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12 Feb 2012

TB flats and LDR lips

Yes, that was my weekend. When I wasn't in my pyjamas I was breaking in some shoes and sporting some seriously wannabe pouty lips.

The TB Flats

You all know I love my Tory Burch flats. I don't even care that the symbol looks like a Take That dedication. I love them and they are usually very comforable.

When I spotted these on shopbop.com before Christmas I fell in love. They reminded me of a pair of Chanel $600+'s that I had seen in Saks about 18 months ago - a pale nude colour with an elasticated inner edge that from afar looks like a dainty ribbon.

I got them about a month ago and whilst it was love at first sight, my toes revolted. They cried in pain. These shoes made me feel like my toenails were inches too long - a sort of scraping feeling that just feels uncomfortable an hour or two.

I am pleased to say however that I experienced a breakthrough this weekend and they are finally worn and ready to be sported without a face wince. Hurray!


The LDR lips

You all know Lana Del Rey. Well I am borderline obsessed with her.

Whilst I think her music is good I think, if push came to shove, I would rather see Ellie Goulding, Florence & the Machine or Imogen Heap in concert but yet, I am mesmerized when I see a picture of her.

I levy the blame at her lips. They are so full and just brrrrrrrrr......I won't be getting a pair of my own but for fun I decided to draw on some LDR lips this weekend, partly prompted by Tali's post.

The best product I found for this was Maybelline's liner in Toast. You could use this and just call it a day to be honest. It's a lovely liner - not as grey as MAC Stone, similar to Rimmel Tiramisu but far creamier to apply.

I added Illamasqua Sonnet and,some Viva Glam Gaga 2 gloss for a shinier finish.

It was a fun look, You never know maybe I will try stiletto nails next...(joke!)


Hope you had a good one!


  1. Oh Tory Burch Revas... How you slay me. 4 pairs down, and the love is still not fading... You look gorgeous xx

    South Molton St Style

  2. Ha ha! This made me chuckle. Lover-ley lips you have in anycase : D

  3. loveeee the lips! i really like Tali's Lana Del Ray lips too..not too keen on the singer herself but loving her lips - god that sounds so wrong.
    im loving pairing Mac Spice lipliner with Nars Cruising lipstick atm..similar look(ish) xx

  4. I'm obsessed with LDR's lips too. It makes me want to purchase all the lip enhancing products and just go crazy. Love the post as usual my dear :)

  5. Both look fab:) Loving nude coloured shoes at the moment and you may just have found me my first Illamasqua lipstick. What a beautiful shade Sonnet is!

  6. Love your LDR lips, really want to try the lip liner! x

  7. Never tried LDR but it looks lovely. Those flats are gorgeous glad they are broken in. I just hate the feeling of shoes before they are worn down.

    This Brunette Speaks

  8. I've been eyeing those flats for months as well! I am traveling to NYC in April - might have to pick them up there :)

    1. I'm going in 3 weeks - can't wait.....will look out for these shoes for you xx

  9. I couldn't stop looking at her nails. They remind me of those long Barbra Streisand nails from the 60's. Nice to look at, but hard to keep up and get in the way. I couldn't type two words with them. lol

  10. never heard of that lipstick by illasmqua, must look into it x

  11. My favourite flats are my Tory Burch Revas in bright orange! They are almost 5 years old but still look brand new and are comfy!

  12. The TB flats and the LDR Lips are beautiful! ♥

  13. Looks great, you made me crave shy girl btw... ;D


  14. Love the lip combination! I think Lana Del Rey is gorgeous too x

  15. Love the flats and the LDR Lips. I'm becoming obsessed with her of late, I've even done a quick post on her, she's gorgeous and talented.


    www.es-jaymakeup.blogspot.com - for beauty reviews, hauls and health posts :D

  16. Those shoes kill my feet, I clipped my toenails back to the quick - at least it's not just my sloth toes!

  17. Ugh I hate when cute shoes hurt. The flats are adorable.

  18. The LDR lips look beautiful on you. I agree with you though, I would go see Ellie or Florence over her anytime. I was hoping that one of them would come to Lollapalooza this year but no luck. I'll have to settle on The Artic Mokeys and Bjork

  19. You look gorgeous in this photo, well you do in all of them but your makeup is stunning!

    Also thank you for the info on the Tory B's as I would love to get a pair of Reva's but have heard about the painful toe situation you can get with them so was a little concerned to pay so much for a pair of flats if they're going to torture me!!

