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5 Jun 2012

Get a load of me part 2 with Poca & Poca

I don't want to sound like a snob...but I know I am going to :)....

...but there aren't a lot of clothes designers, touted around Dubai, that actually churn out clothes I like. Sometimes they are too gaudy, sometimes they are just not me and sometimes they are just so poorly made it's laughable. I can count the locally promoted designers I have seen and liked on one hand. One of them is Poca & Poca. And to make matters more complicated they are actually Polish.

Now, I know what you are thinking: "you would say that". And yes I would - but not just because they did a little feature on me, but because I love the classic, retro aesthetic they channel in their designs. It's girly, tasteful and with just enough vibrancy to make it interesting.

Here's some pictures to explain what I mean - these are from their latest collection, Timelessness. This is a capsule range designed to be part sophistication and part girly grace. I am one of those people who aspire to have a "capsule wardrobe" (never going to happen, is it?) and anyway, who doesn't love the odd bow and knicker-bocker detail?

Seriously though, their clothes are lovely - check out their website and you will get a sense of what I mean. I was featured recently as "The Blogger". This means that I once again waffle on about fashion and clothes. Recognise the photo? :)

Finally, if you are in Dubai...

...there is a Poca & Poca event tomorrow. It does actually sounds amazing and I wish you could all come - they are screening Breakfast at Tiffany's and asking us to dress with a 60's theme.  I'm thinking mini dress and a Winehouse-load of eyeliner.

If you are based locally there is a chance to win two tickets - all you have to do is leave a comment to explain what "timeless" means to you. Simples and you have a pretty good chance of winning. If you do, please hang out with me :)

Here's the link - Link!

Here's their Facebook - Link!

I will upload pictures of the event - and my eyeliner - tomorrow or Thursday.

I am also going to the opening of a spa tomorrow night. To be exact it is a Hello Kitty themed spa.


Now I don't own any Hello Kitty memorabilia these days but it doesn't stop be gawking and smiling everytime I wander past the Sanrio store so expect lots of cheesy smiles in the next set of photos.

Makes a change from Smug Face eh :)

Happy Tuesday! x


  1. You are the woman of the hour.Getting so popular Laura. More power to you !!!

  2. Mirai!!! I love seeing your face in my comments :) Seriously - it makes me happy! x

    1. always a loving supporter of you my dear :)xx

  3. Some lovely items! Lovely to see the interview to! x

  4. Congratulations Laura! You deserve it! And the Poca & Poca latest collection is lovely! Love it! :)

  5. Love it! That's a great pic of you in the feature, the skirt is swoonie.

  6. What a lovely feature - congratulations!

    Their clothes look beautiful - I especially like the long skirt above - very pretty. x

  7. Oh! I'd love to be in Dubai!!! but Im stock in Mexico city :(

  8. Wow, you're amazing! :) I love reading your posts!

  9. I'm Polish, and yes! Poca Poca is seriously amazing.


  10. They look like a great brand! The photos look nice and I like some of the pieces. Can't wait to see pictures!

  11. Congratulations on the piece! That´s amazing! And yes, I can see you in Poca & Poca clothing :) My favourite would be the last 2 ...so pretty!

  12. I really love the bow shouldered jumpsuit, gorgeous!!
    Kat x

  13. Your blog is just GORGEOUS! I've been in Dubai, actually twice, and that's a beautiful city!! :)


  14. Ugh- gorgeous! Thank you Laura, this post came at just the right time. I've been sullenly glaring at the clothes in my closet and this is the perfect mental refresh/inspiration I needed. Gosh, capsule wardrobe- uh, dream come true??!

  15. totally like how she wear the maxiskirt and the jumpsuit in a feminine way. And her hair, divine

    Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ MlleWanderlust

  16. Congrats!
    check out our new webshop:)



  17. Congratulations on being featured Laura! :) the designs by Poca & Poca are fantastic and so right up my alley!

  18. wow! congrats laura,very nice pics:) let's follow each other!


  19. Congrats on the feature Laura! :) Their designs looks classic and very chic.
    The Breakfast of Tiffanys screening sounds like a dream event to me! Have a fabulous time! :) xx @FashionTeller17

  20. Laura!!! You're so lovely. I love your style, it certainly is timeless!


  21. Not a fan of that brand (not my style), but congrats. :)

  22. Proud to be Polish;-) xoxo
    Laura please don't forget to try that dry shampoo that I tweeted to you:-) you will love it:-)
    Hope so...;-) xoxo

  23. I got a major virus warning when I tried to click on the link to the website. Gutting! I love the little interview you did, congrats!


  24. Congrats on the feature! I love the black jumpsuit. It's so cute with the bow on the shoulder! :)

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  26. OBSESSED with this post. Love the black.

    P.S. Love your blog!