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6 May 2012

Blazer good, playsuit bad

I think this post was originally intended to be about my new Cheap Monday playsuit.

I say originally because after wearing the playsuit yesterday I can't say I love it or would recommend it. It's that polyester material that makes a crinkle sound as you walk - cue self-consciousness - and the crotch area hangs super low. I so thought I would love it as much as my Cheap Monday shirt dress but it's a no from me. It just looks a bit weird.

Thankfully the Zara blazer pulled the outfit back from total disaster. This was something I picked up a month or so ago. It's a soft white colour with lace detail all over the fabric. It's super light to wear and has just the right amount of tailoring.

I know they do some trousers in the same fabric and I tried them on in the hope of becoming the ultimate in matchy-matchy but as always with Zara, there was weird excess fabric around the hip area. Boo!

Anyway, here's what I wore yesterday and as the weather is getting humid, the hair had to be tied back.

Hair, as with makeup, is feeling jaded. I have an appointment next Monday and I am definitely getting an inch lopped off but what to do about the colour? More balayage all over in an attempt to be sunkissed or dye it all chocolate? I really don't know so it's going to be one of those instinctive decisions I make on the way to the salon.

You can help me if you like - what direction do you think I should go in? :) 

Blazer: Zara - Link!
Playsuit: Cheap Monday
Bag: Celine
Sunglasses: Elizabeth and James

So my lucky UK readers, you get a Bank Holiday weekend! I am very envious - even if the weather is cold, there is something to be said for being cosy indoors and enjoying a well deserved day off. For everyone else, hope you had a great weekend :) 


  1. Even though it didn't feel right, the playsuit does look lovely on you in the pictures! And I love that Zara jacket, they have such good clothes at the moment!
    I vote for sunkissed hair, just in time for summer! It'll look gorgeous with a tan :)


  2. your blazer and your purse are just so beautiful. and the playsuit looks ok in the photos actually but if the crotch area hangs too low maybe try pulling it up a bit and putting on a belt around the elastic? just a thought as I've done that before for a quick fix! lol
    and for hair I think go lighter for the summer! I just had my hair done one shade lighter than my dark brown hair and going to probably get a few caramel highlights for a bit of dimension :)

  3. I agree, the playsuit still looks lovely - but I hate being uncomfortable so I get you on that one, nothing worse!! I love your hair up to. I think some summery highlights wouldbe lovely, and make a nice change? I like highlights that are under the hair to, less roots! :) (although with the ombre trend right now, guess roots are *cool*! :D!) xxx

  4. Sorry that you don't like the playsuit. But it looks good on you and I LOVE that blazer :)


  5. I think it looks really cute on you! My eye wasn't drawn to the 'problem area' so to speak. Plus, wouldn't you prefer more fabric in the inseam then pulling a Lauren Goodger?:)

  6. Another OOTD another beautiful blazer :) I seem to be forever on the hunt for a blazer with the right cut for me and without fail every time I come here I wish I could raid your wardrobe! I love balayage for the summer and am actually having it done in my own hair next week! Go chocolate in the winter, embrace the blonde :)

  7. It does look very nice even if it isn't the most comfortable! Personally, I always feel that way about playsuits, they never seem to FEEL right.


  8. Such a great blazer. You truely have a very classic style.

    This Brunette Speaks Blog

  9. i there's something really awkward about playsuits, i love them on others but i would never buy one for myself...

    i say keep the highlights! don't go dark yet! :) x

  10. I love the blazer, it looks so chic! x


  11. That blazer is beautiful :) Though, I'm not sure it would stay very white for long on me, I'm such a klutz!
    I'm loving your hair as it is. I wear my hair back a lot for work and it never looks as stylish as yours does in the top pic!!!

  12. Playsuits are so hit and miss.
    I have a gorgeous one I bought last summer, but as you walk/move the fit completely changes. :/

    Loving your posts!

    Verni Noir


  13. The blazer looks lovely on you! I totally see why the playsuit was a no :(
    And the hair? sun kissed is always a nice look! xx

  14. Major bag envy!

  15. Oh it's bloody Baltic in Scotland, I've taken to strong drink.
    i love the jacket and the playsuit, i've just bought the Elizabeth and James white ostrich jacket, but I don't know whether or not to keep it or get the more wearable Zara jacket now.