    If they relent after a month it may be worth it!

    Esther xx


  20. I'm seriously obsessed with LDR too! She's crazy beautiful. Really cute shoes too xx


  21. Lovely shoes, I am also a bit obsessed with LDR too, she is gorgeous x

  22. Loving the LDR lips ! xx


  23. Love the shoes!
    Check out my Body Shop - Chocomaina giveaway!

  24. Those look like the perfect shade of nude flats. I've been on a constant hunt for the perfect pair. Thanks for this. Hopefully these don't hurt my toes as they did yours.


  25. Those flats are adorable! I've never seen the nude ones!!


  26. I love those TB flats! I have yet to bite the bullet but they look gorgeous on you :)

  27. LOVE the TB flats. My friend has them and told me that I would love them. They are so cute and look so comfy, maybe that is the next pair of shoes I'll splurge on! You have yet again sparked my need! :)


  28. Laura.. you look like Liz Hurley in the photo above... with that said, I hope you have nothing against her. I think she's gorgeous and I have always thought you somewhat resemble her ;)

  29. Love the TB flats! Lana is beautiful, so are you :)

    Charlotte Couture Blog

  30. Beautiful lips and shoes!


  31. Laura,
    Do you wear footies with your flats? I can't seem to last an hour in any brand without them. :( If you do, what are some good/cute footies? Sounds like a great weekend!
    Another Laura

  32. I've seen these Tory Burch on shopbop before and was soooooo tempted to get them because they really are gorgeous! Now obviously after seeing this post I'm even more tempted!

    You look gorgeous as always Laura!!

    Gem x

  33. I have these in black. For me, the problem was breaking in the heel. The leather label in sewed to the sole was my problem. I'd say it took me two to three months to get them fully broken in.

  34. so beautiful!!! love the flats and definitely love lana del rey! i feel like she came out of nowhere and just suddenly rose to fame overnight. it's so nice when that happens :)


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  36. Cute....Check out my latest MAC lipstick dupe here:


  37. Those shoes are so cute! :) and you look gorgeous! xx

  38. OMG Love your shoes!! I want:)

  39. the shoes are beautiful, i've seen a lot of flats in a similar style to that lately! I love lana del ray,she is amazing.. the lip colour really suits you xxx

  40. Those Tory Burch flats are to die for! Great post!


  41. I love the shoes of the first photo!
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    See ya!

  42. Very cute flats - nice to see them in a nude shade and with a smaller logo; sorry to hear that they were uncomfortable at first though!
    You look lovely with the LDR inspired lips, everyone seems to love LDR's look at the moment, so...who knows, maybe stiletto nails will be the new thing to try? :))


  43. I thought I was the only one that had the "toenails... inches too long" problem with shoes! It is horrible! Glad you broke in your flats - they are cute!

    Any thoughts on the skater dress trend? ASOS has quite a few right now and I think they are adorable!

  44. The shoes are absolutely stunning, I love the nude colour!! Xx

  45. what an amazing blog!! following you now!

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    hugs and kisses, theri

  46. Right thats it I need that lipliner! Looks amazing on you! xx

  47. A Take That dedication... This part made me laugh!!! LOL

    I'm kind of obsessed with Lana del Rey too... Love her style!

    Loooove your lips in this post!



  48. I also love my TBs. They're addicting! The nude ones are a great addition to your collection.

    I'm hosting my first GIVEAWAY on my blog this week. Would love for you to check it out! xo


  49. Nice flats! I think I only have one pair of flats cause Im short :( so I prefer shoes with some type of heels.

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  53. LOVE your Tory flats. I recently bought the same ones and unlike the TB Reva flats these were comfy right out of the box. I did have to go a half size up. These are mine http://www.flickr.com/photos/39715038@N00/9334382297/


    Thanks for sharing your blog.


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