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26 May 2012

Hair and things

How nice is the weather in the UK at the moment? I leave on Monday but am lapping up the sunshine as I type because it's that moderate, nice kind of warm that doesn't leave you sticky and bitchy.

In other news I thought I would finally include some pictures of my hair, to give you a better idea of how the ombre turned out, and at the same time, show off about my latest eBay bargain: a Sass & Bide denim jacket which cost about £15 in some crafty bidding.

It's fitted, a rich, bright blue shade. I remember ogling this in Harvey Nichols many years ago, falling in love with the style but tutting at the price tag. To get it for such a great price is an achievement and I owe it all to waiting until the last 10 seconds before you make your bid. Nerves of steel required but it never fails - that and going in with a strange number: i.e., £15.43 rather than £15. 

As you can see the hair is quite a lot lighter in parts and the ombre has been taken higher. Not going to lie, part of me wants to now connect lighter pieces to roots, thereby sidelining the ombre and just going very light. I feel naughty when I say that out loud but that's my current thought process. We'll see...

Jacket: eBay (designer is Sass & Bide)
Dress: Topshop (current season - will do a separate post on this. Interesting print, funny hole beneath boobage area...wouldn't recommend.)
Hair: Attempted a poof. Semi-fail.

I will also admit at this point that I have been shopping - quite a bit. A little bit of Topshop, Zara, American Apparel and A LOT of Space NK. I went there for a makeover and will do a blog about products hauled...it's deliciously obscene. I did drink champagne during the makeover itself...maybe that's why I got carried away? :)
Preview picture above and I will say at this point:

a) The Rodial face mask product is INCREDIBLE
b) Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder is INCREDIBLE
c) Laura Mercier eye cream in Rose Gold is liquid MAC Mythology - and as you know for me this therefore equates to holy grail status; and
d) Shu Uemura blushes are...yes, INCREDIBLE.

Can't wait to share it with you :)  Enjoy the sunshine wherever you are! (hopefully there is some! :)


  1. tonnes of sunshine where i am but i got a lots of work to do this weekend :( looking forward to more posts from you to keep me going!!! x

  2. Boo! Well I have a post planned for tomorrow already so will keep them coming :) x

  3. Envious of the weather you're having! It's ridiculously cold in Australia right now. Well, ridiculously cold for us (that is, 9-12 degrees celsius)! Your hair is looking fab in those pictures btw.

  4. Love your hair and this post definitely tipped me over the edge-I am going to try the ombre thing :) Do you have any tips and tricks?I have very dark dyed hair...

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  6. Loving the new hair, you look absolutely gorgeous! x

  7. Oooo! I love your hair! Suits you very well! The demin jacket is such a bargain! x

  8. I am also loving this weather!! The only down falls are finding a decent fake tan and tanning schedule & shopping for a whole new summer wardrobe! xxx

  9. Your hair looks amazing!!

  10. Great denim jacket, I love the wash of it! I am also interested in seeing more of this dress you're wearing.

    Check out my blog, I'm doing a giveaway when I reach 100 followers!

  11. LOVE your hair and the jacket looks gorge! XX

  12. your hair is beautiful! thanks for sharing!! xx


  13. Ooh I love the hair and that looks like a lovely haul! Can't wait to read the details!

  14. What an awesome haul! Fantastic :)

  15. I absolutely love your hair! I think the highlights to the root would look gorgeous as well! Might as well go for it since you're halfway there! Btw, I listed you as my favorite beauty blogger on mine and my friends new blog. I would love it if you would check it out and give us your thoughts! Constructive criticism always helps!! :) Thanks, Laura! :) http://abrunetteduet.blogspot.com

  16. I still love the ombré hair look, your hair looks terrific! What a great haul!

  17. i think you'll look better with pale skin, dark hair, pretty pink lips and cheeks <3 like a cool modern snowhite lol :)


  18. I have sold a lot on eBay but haven't shopped in a while, but you definitely have the secret down. I would always do random numbers as well and it seemed that those few extra cents helped me win :) LOVING your hair! The ombre looks gorgeous on you, but when I went from dark to light, I too went through an addiction phase where I just wanted a little, and then kept wanting to add more and more. It's terrible haha but I TOTALLY get it :)

    I cannot wait to see your haul posts and hear your reviews. I too have been shopping way too much (for clothes and shoes, not so much makeup) and my wallet is crying.

    Enjoy the sunshine in London and the rest of your vacation!


  19. I just bought a denim jacket on Thursday and I am loving it! Thanks for posting!

    xx Veronica

  20. Love your outfit here! Can't go wrong with a good denim jacket x


  21. I ordered the same dress but couldn't make it work for me unfortunately :( would love to see your full post on it :) x

    Monochrome Magpie

  22. I have that same jacket, bought it 10 yrs ago (at full price!!!!) but I still wear it and so love it. Your hair looks lovely. Looking forward to hearing your eBay tips! Enjoy the sun, I'm jealous. Michelle

  23. I'm officially burnt from the UK sun. Can't say this has happened before. Your hair looks amazing!

  24. Your hair looks amazing ! xx


  25. Hey Laura your hairs looking amazing.
    I did the connect-the-light-bits-up thing and am now on a one woman blonde mission. May I add that the Jimmy Choo advert MUST be you...London...Shanghai..Dubai I liked that touch!


  26. I'm loving the ombre it makes me miss my long hair! *pixie crop totally not worth the looking cool for a week before it grew out enough to become Johnny Depp in the ninties.* Laura x


  27. Great jacket, what a find! And I love your hair, looks gorgeous!

    Keep calm and carry lipstick.

  28. I absolutely love your hair! It looks really pretty! I also love the denim jacket and the haul picture; I can't wait to see posts about it!

  29. I remember you once (a loooong time ago) mentioned some hair supplement and I was wondering what it was... You're hair always looks gorgeous and I'm trying to grow mine, so all help is much needed! :D Maybe you could even make a blog post about the products you use on your hair etc :) x

  30. Your hair is so gorgeous!, and I want that Top shop dress so much now but not sure as you said about the peep hole just below the breasts...!



  31. Love your hair like that. It's so easy to get carried away with shopping when champagne is involved!! Happens far too often! x

  32. Congrats on the great deal. Great jacket! Your hair looks great. We've had the most gorgeous weekend, sunny and warm.
    I wish you a wonderful week.

  33. Really really love your hair!! xx

  34. Hi Laura, I love your blog but this is the first time I have felt compelled to write! I recently bought the Kevyn Aucoin Shading Powder after reading 'celebrity' make up artist Kate Lee recommend it in Allure Magazine (ironically the same magazine that Kevyn had a column in)

    This is the online post:-


    Try it on your eyes as she suggests - it really works! I also love the Celestial Powder from the same range. Keep up the good work Lucy x

  35. Your hair is so pretty! If mine was longer, would definitely be trying the ombre out!


  36. where do you get shu uemura products like the lash curler

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  38. For those of us with shorter hair, clip-in hair extensions are a good quick fix.


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