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23 Jan 2012

Forgive the cheese but...hair we go again!

Look past that achingly faux smile in the photo. I was not pleased with my hair today. You see, this morning I had a brain wave and decided to straighten it. I haven't done that for months and I wanted to see what it looked like/how long it was.

And the verdict once complete?


When straightened it took on a totally different look and feel. In other words:

* The colour looked brassy
* The look was flat and lank

It's funny how different it made me feel. Whereas the wavy hair makes me feel confident and pretty, this made me feel depressed and drab.

I was "this" close to cutting bangs/fringe in an effort to make it feel more exciting when I thought of the video below...watch it all (as it is funny) but specifically focus on 1 min 41 - 1 min 48. That IS ME when it comes to fringes. I want it, I get it, I hate it :)

Despite that I am still thinking about cutting in some layers. To go professional or to DIY? :)

Onto some perfume

I wanted to give this a mention as I have been wearing it constantly since I got it.

This was a perfume exchange with one of my oldest friends in Dubai - old as in I have known him for a long time by the way (we worked together) and not in age.

We are both perfume nuts and agreed to exchange for Christmas. This I highly recommend you do with any similar minded friends. There is nothing more special than receiving a perfume from someone who picked it out because it reminded them of you.

He got Bulgari Black and I got...Ferre eau de parfum by Gianfranco Ferre.

This was released a while ago and reminds me of Calvin Klein Beauty in it's notes.

Think of soft, misty florals and fruits sitting atop a warm sensual base. It's unassuming and inoffensive. Iris lies at the heart of the notes and for that reason it has been compared favourably with F. Malle's Iris Poudre. If you like that, and you like these soft fragrances that have a hint of powder about them then you will adore this.  

And finally...

I got my first GlamBox today. Yes, the beauty box phenomenon has hit the UAE.

I will spare you the review right now - I know how exciting and original beauty box review posts are - but this had a couple of nice products in it, including an Arden lipstick I wore in the post above.

I still can't make up my mind about these programmes though. Part of my brain screams "scam" and the other coos at the thought of monthly parcels winging their way to me. I might do a thought piece on it soon so prepare yourselves :)

Hope the week started well for you!


  1. Yey, you got the box!

    I like your hair more curly definitely. Still you look pretty on that first picture though.

    Also, Ive said it before but you have SO MUCH PERFUME!!!

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING x


  2. @Ugly Duckling - i do indeed :) I am the best person to buy perfume for as well because I love and smell appreciation in everything :) haha

  3. This made me laugh as I am the exact same way with my fringe. I have just spent 8 months growing it out and this week I have been thinking about cutting it back in!

  4. I have not straighten my hair is 5 years. Whenever I did it would make my red dyed hair all limp and look greasy and yucky, I think your wavy hair is amazing but the straighten hair does not look bad on you at all but with the wave it gives an extra kick :) x

  5. I think your hair looks nice straight but I know what you mean, I always feel my hair looks prettier with a bit of a wave in it! x

  6. That box looks good- I have had a couple (different brand) and it is sort of like Christmas, until you remember that you're paying for it! Your hair looks lovely but I know that mine is so long now that it looks very severe when I straighten it (not to mention it shows up the split ends). I always have to "do something" with it like clip the front up if I straighten it. When it was shorter there was still a bit of volume round the face.

    As for my week- well I have a cold which has caused my nose to bleed all yesterday- and I just sneezed and set it off again today. Fun! On the other hand someone pointed out one of my blog pictures of a pot of day cream has Jesus' face in it. Very random few days- your post has made sitting here with a headache much more bearable! xx

  7. I think your hair looks great. We are our worst critics after all..and also where did you get that top? Or is that a dress? Leopard collar on black. Heck yes!

    What are you in Dubai for? Work, pleasure, family. Boy I'm full of questions today. Lack of sleep. Makes me a little delirious.

  8. I actually really like the straight hair and the leopard print collar top, where did you get it if you don't mind me asking....

  9. i much prefer you with curly hair :d lol
    but i do think you should have a cut done professional that way they can get rid of all the dead ends properly.
    not even hairdressers cut there own hair, its too hard :D

  10. @Vickie - yep, probably around about the same length of time for me too :) It's a constant cycle. :)

    @Jamie-Lee - waves FTW! :)

    @Phoebe - completely agree!

