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3 Mar 2012

The VIPXO scarf

Prepare for some "share the love" type chatter as I pay some respect to two great bloggers.

Here we go...

First Up

This scarf was posted on Victoria's blog - www.vipxo.co.uk - way back in November. It formed part of her popular "Designer Inspired" posts which see her scour eBay for cheap finds.

I loved the combination of colours and prints. The fact that it cost less than £10 including shipping didn't escape my attention either. I clicked, I ordered and I have worn it quite a few times since.

It is as light as a silk fabric so it drapes nicely and is perfect for Spring weather. It also washes well despite the el cheapo price tag.

So thanks to Victoria for finding this :)

Scarf: eBay - Link! 
Tee: T by Alexander Wang
Jacket: Topshop
Jeans: Seven for All Mankind (Roxanne)
Shoes: (more of an FYI obviously - Tory Burch)
Bag: Celine
Sunglasses: Elizabeth and James
Hair: Giving serious fringe today which I remain undecided about....

...and secondly

Another blog follow recommendation for you is Teresa of candyandcookie.com.

She is the Dubai based blogger I mentioned meeting up with yesterday and last night we enjoyed a 6 hour chat-a-thon at Shades pool bar at The Address Dubai Marina.

Infinity pool views, adult drinks, sweet potato fries and longing glances at her neon orange Cambridge Satchel...

We did attempt outfit pictures towards the end of the night but by then the alcohol and humidity ruined the effect. Until next time :)

Find her blog here and Twitter here and say hello from me :)

Hope you are having a great day! I had my hair colour "sorted" today and am relieved/happy to report that it all ended well. Such a relief!

I now have more "flashes" or a lighter caramel/honey colour courtesy of some skillful balyage highlights. I will probably post some pictures once I have washed my own hair (you know what it's like after a salon blow-dry) and give you a run down of the Redken treatment product I picked up as well.

See you all soon x


  1. you look great

    i love your scarf



  2. Love the scarf and the shoutouts.

  3. Your outfit looks great! And so does the purse :)


  4. That scarf goes so well with your blazer, and the navy blue of the Celine bag compliments it so well. By the way (random question, I wanted to ask on your Rimmel post), have you ever heard of/tried BB creams?

  5. I love the scarf, have one similar the leopard print surprisingly coordinates with many things, though I am obsessed with wearing the same item till I get bored of it. Loving the shades as well, looking forwards to seeing the new haircut and colour :)

  6. You always look effortlessly classy and gorgeous, Laura! The pictures from Dubai (almost) makes me forget my extreme fear of the plane ride to Dubai next week.. haha. It looks really amazing!

  7. Laura, I didn't realise just how long your hair was! I love that scarf, but I cant stand anything to close to my neck as I feel like I'm being strangled.... yes I'm a bit weird! Lol, looking forward to seeing/reading about your new hair :) xx

  8. Love the outfit, the scarf looks amazing xxx


  9. The scarf is lovely and the Cambridge satchel is gorgeous, I've been eyeing one up for a while!! xx

  10. her satchel is really nice- just checked out her blog, it's cool, thanks for sharing :)


  11. Love the scarf!
    Not sure how but I think I have one coming to me!
    I clicked & clicked and...oops! :-))
    Looking great!
    Thank you for the inspiration!

  12. Your whole outfit is absolutely stunning. I can never pull anything off as effotlessly as you do.

    PS: I may have to order the scarf too *ahem*


  13. Glad you have had a fab hair day Laura. Mine got chopped and darkened today!!! You look great. x

  14. the scarf looks lovely, and i always envy how glamourous you look! x


  15. Did you get bangs? Your hair looks amazing and I love your outfit! Thanks for the blog recs--I will definitely go check them out :)


  16. I love that scarf! It would definitely spruce up my wardrobe!

  17. Love that scarf, I love how scarf's can change the whole look of an outfit x

  18. I am officially banning myself from reading your blog. I absolutely adore everything you share with us! I loved the infinity ring and the evil eye bracelet to name just a few and now this...I'm in LOVE!!!

    You've got such amazing style and I really like the fringe :D


  19. I love that scarf, and I love eBay, you can find some real gems on there for pocket friendly prices! Your hair looks really lovely in these pictures too, the fringe really suits you :)

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  20. Ohh I have the exact scarf! I found mine in Camden Market last summer and it's still a firm favourite of mine :) x

  21. i have officially fallen in love with the scarf and the bag!

  22. Love the scarf! it's gorgeous and goes so well with your blazer!


    www.es-jaymakeup.blogspot.com - for beauty reviews, hauls and health posts

  23. I've been looking for a scarf just like that for a while now but I also want a thicker and fuller version for when Winter rolls around again. My bank account is going to hate me.


  24. Your hair looks amazing in the pictures above. It looks full of volume

  25. Love the new 'do Laura. Not sure how I feel about the full fringe on you. I think I prefer no fringe. But you are still beautiful as ever. Love the OOTD too. The scarf is perfect for Dubai weather and for spring.

  26. you look fab! Love that you give shout outs to other bloggers, so sweet :)

  27. Gorgeous scarf! It really makes the outfit :D



  28. love the scarf! and your bangs look great as well!


  29. I have this scarf too! VIPXO finds amazing pieces on Ebay! xx

  30. Love the scarf! You whole outfit looks lovely:) xx

  31. The scarf looks great, perfect for Spring! xx

  32. Love T by Alexander Wang t-shirts. They're are just so soft! Love the blog too.

  33. You look beautiful! I love that scarf too, such a soft and pretty look - and your bag is gorgeous :)

  34. Wow I really love that scarf! I always want to order from eBay and websites like that but I'm afraid of duties and customs charges since I live in Canada

  35. You went for a fringe, very chic, love the d & g bag. Caoimhe


  36. Gorgeous scarf and bag! x

  37. Your hair looks ridiculously nice :-)

  38. Really gorgeous scarf, victoria finds some really wonderful things! That satchel is such a delicious colour, very much envious too!


  39. I have been so busy moving back to Korea that I've not had chance to read your blog in what feels like an eternity. In truth I think it's been a week but usually you are a daily read of mine :)

    Did you just do the fringe? I like it, looks ace! Also, I have this scarf!!! As soon as I saw the first pic I got a bit excited, you know how you do when you see your own stuff on someone elses blog?? Haha!! :)

    Anyway, I'm off to catch up on your last few posts now. Just wanted to say, even though it was my own fault, I missed you!

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING x

    Come say hey at Ducklingtoswan.com!

  40. Love the satchel!


  41. Love the scarf and the orange bag!!

    We have been following your blog for a while and you are the person that has inspired us to create our own blog.


  42. I used to read your old blog, and I have just found you! SO happy! Thanks for Tanya (pixi2woo) for pointing your blog out to me. She said 'Laura' and I thought, please be lollipop26 and lo and behold!! Literally made my day, thanks for blogging again - you got me through my degree :) xxx

  43. I totally went out and bought that scarf off Ebay as soon as I read this blog post. All hell is breaking loose, I'm now addicted to clothing shopping on Ebay. Oh... boy.

  44. That scarf is amazing, I'm going to hunt it down and get one myself :D

    Devon xx

  45. Love ur scarf

  46. Love your blog, I'm following now :) Feel free to check out mine and enter my Boohoo Giveaway!

    Laura x
    Petit Chatons

  47. Do you think investing in a LV scarf is a good idea...or $870 USD is too much for cloth?

  48. Your outfit looks great! And so does the purse :)

    animal print pants

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