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30 Apr 2012

The Chanel Base Coat

It's at this point I confess that I have never been one for a nail base coat.

Even when I wear the dragon blood colour polish that threatens to stain my nails for weeks, I still neglect to layer down a foundation coat. This is part-lazy blended with part-cheapskate. Why spend the extra £5+ for something that will never be seen and looks like nothing when applied? Yes, that's my superficial self's rationale and why I have avoided buying CND Sticky Base, Butter London's Foundation etc...

Well times have changed!

Without wishing to sound too high maintenance I highly recommend investing some cash in a nail base coat. Ugh, that does sound high maintenance doesn't it? But let me continue...

The difference experienced since using this Chanel base? IMMENSE.

It's not that polish goes on smoother. It's not that it protects against staining. It's not even that it lasts a couple of days longer than usual (i.e., two days).

It's that even the streakiest and bitchiest of polishes - Essie, I am talking to you - appear more opaque and require less work. The likes of Minimalistic look good with just two of the lightest coats. They apply evenly and look great.

To be honest, it's a bit of a breakthrough as it makes my crappy nail polish application technique look almost passable. This has been the reason why I haven't rushed back to Gelish. I haven't ruled out the 2 week manicure forever but for now it's fun playing around with polish again.

Speaking of which meet my acquisitions all lined up: Essie's Van D'Go - a rich peach/pink - is a happy repurchase and To Buy Or Not To Buy - the most interesting blue/lilac/grey colour I have ever worn.

Happy days :)

Any new polish recommendations for me? I am currently in the market for an eBay binge x


  1. Essie Lights from the Poppy Razzi collection :)

  2. I usually use the OPI Nail Envy as a base coat, but am definitely eager to try this one now.. Maybe next time I need to rebuy! Thanks for the tip! Love the Essie shades by the way, very summery! Xx

  3. This sounds great - anything that makes nail polish application easier cannot be a bad thing.

  4. I have been looking into this for a while so it's great to read a good (and well written) review on it.
    I will be picking it up when I get paid this month!

  5. noooooooooo, i want to unread this post!!!

  6. This looks so beautiful! Chanel is such luxury and when you buy a product from chanel you just feel on top of the world and if it makes nail polish application easier then even better! :D

    www.es-jaymakeup.blogspot.com - for beauty reviews, hauls and health posts


  7. I am the same when it comes to base coat, but I might have to check this Chanel one out! It almost sounds too goof to be true!

    -Elodie x

  8. I am also one to neglect base coat, and I don't think my nails appreciate it! I really should invest in one, and this Chanel one sounds great x

  9. Zoya Kimber from the new Surf Collection is on the top of my list!!!It looks like a strawberry pink w/ gold shimmer.
    I'm on the same wave...never thought I needed a base coat either...until now :(

  10. I love Essie Lilacism! It's amazing!

  11. I have Van D'Go and im just not sure about it! In some lights its gorgeous and summery but then sometimes makes my fingers look dirty and ill!

    Im still ridiculously in love with the Bourjous one Kate Middleton wore on her big day


  12. Lovely colours! Perfect for summer!


  13. I'm using Butter London nail foundation at the moment but I think I'll try this next. Love the look of To Buy Or Not To Buy and my recommendation would be May by Chanel.

  14. YES!!! I certainly do have a recommendation...

    Lancome 'Vernis in love' collection.. See my post:

    Loving this range!

    Verni Noir

  15. This is what's currently on my buying list:
    - Butter London: Rosie lee and British Racing Green (it's between this and NARS zulu)
    - Ciate: Starlet
    - China glaze: Agro (i'm still thinking about this one. I'm looking for a dupe similar to the NARS mash nail polish, and think this might be a good match).

  16. not sure if you use top coat but the seche vite top coat will make any "crappy" polish application look stunning too! plus it dries super fast and doesn't chip for days. essie is coming out with their new collection soon so i'd go for that too!

    other brands: color club, OPI and china glaze are great as well
    hope that helps :D enjoy your shopping spree

  17. I think you HAD to get the Essie polish on just name alone! Bonus that is such a pretty color. I'm a basecoat each time person, mostly just out of habit.

    Karla Sugar is the most intriguing basecoat regiment I think - http://karlasugar.net/2011/02/nail-ritual-revisited/ I will be trying her method when I'm in the market for new supplies. :)

  18. Nice colours, I've got my eye on Absolutley Shore from Essie! So pretty.

  19. Great Post<3 I am so lazy about base coats! But I might try the chanel one:)
    if anyone has time please check out my blog?

  20. Love the Essie shades you've chosen ! xx


  21. Sounds like a great product!!

  22. Looks great :-) love to see it on the nails, and with rings etc! Great though.



  23. This sounds great. I have so many fickle, bitchy polishes!

    I think Chanel's May is a gorgeous, clean neutral pink. It doesn't look special in the bottle, but I've worn it nonstop. It just looks so feminine and polished!

  24. The thing I've always loved about you Laura - even when you did videos - you were very real. We change our mind so much in terms of a beauty product or routine and you were never shy about it. It's always been so refreshing and this post is no exception. You rock.

  25. Butter London lady muck. It is what Audrey Hepburn would wear if she were to wear blue nail polish :)

  26. oh em gee the right base coat can be life changing. Oddly enough, my favorite (2) are the (2) you mentioned - the CND and butter! I was on team "I don't need a base coat" for quite some time too ;)

    Right now I'm loving Essie Mint Candy Apple and Ole Caliente!

