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2 Jan 2012

The Topshop Metallic Animal Print Blazer

I have seen so many posts of what people wore on New Year's Eve - pretty dresses, heels, skirts/blouse combo's etc..

Me? I went with comfy basics and an animal print blazer. Well, you can't teach an old dog new tricks - or should I say a leopard can't change her spots? :)

This blazer was a real bargain! It's currently in the sale and reduced to a third of the price. I had seen it a month ago and whilst seriously tempted to snap it up the reviews generally gave a thumbs down on the quality. It was felt to be too light/cheap to justify a £65 price tag. Having got my hands on it, I sort of understand what they were saying - for a Winter collection piece it is oddly flimsy - but for me it's absolutely fine.

Come spring/summer in the UK (and anywhere else in the Northern Hemisphere) this will be PERFECT with black shorts and white sheer buttoned up shirt. For £20 in the sale I would say it's worth snapping up.

I paired it with some standard pieces and took some quick pictures on the roof of the Yas Viceroy hotel.

Looks busy doesn't it? :) 

Blazer: Topshop - Link!
Jeans: Cheap Monday
Top: TRF
Shoes: Ash
Bag: Celine (PS. This also worked as a weekender bag - crammed ALOT in here!)
Sunglasses: RayBan
Bracelets: Disney Couture and Hermes
Watch: Michael Kors 5055

The rest of the evening was spent at the Coldplay concert in Abu Dhabi - hence the need for comfort. This is my second time seeing them and I have never seen any other band sound like they do live - think like the album but better.

Favourite track? Politik.

This is my one token crap concert photo taken with my mobile phone :)

After that it was a two hour walk to find a taxi fuelled by an evening meal of gin and popcorn.
I hope you had a good New Year's Eve and that you are doing well with your resolutions. Mine are identical to last year's:

* Drink more water
* Read a book a week

Let's see how it goes :)


  1. Love this blazer on you! Looks fab! And what a lovely way to spend new years eve x

  2. Love the blazer! I wore something comfy for New Year's too. Over the top is overdone, in my opinion lol. Happy New Year to you!


  3. @Lipstick - thank you :) hope you had a good one!

    @Sarah - yay! tis the way forward :)

    @aquamillie - i think i do read quite quickly as I managed it this year. but i also read some light crap stuff that gets finished in a couple of days :)

  4. The blazer is beautiful, you're so lucky you caught it in the sale! And you look lovely as always <3 I wore this amazing sequin skirt on NY, I was so overdressed haha, everyone was looking at me like I had three heads or something. Good luck with your resolutions, a really great tip if you want to drink more water is to get yourself a water bottle, it helps sooooo much! I'm with you on that one, I used to drink 2 litres per day, now I'm slacking :(
    So excited everytime I see a new post from you!

  5. Love the blazer, glad u had a great NYE!!

    Good luck with the resolutions


  6. £20?! What a bargain! I want!
    Happy New Year :) xx

  7. You look lovely with the blazer on and I love coldplay! xx

  8. How do you fit it in though Laura? I'd have to barely sleep! :)

  9. I love your shoes, they really are lovely! x

  10. The blazer looks really good! But my resolution for New Year is to spend less money. Already broken on the 2nd of Jan when I did a bit of shopping in the Zara sale. But hey, the offers were good and the full price biker boots with black studs kind of slipped in...Happy new year Laura!

  11. Happy New Year :)
    Hope this year will be wonderful for you :)
    I love your outfit a lot.. the shoes are so cute and that blazer is fantastic :)

  12. Laura, happy new 2012 to you! I always get very happy everytime you post a new story. :)
    Hope new year brings you even more joy, excitement and new plans and ideas. Also, may you get in a new year what you wish for. x

  13. happy new year, laura. the blazer looks great on you!

  14. I love this,happy new year :)

  15. Love this outfit!!!

  16. I am already buying items for spring, I cannot wait for some sun!
    Love your resolutions, very achievable, unlike most of mine!
    Your NYE sounded perfect, I think I am still recovering frome mine


  17. I have never seen Coldplay live, but I would like to. I would also like to see Mogwai live too as their sound is supposed to be immense. Not a jacket I think I would get away with but it looks fab on you :) xx

  18. Happy New Year! Once again you look great.

  19. I'm jealous of COldplay!!! I've seen them in concert twice and want to go again!!!! love:)

    cute blazer..and of course nice bag!!!!

    happy 2012!!!


  20. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!




  21. your underuse of glitter for the new year is refreshing! happy new year!


  22. Resolutions are so hard to keep, hehe! Love the outfit! I went for basics too on NYE, no cute dresses and perfect makeup! Happy new year :-)

  23. really nice outfit. my parents are actually going to dubai soon, wondering how they'll like it.. i'd like to have some sunshine, too :/


  24. I love Coldplay. My husband had it blasting while I was in labor with our daughter. God put a smile on our face for sure! LOL Happy NY


  25. What a way to celebrate New Years Eve! I'm not sure that I would have looked closely at this jacket if I'd I'd seen it hanging in store but you have this knack of making things seem that bit more wearable and now I'm hovering over the link . . ! Liking the contrast between the Celine and the jacket. Happy 2012!!!

  26. I love those Disney Couture bracelets!

  27. Love your bag, so chic! So jealous you got to see coldplay! x

  28. Wow. Reading a book a week, that sounds both amazing and difficult. If I tried to do that, my love of crap television would have to diminish quite a bit. I have a kindle though and it may be easier if I read during my lunch hour. Think I'll give it a go and see if I can read a book a week too. Keeping the mind active is very important.

  29. Love your laid back NYE look. Great blazer!

    Happy New Year!

    The Vintage Huntress

  30. Cute outfit! One of my resolution is also to drink more water this year. Happy New Year!

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. I keep looking at this in the sale and thinking do I need another blazer/more leopard print but sounds like I do! I think those are brill resolutions, and they would apply to me well actually!


  33. my sister has an animal print blazer she bought at zara years ago, and I'm still trying to steal it from her.. Maybe I should order my very own :)

    <3 Happy New Year!!

  34. Love the blazer, tried to grab but theyre out of stock now :(, happy new year to u too!

  35. HOT blazer! :)

    I have this amazing cuff/wrap bracelet that I think you'd love... I have it in the orange leather which I think looks very Hermes'-esque ;) http://dimacci.com.au/product.php?prod=3

  36. happy new year laura! love the blazer! it's lovely! and i'm so jealous of you being able to see coldplay live! :( X

  37. You look absolutely fabulous in anything you wear. I didn't think it was possible but you made it happen.

    Good luck with your resolutions Laura!


  38. Love your Celine :)
    Check out my blog.. I have collections, beauty & hauls !

  39. Love love love the blazer! And good resolution - would be interested to hear what kind of stuff you end up reading, always end up stuck for ideas after the holidays!

  40. the blazer is amazing, I've been looking to buy some leopard print for my wardrobe so i will definitely be checking that out :)


  41. I suppose I need to make that resolutions list. Haha. I currently work from home and granted its been rewarding but I really need a vacation!

  42. Absolutely LOVE this blazer. Going to go look for somehing like that soon :) xx

  43. Omg my friend was at that concert!! :-)

  44. saw these and thought of you!!


  45. Love the look of this, for £20 you can't go wrong! X

  46. I love your shoes, they really are lovely! x

    animal print pants


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