    @Computergirl - i love your comment - although i am not laughing at your misfortune but rather the reference to the Jesus in a face cream :) Will have to check it out!

    @Francis - New Look last year :) And it's for work x

  11. @44ELLE - it's from good old New Look! I got it last year but I am sure they still have a similar version knocking around somewhere :)

    @MissPenelope - yes you are right. I may nervously book an appointment soon :)

  12. Laura,
    I LOVE getting your posts in my Google Reader. Just found you on FB, now...Yay! Even though, I can't wear much of the fashion, I love your tips, products and accessories suggestions. You keep me on trend!
    Okay...love the curly hair the best.
    Thanks for all you do to keep me inspired. :)
    Luv, Vintage Mommy

  13. I love the leopard pan collar too! I might be browsing through my nearest New look on the hunt for that.

    I like your hair straight but I understand how u feel, whenever i (very rarely) straighten my hair it just looks really flat like it's just been ironed on the ironing board!

    love your posts as always!



  14. That video is sooo funny! I've done the fringe thing, I think it lasted about a month before I started pinning it away and of that month it maybe spent 2 days actually looking good lol. They look amazing on some people though

  15. I am with you on the straightening thing. It makes me look awful! I must have liked it at some point though because I'm pretty sure I straightened my hair every day for about 4 years...

  16. Isn't it funny how one sligh change to your hair can make you feel do different? When my hair was long I was obsessed with having it curly, and now that it's short, it looks AWFUL (IMO) curly. I need to grow it back out again because I don't feel pretty with it short.

    The perfume sounds to die for, I want to check it out! And the bottle looks gorgeous! Also I'm excited to see what's in the glossy box! I had Birchbox for about 6 months but just have too much makeup and beauty product samples, so had to quit. Hope you had a fabulous Monday! :)


  17. haha the straight hair dilemma happens to me all the time! I def prefer my hair curly and wavy but sometimes i just don't always have the motivation or time to curl it all everyday! but when that happens and its straight I feel rubbish! lol x


  18. @Lisa Dabbs - thank you so much Lisa!

    @es-jay - hope you find it! it might be loitering somewhere but i got it last year (same day that I got my leopard boots :)

    @Lissy - i know! I am jealous of those people :)

    @SophieSoph - same. i think it was v. fashionable at some point and then natural texture was encouraged. this was a useful lesson to teach me the value of my conical wand :)

    @Alyson - you too alyson!

    @lauren tariton - i know what you mean. especially in the morning it's the last thing i can be arsed to do but it's worth it. we must commit time to wave our hair :)

  19. I have to admit, I much prefer your curly hair, it's gorgeous! xx

  20. Your hair looks lovely straight but I prefer it your usual way, it always looks lovely on you. I never know whether to subscribe to a beauty box or not, I always hear good things about them but guaranteed as soon as I sign up for one it will be full of useless junk.

  21. @mldvs - than you :) me too!

    @TheHumanWreckage - i am giving the Dubai one 3 months and Feel Unique I might give the same amount of time. I think its more something i would dip in and out of....i would resent the monthly payment in the long run i think :)

  22. Laura! You're back in Dubai? That's amazing! Will start checking your blog more regularly now! Yaaaay! A guru in Dubai! Feels wonderful :) I know you've probably been asked this a thousand times, but why no YouTube no more? I do miss you... Come back please?
    Oh and could you please elaborate on the beauty box thing? Where, how, etc.? Perhaps a helpful link?

    Thanks soooooo much!

  23. "hair we go again!" hahahaha xxxxxx

  24. wtf Laura? i love your straight hair!! am i the only one?? i mean, you look amazing with waves but also with straight hair, i couldn't decide which one suits you better. I loved when you had long straight hair with bangs (i also saved a picture from your old blog when your hair was that way, cause it was so inspiring for me, lol)! Btw, layers are the best thing if you wanna have healthier hair, and also longer hair, cause it looks longer when it's layered ;)



  25. aww don't worry, i'm the same with my hair! i never straighten it! and i'm always like that with bangs! ahha i wish i could just snap my fingers, have them, and snap my fingers again, and my hair would grow back out :)


  26. @CAR - we need some of those faux snap on fringes :) haha

  27. aww I have a thing for sleek hair, and I think you look beautiful this way! However I have to sport waves this week as my straighteners broke, and I have ordered Cloud Nine ones, have to wait till they arrive!