  27. My top Zoya polishes:
    #1 Miley
    #2 Jana
    #3 Caitlin
    #4 Dove
    #5 Portia
    #6 Jolie
    #7 Erika
    #8 Pasha
    #9 Astra
    #10 Luna


  28. If you think the Chanel Base coat is good, you NEED to try Orly's 'Bonder', it's bloody brilliant for extending nail polish longevity. As for nail polishes, try OPI 'Venus Di Violet', OPI 'Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It' and OPI 'Lucertainly Look Marvellous'


  29. Ohhhh very interested in trying this product, was never drawn to Chanel base coats. Thx

  30. Interesting..your Essie Van'd Go looks nothing like the ones I've seen at the store. It looks very pink instead of peach but very pretty

  31. Oh, I will definitely have to check this out! I religiously use my OPI Nail Envy, but I love finding new and better bases!

  32. I really, really like some of the Butter London polishes, although I do wish they lasted a little longer. My favorite colors right now are Primrose Hill Picnic (very flattering pink) and Slapper (a crazy bright teal).

  33. My life changed when I started applying the Poshe basecoat! Just started branching out into the Opi Nail Envy basecoat world so let's see if I'm going to stray from Poshe :)

    Hmm, nail polish recommendations. I've been liking pale/sheer shades, so would recommend the new Opi polishes from the NYC Ballet collection like Don't Touch My Tutu (a jelly sheer white) and My Pointe Exactly (a sheer jelly grey), Essie's Absolutely Shore is another gorgeous minty green, Essie's Sand Tropez is also another shade worth checking out and my current favourite layering polish - Pure Pearlfection (from surprise surprise, Essie)!

  34. I'll definitely have to check this out! As for polish recs - Secret Story and She's Picture Perfect, both by Essie. :)


  35. Hi Laura!
    I just wanted to tell you that you ahould really try a RIMMEL -Nail Rescue vanish ! This stuff is amazing!!! You should normally put a one coat on your nails every day for one week and than remove it and do that again to make them strong! But I wasn't doing that, I am using it as a base coat, andim loving it! My nails has never been that strong and white healthy looking! Have no idea why there is no so much reviews on it?? Hmmm..I know one thing that you will love it! It will make your nail so beautiful that you will never think of going again for gelish

  36. I am *reeling* from the news that you never used to wear base coat. Reeling. However, I'm thrilled you've seen the light and as such, may I suggest the following:

    Essie: Splash of Grenadine, Topless and Barefoot, Geranium.

    Enjoy x

  37. And one more thing.. Miss you soo much Laura! Your classic YT videos that I could watch it over and over again... Come back please.... Just think about it... Xoxo Ewa

  38. Aha. Now you're talking. (nail base ignorant here).

    Check out Illamasqua nailpolishes, they're gorgeous and great quality, I particularly like Bacterium and Prism for their pearlized effect.

  39. I love To Buy or Not To Buy, not a colour I would normally gravitate to but everytime I wear it and look down at my hands, I get lost in it's beauty for several seconds!

    I've not tried the Chanel base coat... might have to make a sneaky purchase and give it a go!

  40. my favorite polishes at the moment are OPI Steady as she rose from the pirate of the carribean collection, i love how this looks! on me it is a dusty lilac but it looks different on everyone! I think all of the new max factor max effect polishes are great quality! Sunny pink is my absolute favorite it is a very sheer high shine polish but used over any good coral colour it is amazing! what i wanted Essie your hut or mine to be!

  41. Have you ever tried Ciate polishes? I'm eyeing several right now but I've spent so much money this month that I'm giving it a rest until next month lol.

    I think I have a love/hate relationship with base coats. On one hand, I like the idea of them but on the other I feel like they don't do much. I don't keep my polish on for more than 2-3 days anyway (what can I say, I get bored easily) so I feel like 'what's the point?'. I'm very intrigued by this Chanel one as well as the Butter London foundation.

    Find me on YT: LipstickandGlitter

  42. Wowza must try! Trind make good base coats too! xx

  43. What a great blog you have!! We should follow each other - http://amyklundt.blogspot.com/.

  44. Butter is a nice brand...Essie is the same qualityt of Essence...but for me KIKO or OPI is a great option.

    CHANEL is wonderfull but more expensive.

    XOXO from MUNICH

    La Vie Quotidienne

    YOU can check my new OUTFIT in : www.laviequo.com

  45. Ugh, Essie nailpolishes are so annoying. If it wasn´t for the cute names I won´t buy them ;)
    I´m always careful with chanel products...they are pretty addictive so I stay away from it. BUT...this one might be worth checking out!

    xo from Iceland. Please check out my blog; eriangudmunds.blogspot.com

  46. You need to try Deborah Lippman Turn Back Time Base Coat. Looks great on its own and provides opacity support for sheer polishes.


  47. Ohhhhh lovely Essie Colours, I like them so much! <3

  48. i have gotten tons of compliments on ESSIE Carousel Coral. maybe you like? :)

  49. I actually have been loving "Popular" by Revlon. It's a pain to remove at times, even with a great base coat, but when it's on, it's looks like stars at sunrise. Also, "Tart Deco" by Essie is beautiful for spring, if you want to go the pastelly/neon route. :)

    Stop by: nativelychic.blogspot.com

  50. I used Rainnail basecoat in a while. Because I really need a pure no solvent-based nail basecoat. I have used opi Essie baseoat before but they all need strone nail removers , I use rainnail basecoat first and apply opi or sally hansen nail polish then remove by warm water after few days when I need to change my color. you can search " rainnail basecoat " on Google


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