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23 May 2012

Boutique 1 and Missoni Pre-fall 2012 preview

The sun is shining in the UK (hurray!) and I am going to post about cosy knitwear. That's the way it goes I suppose.

I went to the Missoni pre-fall preview a week ago. Held in the Boutique 1 store in Mall of the Emirates, the theme was afternoon tea. Cue lots of little tables dotted around the store, flower arrangements, mini cakes but curiously, considering the theme, no tea!

During the afternoon cake party then, models paraded around in the fall garb, gorgeously textured dresses and outerwear. 

The only way to describe the collection would be "cosy". Body-conscious dresses form the base, with an emphasis on leather accessories tightening the waist area. On top of that a blend of oversized heavy textured fabrics and fur trims: a nice balance of comfort and style that will undoubtedly come with a hideously high price tag.

Still it's nice to window shop  :)

I wore the ole faithful - Zara shirt and Zara skirt. I am also sporting a distinct lack of fake tan so my skintone may well be blending in with the ensemble.

Here I am pictured with the friends at my tea table. On my right I am standing next to a professional model - never a good idea for normal people like us is it :)

I am off to central London now...a makeover awaits! I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to this. My hair is lighter (better pictures still need to be taken!) the sun is out and I am ready for a bit of a spruce and a change.

Hope you are all doing well :)

PS. Two of the pictures come courtesy of Boutique 1 - visit their Facebook page to see more! Link!


  1. Love all the textures! Excited to see your hair! And its odd to think about more layers and winter clothing when we've got a mini heatwave here in England aha! xxx


  2. Hair's looking lovely here and I now need that Zara skirt! :)


  3. Not a fan of Missoni. Boutique 1 looks lovely. And for a "normal person" you look great next to the model. You have always reminded me of Kate Beckinsale.

  4. Love Missoni and I can't wait to see the "new you"! I'll also be enjoying the London weather today, so maybe I'll bump into you. Who knows?

    -Elodie x

  5. You look lovely! How funny the theme was Afternoon Tea with no tea!

  6. Classic Missoni!
    Laura please vote for my blog in the UK Cosmo awards (link on today's post). Your support would mean so much!
    Happy Wednesday Hun xoxo

  7. Love the outfit you wore to the event! Looked like a lot of fun!


  8. Ahh I think I spy the most amazing pink sequined duffle.

    Great photos - have a great trip to London!

  9. i think that lovely model needs to rethink standing near our Laura! too much modesty my dear, you look absolutely stunning! xoxo

  10. Great photos - can't wait to see your hair! x

  11. love that skirt so much :) lace is so pretty:) looks like fun!

  12. What a cute set-up! It would have been perfect if they'd actually served tea, haha. But it looks like it was a nice event. :)


  13. Weird they didn't have tea? I lurrrve Teresa's shirt, must find out where it's from and your hair looks fab here already!

  14. You are gorgeous as always :) I love the clothes and think cozy describes them perfectly! Also the travel bags and pillows on the wall look so adorable! Have a great time in London, cannot wait to see more photos of your hair!


  15. These, pictures are stunning! I'm in ore of how glamourous you always look! xxxx

  16. I'm never too fond of Fall's temperature but the fashion often makes up for that...Delightful Missioni, I love how they allude luxury & fun at the same time

  17. You look stunning Laura! xx

  18. You look amazing.. and the hair -- so voluminous! Love it!

  19. Looks amazing! It seems like a fun event!

  20. Looks like a fun event, Laura! Love what you wore and those table arrangements are so pretty.

    xo, alison*elle

  21. I need that skirt, definatley going on the ever expanding wishlist :, laura x


  22. you look lovely, love the hair, cant wait for the post about it!
    hope you have a good time in london!

  23. Your outfit is gorgeous Laura, and I have to say I love the paler look on you. It's the old fake tan quandry, yes we look "healthier" with it but we also look so much more chic when we adhere to our given skin tones. I'm not sure I can get the habit tho, I feel oodles thinner when I tan :/ xx

  24. I love Boutique 1! Are you in Dubai, Laura? I have been in Dubai for a while, and I must say MOE has been transformed but since I am closer to DM, I'm mostly there :)

    Come walk my footsteps in my visit to Venice/Treviso:

  25. What do you do to the bottom of your louboutins?? (The part of the sole you walk on), since it is leather, did you get that section of the sole coated in something? I just bought some louboutin suede pumps but am afraid to wear them outside since that will tear up the leather sole...

  26. Looks like a great place to visit! Love the shoes btw :) xx

  27. Wow what a great collection of outfits and bag. You all are looking gorgeous. combination of outfits and shoes are amazing. thanks for this post.
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