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8 May 2012

(Probably) the best heels in the world

This post is pathetic because I have only worn these shoes a day but I am completely in love with them.

I adore everything:

  • The height - 100mm is big enough for my 5ft 7 inch frame
  • The colour - a pretty nude that doesn't drain from my fair skin
  • The open toe - toe cleavage is hot. Or something.
  • The fact that I can walk in them - mobility is in this season.
  • The comfort factor - I look normal when I walk in them because my feet feel like they are cushioned by the platform.
  • The red sole - not going to lie, the red sole does add an extra element. Brand whore? Yes. Simple as that.

I have one other pair of Christian Louboutin shoes and comfortable they are not. They are the Simple pump and whilst they look smart they are unbearable to wear. I actually hate putting them on due to the toe pinch and discomfort.

I wanted another shoe for work and play - something that would be versatile enough to fit in both kinds of environments. Coupled into that I also wanted a shoe that would work in hot weather - 40 degrees celsius round this neck of the woods now.

Sadly for my bank balance the perfect pair were found in Christian Louboutin in Mall of the Emirates. But as soon as I tried them on it was a bit of a Cinderella moment. Practical and pretty - they reminded me of a super comfortable platform heel that I used to love from Nine West.

It's love and if I hadn't depleted my bank account already I would go out and buy every shade possible.

Its like something has clicked and the perfect shoes has been found. Telling the boy this does not make any sense - to him a shoe is a shoe but oh no, we all know different, don't we?

If my dream flat is my Tory Burch (cool or not I love them) then my dream heel would be this - the Christian Louboutin Soso 100mm in patent nude. I know for some this is a piddly heel but for me it's just enough.

What's your dream shoe? :)

PS. I am sorry this is a post just about shoes :) Forgive me just this once!


  1. Ah! These are so beautiftul! And so so worth the money, regardless of what the boy says! They just don't get it do they! These are so versatile too, so just justify it to him in a cost per wear way and he'll soon understand!! So jealous!


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  2. I can actually imagine my dream pair of shoe to be this. Having worked in the Time's Magazine and LUXX's fashion cupboard, I have grown to love Louboutins and these just tick all the boxes.

    Give me these and a Chanel 2.55 and I'll conquer the world!

    -Elodie x

  3. omg this is so gorgeous! I have no words. I saw these online and no way can I afford them for now. I saw a similar pair in bloomingdales from Guess (obviously they can never be the same but oh well) and my bf treated me to those!
    one day the red soles will be mine! haha
    ps. why would you ever apologize for a post about shoes!

  4. Beautiful shoe! I'm so jealous!

  5. You say "brand whore", like that's a bad thing... ;)
    They look gorgeous!

  6. So glad you posted about these, they are adorable and the fact that comfortable Louboutins exist give me hope! I think my dream shoes are the YSL tributes but I'm not sure how comfy they are...I may need to go try these on :)

    As for flats, have to agree with TB. I'm currently wearing my burgundy revas and cannot get enough of them. They are the most comfy flats I own, I really want to get the nude "Caroline" ones!


  7. These are beaut!!! Love shoe posts, do not apologies! I bought my one and only pair of Loubs last Summer on sale in the sling back kitten heel type (similar to a pair you showcased previously). They are perfect for work / casual weekends! x x

  8. These are gorgeous, I absolutely need a pair of Louboutins in my life! I'll just keep on dreaming for now though :(

    Frances xx


  9. These look so pretty and sophisticated :) the height is quite sensible too!
    thanks for sharing~x


  10. Those look mighty fine! perfectly sturdy and comfortable-looking. Almost too pretty to wear! xx

  11. Oh gosh they are SO perfect!! xo

  12. These look so perfect. I need a great nude heel but I need the height so I'm staring at the highest of the high category (my boyfriend is over a foot taller than me so I look like a shrimp no matter what but heels always help) but I could always go down an inch for these.


  13. Such a lovely pair of shoes!


  14. Beautiful shoes!


  15. These are beautiful! I have one pair of Louboutins, that I got as a uni graduation gift last year, they are New Declics and at 120mm they can be painful after a few hours but it's worth it haha. I really would love a pair of CL Maggies, they are adorable, or YSL Tribtoo's. A girl can dreamm...haha :) xx

  16. These shoes are beautiful! The heel height makes them so feminine and pretty, some of the CL big platforms are just too much! X

  17. These are simply perfection! I always say to my Mum 'if you win the lottery please can I have some Louboutins' - I think most people would ask for a car or a house or something a bit more extreme but nope, I want shoes and this post has made that want even bigger! Massive shoe envy!! xo

  18. You are so bad for me! I am so jealous, they look perfect! I'm the worst with heels, I always pine over them but rarely wear them for fear of tripping, slipping or simply having to deal with the pain! These sound like dream shoes xx

  19. Those are absolutely gorgeous! I would love to own a pair of Louboutins some day. :) x


  20. All the makings of a classic shoe!
    They really are a pair of stunners, absolutely beautiful
    Enjoy them!

    Thanks for sharing!