  28. @Musing on Beauty - well if it's any consolation cloud nine's are bloody fantastic. I think they might be better than GHD's :)

  29. Your hair is so beautiful straight! I love straight and sleek hair! My hair is naturally extremely curly:( The colour brightens your face and it looks SLEEK not flat haha! :)You should give Guerlain My insolence and Cerruti 1881 perfumes a sniff, you will love them!

  30. so jealous of your perfume collection...mine is soo bleak! Although you look very pretty in the first pic I do love the curly/waves you usually have...either way still lovely!


  31. If it makes you feel any better, here's (me) another person with I want/get/don't want bangs syndrom.
    :) xxx

  32. Would love to see your perfume collection as we share the same obsession ;)

    also where is that top from?! loving the leopard print peter pan collar! xx

  33. I haven't straightened my hair in what seems like years!! reminds me too much of the early 2000's when I used to have poker straight hair and were COMBAT TROUSERS!!! Your hair looks so lovely with a bit of curl...do you normally do much to it or is it naturally like that?

    p.s. I am jealous of both your perfume and handbag collections! x


  34. The only time my hair looks passable when straight is the day it gets cut. After that, forget it.

    I love it when you talk about perfume! I bought my first full-size just over the holidays. Well, my bf bought the one I picked out. :) I just feel so overwhelmed when it comes to all that! I suppose it just takes time to really figure out what you like and what the notes really translate to.

  35. The video above? It made my Monday!!!

  36. i love your straight hair, and i love you wavy hair :) i thought u had highlights at first!

  37. You look just like crown princess Mary of Denmark:-) with your hair straight ! beautiful:-)


  38. deffo love your hair wavy laura, just about to invest in a babyliss pro rebel curling wand...... what size barrel is yours?

  39. Your hair has gotten so long! Its amazing! But I'm right there with you about the straight hair, I always feel much better when I've waved my hair, especially because mine is blonde and very fine it just looks so whispy straight. Yuck, I seldom have the time in the morning to do it though, well I could always get my arse out of bed earlier...

  40. Hahahah LOVED the video ! Your hair looks great, maybe you feel like this because you are used to your wavy hair !! x


  41. I have the same problem when I straighten my hair. I have found it less brassy and dry looking if I blow dry first. When I have it done at hairdressers it looks amazing shiny and healthy! Now if only I could have hairdresser at my beck and call.
    Love reading your blog!

  42. @Beth - your comment made me laugh as yes, i remember those days too! i was shit hot in my combats :) haha

    @Ashley - that's so nice and all the more special. what one did you go for?

    @Beautygirl24 - the entire "shit says" series gets me every time :) i am the girl in the original "Shit Girls Say" video...munching on crisps and all :) haha

    @missarch - thank you :)

    @Nataysha786 - i have been told that before and i don't mind at all :) maybe i could get a job as her double :)

    @Melissa- yay! do it! BUT i am not very helpful as I don't know the size off the top of my head...it doesn't say on the side to i may have to do a manual measure and then mention it in another post...hope that's okay!

    @Dani - thanks Dani! my hair is fine too so definitely keeping with waves :) like you this means getting up earlier :(

    @Clay - i think that's the reason - it was definitely a shock :) haha

    @Michelle - now that would be amazing! we should find one and marry him :)

  43. It looks like a fairly chunky one as opposed to the very skinny ones, the one i've found is model no. BAB2281U which im pretty sure is the same or very similar! I just hope I can master it! Would you re-purchase the Redken Thermal Resist?

  44. I feel exactly the same way when I straighten my hair! I used to straighten it all the time but then stopped, and until the other day, I hadn't straightened it in about six months... I thought I would straighten it for a change and I hated it! :(

    The GlamBox sounds exciting! :)

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  45. I went for Prada Amber. About 20 minutes after applying it becomes this really nice warm scent...hard for me to describe, but I really like it!

