece to A: Buy multiples or B: Buy it in many different colours etc... It's the worst feeling when a go-to top is no longer wearable :p
    Bella xo

  23. wow my tank tops ever break!

  24. I just wanted to say that I use to watch your video's on youtube and just came across your blog recently and I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy it and how much your missed on youtube.

  25. The best tanks by far are the ones from The Buckle... I generally squirm around the sight of stores that supply a plethora of jeans with that many detailing on your bum, but I forced myself to go in after hearing they have the miracle tank. They are spandexy (ahem... bye-bye love handles) and come in long or extra-long... so perfect for layering! Not pricey either...

  26. A girl can never own too many tanks. Layer layer layer!


  27. I love a good comfy tank! I think my shoulders are too wide for thin straps though so I have to stay away from them :(

  28. i love basics and i agree that they are very important c:

  29. I have soooo many of these shirts because they are perfect for all weathers (layering!) <3

  30. My addiction to tank tops is a secret one. I love buying all the shades available of the $2/$3 tanks at Forever 21. I live for the extra long ones, in fact - those are the ones I'm loving as of late (being 7mons pregnant) they fit me so perfectly!

  31. I have many tank tops but still buying if I see some good ones :P I like your simple style and you are pretty^^!

  32. Uniqlo has really comfortable spaghetti straps top with padding, super soft fabric, I wear mine all the time. :) You might like those!

  33. Love your blog!
    I am a new follower.

  34. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  35. Primark does such cheap vest tops and they seem to last forever! i have a rainbow drawer of them! :)

    http://bookishbeauty.blogspot.com/ & http://keepcamandbookworm.blogspot.com/

  36. I too swear by good old New Look for vest tops. Cheap as chips, come in every colour under the sun and seem to last forever, I must have about 30 of them! Only slight problem is that they're not quite as long as I'd like them to be, but as I very rarely wear them on there own anyway it's not a massive issue :)

  37. you look so sexy and elegant! love this :) xx


  38. Your hair is getting so long. Love good basic black & white tees.

  39. So happy that I'm not the only one! Feel less like a hoarder now.
    Ps. I absolutely love your hair like this, it's so gorgeous! x D



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