  21. They look amazing... incredibly jealous. They will go with literally everything. I bet they would even go with your pyjamas. x

  22. These shoes are beautiful!


  23. These are so gorgeous!! I'm 5ft 7" too but for me these would be perfect in a slightly higher heel, I'm a sucker for the whole leg lengthening business high heels have going on!

    Gem x

  24. These are beautiful because they are comfortable.

    There is nothing worse than a woman who can't walk properly because of what's on her feet. Because you can tell. And therefore the effect of wearing the shoe is completely wasted.

    My ultimate, most favourite shoe ever, is the Shilo (L.K.Bennett) THEY ARE AMAZING!!!
    So amazing my blog is named after them!! Check my post alllll about them:


    Verni Noir


  25. This just made me lol - "mobility is in this season" :D

  26. i hope that someday i can afford to wear these!! atm broke 19yr old student haha... come check out my blog too would be amazing! xoxo

  27. A girl after my own heart, I've just done a post all about a pair of shoes! Yours are soooo much nicer though!! :) x

  28. GORGEOUS! oh my, I know how it feels. That´s why my motto is " never try if you´re not gonna buy". hahaha! I love love that nude colour!

  29. Totally agree these are the perfect heels!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  30. Wow, major shoes envy! Haha, I keep telling myself that I will own a pair of these one day


  31. amazing shoes!



  32. Oh they look wonderful, but I would really like to see them with an outfit! In action! LOL :)

  33. They are actually the perfect heels. Money brillllliantly well spent there!! xx

  34. My dream shoes are strappy black manolo blahnik's!

    Thanks for posting Laura! :)

    xx Veronica


  35. Ooh, seems so nice!! I'm loving nude heels right now also, and these seem so pretty!

  36. I love them! Gorgeous yet simple. But I am a brand whore too :)
    Have a great week.

  37. Nice shoes, this style is very flattering and the color lengthens the legs.

  38. They are gorgeous and a perfect height I think!

    The doll on fashion

  39. Oh these are just perfect!

    Sharleena xx

  40. Fantastic shoes..your photos look fantastic too..

  41. Oh I do love these! They are perfect, just a shame my bank blance won't let me have them. They are amazing thou!


  42. Ah, I'm sooooo jealous! They are beautiful, and a really versatile colour.
    Congrats on your lovely purchase!

    Nat x

  43. Be still my heart!!! I have been eyeing CL shoes over the past couple of months and having a hard time choosing one. I did see this one and liked it but wasn't sure about the strap in the back. Does it slip down your heel? I had a couple of slingbacks years ago and that strap did NOT want to stay (especially as the shoe stretched with wear). It drove me nuts and I vowed to never buy slingbacks again. I'm always up for shoe posts! And handbags. And makeup lol. Congrats on the awesome buy!

  44. Those are some sexy ass heels girl! I wasn't aware CL made sensible-ish height heels. These are going on the dream list. Stat!

  45. I think this might be my dream shoe actually, for all the reasons you stated above! These look so wearable and flattering and lovely, very jealous!


  46. I have major shoe envy here! I'm currently on holiday in the US and unfortunately my flats have bitten the dust - am thinking a Tory Burch purchase may be needed. x

  47. A very lovely selection indeed. To be honest I think the heel is just right, that perfect feminine height and still trendy.

    I'm not a fan of the uber-uber-high, it's impossible to make it not look trashy.

    Kudos on such a smart investment!

  48. Oh they look lovely and very wearable, congrats on finding your shoe-charming :) xx


  49. Oh they look gorgeous! I wish all heels were comfy! xxx


  50. A pair of Louboutin is every girl's dream comes true.

  51. Lovely! I agree about the heel height. I'm 5'8 and I really don't need 5 or 6 extra inches. I'm so happy that mid size heels are coming back in.

  52. Please join Pinterest so I can further stalk your style!

  53. I turn crazy with this wonderful SHOES...amazing HEELS...this shoes are the HEAVEN =)



  54. O__o I love these heels! where can i buy the sames? :P

  55. Sadly my budget cannot stretch to a pair of those shoes :'(


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  57. Pretty shoes!!!


  58. I should have guessed from the title that you meant Loubs! Love, love, love the colour!

    Sami x

  59. My dream shoes have to be Loubs. Any pair, any at all! Yes, you are in the presence of another brand whore.

  60. Mmm...I want nude Louboutins...for now Zara will do :P

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