  46. Ahh I think your hair looks amazing both wavy and straight :) xx


  47. Snap, I've experienced a gradual decrease in the use of my straighteners for the past year or so. I feel guilty that the expensive GHD is now languishing in a drawer, I just never reach for it anymore. For what was a quarter of the price I get 4x the use out of my Babyliss curling wand-typical! Also can't believe I never noticed how SMALL my head looks with straightened hair. Cringe, I thought I was gorgeous! x x

  48. Was watching the linked video to understand the "bang syndrome" and the He(dressed as she) talked smack about Ugg boots, Aldo shoes, and Tory Burch flats. I started to laugh because it was like he looked inside my shoe closet and started shaming and blaming me. What can I say? I'm a makeup/polish/hair addict. If I included high end fashion, I would completely and utterly broke. :)

  49. This comment has been removed by the author.

  50. I love fringes on people, I think you automatically look artistic, fashion forward and different. I love a fringe on me as well, but it's too much styling with my semi-curly hair! I've tried it four times now, and I've asked my friends to shut me up as soon as I start talking about it again.

  51. Haha, I really can't handle that video. Hilarious.

  52. Laura! Honestly, your hair looks gorgeous either way :)

    I totally know what you mean when it comes to fringes, I was growing mine out for a few months but one day I woke up and felt the urge to cut it. I obvs gave in to this urge. Haha!

    You should totes chip in your own layers! Take the hair from the crown, lift up to a 90 degree angle and snip away! T'is how I do it anyways :D xo

  53. I think it looks gorgeous straight... but I'm a tad biased... Maybe some layers though, since your hair's got so long.

  54. What is the name of the lipstick you are wearing?

  55. congrats! x


  56. Definitely your look best with wavy hair but the straight is not bad for a change.
    You should get it layered at the salon if your layers are too long and DIY later to maintain it and please blog later :)

  57. The whole bangs thing was so funny! I can totally relate. I ALWAYS get bangs in hopes of adding *something* (don't know what that something I'm looking for is though) to my look. It always sort of fails and I end up hating it a week later.


  58. Again, I can't believe how long your hair is now and it truly looks fab however you wear it, straight or wavy. Lucky you! I do like powdery type perfumes so mental note taken!!;)

  59. I did the same yesterday and hated it, flat lank locks draped around my face all day, yuk! I also cut in a fringe in a time of crises then weep for a week.

  60. Thanks for embedding that video! My last 'DIY' fringe has finally reached an official 'grown out' stage...yeesh. I really needed that laugh before work. Perfect timing :)

  61. I feel the exact same way about straightening my hair. I think mine is quite similar in style to yours and my friends never understood why I never used my flat iron - it's hasn't been turned on in years and whenever I feel like I might welcome the change I refer to an old pic that I hate with the lifeless locks haha!

  62. Your hair looks lovely, that leopard print collar is really cute! I'm surprised beauty boxes are only starting to take off in UAE, I thought they would have already been thriving and have amazing products!

  63. That video is priceless.

    Kindness is the best accessory,

  64. I think straight hair is a nice change on you and I love the top you're wearing! Such a pretty collar X

  65. My hair is similar to yours, and I used to straighten it aaaall the the time, until I realized it looked much better when I embraced my natural texture!

  66. I've been wanting to try GlamBox for a while now, perhaps it's time I give it a try. :)

    Best Beauty Blog

  67. Laura hello - love reading your posts, thank you for that. Wanted to know which glam box you use? The one I can find via google is this: http://www.glamboxcosmetics.com - not sure if this is what I want.

    Thank you

  68. i know this comment probably won't change your mind but i think your hair looks lovely! i like it like this and your hair is a gorgeous colour but i will admit that i do prefer it curly/wavy ;) looking forward to hearing more about your views on the beauty box. i have to admit that i really like the idea and would subscribe to them all if i could but i'm a bit sceptical about whether you're getting value for money sometimes... X

  69. I think your hair looks lovely straight and I also love the straight part down the middle.

    Sorry for the late reply .. I just finished your 2011 post and now working on 2012 :-)

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