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4 Jun 2012

Guilty pleasures...

So technically this is an OOTD but...

...it does not feature any semblance of imagination or creativity. I worked from home and for a change of scene, the MAKE cafe in the afternoon. I styled myself lazy and went with jeans and a top. Still, there is something just nice about keeping things simple, wearing a favourite pair of jeans and a pretty, easy to wear top.

The top is the last Spring/Summer Zara item I will buy at full-price - I got it last week and loved the pastel lemon colour. It's a great shade and just like brighter neons seems to bring out a skintone glow. It's a viscose/polyester/cotton mix but even in the most humid of places didn't feel at all uncomfortable or heavy. A word of warning though - buy a size down: I wish I had as it does come up pretty big.

Now of course I wait for the Zara summer sale. I am considering becoming one of those nutters, lingering outside the store in the Mall and waiting for the doors to open in the morning so I can run in like a woman possessed picking up all the things I have ogled over the last couple of months. It's an idea...

Oh and the weather here has now reached "unbearable" (i.e., 40 degrees C) so yes, I am pretty covered but trust me I didn't actually walk anywhere for longer than 5 minutes. Tis the season of bad hair, walking from curb to cab only and praising the invention of air-conditioning. It's seriously unpleasant and I am not sure how I am going to cope!

Jeans: Hollister (very much a guilty pleasure...just like Forever21 I know I am too old for this brand but they give good bum and fit nicely...)
Top: Zara - Link!
Sunglasses: Tom Ford
Bag: Celine
Sandals: Nicoli

NB: The photos were taken at sunset and so I had to do a bit of jiggery pokery with the light so that you could see the clothes. I am however currently sporting a bit of a natural "tan" which you can kind of see in the first few pics.

I use inverted commas describe my colour because my tan consists of about 5 million freckles and a patchy golden shade. And you know when I got most of this? Last week in the UK! Ah those kind of sunny days? Good times :)

Will put up a new post tomorrow - trying to get in a bit of a regular pattern here!

Happy Monday!


  1. I absolutely adore your top! You have such gorgeous style!x


  2. what size are you in the Hollister jeans? I find their sizing so strange!

  3. Love love love your top!
    Rose xx


  4. Even with just a top and jeans, you look amazingly put together =) I am anxiously waiting for this zara sale as well =)

  5. i know what you mean about the heat, this is not dubai but we usually reach that kind of temperatures aroud here as well. so. fucking. unbearable.

    you always rave about hollister jeans... who cares if they are for "teens"? :P i think there's a store in barcelona, must go and try some on next time i visit!

  6. You look so good in the peplum tops, I want to find a good one! I've seen great ones online from Zara, H&M and Topshop but never any in person I can try on first.

    I'm jealous of the gorgeous setting, the waves look so relaxing :) Happy Monday!


  7. Love that top! So beautiful.

  8. Yet another outfit you wear and I envy, looks fab!!! Gorgeous top. I'm sure Dubai does get very uncomfortable in the heat but its got to be said, it always looks SO ideylic in your pics. Lovin' the beachy shots of late :)

  9. Stunning as usual!! I love the sandals and the top<3

    Stop by my blog??:)

  10. This looks gorgeous! I love the light yellow colour. Looks like it will be great for the summer months to come (that's if we actually get any sun in the UK :D) x

  11. LOVE this outfit, so neutral and classic x

  12. Love the top, the first picture looks so much like a pro. modeling picture. You are really gorgeous! :) x


  13. Enjoying the outfit and nice to see all the pics!


  14. Gorgeous top, you always look so chic!

    Sunset shots are amazing, very jealous of the sun & sand!

    Lisa, xx


  15. I love your style Laura, even though I'm not a big fan of Zara.


  16. I am loving Zara at the moment and that top is going on my ever growing list! :) Laura x


  17. Love the outfit Laura. So chic yet comfortable looking. I also love that last picture of the water and the cityscape in the background. x

  18. Love the Top and the Sunglasses! Very Pretty!

  19. I can't even imagine wearing jeans in that heat. It goes above 25* here and I stay away from anything that covers my legs for the rest of the summer, lol.

    Anyway you look very nice and I love the top!

    Check out my blog, I'm doing a giveaway when I reach 100 followers! :)

  20. That top is so cute, and love your sunglasses too. I was in Dubai last August and I can agree that it was unbearable! Cant wait for the sara sale also xx

  21. Love the outfit Laura!
    Do you know when exactly the Zara sale starts? Can't wait xx

  22. Lovely outfit. Very cute top, sunglasses and handbag.
    I wish we could get some of that heat here. I think summer forgot all about us :)
    Have a happy week.

  23. Completely unrelated to this post, but just wanted to say thank you for your post a while back about the Redken All soft and the anti-snap treatment! I was in need of new hair care, bought them on your recommendation and my long time damaged hair is now thanking me! Great outfit by the way...I wish summer would come to Vancouver! xx

  24. These photos look like they belong in a catalogue/magazine! *.*

    xx Veronica

  25. Love the top! I wish I could wear Hollister - some of their items are super cute. I just can't breathe in their stores anymore...the overwhelming scent of perfumes & colognes make me crazy! :)


  26. Love your style!
    Check out our new webshop!

  27. That top is so cute! :3 Love it!

  28. you are hot!


  29. You're gorgeous. I'm buying that top!!! :)

  30. Love this outfit!! Beautiful top!



  31. I´m glad to see you wearing white/cream in the unbearable heat :) btw., that is scorching hot...I´m not sure I´ll be able to cope as well :(

    Your sunnies are gorgeous! I´m purchasing a new one in a couple of weeks...at the airport...so excited!

  32. Love this outfit the white top is so pretty :) love the blog name too :) I hope you will follow my blog :)



  33. I ♥ your top, it's so cute!

  34. I am like that with Zara. I hold out till the last minute and then end up missing what I wanted and feel bad about it. I am going to check out this top thou.


  35. Lovely outfit ! xx


  36. I love your style:)

  37. Thanks for letting us know about humidity and heat factor. I'm no where near 104 degrees F (had to google what 40 C was LOL) but we've been there many times here in Maryland in the US. The humidity here is pretty high often and I'm glad you post about that! :)

  38. does anyone know when the Zara ssle starts? I know last yr it started june 24th ish....
    love the outfit laura


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  40. Wow, beautiful top!
    xx linnlowes.ocm

  41. Totally agree with you about Hollister jeans. I'm old enough to be their average customer's mummy but I don't care! xxx

    South Molton St Style

  42. I think I might be misunderstanding celsius to Fahrenheit conversion. I thought 40c was 72 f? That's not hot at all. It's perfect.

  43. @Karey- yep you are getting it confused ;) But don't ask me to convert celsius to F :) haha. It's about 100+ F


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