  16. Oh and more balayage Do it for the old brunette!

  17. I love the blazer paired over the playsuit, it looks stunning!:) Xx

  18. That blazer and playsuit were made for eachother!!:)
    And your hair is gorgeous like that<3


  19. Hi Laura:) I am a reader of your blog since the very beginning, but hardly ever leave a comment, mostly out of laziness... :p But, just felt like doing so today, since I got this blazer at Zara yesterday, after reading your previous post where it was featured too, and I absolutely love it. The look, the monochromatic one from your link and at the Zara window display, does look very good and elegant indeed, but agree with you about the cut on Zara trousers (plus, I need to lose some weight to pull off the completely white look, imo).

  20. I love your kiddie-talk in the title.

    ...crinkling polyester...eeeeeeeeek. But it looks good in this fashionshot!!


  21. If you are going to change up your hair, my instinct (seeing as it is may) would be to opt for the highlights! :)
    Thanks for posting Laura!

    xx Veronica


  22. Really lovely outfit! The playsuit looks cute, even it was a bit uncomfortable! But the blazer really does pull the look together and makes it even better. So pretty!

  23. I love the playsuit, but it does look a bit off on the crotch area. The blazer is fabulous, though. I think you should go completely chocolate in the hair :)

    - Joana

  24. I love playsuits and I do need a white blazer, especially for summer!! Love your celina bag!

    ¡Un beso!


  25. That's the cutest playsuit, but I agree on the material. I'd be self concious too if I was making weird sounds as I walked.

    Meera @ http://meeratells.blog.com

  26. beautifull jacket dear!


  27. I love that blazer,


  28. Amazing outfit, you look fantastic! :)

  29. Love the pretty lace detailing on the blazer - really gives it some edge from the plain white ones I always resent buying for work purposes. In fact I might just have to buy it for work to evening occasions! :)


  30. really love your blazer! zara seems like an amazing place to shop xx

  31. You look lovely! I can never pull of a playsuit!

  32. The that blazer, the cut is so flattering!


  33. I'd say go for sun-kissed!


  34. I'd go for sunkissed, I would love to be as daring as you are when it comes to my hair choices.

    I actually like the outfit, it's really cute but if you probably know best since you wore it:D


  35. Gorgeous look! I love a good white blazer! The playsuit and bag are perfect!


  36. My weekend (specifically my Sunday) was fabulous, thanks to you :-)

    You know, while I do see the slight 'weirdness' happening in the crotch area I think that the overall outfit looks great on you! That's my main issue with Zara. I often see something I like but it doesn't translate well when I wear it. Of course, me being quite short doesn't help in the clothing department. For my body, I find that clothes have to be very well tailored to look good.

  37. What are you talking about! both blzer + playsuit are awesome on you.
    the bag is amazing too!


  38. I really like the playsuit looks very simple but stylish, I can never find one that fits very well. I've seen you've got a few things from Cheap Monday, what's the quality like? I'mthinking of investing in a few pieces.

    I also have a Zara white blazer which I bought 2 years ago you've inspired me to pull if out of my wardrobe more often :)



  39. That blazer looks absolutely amazing on you! I've been in and out of Zara over the past week and am very tempted by the matching trousers...
    I think take the hair a bit lighter for summer :) Maybe some lighter bits through the bottom sections? xx

  40. Amazing Outfit :)


  41. I say go for the chocolate color. :)

  42. Such a pretty outfit :) xx


  43. go for celine! :) the blazer is pretty cool - love pure white
    x the cookies

  44. I love your blazer so much!

  45. Love the blazer and the bag! I so want one of these bags! :)

  46. I love the jumper =)
    I'm starting to get tempted into getting a Celine bag... I love it in every color. So hard to decide!


  47. Nice blazer..Zara rocks this season! :)

  48. I can't hear the jumper crinkling from here....so i say it looks great!

    DO you feel the Celine Mini is getting "slouchy" over time? Was planning on getting the Camel colour from Paris in June...but i was to make sure it stays "Stiff" Thoughts? :)


  49. I have just spent a good 40 mins looking through your blog - it's been too long! Love your whole look, this playsuit looks gorgeous in the pictures! xx

    South Molton St Style

  50. I agree and I hate it when my clothes make sounds they shouldn't but this really does look good on you. I love the blazer.


  51. hi dear, what's the name/style of your celine bag? and size? it's beautiful!!


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